Getting There

September is a tough month as its school startup and I want everything in my classroom to be ready and great immediately! Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way:(


I started my day off great by sewing the headband I finished last night before bed.

I used the free Ravelry pattern Mobius Headband. The only change I made was to only use 12 stitches as it looked too wide to me when I tried 20 and 16 stitches. It’s done, it fulfilled the Herbology class this month on HPKCHC, used another skein remnant and will be donated to the Christmas market at school. A win win:)


We wrote about our expectations for grade one and two this morning. I regularly do a piece of writing where I do not provide any support other than a brainstorming session. These works are then posted in the hall under the child’s picture with a bull clip. At the end of the year they are made into a Book and it is very cool to see the progress the students made. From these, I would say my students are a little higher this year.

We also worked on our math printing numbers booklets and our bubble letter art.

It looks like so little when I write it out, but it took us six hours to accomplish🤣

After school, I finally managed to finish off labeling all of the children’s books for the year. They are put away and it feels good to finish this big job! Now onto the next one.


I have to admit I watched a movie on my laptop while I worked on these books during my prep and lunch. I managed to find the movie Yes I Do. This movie was nice to watch as it had the very handsome Marcus Rosner in it. I also enjoyed it because it seemed different from the usual Hallmark movie. She is having to win him over:)


My squad runner mission was a 45 minute run. I just didn’t have it in me, as for the second day in a row, my feet were sore. I took my walk home from work and another half hour and did a 55 minute walk to get the mission. I do feel very guilty for not running though:(

I got the bad news that my running shoe is no longer being made in my size:( I was ready to cry as I don’t have a ton of options in my size. What am I going to do if I can’t find a running shoe that works for me???😢

Well, that’s another work day done and now I shall collapse into bed! I really need to become more exciting or you all will stop reading. I’ll try to come up with something soon:)

Have fun!



Just Another Day

There wasn’t anything super exciting today.


Our morning was long because I had to review all the classroom jobs and the children got to choose their jobs for the first time this week. I swear some of them have already forgotten to do them🤣

I got through labeling two more sets of books during my prep. I really appreciate the parents who just send the supplies and don’t put the child’s name on everything! I spend more time having to redo labeling than it would take to just do it in the first place!

This afternoon we started working on our bubble letter names. I sure hope we finish before Thursday’s open house!

The most exciting part of my day was probably coming home for lunch as I got to have tuna on carrot crackers:)


Several years ago my parents brought me home These Okanagan Rawsome Carrot Crisps. I absolutely love these crisps as they are so yummy! They have some spice to them, they are hearty enough to stand up to being dipped and they seem to go with everything! Definitely worth buying if you get the chance. I may just have to do some online ordering:)


I had a massage after school and then headed out for some teacher errands. I had a lot of things on my list but just got to Costco for playdough and the student pictures I took. I also dropped the stuff from the staffroom off at the donation centre. I miss having my mom for company on my errand circle. I ended up coming home when my stomach started growling.


I spent last night knitting a purple winter headband only to pull it out because I didn’t have enough yarn. Tonight I have pulled a new version out three times because it seemed too wide to me. I think I’m finally happy with it and just need to finish it off. Hopefully it will be long enough for a kid, perhaps my niece:)

Well, that’s it from me:)

Have fun!


Did I Really Just Do That?

I guess I have to admit the rain is here to stay.


I met up with my running buddies at Colony Farms this morning as there would be no Terry Fox Run there. The rain was literally bouncing off the ground! For only the second time in ten years, we went for coffee/tea without running first. I felt guilty immediately, but enjoyed my warm tea!

Fortunately I had completed the Squad Runner 10km mission yesterday so I didn’t have to worry about that, but this evening I had to go out and get the new 7km mission done. It poured the whole time!! I was literally soaked through just walking across the street to start the run! Amazingly I had a great run and ran into quite a few other people. Wet Coast people go out in rain:). I ended up doing 7.25km at. 6:28 per km pace. I am happy with that!

I don’t think there’s anyway I could convey how wet it was,but this is my attempt.


I spent the majority of my day first waiting for and then recovering from a funeral. My mom’s godfather, my Uncle Willy passed away and since she couldn’t be there, she asked my brother and I to go. It was a lovely service with lots of awesome stories. I of course, just proved my social awkwardness once again:(. My brother is so good at these situations and I’m a wreck. I didn’t recognize my mom’s cousin and so didn’t get that he knew me and was teasing me. Ugh🤦🏼‍♀️. I am just horrible at recognizing faces, though I can remember names forever.

Unfortunately I was mad at myself and ate my feelings:(. I did go for a run and vacuumed and was fine after that, but it just makes me shake my head:(


After the tough school year start up I had ordered some Hallmark movies as a treat:) I got to pick them up today and watched the first one tonight as I ripped out my knitting. The Nine Lives of Christmas was super cute! I will be super happy to watch this again come Christmas. A fireman finds a cat, needs help with it and a veterinary student comes to his rescue. Cute cats and cute men😀. It does remind me there was a cute fireman at the funeral today and one of the few I don’t know.

Well I’m off to sleep so I can be kind, patient Miss B in the morning.

Have fun!


Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

I like a rainy day when I have nothing to do, but today wasn’t that day.


I had planned to sleep in this morning, but I only made it an extra half hour. It was raining out so I really didn’t want to crawl out of bed for my run, but thankfully I had arranged to meet Brenda, so I had to.

All the way to Burnaby Lake I kept telling myself I just had to do at least five kilometers, I didn’t have to do the whole ten. I decided though that I had to run for a half hour straight as I worry about losing my half hour base.

By the time I got to a half hour, I figured I might as well keep going, but if the path got really wet and soggy I would turn around. It didn’t, so I ended up running the whole lake and I actually had a great run:) I took a thirty second walk break at 30 minutes and a forty-five second break at forty minutes, but that was it. That’s the first time I’ve ever run 10.11km with only two very short breaks and I actually still had the energy to pick it up a bit at the end. Of course, it poured rain the whole time I was out there!!!

I was super happy with myself as I had to run past the parking lot to meet Brenda (she usually meets me before I get to the parking lot), but then she said she had gone further before turning 🤪Ok I’m not super Runner yet 😜

I had a 6:54/km average and I’ve already ran further than I did in all of last year!


After tea, I came home and got laundry in and the bathroom cleaned. The two things I had to accomplish today before I would let myself knit.


I finally finished one pattern of the purple poncho I am working on. I need to get going on this faster!! Hopefully some tomorrow!


I had Bookclub tonight so I had to cook or bake something g today. We read The Little Paros Bookshop so it was obviously a French theme. I made cherry clafoutis. I got the recipe from GlutenFree on a Shoestring. It was super easy and tasted great! Even better I already had all of the ingredients:)


This month we read The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. As a Bookclub we were evenly divided on the book. I didn’t mind the book and it kept me entertained, but it definitely wouldn’t be the first book I’d recommend to people. I found the pace was a little slow for my liking and I wasn’t all that interested in parts of it.

For me the main focus was on the friendship between the three male characters and how they grew. I could almost live without the whole Manon storyline.

I did find one quote I liked.

His father would have presumably signed up without hesitation for the three things that made you really ‘happy’ according to Cuneo’s worldview.

One: eat well. No junk food, because it only makes you unhappy, lazy and fat.

Two: sleep through the night (thanks to more exercise, less alcohol and positive thoughts).

Three: spend time with people who are friendly and seek to understand you in their own particular way.

Book club was of course, as wonderful as ever! I love being part of a Bookclub because it gets me to read books I perhaps wouldn’t on my own, it gets me to try cooking new cuisines, and it gets me out of the house!

The food and the cute babies help too:)

Well I’m off to bed as my eyes keep wanting to shut!

Have fun!


Learn Something Everyday

It was quite a nice day:)


I have no prep period on Friday so it was just me and the children all day. This morning we started our Friday Journal which is something new I’m doing this year. We brainstormed all we had done this week and they then had to write the sentence, “the best thing this week was…”. My grade 2s has to copy off the board but my grade 1s got a sticky note to copy. I was super persnickety about spelling, spacing and printing, but I am very happy with how it turned out!!! I haven’t decided if we’ll write the same thing every week or not.

After recess we had gym by ourselves. I have noticed that a lot of the children can’t run for very long so we are doing run/walk intervals to start Friday gym to build stamina. We then played Dead Nugget. All were huffing, puffing and red by the end!

This afternoon we had buddy time with our big buddies. The children did an interview of each other. It was neat as I have taught most of the 4/5s too, so very cool to spend time with them again. I also learned during this time that “gh” is silent when it follows a vowel. I hadn’t realized there was a rule around that.


I met up with some current and past colleagues for drinks and dinner. My Shrimp Thai noodle salad was pretty good:) It was great fun to catch up!


However, it was also awesome to come home to my couch as I’ve been super tired today. I am just trying to finish up “The Little Paris Bookshop” for Bookclub tomorrow.


There hasn’t been much today. My usual walk to and from school that I don’t actually count as exercise and some ab work. I guess it’s a day off for me.

I’m back to reading.

Have fun!


Prep, Prep, Prep

I feel like for every one thing I get off my list, I add ten more:(


We planned before school today. It was going well until we got interrupted by teachers who needed to vent because our principal caved to a problem parent and moved her child🙄 It’s a slippery slope!

We talked about family today, with the book Love is a Family by Roma Downey and drew pictures. The children did really well for the most part. We also learned how to put papers into duo-tangs! It’s a tough skill, but someone has to teach it🤣

We worked on our number booklet and played the really cool game called mystery number again (I giggle as it’s just guessing a number based on clues, but they seem to love it).

The children had computers and we created our collaborative art piece. I’ll have to take a picture of it tomorrow to share as I’m pleased with how it turned out. It was neat how the children often represented themselves with where they placed their art in the picture- high, low, behind, backwards, etc.

After school, it was back to prep! I spent 48 minutes tracing my bulletin board letters for the students’ name tags. Who comes up with these horrible ideas?? Oh right, it was me:(. I think we are finally ready for next week! I can’t wait until all the yearly set up is done so that I am then just prepping for the week.


I am a little sore from my workout yesterday (in really good places!) so I decided to just walk the Squad Runner mission of an hour today. It got done and that’s all that was required. I’m hoping to do some abs before bed to make up for the laziness!


I am still working my way through The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. It has been really good so far and hopefully I’ll have it done by Saturday afternoon!!


The ea at my school liked her water bottle holder and actually used it today:)

I’m now starting a girl’s poncho in purple which will be for donation at my school’s Christmas fair, but I also need to get going on my parent’s boat Afghan so they can use it in October when they’re back on the boat.

Well I’m off to relax on the couch!

Have fun!


I Have To

I survived! As I just get home from Knit night, I really wanted to just go to sleep, but I must blog first!


It was my first day with my new class and no break, and I survived. I had a parent meeting before school today and thankfully I haven’t seen any of the behaviors experienced in kindergarten, yet😝. This morning we talked about birthdays. I read Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss to the class. I still love Rr, Seuss books, probably because they rhyme. I also love how he writes tough words phonetically. All but one boy knew when their birthdays were so that was good! What is funny is that the child who didn’t know his birthday…it’s tomorrow! We did directed drawing of cupcakes and then decorated them for the wall. One wall done for Open House, five more to go!

We started “real” math today with a review of printing numbers 1-10 for the grade ones and 11-20 for the grade twos. We played mystery number first. I had one little guy come up and ask if we were going to play super cool games every day? Well so far, yesterday and today. The games have been hits even though they were super easy!

This afternoon we choral read a Fall poem and I was so surprised and happy with how many children volunteered to read it aloud to the class with their partner. The class also come up with some awesome voices to use to practice reading it- dauschund, tiny cat, dragon, demon, grumpy, etc.

This group may be super creative:)


After school it was boot camp with L. I was really hungry but decided to put my all into it! We did burpees/ forearm plank, SL bench squats/ froggers, sit-ups with punches/alternating jump lunges, thrusters/ rows, dumbbell swings/ side forearm planks, band bicep curls/ sprints, step ups/??? (Boy do I have a short memory!). We were one station short so we did punching drills for two minutes at the end. Our new secretary joined us and she fit in really well:)

I was supposed to run, but had too much prep to do after school and didn’t get home until 6:30pm.


I ran through my house and out again to knit night for 7pm. It was great to just sit and knit, though I did think occasionally of the fact it was putting me behind on my Bookclub reading. I finished a water bottle holder I was making for one of the education assistants at school. She is forever losing her water bottle so I figured this way she could just wear it.

I’m not sure how well it would work, but hopefully it’s the thought that counts. I was disappointed that it didn’t use a whole skein of yarn up:( I used the free Ravelry pattern 4th of July Water Bottle Holder, but I repeated the pattern twice so it would be long enough for a Swell water bottle. I also shortened the strap a bit and joined it using the Kitchener stitch, instead of a knot.

Well I’m off to sleep now!

Have fun!


Calm Within a Storm

My day was okay, but it was going kind of crazy around me!


Today was a fire alarm testing so I had to change routine to drop my key off with the building manager. She didn’t connect me to my text and so there were some desperate “where are you texts” right after I left her. She was much calmer as I came rushing in at the end of the day, with seconds to spare, to get my key back. This surprised me as I never survive fire alarm testing!!!


Another Day of every activity taking twice as long because I had to explain each minute detail!! I still feel like I’m forgetting routines I should be teaching! I wish the hamster would get moving on the wheel that is my brain!!!!!🙄

The day started with me talking a child with a “sore tummy” into staying at school. It all went great all day though!

We had our first sharing circle and talked about our names and then practiced printing our names properly. I noticed last year that it bothered a lot of parents that names weren’t done properly so we decided to start there this year.

We also did our first class book which was, “The Best Part of Me”. We were going to do black and white photos but had the children draw instead. I’m not really sure why a leg or a left arm is the best part, but it will definitely be cute!

While my class was putting along, there were kids being moved in the grade 4/5 classes. Really? The teachers should have been consulted on class placements and then this wouldn’t have happened!

As well, the third grade 1/2 class had hysterical kids! Oh my!

I had one child who was anxious today, but mom stayed in the foyer and hopefully that is all it will take.


Once again, I got home knowing I needed to go out for a 5km run. I sat down and started reading, but then realized I had to get up and going or I never would. The run went fine- 5km at a 6:42 pace. I can live with that! I’m so glad I went when I did as it started absolutely pouring buckets when I got inside! I had a video of it, but it refuses to upload:(


I have spent another night reading two books! I really don’t like reading more than one at a time. I am ahead of schedule for the Bookclub book and am mostly enjoying it.

I finished my NetGalley book this evening. No Kissing Under the Boardwalk by Kate Angell.

This is the story of Tori and Zane. They meet and fall in love as high school seniors, but are torn apart by life and non-communication.

I loved many things about this book and had to resist staying up all night to finish it in one sitting!

The book is written in two sections, 18 years apart. I was surprised that the first section was longer than the second. Usually it is the opposite, but I enjoyed this variation.

I was also surprised by Tori’s plot line in the second half, but again it worked, as it was very realistic.

I enjoyed the secondary characters and plot line just as much as the primary one. It was funny and enjoyable and didn’t follow my expectations either!

The pacing of the book was a little slow in the first part, but I think it emphasizes how much importance this stage of life had on these characters.

This is a second chance romance and i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys that scenario.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley who provided me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve been asked what I buy at Costco and I’ll have to think about this, but I did pick up a new product on the recommendation of a running buddy.

This avocado salsa has been excellent. It has a little spice to it so it’s memorable and tasty, but not overwhelming. I have had it on shrimp, toast, veggies and taco chips and it has been great with all of them. I would highly recommend this one.

Have fun!


Back To It

After dreading it all weekend, I went back to work today.


I feel quite discombobulated! Even after being at work for a week, I feel like I don’t remember what I need to teach the children on the first day. I always feel sorry for the kids during their first few days in their new classroom as it is all about learning the routines. I spend all day explaining and demonstrating how each little task needs to be done. We did survive and I am actually proud of myself for relinquishing control of the rules. Usually I post the same rules each year, but this year I really let the kids go for it. We brainstormed rules and then figured out how to turn them into positive statements. We ended up with:

Be kind.

Ask before you take or touch.

Listen, pay attention and use kind words.

Keep your body and objects to yourself.

Walk in the classroom and hallways.

Are they perfect? No. Will they do the job? Yes!

We had a staff meeting after work which was quite interesting and we finally got our prep schedule, computer and gym times so I can create my schedule tomorrow.

My co teacher and I stayed late and made good progress on the to-do list, but we really need to let go of our unrealistic expectations that everything needs to be ready immediately!


I had walked to school today, carrying my laptop and a big bag of heavy snacks, in order to work on getting the Squad Runner mission. I went out at lunch to finish it up and even though I did 37 minutes, instead of 30, it still didn’t give me the mission point. Grrr😖

I had decided to run after school this year and today was the real test! I got home at 6:30 and didn’t even allow myself to sit down to put my shoes on, just changed and headed back out the door for my run. Thankfully it didn’t have to be super long (I used my walk home towards it) nor did it need to be fast. I ended up doing 5.17km at 7:04pace. I think it counts for double though as it was pouring while I was out there. I did my loop through the park and the water was super high!

I had told one of my Squad Runner teammates that I would work through a marathon training program to give him support so this run got week 1, day 1 done:)


I have spent the evening reading two books- one is my Bookclub book for Saturday. I need to read at least 46 pages a day and so far I am ahead of schedule.

The second book is for NetGalley and I’m quite enjoying it! Hopefully I’ll be able to share reviews soon!

Well I’m exhausted and off to bed!

I must be in a leopard kind of feeling tonight!

Have fun!


Me Weekend

Today continued with the “me” weekend where I accomplished nothing major, but did manage to recharge. I’ll also include a summer bucket list recap.


This morning I met up with three friends for a run, though only one ran with me. Squad Runner required a 7km run today and I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I did and had a really steady pace. I ended up doing 7.18km at 8.8 pace.

This is where I ran again today and I found it amazing that after a very dry, brown summer, it only took one day of rain to green it up again.

I was supposed to go for another half hour run tonight for the Monday mission, but it was absolutely pouring out and I decided one run was enough for today!


I continued with the series I started yesterday and read the third book, Complicating. I again enjoyed this short novel. It definitely didn’t go as I was expecting, but was realistic enough. The main heroine drive me a little crazy with her lack of communication, but the hero definitely made up for it. I love how this whole series includes epilogues so you know what happens next!


I have been working on a water bottle holder for a woman at work who is always losing hers. It’s not quite done, but should be by tomorrow.

Summer Bucket List Recap:

You can find my original post Here.

I think I had a great summer and managed to do a lot of things I had never done before. I even got a few things off my big bucket list! I had 30 items on my list and managed to complete 18 of them:)

I did: visit friends in Penticton,

go on my Parent’s boat,

read at least a book a week (finished 25)

finish my Rug,

Run and exercise,

go for a Hike,

go to a Bookstore

go to Sechelt

make myself a Sweater,

spend time on my Bike (5 rides)

go for Brunch (twice)

make Pizzas

try Bakery in Duncan

go to Golden Spike Days

go shopping (lots)

sit on my deck,

spend time with Friends

and wash my car.

Off the Big Bucket List:

Fly in a float plane

Penticton Channel Float

Walk the SeaWall

I like seeing this as just this week I was talking with my co teacher and saying we should have the children write bucket lists for each season and we should do it too! It definitely gets me doing more!

Well, I have to go to bed as I get my new class tomorrow!

Have fun!