Triumphs and Tribulations

It has been quite the day!


The kids were fine today. We got through another reading lesson on pre-reading strategies and a math lesson on even and odd. I also managed to squeeze in assessment of rights and responsibilities, McCracken spelling and gym.

I spent the morning moments trying to get my phone to back up and then spent the afternoon free moments trying to get my new phone set up. Ugh

The most exciting moment came at lunch when I won a Starbucks gift card for the staff wellness challenge. I really wasn’t expecting to win and it was a lovely surprise! From this challenge I learned that I’m really good at getting physical activity into my day and really bad at getting anything social incorporated.


After having four other teachers try to help with my phone, I left school and got home five minutes before I was set to meet Dennis for a run. Needless to say, I didn’t get to take my hydration pack today. We got 5.71km done and it felt pretty good. I was worried my foot would still be sore from yesterday, so I wore brand new shoes, but I had no problems.


After a tea with Dennis, I ventured to the mall to get someone to set up my new phone. It turned out it wasn’t my fault, it was the fault of the WiFi I was trying to use at school. I think I’ve gotten everything set up, except my Garmin watch won’t pair, and of course this is the most important thing to me!😥😖. I am hoping that tomorrow it will just magically work because I’m not sure what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.

I have done nothing tonight except open apps, reset passwords, write passwords down and try to pair my watch.

The prize was exciting, the watch is frustrating and I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Have fun!


Happy Friday Eve

Well it’s amazingly almost Friday again. I swear these weeks are going faster than ever before!


We tackled the letter e printing today and I made the children changed five e’s before they even came to see me.

They had music and I had a pretty useless prep:(

We finally got math and did a math assessment. I haven’t had a chance to look and see how it went with having all the children do it at once. Normally all assessment is done individually at this age, but we asked the kids to roll a die, and then print the number, day whether it was even or odd, put it into a ten frame, tally it and tell whether it was greater than or less than three. I guess we’ll see how much math they took in this term.

This afternoon we did art, but I’m not telling you about it until I take a picture of it tomorrow.

I was puttering around prepping for next week with my teaching buddy when my phone rang. It was another courier with my new phone, so once again I found myself sprinting down the hall so that my phone wouldn’t be left outside my door for too long. Of course, I haven’t done anything with the new phone yet.🤣


I was supposed to run today, but didn’t end up getting home quite early enough so I did a MetPro workout instead. I did bicep curls, squats, plié squats, wall sit, tricep kickbacks, crunches, and bird dogs. I then followed this up with fifteen minutes of yoga stretching for the hips and low back.


I have spent way too much time tonight playing scrabble on my phone, but I did finally pick up my knitting and got one row done. This knitting five stitches together definitely makes this my least favourite pattern!

Well, I’m already tired so I’m going off to bed.

Have fun!


Happy Hump Day

The day was fine, but another inside day so by the end, the kids were crazy again.


I didn’t have a ton planned for today because my teaching buddy is off on Wednesday’s and her partner does her own thing. I kind of like this though as it slows the pace of the day. We got through some McCracken spelling this morning and a lesson on pre-reading strategies. I have introduced them all now so we will simply practice until Christmas break. We also did some Cosmic Yoga this morning and the kids were awesome during this time.

It was an inside recess so I was super happy I had gym right after snack time. We did a circuit of moves the kids picked so we ended up with scissor jumps, squats, jumping jacks, plank and wall jumps. We ended the time with a round of freeze dance.

The children got to go out for fifteen minutes, but that’s it:(

This afternoon we had silent reading while I assessed three kids. They are almost at grade level, but not quite. Hopefully by December 11th they will be! Fin came to visit and had the kids practice how to say sorry and accept an apology. This was interrupted by an earthquake drill, though of course she didn’t make us go outside because she doesn’t want to go out in the rain. Finally, I had the children try cleaning their table tops. I have noticed that their desks are a wreck- more than just accidentally going off the paper sometimes. It was time to get them to realize how difficult it is to get all that marker and pencil off the desks. Hopefully I made my point and it will improve! I wish o could think of something that would easily take the marks off so they could start tomorrow with spotless desks and see if they can keep them that way!


I didn’t hang around for long as I wanted to get out for a run before dark. I got a five kilometer run to the mill and back. I took it easy, but still got it done:)


After dinner, I have spent the time starting and restarting my next project. My friend Lyndsay loved my toque the other day and asked if I would make her one. It is the mommy- daughter toque I did as a test knit for Zanete Knits. The hat ends up looking really cool, but I had forgotten how tough I found the pattern to start. I’ve been sitting in silence, saying the stitches out loud to get to row 10!

Well I guess I should keep on and try to finish the 15 rows of part one tonight.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was a tough day cause they called another indoor day at lunch.


We did more work for our report cards today. The kids did their perspective and told me about who their friends are, what they like best at school and the most interesting they’ve learned so far this year. It was real interesting!

We did a couple of math games and then I had a prep.

This afternoon we tackled rights and responsibilities again as I didn’t feel like the kids really got it.


I left work early and went for a run with Dennis. We were supposed to be doing an interval workout, but instead we did a tempo run. I hit a 5:57, but was definitely feeling eating at 3pm.


I managed to finish the socks! I had to change the toe of one because I was running out of yarn.

This is the Brookline socks done in Kroy socks in gray. I really do love this yarn for reasonable socks.


There were five of us for trivia tonight. In the first round we knew:

What is Roberto Luongo’s twitter name?


What three countries start with F?

France, Finland and Fiji

Who wrote the Handmaid’s Tale?

Margaret Atwood

What card has to appear if you have a perfect 29 hand in crib?


How tall is Bad Bad Leroy Brown?


The music round was 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006, 2016.

We did okay in the Kahoot round and came in second?

Which South American country has the largest population?


In which film did High Grant play a book shop owner?

Nothing Hill

What are the names of the two characters in Outlander?

Jamie, Claire

What is the last zodiac sign alphabetically?


What is the song contest throughout Europe?


What key is beside the l?


We actually won the last round!

So that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Monday Musings

It was an okay day- nothing out of the ordinary.


We got through a journal entry and then while the children had music, I gathered my courage and called Telus. I actually got a guy who was super helpful and went through all my options with me. My new phone is in its way.

We played games in the gym while we can and then had lunch. I got a couple of rows knitted during lunch.

I had to start assessing reading during my guided reading time today. It is the week of assessment as we then had the kids do their collaborative goals for the report card. The children then had centres while I got PHE assessed. Too much assessment!!!! Poor kids:(


Just as the last child got picked up my phone rang and it was the courier. He wasn’t willing to put the package at my door and would only leave it in the foyer of the building. Of course just this weekend a notice was put up about robberies in the foyer and from mail boxes. I had no other choice so I literally sprinted down the hill, and thankfully it was still there.


My package was my lovely new heated blanket. I have spent the entire evening under my new blanket trying to get a second sock made in a day.😳. I am 34 rows from the end and have a very sore hand. I think I’ll get back to work in the morning.

Have fun!


Weekend Wrap Up

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again already! I have to survive a five day week this week:(


I ended up running on Saturday morning with Dennis as he had an appt on Friday evening. I was tired of running around my house so we went out to the dyke to run. It was super bright and sunny on the way out, but then the big black cloud moved in on the way back.

We got 6.6km in which is better than nothing.

I worked out yesterday afternoon and did another NourishMoveLove workout- 20 minute resistance band workout- legs, cardio and core. I definitely was feeling that workout on my run this morning.

Sarah and I did another ten kilometers this morning. It seemed super slow though we picked up the speed on the way back. I’m not sure how to approach this with Sarah, but really feel we could be running faster at the start as we drop almost a minute off our time. I’d rather run a little faster on the way out and a little slower on the way back and be more even!

We got lucky though and it was a gorgeous morning for a run!

I did the seven hip and low back stretches for the fourth time this week. Hopefully it helps:)


I met up with another teacher from work at Chapters yesterday so we could choose a few books for the kids Bookclub this year. We have had kids asking about it so we are going to try and do the club over zoom once a month. It will be nice to have a little bit of normalcy! We also enjoyed a lovely tea afterwards:)


I have been very productive this weekend for little things. I got the curtains fixed, my hydration bladder fixed, all laundry done and put away and my plants watered.


I have mainly been working on socks for a lady at trivia. I have one sock done and am just considering if I could get the other done by Tuesday night. I somehow don’t think so:(

Well that’s it for my weekend, well except for my reading but I’m not done my book yet.

Have fun!


Happy Weekend

My Friday’s seem to come so quickly this year. I keep thinking it’s because I have a good class so the time goes quickly as the Fridays sure didn’t come this quickly last year!


On Tuesday I sent home a sight word mini book with two of my kids and one girl brought it back today. She read it to me and the next one. I have sent the third one home with her for the weekend. What I noticed was that I spent about ten minutes working with her this morning and the rest of my class just kept doing what they were supposed to be doing. So nice!

We did a pre- reading lesson on doing picture walks with the book, Enemy Pie. The kids were so impressive as I asked them what pre-reading strategies we had talked about so far, and they got them all! Most of the kids noticed the enemy list in the tree house.

We also did a lesson on tally marks today. We had covered these briefly a few weeks ago, but some children were having difficulty so we spent yesterday and today reviewing the concept and everyone seems to have it now:)

Finally this afternoon we did McCracken spelling, had gym and played outside. A pretty Good Friday!

I also got the art from yesterday put up.

I am calling it Windy Fall Leaves and it was done with pastels. With older grades I get them to also colour the background.


By the time I got home there were only ten minutes until sundown so I did a bosu workout after dinner instead, and I think I am going to hurt tomorrow. I haven’t been on my bosu in a while and I can tell.

I never have problems exercising- all my troubles come from eating. I have stuck with the MetPro program so far and it gets one more week before I give up on it. It has gotten me off of sugar and I noticed it now has me down at a level 3 (I started at 6). Maybe they have figured out that I’m not a typically sized person?!?!

Well I’m in my jammies, have a cup of tea and am going to read my book now.

Have fun!


Lest We Forget

It was a very odd Remembrance Day for me.


I decided that since I had the day off I would put it to good use getting some extra mileage in. I did 10km with Sarah this morning out on the dyke. Thank goodness our new restrictions still allow me to run with other people!

I am hoping to get some yoga done before bed tonight too.


I stopped on my way home to get the yarn I need for the three knitting projects that I owe to other people. Thankfully the store was very quiet and I didn’t meet anyone!

I also stopped at the grocery store and got two advent calendar gifts and some protein for the next couple of days. I really didn’t want to have to go out again but I hit three different grocery stores today:(


After a lovely nap in front of the fireplace I have spent the day working on the socks for a lady at trivia. These are due first so I thought I’d start with them. The pattern is going quickly, but I really hate the first time I make an item for someone as you never really know if it’s going to fit and be comfy!


I also finished the book I have been working on for a while. It is called Fatal Inheritence by Rachel Rhys. It tells the story of an English woman in 1948 who inherits 1/4 of an estate from a man she does not know. It was really good and I didn’t figure out the mystery until it told me at the end. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cosy mysteries or that time era.

Remembrance Day:

It has been a very odd Remembrance Day for me. This day is really big in my family- usually bigger than any other holiday. We all get together and I have never missed a Remembrance Day ceremony. I was even there when my mom was pregnant with me. It made today feel weird and lonely. I did take the time at 11am for a minute of silence and thought of all the things I am thankful for having in my life. I just hope never to have such a quiet Remembrance Day again!

My dad’s newest project. He created his own ceremony by playing the last post and Reveille and having a moment of silence. All of the neighbours stood at the end of their driveways.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Well it was once again a nice day since my principal was away again🎉🎊


I actually started the day with ten minutes of yoga before I went off to work. It felt great, took no time and got me a little more yoga time for the year- a win all around:)

I also did a run with Dennis after school. We had to do a progression run where every five minutes we got faster. I actually managed to do this. We had a few breaks as he was still having trouble breathing (it was his first day with a puffer), but we managed 4.57km. Pretty good for a very cold Tuesday.


Our day was quite mixed up. The older kids cane up this morning and taught us the brain dance. I promised them I would get the exact movements from the teacher as grade five teachers aren’t perfect.😜

We also had a quick poppy poem to do and then it was time to eat snack as we had to eat before our early recess today as we had the Remembrance Day assembly after recess.

The assembly went reasonably well for our first virtual try. The kids were super patient as we tried to get sound working, etc.

After lunch we had silent reading and guided reading. I am worried about the two girls I worked with today as the sounds just don’t seem to be clicking for them. I had sent home the alphabet rap, but maybe it’s not getting done:(

We also worked on a Peace Is class book this afternoon before we went out to play. I have about five students who still need to finish, but otherwise, a pretty good day.


We went to trivia tonight, but we really aren’t sure how much longer it will go on with these new restrictions we are under.

So there were five of us for trivia tonight and we are still in third place overall.

In the first round, we knew:

On survivor what do you have to do?

Outwit, outlast and outplay

On which hit tv show did Shelly Long play Diane?


What is the name of the character on the children’s show Tipoo and ?


Where is the boy from in the Journey song Don’t Stop Believin?

South Detroit

The music round had Bands with Brothers, Lounge Lizards, Songs about Drinking, Duran Duran and Songs of 1997.

We won the Kahoot round.

What nationality was Catherine the Great?


In the fourth round we knew:

What four movies were Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper in?

Silver Linings Playbook, Serena, Joy, American Hustle

What do women win in Wimbledon?


In which movie did Clint Eastwood day, “do you feel lucky?”

Dirty Harry

What is a package of paper called?


In which county is Seattle?


Which book is Captain Ahab in?

Moby Dick

What musical instrument does Lady Gaga have on her arm?


Well that’s it for me, have fun!


Monday Musings

The day went pretty well. I am attributing it to everyone feeling more at ease because our principal was away for the day.


We got through a journal entry about peace and I was super happy that so many children volunteered to read what they had written- even the little guy who cried the first time!

We had gym and did the stations approach again- hoop jumps, plank, jumping jacks and squat jumps. I did them with the kids and got quite the workout!

This afternoon we had silent reading. I always do guided reading during this time and today a little girl came up and asked when she got to come. I couldn’t believe I missed her on my plan!! I really praised her for coming and asking though.

We also did a cut and paste about peaceful versus not peaceful actions. We did it as a class and it went super smoothly.

We ended the day with outside playtime. I really wish I had worn about five more layers! It was so cold today and the kids were super excited because the forecast called for snow. None showed up though.

I spent some time after school working with my teaching buddy on the report card templates. They have changed it again on us. This is the fourth time in four years🙄😖


I did some more online shopping today as I work to use up gift cards. I have purchased an electric blanket from Walmart which should be here by the 20th and I spent an hour picking two books from Chapters to use up my store credit as I didn’t want to forget about it. I have the new Oh She Glows cookbook and a modern top down knitting book coming, hopefully!


As I write this, I realize I forgot to do my floors today:(


I have made a list of projects I have upcoming and now I just feel overwhelmed:(

I was working on the October Hat, but screwed up and had to rip out again. Maybe I had better put this to the side for a bit.

On the list:

Sweater test knit

Fix my coral sweater- wore it today and I want the sleeves longer

Socks for Jacqueline

Toque for Lyndsay

Toque for secretary’s daughter

Fix purple sweater – I want it skinnier and longer

October hat

Mitts out of Weekender leftovers

I know it’s all fun, but the length of the list makes me nervous. Now I just want to get them done and off the list!

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!