This or That?

Wow was it hot today!!!!


I actually managed to get a TOC today for a remedy day. I was kind of surprised since they often pull them to cover illness. My TOC was great though which left me with the question, was I going to do this or that?

I ended up getting my classroom library completely tidied, the field trip materials organized for Wednesday, and my PR cards done. It sure doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it down, but I really didn’t stop much today😏

After school I got to have a long talk with a little boy in my class who has been taking things that aren’t his! Ugh he even went into my desk and took stuff. I told him that since he had hurt our classroom community he now needed to help it. He’ll be staying in to do class jobs for the next three recesses and tomorrow I’m making him return all he took and apologize. It is going to be uncomfortable for him, but hopefully just enough to make him think before he takes what is not his!

The curriculum is such a tiny part of what I do everyday!


I went this evening to buy my students year end gifts. It was so difficult to decide between these two options!

I ended up going with the first option as it is similar to what my co teacher is giving her class. I have some items at school I can add to it.


I’m only about 2/3 of the way through my book today, so no review yet on Lost in You by Jules Bennett. It’s the last book in a series I’m reading and so far, it’s not what I expected. I’ll let you know if that’s good or not once I finish!

I had a few moments at lunch to check NetGalley and I requested a few more books. It will be nice when I’m not so overwhelmed with books to read and can try out some new authors on there!

Well I’d better get reading!

Have fun!



Sports Day

Oh how Sports Day has changed since I was a kid!


I started the day with a lovely, quiet run around the trail and park. I actually ran into my cousin in the park, but just shared a smile.

My calves are so tight and sore, but later I realized it was because of doing all the stairs yesterday! Oh well, obviously good for me! Glad I got this run in as that was my only exercise today.


I was supposed to get time in my classroom today while someone else took my class around, but that was nixed at 7:40. I can’t believe how angry I was about it! Oh well, I picked myself up, put a smile on my face and took the children around to the different stations. They were super awesome today behavior-wise which was a nice treat!

This afternoon we took it easy and watched Wallace and Gromit movies. I love those movies! They are great for kids and for adults and it’s the one movie where no one wants to go do something else. The women in my ring are awesome and gave me forty minutes in my room without my students so I could at least start the project I wanted to do. I got to box 20 of my library tidying before I ran out of stickers.


It way staff social tonight. It started with bowling.

Yes I was the only one there with Velcro shoes. I was really not doing great, but it was fun. I would recommend bowling for a staff party as it was casual, easy to mingle and visit, inspired lots of laughs and created a level playing field.

We then headed to Earls which was a bit chaotic. We started off with a really awkward table arrangement, so they finally moved us, and then it took forever to get our food, which explains no picture because I was starving by the time I got it.

I had discussed my gf/df options with the waitress and went with her suggestion of chicken tacos. Well, they brought one and it turned out not to be mine and then mine came out after everyone else had eaten, and wouldn’t you know it, I got sick:(. The girls at my table said I looked really ill, though I was trying to just sit quietly so I wouldn’t ruin the party. Afterwards I heard that the secretary had gotten two platters of the same thing down her end and hadn’t liked the taste of one of them- I bet you that was supposed to be mine as corn tortillas definitely taste different.

I think I’m going to go back to just having a garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing when I go out! I’ve had enough of this happening and whining about it! It’s too bad I just do love the taste of food and like to try new things. Guess I’ll have to save that for home!


I finally finished my latest book, Bluestone and Vine by Donna Kauffman last night.

This is the story of Seth and Pippa. Seth is a newly minted vintner and Pippa is a world famous folk musician. They end up together in the small town of Blue Falls Hollow, Viginia and the rest is history.
This was an excellent read. I liked how the story centred on relationships, and not just the central romantic one. These relationships are all deep, well rounded and satisfying.
While the male lead is not my type physically, he is all one could want emotionally. He is strong, reliable, and honest.
The setting of this book is another of it’s strengths. The reader quickly falls in love with the people who inhabit this town. The old widower who doles out sage advice when he says anything. The community is wonderful and makes the reader wish she was there.
Finally, I really liked how the story was realistic. There was a slow build-up even with the strong chemistry present and there were problems, but there was also communication, so you don’t get all the pointless drama, but rather a lovely story.
I would recommend this book for anyone who likes small town romance, music or a man bun:)

It has been quite the day, so I’m off to bed with a book and my itchy, burning body.

Have fun!


A Good Plan

Just a normal day!


I finally had to ask my students today what would make them realize their behavior was inappropriate. We have come to the conclusion that three ticks after your name on the board and you have a detention. I’m hoping we don’t get to that as it’s also a detention for the teacher!!

We wrapped our Father’s Day gifts today. It was neat to teach the children such a simple, but necessary skill as wrapping a present. Most of them did well:)

We also practiced identifying the problem and solution in “The Three Bears”. They liked the puppet and storybook from my childhood better than the activity🤣

We also wrote about meeting our penpals yesterday.

All in all, an okay day:)

Oh and it ended with a lovely present of a box of tea from my student who’s last day is tomorrow. It was a lovely gesture and it has Lady Gray tea in it which I’ve been wanting to try!


We had our last school Bookclub for the year after school. It was all boys! I’m thinking I should go around and talk to the grade two, three and four students and if they still remember in September, we can assume they’re interested in more than just the chips.


We can’t work out after school tomorrow so Lyndsay and I went over and did the stairs on the crunch four times. I have never done that before and I just realized that 437 times four means I did 1748 stairs, and then ran back to school up the hill! No wonder my legs were shakey!!! Lol I do a lot more with a buddy:)


I have to admit I caved and watched a Hallmark movie before I came home tonight.

It was a nice movie. The girl left the boy to follow her dreams in LA. She comes home and they meet again. It’s the usual story, but I really liked the main actor and the secondary story was cute too. Definitely a happy movie and worth watching if you like Hallmark movies.


I’m almost done

But I think I’ll go finish it off in a hot bath.

Have fun!



It was just one event after another today!


It was quite the day with one exciting thing after another! We started with workout Wednesday and that finished with me handing out the ribbons for the track meet. I was all ready to check this whole event off my list when two students came to tell me they were missing a ribbon:(. Not sure what I’m going to do about this, but I’ll have to figure out something.

After recess my students got to go to the Kindergarten room for centres while the kindergarteners came for a visit to grade one. I think next year is going to be interesting, based on what I saw today (and yes please read that in a sarcastic tone of voice). We will see what happens, but it’s always fun to see how excited they are over having desks:)

This afternoon we had our pen pals come to visit. For all of third term my students have been writing weekly to a student in a grade one class at a neighboring school. They absolutely love doing this and today they got to meet the student they have been writing to. We did a buddy survey sheet, had a snack and played with a parachute. I think what my students liked best was holding up their buddy’s name like the chauffeurs at the airport🤣

It was quite a day and was rounded off by handing in my report cards this afternoon. So glad to see them finished, now maybe I can go back to living!


It was a 35 minute, super intense workout today. There were four tabata stations: squat with medicine ball press/ reverse plank, frog jumps/ plank jacks, power jacks with shoulder press/ plank, side plank/ reverse lunge with hop. In between each tabata however there was a band circuit of squat walks forward and back, squat with alternating side leg lift and then toe touches. I think I’m going to feel my butt tomorrow!!!! It went quick though and it was nice to be able to visit a bit:)


All I’ve really wanted to do today is read my NetGalley book- Bluestone and Vine by Donna Kauffman. I am really enjoying it so far!


I finally got to some knitting this evening at knit night and finished my first project for the month. It is another Wee Speedy baby vest, but this one has a cute ruffle at the bottom, though I did plan on that ruffle being longer! It got rid of another skein from my stash though:). I really like the Wee Speedy pattern which is available for free on Ravelry. It knots up super quick and only takes one skein of chunky yarn:). I used the Bernat Softee Chunky. I wanted to put sleeves on it, but didn’t have enough yarn. Definitely a good pattern when you need a baby shower gift quickly!

The project has been entered into HPKCHC for the Charms class this month:)

Well I’m off for more reading!

Have fun!


One Step and Another

There was a definite lack of energy in my day!


We did our usual printing and phonics this morning. Followed it up with some art this afternoon. We finished our Father’s Day gift by making the buttons. Tomorrow we will decorate an envelope to put them all in. I was happy with how they turned out and only two children had to remake them because they didn’t listen and did them upside down.

After school my mom came up and gave me an honest review of my classroom. It needs work! Lately my house, my car and my classroom all seem to be a wreck:(. At least tonight we got a few things tidied up and better organized! I always love decluttering and organizing- maybe that’s the job I should have gotten:)


I was supposed to run this morning, but yet again I slept instead so I had to go out tonight for my 6km run. It started out slow and painful, but I got faster, though it didn’t feel that way!

At the end I ran into an old running buddy. It was nice to see her, I had forgotten how much I always enjoyed running with her!

Well I have to go read Lyndsay’s report cards as we switched today, then I can go back to sleeping, which seems to be all I do lately!

Have fun!



I had a bad night after being a piglet at Bookclub so it was a tough morning.


I was supposed to get up at six for an 8km run, but instead I slept until 7am! This caused me to get absolutely no exercise today as I had a massage after school:(


The exciting things today were that we wrote summer bucket lists in Journals today. The children did very well, and I got quite the list going when I was giving them an example.

Their ideas gave me ideas and it was funny to hear how they really weren’t outlandish in their wishes- only one person said they wanted to go to Disneyland, everyone else was talking about water gun wars, parks, etc.

We spent the afternoon with three other classes doing more ADST. We had the children pair up and then decorate/colour a piece of paper on both sides. They then got to fold the paper into an airplane and take it outside to fly it. Again, the session went really well and the children were totally engaged!

It got really fun when the wind came up too.


After my massage I grabbed my mom and dragged her along to Costco with me. Chores and errands are so much better with company! I didn’t buy anything for me- just the fruit snacks, ziploc bags and Lysol wipes I need for school. At least it’s done and I can quit trying to remember that I need to pick those things up.


I have done an hour on the rug tonight in the hopes of not having to do hours on it this weekend. I’m starting my second to last row so there may just be hope of finishing yet.


I have started listening to a new book on LibriVox today. It is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I have the feeling I’ve read it before, but since I don’t remember it, it’s obviously good to listen to it again!

Well I’m off to bed super early as I’ve done nothing but yawn all day today!

Have fun!



Sometimes, isn’t a verbal thank you enough?


Today the big event was the parent appreciation. This was to be pared down this year, to the relief of the teachers, until a certain person got ahold of it and blew it up again:(. It turned out fine- coffee, tea, coffee, donuts, a card from the children, a card with chocolates, a slide show, a school song and then a twenty minute open house. In talking with several parents it became clear we are all on the same wave length- the parents put on a teacher appreciation and then we put on a parent appreciation… what sane adult needs two more things on their calendar at the end of the school year???? Wouldn’t saying thank you be enough????

Otherwise it was a quiet day with doing a story elements lesson on problem and solution with the book Cinderella (I always read the Disney one from my childhood for nostalgic reasons), a lesson and fun sheet on probability, dodgeball and computers.

Nothing exciting, but we all survived:)


The mission was for forty minutes today so I just walked it to give my knees a break. It was a lovely day for a walk, though I was happy for my sweatshirt!


I ran out tonight to the library and to grab some groceries. Can you believe the library has a limit of 25 checkouts?!?! Ugh I had to use my mom’s card for the rest of my books! That’s was the treat- having my mom along for company:). Even doing simple errands is more fun with her for company, though she had to listen to me vent about work way too much. Oh well, Saturday will be our fun shopping day:)


I watched the Hallmark movie, The Mechanics of Love last night.

I really liked it!!! In fact, I’d like a guy just like Tyler in this movie please😛. It was nice to see a woman have a non traditional job in this movie:)


Otherwise, I’ve been spending every second reading Carnegie’s Maid to try and finish it as it has to be returned to the library tomorrow. I have 87 pages to go and a lot of incentive in all the books I brought home from the library!

Have fun!



I should never leave clothing choice for the morning!


It was tough to decide what to wear this morning which made me behind in my routine:(. I thought I’d have a quiet morning as my co teacher was away, but nope- crazy as ever.

This morning we did our own pal letters which many of the children are getting really good at!! I won’t try to do this with a TOC again though- it was too chaotic with both classes and only me knowing the children and the routine!

This afternoon we wrote about our Keep Cool presentation yesterday. The children did pretty good!

Between recess and lunch was the excitement for the day. Every year one of our EA’s runs a fundraiser for the Wigs For Kids Foundation. They provide real hair wigs for more than 50% off for kids going through cancer treatment. I did this two years ago and ended up doing it again today!

Before with lots of little ponytails which a police liaison officer them cut off during the assembly.

After! I didn’t realize I had quite so many colours naturally in my hair! It was pretty uneven so I went for a real haircut tonight, but I’ll save that picture for when I’m not sweaty from a run!


After school I helped get the school ready for the parent appreciation event tomorrow. It will be nice to have that finished!

I then did bootcamp with Lyndsay. It sounded deadly as every Rabat’s station had a form of burpees at it, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected:)

Let’s see if I remember all the forms of burpees we did:

Squat, drop and jump/ banded hip raises

Superwoman/ medicine ball burpees

Plank punches/ burpee with a long jump

Ab roll outs/burpee with four mountain climbers

Bench roll burpees/ bench knee tucks

Banded lateral steps/ banded pop jacks

Burpees/iso squat with punches

Burpee with bench step up/ bench sit up

It wasn’t as bad as expected so I don’t know if that means I didn’t work hard enough or if I’m getting more fit? My colleague put it well today- I’m “fitish”.🤣

I didn’t really want to run tonight, but then a team mate boosted me and I didn’t want that to go to waste so I got out for my 8km run. I’m learning that I’m quite consistent in my pace once I hit it, usually around the 1km mark. It was t as great a run as the other day as I ate my veggie dinner too close to going out! If children were smart they’d use a run as the excuse not to eat their veggies as that really hurt!


I got my half hour on my rug square done tonight, but nothing extra. I’m going to have my work cut out for me this weekend. It just hasn’t been my priority.


My priority has been reading Carnegie’s Maid because it’s due back to the library on Friday! I’m off to read some more.

Have fun!


Ticking Along

Just another day of getting things done.


My students mastered printing v and w and hard and soft c today, or at least they were introduced to it:). It would be so amazing to be able to just input things into children’s brains and know they got it!

We had an environmental play come today that the children loved.

We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy movie about matter this afternoon and then we had centres. Not a bad day😀

I didn’t feel great from 11am on and my co-teacher said I had a fever. I’m not sure what I got, but I’m going with nothing because I’ve been sick enough this school year!!!!

We had a reveal of a new sign that is in our foyer. It’s a saying that my mom sent me a few months ago and I really like it. I think it’s a great quote to have our students see every day!! What is even better is that it’s been translated into Braille and so can be a tribute to a little girl we lost earlier this year, who had made an impact on a lot of people in our school community. We are not allowed to have a memorial at the school for her, so this was our way of remembering her:)

I finished my report cards after school🎉🎊. I like when I’m at this point as now I can start wat bing for specific behaviors or specific children and tweak the reports as I need to:). It’s really perfect timing as my mom arrives tomorrow and I know she’s just dying to read them as they’re so riveting🤣🤣🤣


The mission today was to run for sixty minutes, but I ended up doing this as a walk as I still wasn’t feeling great. I got in just in time as the rain started soon after.

This walk was enough to put me back into first place on my team:). I really don’t know how this is happening though!


I’ve made some progress on my Bookclub book- Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict. I am on page 58 of 272. Will I finish by Friday???

So far I am enjoying it:)

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!AJ


A day with some success in it:)


I started my day with the half hour on my new rug square. It was so gray outside I just wanted to stay here all day!!! I at least got the square started.


Well I had two successes today:). The first was the gym game I made up that the kids liked and it had them running the whole time!

The second was this afternoon. We put five primary classes together in the gym with popsicle sticks and plasticine. The students had to work in mixed gender and mixed class pairs. They had to build something with a small amount of plasticine and popsicle sticks. I have to admit all of us teachers were a little worried it would be chaos, but it went amazingly!!!

Our plan is to do this each Monday afternoon but the activity will change each Monday.

We also had staff meeting which I survived, but ate way too many nachos!

I also got three report cards written today, so I now only have six left🎊🎉


After nachos and Rice Krispie squares, I really didn’t feel like running, but the mission was 7km. I told myself I just had to run a bit because I didn’t want to have to be out for more than an hour to get those 7kms done! I got going and then told myself I could walk each time Spotify had a commercial, unfortunately Spotify only has a commercial every twenty minutes and by then I was already in the running mode. I got 7.3km done 🎉🎊. I’ve already ran more this week than I did the whole of last week! It also put me in first place on my Squad Runner team. That has never happened before and it won’t last long, but it was fun to see!


I finished my book from the weekend.

I loved the lead up of this book as it made me giggle out loud, however the relationship was very shallow. The couple never talked or had dates, just sex. Then when problems occur, of course they don’t know each other, but suddenly everything is worked out. It was cute, but I think there’s a fine line between too much thinking in a romance novel and not enough and this landed on the not enough side.


I casted on for the Wee Speedy 2 today. It won’t take long so it will be a nice break from my last sweater project! Hopefully I’ll have a cute finished baby sweater to show you soon!

I did wear the sweater I just finished to work today and got our secretary to grab a picture of me.

This sweater pattern was made from the pattern Sea Cucumber by Linda Allegra, a free pattern on Ravelry. I changed it slightly. My sweater used only one strand of yarn instead of two, was done on size 5mm needles rather than 6mm and I changed the underarm pattern. There was supposed to be a section under the arm that was cross stitch, yarn overs, cross stitch. I took out the yarn overs as I didn’t like how open it was. I’m happy with how it turned out though:)

Ok that’s it for me today.

Have fun!