Trivia Tuesday #31

It was a pretty good day!


My students worked really hard today as they really wanted centres for the last block of the day! We got through printing, counting by 2s and a mini book about seasons, and they got centres.

We had no physical incidences though we did have some rudeness:(

We started report cards after school. You may hear me whimpering for the next two weeks!


After my massage I spent some time reading my kids Bookclub book which is The Problims. So far I’m finding it very weird as it describes the youngest character’s farts. Maybe the kids will really like it.


There were actually seven of us tonight! For the first round:

Who lives across the hall from Sheldon in Yhe Big Bang Theory?


What was Pavel Bure’s nickname?

The Russian Rocket

What is the most well known plug in appliance in the bathroom?

Hair dryer

Put these cities in order of time zones.

Sudbury, Ontario

Brandon, Manitoba

Lethbridge, Alberta

Who was the second president of the US?

John Adams

Spell leprechaun.

It was amazing to know so much for a change!🎉🎊

For music I got Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

Which country does the Himalayan’s not go through?


Which organ in the body makes glucagon?


The principal in Archie comics?

Mr. weatherby

Which NHL player has the most NHL points in the playoffs?

Sidney Crosby

Which blood type is universal?


On which continent are tigers found?


Who composed Fur Elise?


Mundane Monday

It was tough to get going today, but thankfully there weren’t too many surprises.


I took stock this morning and realized my tummy was a little off still, but I figured I was healthy enough to get through the day:)

We got through calendar, jobs, a journal entry, counting by 2s, and a Bill Nye video on the seasons. He does a much better job of explaining them than I do!

We also had a day with no physical incidences🎉🎊. I’ll take it and hope it continues!


It didn’t go quite according to plan:(

I’ve had oatmeal, a banana, tuna snackit, oatmeal again, crackers and popcorn at the staff meeting.

I figured I’d better stop eating!


After surviving a staff meeting all about our new reporting protocols, I decided I needed a run whether it was dark and rainy or not! I couldn’t believe how many people were still out! I managed to get 4.1km in and that will start me making up for all I missed this weekend:). I will hopefully get another one in tomorrow!


I spent the evening starting my next market bag. It’s out of black yarn as I have some friends that this suits best. We’ll see how much I curse the colour before I finish!


Well my hallmark season has begun and I started with the movie Holiday for Heroes. It was super cute and definitely gives that warm, fuzzy feeling, though I figure it is pretty unrealistic. One thing I did like though was the fact the characters were a little older:)

Have fun!


Raining Rats

It was definitely not my typical day!


This week my students have definitely taken about three giant leaps backwards. We’ve had at least one violent incident each day and they’ve had to practice lining up and walking multiple times:(

I told them today that I would like them to come back as the kids they were last week! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I spent the morning worrying because I couldn’t find my keys anywhere so I ran home on my prep and found them in my knitting bag🤷🏼‍♀️

After school I ran to the dollar store to grab a card for my friend. I don’t usually do cards, but I only had a small gift so needed a card for them to go into.

On the way to the dollar store I was walking along when suddenly two birds started fighting in the tree beside me and the dead rat they were fighting over dropped to the ground about six inches from my shoulder!😳


I at least got a few minutes to read this evening before heading out and managed to finish Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen. I had heard about this book on Not Your Mom’s Romance Bookclub Podcast and had found it to read it. It was a fun read, but seemed really familiar. It was a cute story, but I think it could have been a bit shorter as it seemed to drag a bit at times.


I had plans to meet up with my close friend Em for dinner to celebrate her birthday. We went to Meet which is a vegan restaurant by her. It is always a good time with Em and the food was wonderful as well. I had the spicy chili cauliflower bites.

It was yummy and thankfully not a late night!


I have felt very slug like all day so when I got home I managed to do:

50 squats, 50 back kicks, 50 high knees, 50 hamstring curls, 50 roundhouse kicks, 50 bridges, 25 crunches, and 25 reverse crunches.

Now I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #30

It almost didn’t happen tonight so I’m surprised to be writing that title.


Today was a productive day. We got a journal done and it was finally calm so I got around to all of the children. We also played Around the World, had gym, did their collaborative goals and student perspective for the report card and finished the day with a science experiment about why we have seasons.


I went straight out for a run when I came home from work because I knew I wouldn’t go otherwise:)

My run was 4.15km, not as much as I was planning to do, but there was a group of guys hanging around the far side of the park so I changed my route. I try not to be the dumb girl. I was happy just to get out for some mileage.


I worked on my shawl, but was definitely getting frustrated at the end. It’s probably a good thing I had to go out.


I didn’t think trivia was happening tonight so I had taken a bath and gotten into my jammies. Then one friend said she wanted to go so I got dressed and got my butt out the door.

What I knew:

Who was Sarah Jessica Parker married to?

Matthew Broderick

Who was known as the Bambino?

Babe Ruth

Where will the next winter Olympics be held?

Beijing China

What does the a in 7A road signs mean?


For the music round I only knew a few, but it was a neat concept because the bands went in alphabetical order.

I got Dan and Shea, Florida Georgia Line, Savage Garden, and the Zach Brown Band.

Who was rescued from the cannibals in Swiss Family Robinson?

Man Friday

Who were the boys on the Brady Bunch?

Greg, Peter, Bobby

Which goalie made a posture famous?

Ken Dryden

Which company owns Marks Work Wearhouse?

Canadian Tire

What three words can be made out of allergy?

Largely, gallery, regally

Which country is closest to Germany?


Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Thunderous Thursday


We actually had thunderous Thursday today because it was a beautiful day, but cold. I should have ran with the kids, but stayed with my co-teacher instead as she needed to vent.

We got through printing, part of a math game, library, and McCracken spelling this afternoon. It was a pretty productive day, but I should probably give my kids centres at some point or they might rebel!

Please knock on every piece of wood you can that our non violent week continues!


I had Bookclub with the kids after school and it was great! We had thirteen kids show up and two of them were boys! It was neat to hear the range of opinions and great that they could support their thoughts!

At home I am reading my newest NetGalley book which is a Lori Foster, always guaranteed to be a good read:)


I’ve gotten one pattern repeat done today and would like to get one more done before bed. I’m definitely going to have to get more than one repeat done a day to get this shawl finished in time!


I ran with the group tonight and did the usual 4.6km. I float along between the two groups, but it’s just nice to have people around!

If I do a run on Saturday and we do ten on Sunday, I should be good on my mileage for this week.


I haven’t been bad at all, but every day I wake up a pound heavier so I’m not a super happy camper right now. I’ll just keep being smart about my choices and hopefully it will pay off soon!

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Wow Wednesday

It’s amazing how fast days can go and how fast I can go:)


Today was another pretty good day. Dare I say my students have turned a corner- nope, not going to jinx myself like that!

We got through calendar, music (when I went through my Remembrance Day box), math, and a new poem.

My best moment was during math. I have a low functioning autistic boy in my class and the EA was late making it back so we started math with no extra help for him. Lately we always start math with Around the World where the students stand around the edge of the carpet and we count by 10s and whoever says 100 has to sit down. The last person standing gets to be in the middle for the next game (pointing to who says the next number). Well R was on the carpet with us and the children were helping him with the answers when he needed it. It came down to just R and another boy. This other boy was still helping with the answers even though R was the competition, but the best moment came when R won and all the children started chanting his name and giving him high fives! It was so awesome to see them be so kind!!!!!

Definitely a moment that reminds me why I am a teacher.

It was also very funny to see my children when our new principal came on the PA at recess. The children were shocked as our regular principal never does that, plus he came and visited every one of the classrooms today to introduce himself. It’s a good start and I hope he stays for a while.


I managed to get out of school by 3:30 today (gasp that never happens!) but was having a tough time getting my butt out the door for a run ( I haven’t run since Sunday) and so I texted Sarah to see if she wanted to meet up. By the time I heard back from her I had talked myself into going so I ended up doing two runs. Maybe I should take two days off more often as I had my fastest 3km run ever. My average speed was 6:18/km and my lowest was 6:08- both of which are very fast for me!


I have to admit that I didn’t do my weights and instead knitted. Thank you for the suggestions and I will definitely be making some of them as you all know of some beautiful patterns! I have started the Triple Jubilee shawl and hopefully my friend will like it. I have gotten one pattern repeat done so far so I’m hopeful it will go fast.

Well that’s all my news.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #29

I can’t believe I’ve already been to trivia 29 times!


I have to start by mentioning the book I finished last night. I read One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey. She is one of my favourite authors and she definitely didn’t disappoint with this book either- I read it in one sitting! I was laughing out loud by page five at the banter these two main characters had. I loved the supporting cast and especially liked how the author didn’t rely on miscommunication for the conflict!! For once I wasn’t left yelling at the characters to grow up! It had a satisfying ending and I really liked how the two characters would read together. My dream is to have a guy who will happily read on the other end of the couch🤣


It was another pretty good day as we had no physical violence. We got through a journal today and one of my little guys wrote a page and a half!!! So cool to see them start doing more:)

We played around the world and then went and did relays in the gym. I really need to think up some more movements for the relays. Today I could only think of horse galloping and frog jumping!

This afternoon we started making our poppies for the Remembrance Day wreaths. We had a discussion about all the things we love doing and the fact that we say thank you to those who have served our country and made it possible for us to do these things. I actually got to show them a veteran on the city website who just happened to be my dad!


This past weekend I bought myself a beechwood swift and a Knitter’s Pride Mega Yarn Winder. I finally set it up tonight to wind my shawl yarn and one of the belts broke immediately:( I have contacted the shop and hopefully they will send me a new one! I want to play with my new toy!!!

I have spent some time knitting on my current market bag, but kind of feel like I had better leave it and start on the shawl. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good shawl pattern that uses about 600 yards of light fingering?


There were four of us tonight:)

What street does the Canadian prime minister live on?

Sussex Drive

Who is the character that Will Farrell plays in Anchorman?

Ron Burgundy

Who was the character in The Outsiders and There’s Something About Mary?

Matt Dillon

What does DK stand for in DKNY?

Donna Karan

Who were crush and squirt in Finding Nemo?

Sea turtles

What’s the most common word to come after blueberry?


Which is the third province alphabetically?


Which song was done by the chainsmokers?


The music round we did okay.

What animal made Hootie cry in Only Want to Be With You?


What currency used to be used in Amsterdam?


How do you spell Ross’ career in Friends?


Who sand You Spin Me Round?

Dead or Alive

Who was the mascot of Mad Magazine?

Alfred E Neuman

Which NHL goalie has played the most playoff games?


What does the NA in NASCAR stand for?

National Association

Which beer is the Champagne of Beers?

Miller High Life

What river goes through London?


That’s it for me!

Have fun!


Monday again

Why does this day keep showing up???!!!


I had the district in to do their new reading assessments which are exactly the same as the ones I was taught to do 18 years ago so I’m still trying to figure out what’s cutting edge about this?!?!

We got through math and my students seem to be doing well at counting by tens, but I’d better get to assessing them tomorrow before we move onto counting by 5s and they get confused.

We also started a class book about solving problems in peaceful ways. Let’s hope it helps!

We managed to add 6 hearts to our wall today and had no violent incidence. I call that a good day!


We had a meeting about report cards after school but then worked out after that. It seems as though my butt hurts as soon as I get into a lunge position. Maybe my body is protesting! We did:

Lunges with front raises

Lunges with lateral raises

Bird dog/ double crunch

Banded alternating leg raises/ banded squats

Split lunges

Slider froggers/ slider planks

Step ups

Hamstring curls on the medicine ball/ mountain climbers

And between each of these we did a minute of cardio which was froggers, skaters, jogging, squat pulses, reverse mountain climbers, skipping, jacks, and burpees.

There was a little puddle of sweat around me by the end!


Yesterday I spent most of the day reading Melt For You by JR Geissinger. It was so good! It had lots of funny banter between the characters. The plot moved along at a good pace, the characters were interesting and grew a lot, and underlying it all was an important message that I think most women need to hear!

Tonight I started my next NetGalley book which is One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey. She is one of my favourite authors and I was laughing out loud by 5 pages in, so I think this one is going to be good too!

Well, I should be knitting, but I think I’m just going to read some more.

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday #2

We had to Fall back in our time today. I am really hoping they decide not to continue this practice as it seriously messes me up!


We had a short run today at Mundy Park. It was really neat that a friend we haven’t seen in a while came out too. She walked with Brenda, while Dennis and I did the usual route. We had a 6:35 average and I had to giggle at runkeeper sending me a message saying it was my fastest average in a month- it’s my first run of the month🤣 Dennis did tell me he’s proud of me for having a steady pace and running continuously. What a great guy!

I’m thankful for my running buddies as they accept who I am and what I’m capable of doing.

I definitely earned that tea with my 26 minute run as it used to take me 44 minutes. I also enjoyed the view at tea as we sat beside a group of firemen:)🤣


I finally finished Meant to Be Yours by Susan Mallery which is the fifth book in the Happily Inc series.

What a wonderful book! This book takes us back to Happily Inc, a wedding town that has seen the pairing up of four wonderful couples before this. Renee is a wedding planner and Jasper is a writer.

I was actually surprised by the pairing as I was expecting the book to be about Jasper and Wynn, whom he was with before. I quickly figured out that this was a much better pairing!

The character growth in this book is huge and very satisfying. It was down realistically as we all do or say stupid things and have to learn from them. Both of these characters experience this emotional growth and it was great to see.

The supporting characters are also wonderful as usual. They aren’t perfect, friends show up at the wrong time and others say what is right, not what is popular, but they definitely add a wonderful element to the book.

The pacing was different as Renee and Drew hop into bed together quite quickly, but then it slows right down.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys small town romance!

Thank you to Susan Maller, the publishers and to NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

After listening to a podcast of Not Your Mom’s Romance Bookclub I have spent a lot of today reading Melt For You. I’m really enjoying and thinking I may be up until I finish it. I’d better read quick.

I’m thankful that I’m a reader. I think being a reader makes life easier and it allows me to experience things I never would be able to otherwise.


I met up with Brenda for ice cream as I had to get a pair of knitting needles to her. I had the peach caramel ice cream and it was so good!!

I’m thankful for having such amazing ice cream, that doesn’t make me sick, available so close to home!


I have had a better eating day today than I usually do on Sundays. I’ve had a mini kind bar, a steak, veggies and dip, ice cream.


I have also been spending some time knitting another market bag. This time the pattern is from Purl Soho and I’ll share when I’m done:)

I’m thankful I have a hobby that allows me to be productive while relaxing and also allows me to make things for friends that will hopefully show them how much I appreciate them in my life.

Oh and I have bought three skeins of Shi Bui Pebble in a gold colour that I’d like to use to make a shawl for my friend. I have about 600 yards and would appreciate any pattern suggestions anyone can give!

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Happy Halloween

It went better than I was expecting!


We started the day with a Halloween parade in the gym. I was a ladybug this year. It went pretty well and I learned a trick from our grade five teacher. I really hate having to walk around in front of all the parents, but I noticed this one teacher walks in the middle of the line beside the kids. I tried this and it was way better!

We got calendar done, did a pumpkin investigation where the kids talked about ribs, seeds, etc.

Then this afternoon we watched a magic school bus video about bats and then the Smurf Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The kids were so good I’ve decided we’ll just do art and watch movies all year!!

I love the movie time as I got all the Halloween decorations down and my calendar turned over for the new month.


I didn’t actually need to run tonight as I was already at 100.1km for the month, but it was a nice day and I am kind of in the habit of running, so out I went. The 3km went better than I expected!


My market bag has a mistake:(. This knit has been taking forever. I am finally at 11″ of 14″ requirement, but to fix the mistake I would have to rip back to 4″. Anyone want to weigh in?

Well that’s it for me as I’m going to get up early for a workout tomorrow.

Have fun!


PS- I wrote this last night but didn’t realize it hadn’t posted. I had to delete every tag post to get this one to go up. I guess I have to explore a new blog as it’s now saying I’ve used all my available space, not just media space:(