Trivia Tuesday

It was a good day!


We had no kids today but had the A-L kids who have been remote learning come in and pick up their report cards. It was great to see some of my kids, but really tough to not hug them.

I spent the rest of the day tidying and going through files.


While organizing two files I managed to watch the first book episode of The Crown. My friends at work have been recommending this to me and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.


I met up with Dennis for a run, but he was having a really tough time breathing so we cut it short at 3.3km.


I went back to my usual Tuesday night trivia, but didn’t know much in the first round.

Where is the singer The Weekend from?


What was Darryl on The Walking Dead prefer as a weapon?


Which team drafted Russel Wilson in the NBA?

Texas Rangers

Who were the three famous guitarists for the Yardbirds?

Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck

Which guitar brand did Jimi Hendrix set on fire?


Which drink was taken into space?


Who was married to both Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley

Which coffee slogan was “good to the last drop”?

Maxwell House

In the music round I was responsible for knowing:

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich

You’ve Lost that Lovin Feeling by The Righteous Brothers

What is the term for two controversial items together?


What is the centre of an atom called?


Oh and I’m trying to wear my more interesting shoes to trivia since I don’t wear them to work, so here are tonight’s

Well that was it for me:)

Oh but for those keeping tabs on me- tonight’s job was changing my sheets and doing a whites load of laundry and it got done. One job closer to holidays!

Have fun!


Trivia Monday (That’s Not Alliteration)

It was a pretty good day.


We wrote a summer bucket list, started a year book, and tried to watch a DK movie about Rainforests. Who knew that DK movies were inappropriate for grade one.

I got my reports back today and the only line I had to correct was one I hadn’t written. It was part of the student services report😖


I was incredibly tired from the weekend, but still managed to go out for a run to the mill with Sarah.


We had to move trivia to Monday this week as one of our members couldn’t come on Tuesday.

We got:

What is the name of the actor who played Data on Star Trek?

Brent Spiner

Which Star Wars movie is when Luke found out Darth Vader was his father?

Empire Strikes Back

How long did the Vietnam War last?


In which movie does Adam Sandler play a golfer?

Happy Gilmore

What is the real name of a birdie in Badminton?


What is the name for a dog’s thumb?


Which team plays in the TD Gardens?

Boston Bruins

What do we know Paul Ruebens as?

Peewee Herman

Where do women dress up?


Who is the founder of Wendy’s?

Dave Thomas

Put these three actors in order oldest to youngest.

George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt

How far apart are studs in a load bearing wall?


Where is Graceland located?

Memphis, Tennessee

What is the nickname for Johnny Cash?

Man in Black

Which novel starts, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”?

Tale of Two Cities

Well I need as much sleep as possible.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Sorry I got home too late last night to write!


I had five kids in the morning and four in the afternoon. We got through writer’s workshop where we practiced describing on our writing by writing a description of our castles. Two of the kids did so amazing!!!! It is neat that I’m there to give more help as one little guy who usually doesn’t get much done, got an entire page written as I was there to help with sounding out.

We did some work on tally graphs which was also fun with the small group as they all got to come up and ask a question of the group and make their own tally graph.

Finally we had silent reading and watched a magic school bus video. I also showed them a Dr. Binoc video off of YouTube which I thought they would love, but they didn’t. Sometimes they really surprise me.


After copying and pasting my report cards into MyEd I rushed home to change for my run and then headed out the door. I got to decide the time so Dennis got to decide the route. We ran out Guildford which is a main road that has lights on it. Keep this in mind as I tell you I made a 5km PR!! I cut another minute and seventeen seconds off of my 5km time, though my watch automatically stops when I do at the lights, so I got breaks. I’ll still take it as I didn’t think that would ever happen!!


After a quick shower it was out to trivia. It was the first time since February and I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what it would be like. It was actually quite nice as it was quiet and easier to hear the questions. They had about half of the tables they usually do, and we had a ringer from another team with us, so it was a good night. They now have a $25 minimum which I get as they can only have half the people and it’s really popular. I enjoyed my salmon salad:). We came in second overall for the night!!!🎉🎊

Here’s what I knew (that I can remember):

What is the name of the middle girl on the Brady Bunch?


Who was born first? Newton, Houdini or Mozart?

Isaac Newton

What cup do you win at the World Series?

Commissioner’s Cup

Who sang Cowboy Take Me Away?

Dixie Chicks

I also got Copperhead Road by Steve Earle or songs containing “head”.

Oh there were others I k ew but I can’t remember:(

Finally I had to run up the hill and pick up work from a colleague and I didn’t escape her for forty five minutes. She’s a talker and a night owl, neither of which describes me, so I was exhausted by the time I hit my bed!

Well I have a full list for today so I’d better get moving!

Have fun!


Happy Friday Eve!

Just another day, but thankfully a day closer to the weekend.


I had three students this morning and two this afternoon. We did reading comprehension, a run, the core competencies assessment needed for the report card, some counting of coins, and some reading practice. It is definitely tougher with these two kids as neither of them talks. Maybe tomorrow we will work on how to have a conversation🤣

After school my teaching buddy and I tried to start report cards, but we just felt brain dead. We got the two stock comments copy and pasted, but figure we’ll work on them on Saturday. Good thing it’s calling for rain all weekend!


I really didn’t want to exercise but ended up doing a BeFitDavis workout of jogging, squats, pushups, shoulder press, deadlifts, crunches and reverse crunches. 16 minutes is better than nothing.


I have a girls outdoor meetup tomorrow and so decided to try one of the recipes on the box of Chex. I think they are supposed to be like Rice Krispie squares but with Chex and peanut butter, but I think the Chex needs to be smaller. They aren’t great but unfortunately that didn’t stop me from eating them:(


I watched Double Holiday tonight. It was a super cute movie with two cute guys in it. It made for a nice recovery from my day.

Well I really haven’t done anything today so I’m going to bed now.

Have fun!


It’s Magic!

It was fine at work, but the best part was definitely after work!


I had five students today and then after lunch it went down to four. I found out none of them had been doing the writer’s workshop assignments online so instead of writing a story, we ended up just having the students plan a story. So glad I put so much work into online assignments that nobody does:(

We got through a math drill and a colouring activity on money.

The highlight of work was probably teaching the children how to upload their own work onto the platform. I think they really liked doing it as they were quick to put each item they finished online.

This afternoon we put a Magic School Bus movie on in order to get some of the online work done. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to use a school laptop so my computer was used for the movie so I couldn’t do any online assignments and then the photocopier was in use as well, so I really didn’t accomplish a thing:(


I really didn’t want to run tonight! I had already sat down on the couch and really wanted to stay there! It turned out to be amazing!

My thighs were hurting at the start, but I actually managed to make a 5km PB. I am now only seventeen seconds off of my goal time for the 5km.

Definitely worth going out! I don’t know how I’m getting faster, but I’ll take it. It must be magic🤣

I did a quick BeFitDavis workout. I had to do ten burpees every minute on the minute and any time in between I had to do weighted squats. Amazingly, I didn’t get much time for weighted squats and 50 burpees in a row wasn’t fun, but at least it was something!


It’s easy to eat healthy when I preplan the food and don’t have access to anything else. I’ve had my rice cake with Pb & j, a mini kind bar, veggies and dip, another mini kind bar and some raisins before my run, and a chicken Caesar salad.


I watched the Hallmark movie, You’re Bacon Me Crazy and it was super cute. It did make me hungry though!

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


A Return & Run To Rapid City Update #3

It was back to working with children inside the classroom today.


I started the day with four children. It was a lot of handwashing and reminding kids to keep apart. I wish there had been some sort of announcement from our admin, but there was nothing except telling us to go get our kids after lunch (like I wasn’t going to🙄). I ended the day with two kids. The best part of the day was how excited they were to design their islands. I am thinking that each week they will get a chance to design something different. I think next week they may all be in castles.

I just really don’t like this feeling of anger that I have continuously when I think of work right now!


I was freezing cold all day so I definitely over dressed for my run. I ran around Bert Flynn with my friend Sarah. I have become much more accepting of the slow pace now that I think about the fact that going slow today will hopefully allow me to go faster tomorrow with Dennis!

I had a lot of fun flying down the hill to home afterwards. I wasn’t as fast as last week, but it definitely brought my average pace down for the run.

I should be doing a workout tonight as my runs and workouts aren’t even right now, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

May Running:

I ran a total of 21 times in May for a total of 152. 79km. I think that is the most running distance I have ever done in a month. I know last year I found it difficult to get to 100km per month, but this year I seem to be having no trouble surpassing that. I also worked out on 20 days, did 4 yoga sessions and rode my bike 5 times for a total of 34km. Hopefully the bike riding mileage will improve greatly.

So at the start of the year I was having a very difficult time motivating myself to get out the door for runs as I had no goal. I had done a pace goal two years ago and had done a mileage goal last year and just really didn’t know what to do this year. That’s when the amazing and wonderful Kathy of Sewing,etc on WordPress (Sorry Kathy I don’t know how to do a link on this new wordpress program yet) offered an awesome suggestion. She suggested that I virtually run to visit her. Now Kathy always offers so many interesting suggestions and I would dearly love to see her garden, bunnies and all her sewing and knitting projects, so this seemed a great idea. I immediately set off for Rapid City.

So far I have ran 566km and have just passed through the town of Ritzville, Washington. Ritzville is a small town in Adams County and boasts just 1,679 residents as of the last census. The town is named after Phillip Ritz who settled in the area in 1878. In the beginning it was a major wheat shipping hub and became the biggest wheat hub in the world in 1901The town burned in 1888, but was quickly rebuilt. The town has not grown much since the 1960s when the new interstate took traffic away from the downtown. The small town remains 85km southeast of Spokane.

I of course, being a history major and a history nerd had to see the Nelson H Greene house at 502 South Adams Street. This house was built in 1902 by the town’s first mayor. It is a Queen Anne Revival style and is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

I am now 5km past Ritzville and going strong towards Spokane!

Well, that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


A Wasted Day

My mom is in town and I didn’t even get to see her today:( A waste of a day!


I met up with Dennis this morning, but neither of us was feeling a run. Thankfully there were two of us so we went anyways. It was almost exactly three kilometers before my legs eased up. The last kilometer downhill was my favourite!

That was unfortunately my only exercise today:(


I spent all five hours checking work today! It was insane how much I had to check after not being able to check for three days.


While my cousin was here replacing my leaky faucet I finally started another knitting project. I had a single ball of yarn hanging around and while my mom thought I should put it with something else to make a bigger project, I decided I really just wanted a toque out of it. I am trying out Joji Locatelli’s A Little Lonely Cable, a free pattern on Ravelry.

Toe up socks will be next I think:)


I needed cheering up after not seeing my mom so I watched another Hallmark movie tonight. Nature of Love was very cute!

Have fun!


Working Wednesday

I was back at work in the school again today.


I actually got through my priority of getting all the assignments for next week up online and getting my classroom tidied up. The coatroom is off limits to kids so I have stashed a lot of stuff in there.

I sat through another one hour boring staff meeting where nothing of consequence or of a helpful nature was said. I hate how it feels like a wasted hour of my life!


On the walk home from school I kept thinking that I would take today as my day off as my running buddy canceled this morning. I was almost home but realized I had to run, clean my bathroom and then I could collapse on the couch.

I did get my butt out the door for my usual run to the mill and back. The park was insanely busy! The skate park was packed with kids and there was a line up of about thirty for the ice cream store. I don’t think I was slow enough today and I will probably pay the price tomorrow.

I got home and got the bathroom cleaned and then did another BeFitDavis workout. This one was three sets of 15 bent over rows, 20 squat thrusters, 10 deadlifts, 40 mountain climbers and 20 reverse lunges with bicep curls. Another day and hopefully another muscle:)


I treated myself to another Hallmark movie called The One and Only. It was another good watch, though just the typical hallmark.

Well I’m off to bed as I have a crazy, early run tomorrow.

Have fun!


Tuesday Trials

Today was a tough day. I am definitely not as productive or efficient at work as I am at home.


Today was a day I had to go into the school. I find myself torn in a zillion directions and don’t really seem to get much done. In addition, everyone is upset about different things and it eventually gets to me.

It definitely doesn’t help that plans changed twice today. As it stands now I will have five students on Monday and Tuesday. Two of those students will go to a different class on Friday and then I will have two students on Thursday and one student on Friday. Overall I will spend four days working with five students and then will have half a day for the other seventeen.

My class as it stands now. The white papers will be the islands the children will get to decorate. It will be their early finishers project for this first week.

I am really not impressed with this plan right now!😩😖😥☹️


I definitely had some emotion to run off so was glad I had a run with Dennis right after school. His allergies are killing him so we just did five kilometers. It was definitely a fast five k though! It was also the first hot day which always gets to me. It’s time to break out the shorts and tanks I guess.

I decided that I should get my workout done too right away. I did another BeFitDavis workout which led to 60 weighted squats, 100 swings, 60 reverse lunges, 40 heel slides, 60 hip raises, and 30 seconds each for both side planks and a reverse plank. Amazingly the heel slides bugged me the most. We’ll see if I can move tomorrow.


The one good thing of going into the school was that I can’t eat anything but I have planned. I’ve had a rice cake with Pb and jam and cheese, a mini kind bar, an apple and peanut butter and a turkey club lettuce wrap (my new favourite meal!)


I rewarded myself with another Hallmark movie tonight. I watched Love in Store and really liked it.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


I’m going to hide

It seems like every day I just hear more stupid stuff so I’ll be under my covers until further notice!


I got in 5.08 kilometers this morning, slow and steady, during a downpour. I managed to run really slow today, and hopefully it helps me tomorrow.

This evening I did a quick workout. It was another BeFitDavis but I only did three sets instead of five. It was:

20 pushups, 30 squats, 15 hammer curl to military press, 1 minute plank, and 25 walking lunges with bicep curls.

My heart just wasn’t in it tonight:(


I got all the emails answered and all the work assessed. I then had a staff meeting. Ugh:(😖☹️😩

So the playground is closed and will remain closed, we are allowed to have kids run sprints across the field or go for a single file nature walk. How is a six year old supposed to spend all day at school this way? And if that’s not bad enough, Lunch will be shortened! We will get no preps except for Wednesday. Of course Wednesday is the day we’re doing remote teaching, but that isn’t really work and only takes an hour right? I am so angry I could scream. Oh and you may have kids five days a week if your class has emergency responder’s children or you could end up with kids of all grades if someone else has too many. If I hear I have to be flexible one more time, I’m going to get physical!!!


I made Rhubarb dream bars from the website, Noshing With the Nolands. They were super easy and so good and I was so upset that I ate two:(. I’ll be taking them to my teacher gathering tomorrow night.


I finally started a roller skate boot, but have to admit I’m not very motivated tonight. I want to have them done by Tuesday though!

I have mostly been reading and playing Go Scrabble. Now I’m going to crawl into bed with my book.

I’m very sorry that you got a rant two days in a row:(

Have fun!