Freedom 😀

We all survived the last day and I now have seventeen days to do whatever I want! An awesome feeling for someone who normally has to plan every work day down to the minute!

The thermos had my treat- a homemade chai latte- for the last day of school. Normally I wander to work with just plain tea, but I figured the last day deserved some sort of treat:)

My way to work this morning:) It feels like Spring, but still cold in the morning. It was tough to convince the children they needed to wear their jackets!


It was a crazy busy day with a parent presentation about emergency preparedness (tough to keep six year olds interested in the last day before holiday), finishing up our read aloud of Matilda, gluing all of our art work into our portfolio and watching the movie Matilda all afternoon. We all survived and the classroom actually didn’t look too bad. The only thing I didn’t get to was the desk clean out but maybe we’ll do that the first day back.

I got out of there at 3:30, completely ready for April 3rd:)


I joined up with Lyndsay for a workout after work. She wanted to ramp it up as she’s hitting the Mexican beach this holiday, but I knew better. It turned out to be good I needed an easier workout because only one treadmill was working so I ended up on the elliptical. It was fine, but definitely not the crazy, sweaty workout of a run. We also did floor work of: deadlifts, lateral bench step ups, snatches, lateral steps with the band, bridges with the band, straight leg drops, and three other exercises I can’t remember for the life of me right now! Each was three sets of ten reps with cardio blast in between of twenty seconds hard, ten seconds easy. I did take it easier on the cardio, but it felt great to get back to working out!!!

My goal for my holiday is to run each and every day! We’ll see how it goes:)

Walking home from my workout in the gorgeous sunshine, knowing that I’m on holidays made me fly high!

Otherwise I’ve been taking it easy on the couch and trying to catch up on my blog reading, though I also really want to continue with the NetGalley book I’m reading right now!

Right now though, I’m exhausted so I’m off to bed. Pathetic I know on a Friday night, but I want to run in the morning!

Have fun!



Ending and Tidying

A day of endings, but also of tidying so I can begin on a positive note:)


We were certainly busy today, but still didn’t get to everything I wanted to. I started the day by coming in to a report that one of my boys was kissing another boy on the lips yesterday 🙄. So I got to inform his mom and talk to the class. Ugh! Just what one wants to hear about her son first thing in the day😂

The children got to tour the school looking at all the box projects. There were some very cool ones! The imagination some children have is amazing! We had a grade two student build circuits and create a sound effect board out of his box! Here are two from my class: a cat and a unicorn. I wish I had grabbed a picture of the boxtrolls though, so cute!

It was an early dismissal today for parent teacher conferences , but thankfully I only had two so I got some time to tidy my classroom:). I just want to know how come when I do one thing, I immediately think of ten others I could also do! Teaching seems to be a job where you could work 24/7-365 days and still not be done!


I finally finished my next book from NetGalley, His Wicked Charm by Candace Camp. It had been a while since I had read one of her books, but I’ve enjoyed many of her past series.

Thank you to NetGalley for the free copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

This is Candace Camp at her best. The story is of Delilah, a very prim and proper young debutante who is perhaps not what she seems and Constantine, the debonair smooth talking brother of her best friend’s husband. The two cannot seem to get along for even a moment, but maybe that’s not quite how it seems.

This book centres around an occult theme which I was not expecting at all. However, even if it isn’t my regular read, this book was fast paced, entertaining and thoroughly engaging. I wanted to know what was coming next! Camp did not disappoint and the action was in full swing by the third chapter and continued through to the last page. I loved how Delilah was being pulled in two different directions and really had to search deep for her true self. I also liked how Con had two very different sides to his nature and Lilah came to realize both were valuable.

I think anyone who enjoys a little mystery, the occult or just an entertaining historical romance will enjoy this book!


The beautiful sunshine tempted me to go for a run before my class tonight as I read a blogger who regularly runs before her spin classes, but I figured when I’m sick is not the time to try this out:(

It was my last athletic yoga class tonight. I’m in a conundrum as my colleague has signed up again, but while I love the class, I really need a regular yoga class for the stretching! I wish you could do both on the rec pass but I’d need a pass for the regular yoga classes and then a separate $90 fee for the athletic yoga class:( I haven’t decided what to do:( In a perfect world I would be rich and could do both!

Well, I’m off to bed so I can survive one more day with the munchkins!

Have fun!


Being Social

It was just another day:)


We worked this morning on a school wide project. We had read the book, The Most Magnificent Thing and every child in the school worked on turning a box into something. I unfortunately missed so much of it and was very worried about how crazy it would be, but this morning my class finished up and there were actually some quite clever projects! A cat, a dog, a unicorn, two boxtrolls, a rainbow, an airplane, and some that only the creator could name. We have a lovely assortment outside of our classroom for everyone to admire:)

This afternoon we finished our science unit about animals in winter with an animal adaptation experiment. The students were asked to put one hand in ice water and the other hand in a blubber hand in ice water. The blubber hand was made of lard. It was so neat to see their faces when they did the experiment and they all seemed to understand the concept that blubber is an adaptation that keeps animals warm and allows them to survive in cold regions:) ✅


After work we had a staff social at a local brew pub. It was nice to see most of the staff turn out and to see some smiles after the hard work of report card time. I left early as Who wants to drink beside a sick person, but it was an enjoyable evening of cider and two bags of chips (as the food truck hadn’t arrived yet🙁).

I at least got a tiny bit of exercise today in that I walked home from the brew pub:)

Now it’s off to bed for another eleven hour sleep in the hopes of turfing this cold!

Have fun!



I felt like all day people were staring at my nose!


Just a regular day though we had an undercover policeman come in and speak to the class today. I had tons of questions for him, but not with the children present. They had tons of “what if” scenarios for him. I think it made their day that four of them got “arrested”.🤣

Otherwise at the end of the day we went out and observed our tree in winter and then played on the playground. It got up to 18 today so we had to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine!

The beautiful weather continued all day into a spectacular sunset:)

I managed a two hour nap when I got home from school 😀.


I finally finished listening to Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell this evening.

It was an excellent read. The characters are well portrayed and very in-depth with many foibles and follies, though you become invested in them and want the best for them. I liked that while this was obviously the original soap opera, it didn’t read as implausible. The characters made mistakes and many things happened, but it rang true.

The only thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t finished!!! At the end I learned the author had passed away when she was one chapter short of finishing the book. While we all know what would have happened, I really would have liked to have heard the author’s rendition of it.

I think that anyone who likes period classics would enjoy this book. It in many ways reminded me of Pride and Prejudice, especially in how the mother and father are portrayed.

I also have to put in a race review of the narrator of this book, Elizabeth Klett. This is the second book I have heard her read and they have both been wonderfully done!


I have casted on a new sweater, but I am having to make changes to it. It called for 82 stitches just for the back and I think that would be quite huge on me so I have pared it down to 62. Hopefully I don’t regret that. It is nice how quickly it knits along with being in worsted weight yarn.


My friend Lyndsay was going for a hike after school and I so wanted to go, but even I know I’m not healthy enough for that:(. I can’t wait to be back to normal!!!!!

Well, I’m off to bed early to try and get healthy.

Have fun!


From the Mouths of Babes

It was an interesting day. At some point, someone should have stuck a fork in me! I hope to get back to being interesting very soon!


I dragged myself into work today, and survived to tell the tale. My students were quite kind and I have to admit I made a few changes to my day so it was a little easier. We had a financial analyst parent talk this morning and he thankfully left a cool credit card template so the children had the rest of that morning block to design their own credit card. Leopard and zebra seems to be in for credit cards for the seven year old set, well along with hearts and rainbows.

Math involved doing a drill, a game of counting by 2s and some counting back subtraction.

Finally this afternoon I had a prep to get my report cards collated and stuffed, ready for Monday, then gym and planners and silent reading.

You would think it would have been an easy day, but most of the time I felt like I just wanted to lay down and have a nap. One colleague very kindly said I was still pretty, but that I looked and sounded terrible😂At one point during my prep the secretary and principal said in unison, “for goodness sake- go lay down before you fall down”. Finally, the children at the end of the day said, that I should really stay home and rest tomorrow. Lol I don’t think anyone will be surprised that I won’t be there tomorrow.

I’ve mostly just slept since I got home and listened to a bit of Wives and Daughters on Librivox. I’ve been enjoying it, though I still feel like I’ve read it before.

Otherwise, I don’t particularly have anything to report, other than it wasn’t cold enough to wear my new mitts today- we’re back to just wet and gray, and I’m going back to bed!

Have fun!



A much calmer day than yesterday:)


My day was quieter and calmer today but that might be because I only had fifteen children today! I don’t think I’ve ever had that small of a class before! It was quite lovely!

The highlight of my day was the success of one little boy. My carpet roller who just cannot sit still on the carpet was moved to a chair today. It was amazing! I spoke to the children this morning to explain that he wasn’t in trouble and we talked about how I do different things for different people- some get extra reading help, some work on being quicker, etc and this little guy sits in a chair rather than on the carpet. He’s an angel on the chair, or at least today he was, and I’ll take it!!! It made such a difference to the day!

We did word practice, analyses our box and drew it this morning (the start of the box project), did a math drill, learned to count back to subtract, and made First Nation moons in art. The math was actually the highlight for a lot of the children as we used the smartboard!! Amazing, how little it takes to make them excited sometimes🤣


After work, I headed over to see my nephew. My brother arrived home exhausted so I took my nephew out for about forty five minutes to give my brother a break. What do you do with a ten year old who doesn’t say what he wants to do….

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He’s the perfect excuse for my bad habits:)


I arrived home and really didn’t want to exercise at all. I thought I should go for a run as it was still daylight but the motivation wasn’t there. I sent this to my mom and she reminded me I would love myself after I ran. I was having an amazing run and felt really fast, but of course my phone had died by then.😏😞🤣. I at least got smart enough to manually enter the time and distance that I did after it stopped, but I’ll never know how fast I was flying:(

I guess I really should call my service provider next week and find out what they can offer me:(

Oh yes I also got an email about the updated race events in my area this year. It’s nice it was also offered in map form this time. There happens to be a race in April and one in June that are on routes I do regularly so I’m thinking those might be the two for me to try🤔


My goal was to finish the next kids book club book by Sunday, but I managed to read it in a day!

It was a quick and good read. A little mysterious and I know it has a moral, but I couldn’t tell you what it is. It has a death and a magic wardrobe in it, so I probably wouldn’t go younger than nine or ten on this one.


I managed to finish my Socks last night!🎉🎊. I love them! The rose city roller pattern on Ravelry was very easy to follow and they provided a great fit for me:). I didn’t love how they Madeleine Tosh light merino kept splitting on me, even though I was being super careful! I will definitely be getting lots of use out of my New Hampshire socks and even better I got them entered into the newest HPKCHC quidditch match:)

Unfortunately I have lots of this yarn left, so I think I’m going to cast on a pair of mitts. I found a kid pattern to try, but it is driving me crazy already so if anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it!

Well I’m boiling eggs and making chicken stock out of my chicken from this past week, so I’m off.

Have fun!


A Mixed Up Day

It wasn’t bad, but I felt like I was continually changing things at work. Here’s a picture though to prove we actually had blue sky and sunshine and most of the snow is gone:)🎊🎉


I was in charge today and with our secretary away, it meant getting to school early and making sure that everything was alright. It appeared to be. My co teacher and I planned and then once the children came in, the day went sideways. We had a parent talk this morning for which we had tech problems and then the kids weren’t understanding her big words like analysis so they were squirmy! My volunteer came in and was reading with the children so I had to change around my math lesson, but then I thought we were starting the box project with the other grade ones so I stopped doing math, but then it turned out we weren’t. So we did our planners at that point as we were still missing some children. Then I ended up having a meeting that took up my entire prep:(. We then had another parent talk with more tech problems and the parent gave out pens during the presentation so the children just played with those and broke them and then they all wanted new ones:(. At this point it was the end of the day and we hadn’t even done our monthly jobs such as the home reading draw, changing desks, counting group points, making new group posters, so we did that instead of starting the box project. I guess we’ll start that tomorrow. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that I had toys from a parent to hand out. Don’t even get me started on that!!!! Grrrr😖

It was just a nutty day!

Book club:

I was glad to escape at three o’clock and go to the school book club:). We didn’t so much discuss the book, Miss Bixby’s Last Day, so much as we just discussed what genre of books the children enjoyed. It was such a neat discussion and I love being able to have those conversations with the older children.

I had to prep for next week so do didn’t get home until I had just enough time to change:(


It was athletic yoga tonight and wouldn’t you know it- she emphasized abs. Almost every single exercise was ab centred. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that sick in a class before:(

I know that my colleague has signed up for the class again, but at this point I am thinking I might just get a pass to the rec centre and go to regular yoga classes as I feel like I need more stretching than anything. I already do weights at least twice a week, if not more! Maybe I’ll see if Lyndsay wants to do it too:)


I am drinking the Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea tonight. I got it to try for helping with my stomach and so far I’m really enjoying it. The peppermint actually nicely compliments the green tea base.


I forgot to pack my knitting for work today so I am on the couch now and ready to power through these last 33 rows so I can wear these socks tomorrow!

I’m off to knit as fast as possible🤣

Have fun!



Hi all, sorry there was no post last night. For some reason I was so tired that after knit night, I just fell asleep:( on the couch no less!

I’ll give you a quick recap of yesterday and promise to have a post up tonight!


It was a bit of a mad dash as every available second I was working on my report cards. We did have an amazing morning though where my students worked on their journals about snow so quietly!  We actually even got to have an author’s chair after, first time all year!

I had not planned much math as we were supposed to have a visit from the local librarian, unfortunately, she was super late getting to my room so we only got a ten minute talk:(

The afternoon my students loved – silent reading, gym and centres.  I got my report cards finished and submitted during this time, so we were all happy!

I’m having problems with two little boys in my class whose behaviour is just not right for going into grade two. I think one’s problem is that he just got back from a skiing trip on Tuesday and the other’s problem is that he leaves Saturday for a trip to London.  I’m trying to be patient and understanding, but they are driving me crazy!  In good news though, another boy who is working on not being last to do things, is doing fabulous!


I had bootcamp after school.  I laughed when I saw how many ab exercises there were when my stomach is still hurting from Monday’s dairy incident.  We did pike sliders, slider pushups to knee tucks, frogger jumps, lateral and front raises, plank leg lift and v-sit, uppercuts, squat and walk with a band, tricep kickbacks, running, bicycles, squat with a side leg lift, torso rotations, speed skaters, and probably some more that I have blocked!

It was still a good workout and I really felt the torso rotations with holding the medicine ball!


Last night was knit night and it was great to finally have the chance to have it again as we have been snowed out the past couple of weeks.  I worked on my second sock and am to the point where I only have forty five easy rows left. As I write this, I hope I put it in my bag to work on at lunch!

Well, I have to get back to work, I’ll talk to you all later!


Have fun!


Almost Starting Over

Just when I thought I was done and going to celebrate, I realize I’m not:(


Today started off neat with a high school teacher coming to tell us about the differences between teaching high school and elementary. Smart woman, she brought pictures of a locker for the kids to decorate and they loved it!!!

We had another math drill, Library time, silent reading and science. We introduced our last element of the animals in winter unit- adaptations. The students listened to a story and then we brainstormed all the adaptations and the animals that do them. No amazing lesson, but the best thing was that the boy with behaviour issues in the other class nailed it!! He was giving one right answer after another:) I taught his sister last year and know that the family is very into science (Dad is a geologist). It was just so neat to see him shine and then to be able to give Mom this happy news after school was super too! It was a good reminder of why I struggle through teaching seven different subjects every day!

At lunch we had another meeting about report cards which I wasn’t super happy about. Then this afternoon I sent my reports to my mom to have her read them ( I know she just loves it when I do this!)🤣 and she called me on them:( Said they read like first drafts. If anyone ever wonders where I get my bluntness from….🤣. I sat down and gave myself forty minutes to try to improve them. I only got through five and felt like crying several times, but I did get a “great job” on those five. I guess I know what I will be doing for all my spare moments over the next few days as they are due Friday. It is report card time that I really notice that I always took speech therapy instead of English:(. I should probably just apologize now for the writing in this blog! I will try to fix them though as the choppiness is what I have noticed in other reports too and as my mom said when I complained it was taking forever, is that they’ll be around forever too!


I did leave pretty close to when I planned to and got out for a run. I’m hoping the snow will clear up completely soon so I will have other running routes available to me as doing the same loop every day is not exciting. I was not as fast as yesterday, but I noticed that my splits were within seconds of each other which seems like a good thing! It’s another run done. I won’t make my mileage goal for February but it’s a short month and we’ve had snow so I’m okay with that. I’ll try again for March:)


I really wanted to be reading and knitting but I needed to clean my place up first for knit night tomorrow night.


I have to admit I did the bare minimum for someone to come over and sat down with my needles. I got the second sock casted on and the cuff done. It’s going much faster than the first one, thankfully!

Have fun!


Better Than Nothing

Sorry I had to delay my post a bit, but I wanted to be able to show off a finished sock, however, I had to do my homework first 🤣


I was principal today so I didn’t get to enjoy running club with the children as much as I usually do as I was busy scheduling TTOCs and preps and checking on everything. We got everything settled in the end and the children did pretty good. We had them run the beep test. They only made it to level 5 so we’ll definitely have to practice this. I’d really like the snow and ice to melt so that we could get a baseline run for them. Hopefully by Monday!

Today was the 100th day of school and I usually make such a fuss and we get to do so many fun activities, but unfortunately we just didn’t seem to have a lot of time today. We read three books about 100 day, we made a mini book about what people brought in the class, we made a class book about what we’ve been told 100 times, and we had a sharing circle so we could show what we brought. In addition, we had gym where we did 100 exercises, we had music and we had a parent who is a welder come in and talk about his job. It was a very busy day, but kind of a letdown as it wasn’t as exciting as I wanted it to be:(. I’ll just have to do better next year!


I ate some dairy after school by mistake:( That is definitely my most vulnerable time. I seem to eat anything without thinking:(. I decided that this wasn’t going to change my plan to go home and go for a run!! It wasn’t a pleasant experience and my phone also died, but I ran and had a decent average pace:)

I was reading some blog posts tonight and was thinking that perhaps I should just start a training plan and then when I’ve completed it, I’ll look around for a race. Has anyone done this backwards approach with success? I should also ask if anyone has a suggestion for a training plan?


I started a new book for NetGalley on my lunch hour (the heroine is already bugging me), but my reading otherwise was my friend Lyndsay’s report cards. We traded today so I read hers and she read mine. Not quite as exciting as my usual fare!


I have completed a sock:). I love it and it fits really well. I however am not loving the yarn, which came as a surprise. It is Madeline Tosh: Toah Merino Light and I am finding that it splits way too easily. As well, there was a break in it:( Ugh I have to persevere though as I’d like a second sock!

Well that’s it for me tonight! I’m off to bed.

Have fun!