The 2nd Day of Blogmas

Today the question is:

Would you rather be an elf in Santa’s workshop or a reindeer on Santa’s sleigh?

Well as much as it would be so cool to travel the world, I am always cold so I would definitely say I would rather be an elf. Besides, elves get to make toys that bring so much joy and they get to be jolly all the time. I’ve also heard that there might be lots of treats in their lives!

My life:

I taught- the kids are getting crazier by the day. I ran 5.1km with Sarah and then I watched a Christmas movie and picked up stitches for the front of my sweater.

Have fun!


Hallmark Workout

So I was asked today about my Hallmark workout so I will share today’s version at the end.


Lol I actually had to have my kids put their heads down on their desk and think of someway they could make our classroom awesome this afternoon. The twenty five and six year olds just can’t contain their Christmas excitement anymore! We have Elf on the Shelf excitement and escapades and advent calendars. I’m guessing some of these sweet treats are getting eaten before school🙄😳

Today we got to 275 items for the food bank donation. Whatever else they are, these families are generous!

We tackled chalkboard spelling and actually made it to whole words!! I’m so excited!

We also did another patterning sheet that went really well. The kids were all done in twenty minutes and with no mistakes!

We had gym today where we had Christmas themed relay races. We galloped like reindeer, did the Santa shuffle, and skipped like elves.

This afternoon we tackled patterned paper chains, but I messed up. We will try them again if we have time. I may just cut the strips myself and have it as an early finishers activity.

After school I had the fun of handing in my report cards. Let’s hope there are no corrections!


I came home quite quickly as I had promised that I would take Gus for ice cream today. He had tons of options, but there weren’t many for me so I had eggnog again. It was great to see my brother and nephew again as it seems like forever and probably was Thanksgiving. The great news is that my sister in law says they are staying home for Christmas dinner and I can join them. Thankfully this isn’t against the rules as I’m single. Single people are allowed to choose a “family” to join. I was told I have to bring ice cream though.


I spent a lot of the evening trying to create a calendar for my mom on Costco, but it just keeps saying all my photos aren’t high enough resolution. Sorry mom, I did try!

Ok I was asked about my hallmark workouts. I will say there are tons of these on google and I change mine up all the time as I get bored. Sometimes they are all cardio moves, or input a cardio move in between weight moves for a minute, other times I assign two exercises to each movie feature to make the workout longer. For example one thing might be both squats and plié squats. I usually assign five repetitions to each instance of the element. For example, one Christmas tree sighting might be worth five squats. I also have to admit I do a lot more movie elements than I see on the ones on Google. I also pay very close attention and get more instances as I want a harder/longer workout. Lots of these could be eliminated or combined.

Ok after all that, here’s what I did tonight.

I watched the movie Christmas Unleashed, which I have to admit is not my favorite, but it did the trick.

The elements I looked for:


Bright jacket- none seen

Snow falling/ sledding/ snowball fight-1

Hot drinks-4

Christmas tree or tree farm-8

Family tradition-1


Hugs/ kisses -7

Merry Christmas-12


Town Event-1

Ugly sweater-2


Festive name-none

Presents/ present wrapping/ unwrapping-1

Decorating/ decorations-5

Mention of holiday spirit-1


Awkward moment-4

Mention of a miracle-3

A fireplace/ fire pit-2

Advice from older relative-5


Some elements are added or deleted,depending on the movie. Flashbacks were added for this movie.

What I ended up doing:

15 front raises

Plank ( I took all the single instances and did a plank to the next minute so I ended up doing a 30 sec, 45 sec, 5 sec, 50 sec, 15 sec, 35 sec planks)

20 tricep extensions

40 squats

35 plié squats

60 crunches

10 mountain climbers per side

25 bicycle crunches

15 bent over rows

20 bicep curls

25 deadlifts

15 lateral raises

25 hip raises

10 sit ups

25 reverse crunches

I know I make this way more difficult than it needs to be.

If you want something simple I would recommend 10 jumping jacks every time someone says Merry Christmas, 5 squats every time there is a tree sighting, and 5 push-ups every time there is a hug or kiss. You’d probably get a good starting workout that way.

Well now you all know my horrible secret- I complicate everything!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Today wasn’t a great day as I was still upset about Christmas and my kids were wired!


My class has brought in 241 items for the food bank so that’s pretty amazing for twenty little kids.

We tackled the letter u and it’s short sound today. We managed to get through Around the World counting by 5s. The kids had music while I tried to get more editing of my report cards done.

This afternoon I got through a reading group and then we tackled reindeer. Reindeer is our theme this week. We learned reindeer facts.

Did you know:

Reindeer live for fifteen years in the wild and twenty in captivity.

Reindeer can swim.

Reindeer are called caribou in Canada.

Male and female reindeer grow horns. Male reindeer can be 1.4m wide!

We then pretended we had a pet reindeer. The ideas were great, but it was just too much writing for the little guys.


I got out for a run after school as I was hoping that would change my mood. I got 5.22km in the rain.


Thankfully my one social event of the week was still on which was great!

In the first round we knew:

Name three US states that start with W?

Washington, Wyoming, and Wisconsin

What was the name of the wife in Home Improvement?

Jill Taylor

Who were the two male actors in Wedding Crashers?

VinceVaughn, Owen Wilson

What does GMO stand for?

Genetically modified organism

We had to figure out how big an angle was- 62 degrees.

What is the capital of PEI?


The music round was tough! The categories were sun songs, rain songs, oh no you didn’t which was the techno version of songs, songs by Lil’, and 2013 songs.

Of course tonight was the night we were trying to stay ahead of another team🙄

In Kahoot, we knew:

How many players are on the floor at one time in box lacrosse?


What is on the dime?

Bluenose schooner

What nationality was Casanova?


Who was a famous gangster?

Al Capone

In the final round:

What was the famous line Arnold said in Different Strokes?

What you talking about?

What was the last name in The Godfather?


What was the dog’s name in TinTin?


Some nights we know everything and some nights we know nothing🤣

Have fun!


A Busy Friday Eve

It was another buy day for me- this time with fun.


We got through the day. I realized today that I only have 11 days to go and I’ll have managed to go through a whole term with no days off. I was tempted yesterday though!

This morning we printed the letter d (very quickly), had music (the kids went outside so they could actually sing and I got my classroom for my prep for the first time this year), and we did more work on counting by the kids 10s. The kids know this well and the only problems were because of short comings of the worksheet.

This afternoon we had silent reading, did a directed drawing of Santa that didn’t turn out great😥 and went outside to play.

Not an exciting day, but the kids were still crazy- they are already in full Christmas excitement mode!

The funniest thing today was that pretty well every person in the school commented on my hair. It made me start to wonder how bad I usually look.

I did a bit of puttering around my room.


A friend gifted me with a quick shopping trip after school. She had inquired about when the quietest time was and they were right- it was very quiet. It was an awesome half hour spent together and the first time I have been shopping, for anything other than groceries, since last December! I found a couple of shirts, running capris and a dress:)


My friend Emily and I had done a sushi car dinner at the start of November for her birthday and tonight we repeated the experience. It was awesome to catch up and a lot of fun, at least until my brother had to come jumpstart my truck because the battery died during dinner. I have no idea why, but I’m guessing my battery is getting old and I don’t drive enough for it to stay charged.


I m busy trying to get a stocking name done for a friend for tomorrow. My grandma always said that if you had a job to do, get it done right away. I guess that has stuck with me. I am feeling the pressure though as this stocking is homemade and absolutely gorgeous!

I’d better go work on it.

Have fun!



It was another busy day!


We are up to 101 items collected for the food bank. The children were asked to bring baby items today and one little girl brought used items from home-Avery sweet gesture, but not what is being looked for. I added the bag to the pile, but will have to arrange for it to disappear.

It was nice this morning as I feel like I was so productive before work!

We got through chalkboard spelling and started learning about patterns. I’ve decided to do just a short unit on patterns as they get tons in kindergarten and grade two, but grade one is mostly just consolidation. We will do some movement and art to practice.

We did relay races in gym and the kids are getting better at them. One little girl is just too competitive so we talked about learning to do the movements right being the focus.

This afternoon Fin the puppet showed up to help us finish our happiness sunshine’s. The kids created suns where the rays show things that make them happy.

I left school right away for a physio appointment and then met my cousin to get a mini tree she was getting g rid of. It was then out to Costco for gas.


If I ally got home and took a look at a stocking project I’m altering for a friend. This might be what I talk about for my SAL update this weekend as I don’t think I’m going to get it and my cross stitch done.

Well I need sleep. Have fun!


Friday Eve Again

Wow these Friday Eve’s come quickly!


We got through printing a this morning. I keep telling the kids that they are the only ones who can beat their bad habits! During printing they were all doing a’s right, but we’ll see how they do in normal printing activities.

I got some prep done during music class and then we tackled counting by tens after recess. We played Around the World and amazingly the kids were doing great, even on the first round!

This afternoon we created cards for seniors. The public library is giving care packages for seniors and our cards will be included. I was super excited with how much care the kids took.

After school, I tackled more report cards and am now done 13. I won’t finish tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll be close!


I was late getting home so there was no run for me tonight. Thankfully I got 4.8km in yesterday with Dennis and today I did the NourishMoveLove 30 minute dumbbell full body circuit. I think I’m going to feel it tomorrow. Today I realized I’m missing workout classes where I get my hour of exercise without having to do any thinking.

Well it’s time for some knitting and a Hallmark movie!

Have fun!


Monday Musings

It was an okay day- nothing out of the ordinary.


We got through a journal entry and then while the children had music, I gathered my courage and called Telus. I actually got a guy who was super helpful and went through all my options with me. My new phone is in its way.

We played games in the gym while we can and then had lunch. I got a couple of rows knitted during lunch.

I had to start assessing reading during my guided reading time today. It is the week of assessment as we then had the kids do their collaborative goals for the report card. The children then had centres while I got PHE assessed. Too much assessment!!!! Poor kids:(


Just as the last child got picked up my phone rang and it was the courier. He wasn’t willing to put the package at my door and would only leave it in the foyer of the building. Of course just this weekend a notice was put up about robberies in the foyer and from mail boxes. I had no other choice so I literally sprinted down the hill, and thankfully it was still there.


My package was my lovely new heated blanket. I have spent the entire evening under my new blanket trying to get a second sock made in a day.😳. I am 34 rows from the end and have a very sore hand. I think I’ll get back to work in the morning.

Have fun!


Happy Weekend

My Friday’s seem to come so quickly this year. I keep thinking it’s because I have a good class so the time goes quickly as the Fridays sure didn’t come this quickly last year!


On Tuesday I sent home a sight word mini book with two of my kids and one girl brought it back today. She read it to me and the next one. I have sent the third one home with her for the weekend. What I noticed was that I spent about ten minutes working with her this morning and the rest of my class just kept doing what they were supposed to be doing. So nice!

We did a pre- reading lesson on doing picture walks with the book, Enemy Pie. The kids were so impressive as I asked them what pre-reading strategies we had talked about so far, and they got them all! Most of the kids noticed the enemy list in the tree house.

We also did a lesson on tally marks today. We had covered these briefly a few weeks ago, but some children were having difficulty so we spent yesterday and today reviewing the concept and everyone seems to have it now:)

Finally this afternoon we did McCracken spelling, had gym and played outside. A pretty Good Friday!

I also got the art from yesterday put up.

I am calling it Windy Fall Leaves and it was done with pastels. With older grades I get them to also colour the background.


By the time I got home there were only ten minutes until sundown so I did a bosu workout after dinner instead, and I think I am going to hurt tomorrow. I haven’t been on my bosu in a while and I can tell.

I never have problems exercising- all my troubles come from eating. I have stuck with the MetPro program so far and it gets one more week before I give up on it. It has gotten me off of sugar and I noticed it now has me down at a level 3 (I started at 6). Maybe they have figured out that I’m not a typically sized person?!?!

Well I’m in my jammies, have a cup of tea and am going to read my book now.

Have fun!


Monday Musings

The day went pretty well. I am attributing it to everyone feeling more at ease because our principal was away for the day.


We got through a journal entry about peace and I was super happy that so many children volunteered to read what they had written- even the little guy who cried the first time!

We had gym and did the stations approach again- hoop jumps, plank, jumping jacks and squat jumps. I did them with the kids and got quite the workout!

This afternoon we had silent reading. I always do guided reading during this time and today a little girl came up and asked when she got to come. I couldn’t believe I missed her on my plan!! I really praised her for coming and asking though.

We also did a cut and paste about peaceful versus not peaceful actions. We did it as a class and it went super smoothly.

We ended the day with outside playtime. I really wish I had worn about five more layers! It was so cold today and the kids were super excited because the forecast called for snow. None showed up though.

I spent some time after school working with my teaching buddy on the report card templates. They have changed it again on us. This is the fourth time in four years🙄😖


I did some more online shopping today as I work to use up gift cards. I have purchased an electric blanket from Walmart which should be here by the 20th and I spent an hour picking two books from Chapters to use up my store credit as I didn’t want to forget about it. I have the new Oh She Glows cookbook and a modern top down knitting book coming, hopefully!


As I write this, I realize I forgot to do my floors today:(


I have made a list of projects I have upcoming and now I just feel overwhelmed:(

I was working on the October Hat, but screwed up and had to rip out again. Maybe I had better put this to the side for a bit.

On the list:

Sweater test knit

Fix my coral sweater- wore it today and I want the sleeves longer

Socks for Jacqueline

Toque for Lyndsay

Toque for secretary’s daughter

Fix purple sweater – I want it skinnier and longer

October hat

Mitts out of Weekender leftovers

I know it’s all fun, but the length of the list makes me nervous. Now I just want to get them done and off the list!

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


Friday Eve

This thought got me through today!


I actually had to get my big mean voice out today as my kids were noisy and not listening. I felt really bad, but I guess it’s pretty good to get to November before having to do that.

This morning we did a pre reading strategy of making predictions with the book, Dear Mrs. LaRue by Mark Teague. I love this book, but it definitely made me realize that some kids books are written for the parent reading them. It was probably too hard for them to understand but they did a great job of making predictions based on the front and back cover.

We finally got to some math! We did greater than and less than. We watched an introductory video and then did some practice on the smartboard. We didn’t get to the worksheet, but everyone seems to be understanding the concept. I thought it would be more difficult than even/odd, but I guess not.

This afternoon we made our poppies for the Remembrance Day wreath. Our assembly will be virtual but the wreaths will be displayed in the front hall. All but one student finished and that was because of talking!

We unfortunately didn’t make it outside to play today which was a shame because it was beautiful, but the poppies had to be done!


I didn’t feel like running, but had made a commitment to meet Melanie and so off I went. We got 5.59km done so pretty good for a Thursday night!


I haven’t been super impressed with the MetPro app yet, but I see they’ve finally put me down a level. I am wondering if they’ve taken into account my size at all??? I will give it a few more days, but so far, the only plus has been that it is getting me off sugar!


I ripped out my toque so far and am looking for one I can do with two strands of fingering held together. I hope I find one soon as I don’t like being without a knitting project. As I write this, I’m realizing that I think I have three blue toques and here I am making another one?!?!


I am very happy that I got my sheets changed and I got my dishes loaded and the dishwasher turned on today:)

Ok I’m off to read in bed.

Have fun!