Day 12

Well just another day but now the rain has set in for the foreseeable future.


It’s a good thing I had arranged to meet Dennison the dykes as I don’t think I would have gotten out otherwise. He always makes me run faster and longer than I do on my own so it’s never a bad thing to meet up with him. We ended up with 6.35km at a pretty good speed. I have to admit I wasn’t feeling very energetic when we started out. I had to laugh though as we agreed to run to the marina gates and turn there today. It used to be that the marina gates were too far for me, now it was a break to stop there and not carry on to the far trail marker that is several more kilometers away🤣

This evening I did a workout that my friend L sent to me. She never lets me down with good workouts:). I did a warm up of high knee marching, arm circles, reverse lunges and jumping jacks.

Then: 24 step ups per leg

48 dips

48 squats

48 mountain climbers

A high knees running cardio interval.

24 pushups

48 plank shoulder taps

24 bicep curls

48 toe taps

20 reverse crunches

20 crunches

24 plié squats

It was quick, but I was sweaty!


I finished the book, Loved By You by Kate Perry. It was an easy and enjoyable read, but way too insta love for me.


I did no housework other than turning on the dishwasher. I did however call my cell phone provider and got a new plan so now I don’t have to worry:)


I had come up with a plan in bed last night that made me feel much better about my Love Note sweater. I loved the colour that was being produced so really didn’t want to rip it out. I had decided that I would knit the body with the turquoise and cream and then do the ribbing at the hem, neckline and sleeves in a gray and turquoise.

Tonight i ran out of the cream about an inch and a half earlier than I was hoping too. I found a partial skein of cream mohair, and knitted a few rounds in it, but now think I need to wait for daylight to see how noticeable the change is!

I’m back to my meditate cowl or the puzzle for now.

Have fun!


Day 11

Wow this is going slow and yet my days go so fast!


I got out for a run quick when I looked out the window as it looked like rain. Sure enough, I got my 3.25km in, but it was raining the rest of the day. It was definitely not a fast run, but it was a bit more mileage.

This evening I did a quick countdown workout. I had plans to do go down and then back up, but I guess it wasn’t a working out day as I only went down.

I did: 100 skaters, 90 bicycle crunches, 80 squats, 70 crunches, 60 plié squats, 50 reverse crunches, 40 bridges, 30 dips, 20 froggers and 10 burpees.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!


After a quick stop at the bench at Starbucks to use their WiFi, I spent some time in the kitchen. You’ll hear about my yummy cooking on Saturday.


I have done a bit of my puzzle but have spent most of the day knitting. I started the Love Note sweater late this afternoon and love the combo of a turquoise yarn and white mohair, but have quickly come to the realization that I don’t have enough white mohair to finish and may not have enough of the turquoise either. I’m so disappointed as it looks amazing!! I’ll take a photo and add it to this post when I get on WiFi. I’m either going to do the turquoise alone or go back to the mauve.


We got an email today telling us that we will be assigned a time to come in next week to pick up a laptop and learn how to use Office 365 and we will then be expected to work from home. I have no idea how this is going to work, but I do see a phone call to the phone people in my future:(

Well, have fun!


Day 10

I never knew my running buddy was so obsessed with coffee!


We went out further on the dyke today and did 8km. I was laughing inside as I was literally counting the meters when Dennis decided we should check out a side trail. I was cursing him at the time, but it was probably a good thing as otherwise we would have been short.

It was a gorgeous place to run and busier than I expected though that only amounted to meeting 8 people the whole time we were out there, and yes a wide distance was maintained!

This evening I did another short workout. I find I prefer these and are willing to do them more often than a longer workout, so hopefully they equal out. This evening o did my regular minute of jogging between each of these:

Burpees, froggers, skaters, squats with weights, plié squats with weights, reverse lunges with weights, curtsy lunges with weights, Bridges with weights, crunches, reverse crunches, static lunge with scissor legs, bicycle crunches, plank, pushups, dips, pullovers and rows.

I feel like I should do more arms! As I write this I just remembered the countdown workout I used to do regularly and maybe I’ll try that to change up my workout a bit.


I got a picture of my spindrift shawl finally this morning. I am hoping that all these cowls and shawls will help keep me warm as we move into a season where I would look weird wearing wool sweaters.

This is a pattern by Helen Stewart that you can get free if you sign up for her shawl workshop. It only amounts to a few emails so I’m glad I did it. The yarn is once again recycled yarn from my stash.

I have been working on the Meditate Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty today with the Anzula Squishy yarn. I picked this pattern up for free this week and was excited to make it as the Yarniacs talk about this designer. The yarn is amazing- so soft and I like the looks of the pattern a lot, but it is moving very slowly.

I have been making so many accessories lately that I really want to make a sweater so I am thinking that I will break my rule and cast on a sweater to knit at the same time. I am going to do the Love Note sweater by TinCanKnits as I love their patterns and I already own it. I just need to decide between a very light purple or a turquoise. I think it will be cast on tomorrow though.

Other than knitting I have read a bit, but haven’t finished the book yet, and I have worked on a puzzle. I love doing puzzles but dislike when I get to the end and disassemble it and have nothing to show for my time. 🙄

I have to apologize that I haven’t been visiting any blogs lately. I never realized how small a data package I really had until I have to do without my work WiFi. I am hoping to remedy this situation in the next few days and will be back to catching up on your lives. I hope everyone is well!

Have fun!


Day 9

Another solitary day.


I got my butt out for another 3k run to the park. I want to get caught up on mileage but I’ll be chasing Dennis down the dyke tomorrow which made be conservative on my mileage today.

One thing I noticed was that my pace was very consistent. I ran with a podcast rather than music today and I wonder if that made the difference.

This evening I had the time to do a workout and completed this with a minute of jogging in between:

Froggers, burpees, pushups, dips, mountain climbers, squats, skaters, plié squats, curtsy lunges, crunches, reverse crunches, static crunch with scissor legs, and a one minute plank.

Something is always better than nothing!


I started anew cook but haven’t gotten past fifteen percent so I’ll wait to tell you about it.


I would like to know why my projects always take longer than I expect. I thought I’d be finished my shawl this morning, but it wasn’t until 2:30 this afternoon that I actually finished. The shawl is blocking g right now, but hopefully I’ll get a picture tomorrow.

Now comes the difficult choice of what to make next? The options:

1) Wolkig shawl out of ancient arts fingering in turquoise

2) meditate cowl out of anzula squishy

3) rolled neck sweater out of Smith and Ewe fingering

4) Love Note sweater out of vegan yarn in Logwood

I’d love to hear any opinions:)

This evening I have started a puzzle and come to the realization very quickly that I’m not good at these without my mom!

Well that’s my excitement for today😜

Have fun!


Day 8

Well another quiet day of the usual.


I got out for just my usual 3km run to the park and back. It was super quiet and it didn’t rain on me- both of which were a bonus!

On the way home I stopped in for some veggies at the grocery store. Yes I made sure I was there about the same time as last Monday when I talked to the cute, nice guy, but alas, I didn’t see him today. It seems as though flour is the new thing that everyone is hoarding. I am definitely not normal if this is normal behavior!

This evening I managed to get my butt off the couch for a workout using my stability ball. I did anminute of jogging between these exercises:

Adductor squeeze, burpees, pushups, sit ups, hamstring curls, froggers, pikes, reverse crunches, Russian twists, pullovers, mountain climbers and a plank.

It made it fun to try and think up moves to do using the stability ball:)


I have spent another day knitting and reading and thankfully I finally have a finished object to show off!

This is the jeweled cowl which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I was thinking it was too wide, but it turned out exactly 14″ which is what the patten calls for, but I’m 14″ short in length. I have no idea how that happened as I definitely don’t have a tight gauge. Oh well, hopefully it will dress up a black shirt:)

I am back working on my spindrift shawl by Helen Stewart as I’ve learned that I don’t like having multiple projects going at the same time I can’t wait to be done this so that I can start a sweater!


I finished Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc by Sarah Morgan only to have Goodreads tell me I had already read it. It was a good, basic romance. I saw it all coming, but it was just what I needed right now.

Well that’s another day of physical distancing (that’s what they’re calling for here now instead of social distancing).

Have fun!


Solitary Weekend

This may be the shortest post I’ve ever done!


I did a workout on Saturday afternoon. I really do feel like I was getting stronger and into better shape when I was doing my short Hallmark workout each day. I will be starting to watch movies again once it starts raining and will share my workout plans then.

I also went for a walk and did a yoga workout that came as a podcast. Pretty cool!


I hit some WiFi (safely in my car) and downloaded some library books. I really just need a good book to get me out of this slump. I’ll let you know if one succeeds!


After a full week of ignoring everything I could be doing, I got my porch swept, my living room vacuumed, the dishes done, and my kitchen floor washed. I’m hopeful that I can do one useful thing a day. It’s not like I have a full day to work around 🤣


I am so close to being done my jeweled cowl, but it just hasn’t quite happened. I have ten rows left and I’ll have to tackle them in the morning. Right now it seems way too wide, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to block it longer and narrower. If it works, I think it may be a cowl I get a lot of use out of.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Day 5

It’s tough to believe I’ve already had five days of holiday. One good thing to come out of this pandemic is that my Spring Break is not costing me as much as it usually does!


Dennis dragged me out for another run on the dykes. I refused to do the whole ten kilometer to the village and the ten kilometers back, so we compromised on four out and four back. It was another part of the dyke and I have to admit that this part was pretty boring. The only interesting part was when we came across a line of horses for what we assume was a riding camp and a cranberry farmer who was working in his fields. The one thing I can say about this run was that I was incredibly consistent in my pace. It wasn’t my fastest, but all eight kilometers were within eight seconds of each other. Kathy, I am 8 kms closer to you!

This evening I did a step workout. I did step aerobics with my mom for a lot of years so I dragged out my step and did thirty minutes of moves I remembered. It made me sweat so I will count it as a success.


I am happy to say that I at least swept my porch today and I vacuumed my living room. It’s not much, but at least I did something useful!


I would love to say that my knitting was productive, but it really wasn’t:(. I have ended up tearing out my jeweled cowl as I hadn’t kept close enough attention. I now know I need a marker at the start and end of the openwork section and to keep track of the rows. I have tried to restart it twice, only to mess up, so it will have to wait until morning.

I have switched to my spindrift shawl which is mindless at this point and going along swimmingly.

Have fun!


Day 4- Happy Spring

I believe it is the first day of spring today- so Happy Spring. Let’s hope the season just gets better and better!


I did some very careful socializing with some friends from work today. We work together so figure we all have each other’s germs already, though we were careful to not touch and to maintain some distance. One of my friends has a trailer on a lake so we met out there for some quality sunshine time. We actually had to apply sunscreen it was so warm! We sat and chatted and I knitted, ate lunch and went for a walk:)

The brownies were a hit! If you ever need a quick, easy dessert this is my suggestion. Either bake or buy brownies, top with a scoop of cherry pie filling and some whipped cream, cool whip or cocoa whip. It’s like Black Forest cake without the work. So yummy!!!


Otherwise I have spent the time since I came home tinking:(. I should have stopped knitting when I realized how tired I was, but I didn’t and this is the consequence,😖😖😖. I think I’ll go crawl into bed with my book!

Have fun!


Day 3

Well another day of quiet. Sorry this is going to get really repetitive, very quickly🤣


I had decided that I needed a third option beyond reading and knitting and since I knew I wouldn’t clean, I decided to get a puzzle. Thankfully my friend Brenda had one I could borrow that I knew would have all the pieces. This was my one very careful outing of the day, and yes we ensured we were several feet apart:)


I was on the couch knitting again today, though I am proud to say I tidied the hallway and swept it and the living room before I sat down. However when it came to exercise, I just wasn’t motivated. That is until I realized I could run over to pick up my buttons.

The trail and the park were super busy as we’ve had gorgeous sunshine here, though it is cold!

My run ended up being 4.4km which is a little less than I was expecting, but I wasn’t willing to do more🤣

This evening I got re-energized and did a simple workout. I jogged for one minute between a minute of these exercises:

High knees, front kicks, butt kicks, roundhouse kicks, squat with side leg lift, squat with back leg lift, back kick, plié squats, crunches, static crunch with scissor legs, knee tucks, reverse crunch, bicycle crunches and a plank.

I seem to really get into ruts with the type of workout I do. I wonder if it will move to a new one or return to Hallmark ones?


I did the dishes this afternoon, just to turn around and make more.

I had to make a chocolate dish for an outdoor, small activity tomorrow so I texted Brenda to see if she knew of a recipe that uses only cocoa powder (after I discovered I had no chocolate chips). She passed along this recipe and it was great!

Set oven to 350. In an 8×8 pan, mix :

1.25cups flour

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp baking soda

0.5tsp cinnamon

0.5tsp salt

When well mixed, pour in:

1 cup milk

0.3 cup vegetable oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

1tsp vanilla

Bake for 35-40 minutes.

This literally took minutes to put together, seems to have adapted to gf and df well, and was done by the time I finished my workout!

I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow:). I do plan to top it with cherry pie filling and cocoa whip if there is any at the store.


I have to admit to spending most of the day knitting again.

I made more I cord headbands. These are still super easy and quick to make and I’m so glad to have a pattern to use up the tiny ends of yarn!

I started the spindrift shawl in the grey and loved it, but then realized the gray could be perfect for the jeweled cowl and so far, I really think it is!

I am getting better at the beading, but the seed beads are so small that even with my smallest crochet hook, many of them don’t fit. I think I would love knitting with beads if the beads were slightly bigger. Though no matter what, I’m happy to finally be getting beading off my craft to-do list!

I have just started the spindrift shawl in a recycled tan yarn. I think this project will be perfect for tomorrow’s social outing. I can keep my distance and accomplish something:)


Well that’s it for me as I stayed up way too late reading last night. I read the book, Blitzed by Alexa Martin. This is the third book in her playbook series. I highly recommend this series as they are fun, but also usually have a small taste of something serious. I think the best part of this book was the hero. He just kept doing swoony things and who can resist a quiet, shy guy who only talks to the woman meant for him. It was a good read:)

Have fun!


Day 2

Well it was another quiet day.


I very carefully met up with Dennis and ran another section of the Pitt Meadows Dyke. My legs were so cold and they never seemed to get warm so I struggled with this run. Dennis was a little ahead of me, but I was surprised by how much having company helped as I wanted to stop like yesterday, but I wouldn’t let myself as he was there. We ended up doing 7km which was great!

This evening I really didn’t want to work out so my workout is definitely a case of something is better than nothing. I did a minute of jogging between the following banded exercises:

Side steps



Straight arm raise


Reverse crunches

A one minute plank

I hope tomorrow I’m more motivated!


After grabbing a quick tea, I met Brenda to go to the knitting store. I managed to pick up beads, Eucalan and buttons for my sweater without coming too close to anyone:)


I have once again spent most of the day knitting. I blocked my sweater before starting but had to put vinegar in the water to stop bleeding so t unfortunately doesn’t smell very good:(

I made two I cord workout headbands. I would highly recommend this project to use up all those small bits of yarn leftover. I got two done and have plans for more once I pick up some more hair elastics.

I also started the jeweled cowl with my anzula squishy and the beads I bought, but the yarn is way too heavy for that! The only single skein of lace weight I have is 760 yards which seems a waste to use for a 430 yard cowl so I will have to keep my eyes open for a single skein.

I started the spindrift shawl with the anzula squishy, but am wondering if it’s too plain a shawl for such a plain yarn. It sure does feel good though.

I am just spending my time knitting and reading. I will have a book to tell you about soon. A little worried about my mom who says she is not feeling good. She swears she’s just run down from not sleeping because of arthritis pain, but I’m her daughter so I’m going to worry anyways until she’s her peppy self again! Otherwise I just sit here quietly, limiting my contact with others. Same old, same old and it’s only been a few days!

Have fun!