Workout Wednesday and a Baking Challenge

It was a very busy day and yet not.


I got out once again for a run before school. I figured this may help calm my after school time. My left leg is definitely a little stiff and I hope it eases up. I got another 3.5km so am chipping away at that yearly goal slowly.

After school we had our bootcamp. It was quite the workout, but I think I need more cardio in between as I’m not sweating much:( we did 30 seconds of cross cross jumps and then a burpee between the first four rounds and then forgot the second four so we did two minutes of running at the end.

We did:

High rows/ superwoman

Reverse lunge with tricep extension/ hamstring curls

Lateral lunge to step up

Bench plank flies

Banded hammer curl/ banded static crunch with scissors

Plank with arms in and out/ band front raise

Bench lunges

Bench sit-up to jump squat/ uppercuts

It felt like there were a lot of arm exercises today, but that’s probably a good thing!

This evening I managed to be slightly active again by doing 100 front kicks, 50 squats, 50 plié squats, 100 roundhouse kicks, and 100 standing crunches.


There was absolutely no teaching today!🤣. This morning I gave the students their year end gifts- a Canadian beach ball. I had signed Happy summer on them and then the children got to go around and sign each other’s. I think I like this gift a lot more than the others I’ve done over the years.

We also cleaned out all our extra supplies and our desks.

This afternoon we watched a movie and played outside as I had two classes on my own. My co teacher had to be at the rehearsal for tomorrow’s leaving ceremony. It went really well, but it probably helped that two of the biggest issues were away.


This evening I wanted to tackle Sally’s Baking Addiction monthly challenge which was an angel food cake. I figured this was the perfect time to make it as I’m meeting up with the girls tomorrow so I can take the cake and not eat it all myself. I had to use this recipe instead of Sally’s as I figured there would need to be changes for gluten free. It was super easy and looks like it turned out well.

I hope it tastes good tomorrow with strawberries and coco whip!


I watched Summer In The City tonight. I have to admit the leading man wasn’t particularly to my taste, but it was an interesting movie.


Breakfast- peanut butter and cheddar sandwich

Recess- larabar

Lunch- assorted sashimi

Snack- tuna snack kit

Dinner- cucumber and cheese, grapes

Well I need sleep as I have to run before work again.

Have fun!


Learn Something Every Day

I got up this morning and really wished it was already Friday!


I got out for a 3.5km run first thing this morning since I had a massage after school. It was lovely and cool out, though I was still a little slow starting out.

I just realized this morning that I am probably slow in the morning because my muscles and joints aren’t warmed up. All I do is walk downstairs and then start running, whereas when I go after school I’ve had all day to warm up and loosen up. It’s only taken fifteen years to figure this out🤣🤪


We worked on finishing up our printing this morning, had a math drill, handed out some work and then this afternoon we did the “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” activity. We read the story by Charles G Shaw to the kids and then have them look at the clouds to figure out what they look like. It’s a lot of fun to do during this last week.


Today at lunch I learned that the search feature only searches the titles of blogs. I guess I’ll be changing all of my titles so I can actually find something. I don’t like this as sometimes I really like my title.

I have also installed google pics on my phone and will try to figure out how to get photos from there to show up on my blog. It’s times like this that I wish I was more tech savvy!

Which by the way, I was unsuccessful at which explains why there are no new photos in this post:(


Finally got the arm decreases on the left side so will hopefully keep making progress!


After a lovely nap, my evening took a downturn when I went looking for my angel food cake pan. I don’t seem to have it. I tried three different stores for it or the ingredients for some roll ups and came home empty handed:(


At least my Hallmark movie of the night was cute- My Perfect Romance was quite cute:)


Breakfast- my last chorizo sausage

Recess- granola bar

Lunch- Pb & j sandwich, Rice Krispie square

Snack- granola bar

Dinner- cucumber and cheese, popcorn

I’m off to bed as I need to change around my day tomorrow to allow for going to Walmart for a Pan after school tomorrow.

Have fun!


The Last Monday

This week is full of last days, and it’s all about survival. The kids are crazy and the to-do list grows by the second so it’s going to be all uphill to Friday.


We spent the morning writing our Summer Bucket Lists. This is an activity I have done each season this year and I really want to keep it up. It’s neat to see how much the students can come up with. I wrote my own too.

Walk on the beach

Read on my patio

Go trail running

Visit my parents

Go on a road trip

Go to Sechelt

Make ice cream

Go to Canada Day celebrations

Stay in bed drinking tea

Bake on rainy days

Can fruit

Pick berries

Go to Seattle

Visit my brother

Watch Gus play football

Workout lots

Have a picnic

Go on a hike

Meet friends for fun stuff

Walk along Main Street

Explore Commercial Drive

Go on a bike ride

Use my herbs

Go for ice cream

Knit 2 sweaters

Visit new yarn and book stores

Go to a farmers market

Try a new restaurant

Help on my parent’s house

Play with Anna’s kids at the park

See as many friends as possible

Work on my cross stitch

Make my Christmas presents

Watch movies

Check out a new library

Go shopping

With 62 days, hopefully this list will make my blog interesting this summer:)

Lunch was taken up with an interminable meeting where absolutely nothing was decided or changed:(

We also got the scrapbooks finished and tried to get all our torn Canadian flags done- not quite, but close.

After school I got all the kids hallway writing put into books for them to take home tomorrow. After each event this year we have written about it and now I have taken all the pages and made them into books for the kids to take home. It’s great to see how far the children have grown in their writing.

This is from last year, but they look exactly the same this year. I guess I am obsessed with yellow🤣


After a nap I managed to get my butt out the door for a run. I wanted to go longer, but one of my students got me with dairy today so I didn’t last very long. I got 3.9km done towards my goal and at the end I managed to hit a 6:15/km. Not sure how, but I’ll take it!


This evening I have finally sat down to work on the cardigan some more and now have the left front up to the arm decreases. I don’t think I’ll have this done by July 1st, but hopefully by the first week of the holiday.


As I’ve been knitting away, I watched Lucky In Love. It was a cute movie, but it seemed like the whole thing was a dream. I kept expecting the female lead to wake up and find out it was all a dream! Actually the female lead so reminds me of my server at the pub on Tuesday nights.

Well I’m off to bed so I can deal with tomorrow.

Have fun!



An odd thing for me- but my day didn’t have a plan. It turned out just fine😀🤣


A 6.3km run this morning. We ran Coquitlam River and I just trotted along at a slightly slow pace while Dennis did circles around me. We agreed to the shortcut on one side and then I took the longer route on the other end. We got to the bridge in 30 minutes so someone (not me!) had the brilliant plan to add on. I only needed 5.1km today, but I love how Dennis always pushes me. One thing I noticed was that I run much faster on concrete than I do on the trails! I’m finding since my last fall that I’m quite cautious when running the trails.


Hmm what did I do today- I went to Chapters and returned two things I had been gifted that were too big. I looked around, but felt guilty buying a new cookbook when I haven’t finished trying out all the ones I have. I’ll hold off until I think of something I really need.

We managed to stop off at the thrift store and I found a cute new outfit for work and a new pair of running shorts.


I’ve had an extremely good eating day- a homemade granola bar, 3/4 of a plate of fish and chips and cucumber slices with cheese. If only every day could be like these past two- the pounds would be gone in no time!


My mom talked me into cleaning the patio today. We started at the top and made our way down. It looks so great! I really need to put a quick cleaning on the calendar each month to keep it looking this good. I want to be out there all the time:). Too bad it’s supposed to rain a lot this week:(


My mom and I binged Hallmark movies on our last night. We watched the end of Ms Matched which we had started last night. This movie was cute, but the unrealistic ending really bugged me!

We moved onto a new Hallmark movie- Eat, Drink and Be Married. We both agreed this was a really bad Hallmark movie. The script, the plot and the acting were all bad:(

Finally we watched Love at First Dance which was super cute!

Well tomorrow is back to reality.

Have fun!


Super Saturday

It was a very busy day after a long night so I’ve been yawning all day.

Yesterday was great but busy with a field trip and the staff year end party. I didn’t let that stop me today though!


I ran Mundy Park with Sarah this morning. It was nice and cool so a good day for a run. It got my distance in for the day, but definitely wasn’t a challenge. Unfortunately that was my only exercise for the day:(


I went to grab my mom but my brother and nephew had gotten there first so I visited with them a bit, and this cutie.


I grabbed my mom and started on the list, but it changed immediately when we saw how low my tires were. We went straight to the tire store and I was happy they didn’t charge me at all. I figured since I was so close, I might as well get a car wash too. It was then back to grab Mio and graph paper from Walmart, a gift card for L from Lululemon and I went a little crazy on Bath and Body Works because they were having a sale. I decided I wanted shower gel and lotion that were the same scents so I bought almost all the ones they had😳

We also hit Black Bond Books so I could spend a gift card from two years ago. They didn’t have many knitting books and the only cookbook I liked was double the price of the gift card so I got two books for my classroom instead. I’m just glad the gift card is finally gone!


After having fruit salad after my run this morning, I actually didn’t eat again until we met up with Lyndsay and Corianne for a late lunch at Taps and Tacos. I definitely made up for the lack of food by eating my weight in tortilla chips! It was a great lunch! I had the tuna taco:)


After a quick trip to Costco to look at a vanity my mom and I are both considering- we decided to veg out and watch Hallmark. We watched Season For Love which was quite cute.

Well I desperately need sleep!

Have fun!


Yipppeeee, Freedom!!!

Well the long awaited day arrived- I’m on holidays as of 3pm today:)


I headed out this morning for 10km, but only made 2.78km before I returned home. My legs were sore and it was raining. I know those are both excuses but also knew I could capture the rest of the mission tomorrow. No sense keeping on in misery when I didn’t have to.

I also got a workout in with Lyndsay today. I was again on the bike which is probably a good thing as it really makes me sweat!! I liked how we did intervals and then at certain points we had to jump off and do a weight move on the floor. My legs were definitely feeling it. We did the same routine on the floor, but had to stop at intervals and do cardio. It made the workout go quick, but I’m going to hurt!!!


I didn’t actually teach today, but enjoyed a potluck breakfast with my coworkers this morning and then spent the whole day moving my classroom into my coat room. There has got to be a better solution as this is just too much work. I do however have the awesomest mom ever who came in today and helped me all day!! She has then come up with a solution that will cut down on all this work in the future:). Now I just have to resist going to work next week to try the solution out!

Eating/ Family:

I took my mom and nephew out for ice cream to celebrate the start of holidays, even though it wasn’t particularly warm today!

We tried a new place I always see when I am running.

Of course, I don’t want ice cream right before I run so today was the perfect day to try it.

My mom had a single scoop of sea salt caramel, I had a scoop split between lemon sorbetto and raspberry sorbetto (the only two vegan options) and my nephew had a huge towering pile of sea salt caramel, hedgehog and cookie dough. My mom gave it a 4/5, Gus gave it a 4.6/5 and I would give t a 3.5/5.

My mom says it was clean, cute, had just the right amount of choices without being overwhelming, and gave a good amount of product. It was also in a cute area that would be cool to explore on a nicer day.

Gus says the ice cream was creamy, tasted as it should have and was a good amount.

I would agree the ice cream tasted good, but I would have liked at least one more option and I thought it was a little expensive.


This evening I met up with my parents for dinner at the pub. My dad had a corned beef sandwich and beef barley soup that he, of course, complained about. My dad is never so happy as when he is complaining.

My mom and I shared the two piece fish and chips which were awesome as usual! It is so nice to have this option so close to home!


I had received an unexpected email telling me that Kait Nolan had a new ARC available. I leaped on that and read the whole novella,Can’t Stand the Rain this evening.

This is a short novella that tells the story of Delaney and Sean. They have been friends for a while, but can they manage to be more.

I was looking forward to this story as it was foreshadowed in Kait Nolan’s last book. It did not disappoint. I loved how the story started and Sean is a worthy hero throughout the entire story. I also liked how it dealt with the very serious issue of mental health, but still allowed the romantic relationship to be central.

I would recommend this novella for anyone enjoying the Wishful series or lovers of firefighter heros.


I think that since I don’t have to get up at a particular time in the morning. I will now spend some time working on my baby tee as I still have hopes of getting that done before the end of the month!


I keep forgetting, but today seems an appropriate day to ensure I mention what I’m grateful for!

1) family- I couldn’t be happier that I got to see my nephew, dad and mom all in one day! It would only get better the more family I saw!

2) my healthy body- it may not always be exactly how I’d like but I am truly thankful that I can run, workout, work in my classroom, walk, lounge, etc.

3) the smell of the gorgeous flowers my class gave me for the end of the year. It smells divine in my living room right now which is lovely amid the chaos that is reigning in my house right now.

Have fun!


T-1 Day!

I am almost there. I am almost there. I am almost there. My mantra for the day!


I came into the office this morning to see the most amazing sight!

One of our on-site daycares has made this sign for our retiring secretary. Some people are just so creative!!!

I started the day by putting report cards into backpacks. It was my one job that I had to accomplish today and so I decided to make sure it got done first!

We then put all the grade one students together to create yearbooks. They really seemed to love going around and getting everyone’s “signature”. It was pretty cute to see a few of them try to handwrite!

We had our farewell assembly where we said goodbye to students and teachers leaving. Which was followed up by lunch where we gave gifts to the staff leaving. It’s at moments like this that I appreciate not crying easily as otherwise I would have been a wreck!!!! Sometimes I do wish I got to decide who goes and who stays😜😜

This afternoon we put the grade 1-3 students together in the library for a movie and we all started to tackle our classrooms! I don’t feel like I got much done, so tomorrow better be more productive!! I think the problem was that I was dressed nicely!

I did get spoiled with a gift from my class today.

This all came in a gorgeous tote bag along with a Visa gift card. I love visa gift cards as I have fun “spending” them before I spend them while I try to figure out what to buy:). I have to admit I love the shirt that Lyndsay included in my gift!!! I love her style- her peanut butter might be safe from me, but her wardrobe isn’t! I can see me getting a lot of use out of this shirt!!!

A few weeks ago I gave my co teacher a new water bottle that I saw that screamed her name to me. She reciprocated with a lovely gift!

This also came with handcream that smells divine and that I have been enjoying since I got. I just have to decide if I’m going to leave it at work or bring it home for the summer.


I ran home after school and went quickly over to city hall. I dropped off my library books and my taxes stuff! It’s not due untitled July 4th, but I so dislike having that type of thing hanging over my head. It was like a quarter of my brain was being used constantly to try and remember not to forget to do that errand. Easier to just do it!


I had organized a dinner with five of the women from work that I enjoy spending time with. (I found out organizing events is not my strength!!!). We decided on the patio of a local pub as it would not be as loud as inside and shared a ton of appetizers and some pitchers of sangria. It was the perfect ending to the day!! I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. It really does make a difference going to work with friends!!

We were so cold after our patio time that we had to stop three doors down at the coffee shop to get tea to warm up!!

I just want to know why my chai latte with almond milk ( my favorite milk substitute as it really seems to suit chai) is so plain compared to their fancy coffees??? Is tea being discriminated against at this coffee shop? 😜🤪🤣

Two of the ladies made a stop to pick up some dessert to go with the hot beverages and this was the perfect ending to a fun evening!


I came home and got busy again on my baby tee. I am finally past the chest and onto the body! I guess the third time really is the charm:). Hopefully I will finish tomorrow because I am going to be so productive all day tomorrow!!!

On that note, I better get some sleep so that comes true!

Have fun!


T-2 Days

I fully believe we are all capable of more than what we think:)


Wow my students were squirrelly today! We had workout Wednesday, watched grade two reader’s theatre performances, emptied all of our desks and extra supplies and then watched the movie form of Charlotte’s Web as we finished the book yesterday. I actually had to stop the movie twice to talk about behavior!!! Grrrr😖

Even with all of this, I had a better day than the kindergarten teacher who had a student fall on the playground and break her arm. We learned the teacher is squeamish. Thankfully there’s always chocolate around!

I did get another gift today that I loved! The mom was telling me that her son insisted on this gift!

It really is perfect as I say this to the children often! I’ll be keeping this mug🤪


I had boot camp with Lyndsay today and boy was it a good workout! We did one minute of cardio- frog jumps and hops, then moved onto our tabata.

Medicine ball single leg deadlift with hop

Banded plank in/outs- banded iso squat with lateral raises

Bench single leg lunges

Banded iso squat with tiptoe abductor squeeze- banded jump squat

Iso v sit with rows- mountain climbers

Stability ball hamstring curls- stability ball hip bridges

Burpees -swings

Overhead tricep extension – reverse fly

Galway through we stopped for another minute to do more cardio, but I got mine running back and forth to my classroom twice. I had forgotten the gift we had gotten Lyndsay for doing this for us- pedicure, wine and baileys.

When I got home, I got an alert that my mission today was 6km for 200 points! I figured I would walk it, but then figured out I had to run a bit because I had Knit night. I told myself I just had to run ten minutes, but amazingly I ended up running the whole thing. The human body really is capable of so much more than we allow it!

I stretched and rolled lots in the hopes of not being sore tomorrow!


I just took the yellow baby tee project to work on. I once again got halfway through and realized I had a hole where there shouldn’t be one. I am now on my third tome starting this project:(

Brenda was showing me the projects she has finished lately and they are gorgeous!!! I also got to see her stash which I have been very curious about! It’s a nice, reasonable size, not overwhelming and she could put a good dent in it by knit city in September:)

I am absolutely exhausted and so am off to bed!

Have fun!


T-3 Days

The end is almost here and everything just keeps speeding up!


Today we glued the last six art projects into our portfolios and designed the cover. I spent my recess break gluing the covers on as I’ve learned not to have the grade ones do that. This is a year long project where every art project the students do gets glued into a big coil bound book. It’s tough, it’s frustrating, but when I heard a parent after school say it’s her favorite memento, it’s worth it!

The rest of the day was taken up with the grade five leaving ceremony. I have mixed feelings about this as to me, this is not a graduation, but simply an expectation. I don’t mind highlighting students and I’m glad we don’t do awards or anything, but I guess what bugs me the most is that they have the processional music playing, etc. I think it should be a bit more fun because they are just leaving a school, not graduating. This class today was neat though as they were he first grade ones I taught at this school:). I’m going to miss some of these kids!

I am already being given some year end gifts at school. I think the first one I was given today may be my favorite gift ever!

I am called Miss B at work so this is perfect and even cuter as it is made with my student’s thumb prints:). I love the parent knows me well enough to give me a succulent that is tough to kill.

I also got given a chocolate flower. It came in this giant box

But only had this inside.

I thought about returning them to the store as the gift receipt was attached but ended up just putting them in the staff room instead. These chocolates did come with this super cute side gift though which I will enjoy:)


The only other thing I got done today was a run because I fell asleep on the couch after school. I met Dennis for a run out at the dykes. I didn’t plan it, but I did my fastest 5km to date! He had me doing a 9.4kms/ hour speed for the first 2.5km!!! As someone who usually happily runs between an 8.4 and a 9.1, this was fast!!

What I really noticed on my run was that I need to get back to doing more weight training as I am definitely not as strong as I was. Thankfully, I should have time for that, starting in three days!😀


I only did a tiny bit on my rug tonight so that I could tell Kathy that I did work on it, but I would also have time to work on my knitting as that has a timeline.


With only a few days left of the month, I am trying to get my regular four classes submitted for HPKCHC. It’s going to be a bit of a stretch, but I may just make it. Tonight I finished another yellow and white baby cap. This one was made using just one strand of Cherub baby DK in white and yellow. I casted on 54 stitches and did 9 row stripes for 6 inches. I then began to decrease by knitting two together at the start of each needle. The cap went really fast and I’m happy with how it looks. Even better it used up the ends of two skeins so I am definitely in a new number for my stash🎉🎊

It is now way later than I planned to be up, so I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Hither and Yon

It just seemed to be a very busy day, though that might have been just because I had no downtime after work. I think as I sit here writing this that this might be the first time I have sat down today!


I did a short thirty minute run this morning though it was still slow and painful. I wonder how long my quads are going to make me pay for??!

It was nice to get out before it was hot or busy. I’m back to looking forward to being able to run in the mornings!


It just seemed like I was always in motion today!! My co teacher was away so that always throws me off a bit. We hid our rocks today and many have already been found. It was neat to see the older kids make a big deal out of it for the little guys. We played outside, went to music, watched four horrible shadow puppet plays and then made kites for ADST this week. This was our last session and it’s been really cool to see the children working on these projects. So many different solutions!


After school I had to go directly for a massage. My RMT suggested I don’t use a third of my weight in weights again🤣. I’m just hoping the massage will help!!!


I had to put a picture of this dress in that a grandma made for a birthday present, isn’t it adorable!!!

I didn’t get anything done on my rug today because of my evening commitment that went longer than normal, but I did start another cap to use up the last of three skeins:)


It was quick home and then back out for a retirement party for our secretary. It was nice to see so many people and the food was way too good! I think I may have scarred a few of my co-workers with how sick I got last week as they were very concerned about what I was ordering. It’s nice to work with people who are also friends!

I really liked the looks of this charcuterie board but there was just too much cheese to make it work.

Instead I had steelhead salmon curry. It was super yummy and though I didn’t plan to eat it all I did and now I’m stuffed!


I’ve had reports that people have to go looking for my posts, that they no longer get an email alert about them. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I finally had two minutes to go on my computer at work and found a ton of tags in my spam folder. I’m sorry, I will get to them ASAP now that I know they are there!!

Well sitting down was nice, but I’m going to go lay down and let my eyes close.

Have fun!