Good Balance

I like days when there’s a balance of busy and quiet, productive and fun. Today was pretty good that way.

I didn’t set an alarm and figured if I was up, I’d run, but otherwise I’d just do my Sunday morning walk. Well of course, I was awake. It was nice and cool this morning and quite wet! Usually I see a ton of people but today in the rain, only four. I did my usual 3km and took it easy. It felt good:)

I then met up with two of my running buddies for a walk around a local lake. I had forgotten how fast these two walk so it ended up being a workout!

After a nice tea, I quick changed and met up with two close friends from high school for a coffee. We’ve been lucky enough to have two coffees this summer! I always love my time catching up with these two!

From there I was home for a nap and some knitting. I was working on a sock at coffee, but started on the everyday tee when I got home. I have had some Fortuna yarn by Classic Elite Yarns for several years and haven’t been able to find the right project, but this may just be it. I am almost done the yoke and then I’ll have to try it on. I’m a little worried because I’m using a dk yarn when the pattern calls for fingering😳

Around the house I have managed to do my laundry and clean my kitchen sink. That’s not much, but at least something.

This evening I got my rolling and yoga done. I definitely noticed yet again the lack of doing this yesterday!

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


Out and About

My day didn’t go according to my plan of another quiet day at home, but it was lovely.

I started the day with an 8.39km run with Dennis. Sarah had called last night to say that she wasn’t coming. I knew this morning as I was leaving the house that this wasn’t going to be an amazing run and sure enough my legs were tired the whole time. I think this is the reason my heart rate was high (though not dangerously so this time), and it felt like a tough run from the first step. Note to self, don’t do a speed challenge the day before the long run. I want to try to challenge myself again, but maybe I’ll move that to Mondays. I had meant to do a kettlebell workout and some yoga, but it just didn’t happen today. It’s a good thing I meet people for most of my runs or they may not always happen either.

I came home and was working on knitting a brioche toque, but decided that I needed a nap instead. Since it’s summer, I went ahead and had one.

I was just finishing up getting the dishes done (my house job for today) when Brenda texted and invited me over for some knitting.

I didn’t get a ton of knitting done, but we did get a list made of the advent calendars that have been available this year so that we will be better informed for next year.

I stopped on the way home for gas at Costco and the process took an hour! It was insanely busy and I didn’t think about knitting until I was at the pump. That was really dumb of me!

I ended up ripping out the brioche toque as I wasn’t happy with it, but have started a pair of DK socks instead. I’m loving the yarn and will hopefully be able to show them to you soon.

Have fun!



Well it rained for about thirty seconds last night:( It’s looked like it could rain most of the day so let’s hope it does tonight!

I started the day with my usual 3km run to the park and back. I know it’s not long, but mentally it gets me out the door. Today I decided that I should see how fast I could go. I was about a minute and a half faster than my usual time, but I know I can do it even faster! I may make this a weekly challenge as I think it would be a good indicator of my running improvement.

I came home and immediately did the NourishMoveLove workout which was a quick abs workout. I had every intention of doing the workout twice, but then I got distracted.

Around the house I got my towels changed and washed. Knitty Natty calls it Fresh Towels Friday and I liked that. I see she has a YouTube episode about a cleaning schedule so I may watch that as I’m always looking for pointers. I also got my Christmas lights taken out of the window and put away and the recycling taken out. I’m going to call that a success for doing at least one thing around the house so far. Is two days in a row long enough to call the plan a success??

I packed up my sewing machine and took it over to the local sewing store as they have an agreement with a guy who will pick it up and service it. I have been trying to do this since Spring as my machine won’t go into zigzag but my timing is always off. Today I decided just to take it and it can wait over there as it’s not like I can use it anyways. Of course, now all I want to do is sew!!!!

After a quick ice cream stop

I have learned to just stop and eat an ice cream and not bring a container of it into my house!

I spent most of the day knitting and actually accomplished a pair of socks! I had gotten my latest Knitting Expat Tokyo sock pattern on the fourth but couldn’t start them until today. They just seemed to go very fast, even faster than normal. I really love Knitting Expat sock patterns and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. These socks were done in some leftover Sweet Georgia tough Love Sock yarn in beige. It’s a beautiful yarn, but I still have some leftover. Sometimes I wish for bigger feet so I wouldn’t have leftovers!

Sorry for the bad photo- it’s dark here.

And since I promised, here is my most recently finished sweater- the Rock It Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts.

I had been a little worried when I saw the yarn caked up because it was extremely bright, but it’s actually not even as bright as it looks in the picture. The yarn is a merino fingering and a silk mohair that are died identically. You simply alternate between the two. I don’t know why this sweater took me so long as it was very simple. I am glad I did it though!

This evening I did my yoga and rolling. I definitely noticed this morning the fact that I hadn’t done yoga and rolling last night. I guess this is one habit I’ll have to try my best to keep up. I actually ended up with my yoga and rolling being almost as long as my run🤣

Well I’m off to bed as I have an early run in the morning.

Have fun!


Not Sorry

I’ve been told I shouldn’t apologize for my quiet days so I will try not to from now on. In truth, I love having quiet days at home and it is only when I come on here to talk about my day that I feel a little bad that it’s not super exciting to read about. Oh well, I guess you all have the option to not read so I will just continue to have my quiet days and not apologize for them.

I started the day with my usual 3km run. I am hoping this will become a routine that I can keep up even when school goes back in. We shall see. I also immediately did my NourishMoveLove workout for the day. Well really I’m not sure if it was a workout or yoga. It was a 10 minute dynamic warmup. It had yoga moves, but also strength moves. I put it down as yoga since it was so short.

I actually ended up going for a second run this evening with Sarah and Dennis around a local park. We were supposed to do the same run we did on Monday, but it was just too hot to be on the sidewalks in direct sun so we took to the shaded path. We got 5.26km in which was great as my plan called for six today so I am now about 4km ahead of schedule. I like having that little bit of cushion.

This morning I also went and picked up three workout items from a lady in the next city. I love wearing Ivivva, but of course Lululemon discontinued their girls line so now I have to search for it second hand. I don’t know why they discontinued it when it seems to be extremely popular. I was happy to get a new pair of capris, a short sleeve and a long sleeve top. I also got a short walk in on this outing since I was early.

I want to do at least one thing for my house each day, even if it’s a tiny thing. Today I cleaned my bathtub drain. It took no time and I’ve been meaning to do it forever!

Other than a nap, I have spent the day knitting and watching podcasts. I made two more knitted dishcloths that used up five more skeins of the cotton thread. I also finished my Rock It Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts. I will include picture and details tomorrow as I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken any yet and it’s dark now.

I also found myself casting on the everyday tee but have decided that it isn’t the right yarn that I was using so I will be tearing that out.

The best thing just happened a second ago- it started raining! We have had a record number of days without rain and it has been so muggy so this is awesome!!!!

I also finished my current book last night. It is called How To Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron. I enjoyed having a book that featured knitting that wasn’t a cosy mystery. It was an enjoyable read, though I really didn’t expect the secondary storyline of a stalkerish abusive ex boyfriend. There was one scene where he jumps out of a closet that I really didn’t like, but I liked the rest of it:)

Well, I think that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Knit knit knit

Sorry today was super quiet!

I got out for my run first thing this morning and then got my flute activation workout from NourishMoveLove done right away this morning too.

I decided that I desperately needed to get something done around the house so I swept and washed the bathroom and kitchen floor.

I then sat and knitted for most of the day. I made another dishcloth so that I could feel like I was actually accomplishing something and then I decided I needed to get this Rock It Tee done. I thought I would succeed but still have sleeve and neckline edging to do so you won’t see it until tomorrow.

I also am almost done my current book so you won’t hear about that until tomorrow too.

I’ve done my rolling and yoga and so am off to bed. Check back tomorrow for a hopefully more content-filled post.

Have fun!


Slightly More Exciting

Well today managed to be slightly more exciting.

I started the day with my usual run but managed to change up the route slightly. I came home and immediately did my NourishMoveLove workout. I hadn’t planned to do it, but it was just a ten minute one. It was deadly! I’ll be lucky to be able to lift my arms tomorrow!

I picked my friend Em up and we headed to a gluten free bakery I had heard about on Instagram. She’s a pretty awesome friend that she’s up for going to a bakery that has nothing else around it. It was awesome!!! I had seen the Gluten Free Epicurean had a gluten free, dairy free jelly donut and wanted to try it. I don’t even like donuts but my running buddy talks about them all the time and lately I’ve been craving one. I went a little crazy, but had to eat the raspberry ice cream sandwich immediately as it wouldn’t have made it the hour drive home. These are the two items I have eaten so far:

I had an appointment for a test this afternoon and got through it so my treat was the jelly filled donut. It was the best donut I’ve ever had!!

I spent some time knitting today on my Rock It Tee. This one seems to be taking forever! I needed to accomplish something so I made a dishcloth for my dad. He said he wanted a larger cloth than I had made before, so I got busy. I love that this one used up three of my cotton leftovers. I got the idea for the diagonal split from watching The Yarn Hoarder podcast. The cotton thread is very thin so I held a white, and cream together. One side has yellow with those two and the other half has green with it.

I got some rolling and yoga done today as well so I have another all star day:)

Well I’m going back to knitting on the tee.

Have fun!


Ahead of Schedule

Today was another very quiet day for me.

I started the day meeting up with Sarah and Dennis for a run. I had to do at least 3km and instead we did just over 6km. I was wondering if I should cancel one of the three kilometer runs I have planned this month, but for now I’m just going to run and I’ll see how the month plays out. I am sure there will be days that I can’t run later on.

I grabbed some groceries on the way home. I had told myself I wouldn’t go back to the grocery store until Thursday but since I was just buying fruits and veggies, I gave myself a pass to go today.

I immediately did my workout as I really didn’t want to. It was a 35 minute workout from NourishMoveLove that had me sweating a ton. I really hope I see results from all this working out!

Other than a nap, I have spent the day knitting in circles on my Rock It Tee. It’s a weird project because while it is the usual mindless knitting of stockinette in the round, it’s not portable because I am changing yarn every eight rounds. I am definitely going to need to intersperse something more interesting! I am loving how it looks so far though!

I finished listening to my audiobook, Ultra Marathon Man. It was about Dean Karnazes and was quite interesting. I have absolutely no interest in pushing my body as far as he does!

I did push myself this evening to do some foam rolling and yoga though. I have been enjoying having slightly looser legs so I will try to keep this up!

I also got some cross stitching done today and got one of the window panels done🎊🎉

I have also started a new book and am loving it so I am going back to reading.

I promise tomorrow will be more interesting:)

Have fun!


Quiet Progress

It was a quiet day for me, but I feel like I made a little bit of progress on stuff.

Last night I did something I have never done before! I actually sat down and figured out how much I needed to run each day to beat last August’s mileage. That meant I had to get up early and do 3km this morning. There was a lovely breeze so that didn’t bother me at all!

I then met up with Dennis and Brenda for a walk around the local river and a tea afterwards. Poor Dennis. I haven’t seen Brenda lately so there was lots of knitting talk.

I came home and immediately got my hydration pack washed as I couldn’t stand the smell any longer! I think that’s the only useful thing I did today though.

I picked an older NourishMoveLove workout today as she doesn’t have a workout of the day on Sundays. It was a 30 minute HIIT workout with weights and was still killer. I really like how she links a workout of the day each day on Instagram though. I wish she had an app like the FitOn app though. I am loving her for the summer when I have more time, but may need to do FitOn during the school year when I have less time in the evenings.

I have been working all day on my Rocket Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts, well except for suing my 1.5hour nap🤣. I am liking this pattern and the striping will make it different from all my other tees. I already have plans for the next tee so am trying to get this one done quickly!

I also did some rolling and stretching today. I have been having a hard time with the fact that I am 200km behind in mileage this year (mostly due to injury and illness) so today I went looking at last year’s exercise log. I am only 7km away from surpassing last year’s biking mileage. I have already almost doubled the amount of time spent on yoga. As well, last year I only had 15 all-star days ( days where I run, workout and do yoga) and I’m already at 23 for this year. I have to be happy with this and realize in many ways I have improved this year over last year, even if it’s not in my running mileage!

Well I’ve just split for my sleeves and want to keep going.

Have fun!


A Busy Bee

I always find it interesting how some days I feel like doing nothing and other days I go non-stop.

I started the day with an easy run to the park and back. I am trying really hard to slow down some days and run easy so that I don’t hurt myself running everyday. So far it seems to be going pretty well.

I quickly ate breakfast so I would be ready to order my yarn advent calendar at exactly 8am. This advent calendar is put out by Stash Lounge in Calgary, Alberta and features 25 different Canadian yarn dyers. It seemed like a really good way to try out a bunch of different dyers. I had better stop shopping for a while though!

I then got picked up by Dennis for a bike ride. I chose for us to go from the bridge to Osprey Village, but I should have picked the other way as this one had more hills than I remembered! My bike is still not going into first and something seems to be rubbing. It also takes forever to move from 2nd gear to 3rd. I do notice that I am calmer on the bike though which is a good thing. I’ll just keep making myself go out so I keep getting more comfortable!

After a well- deserved tea after 20km, I came home and watched the newest Crazy Sock Lady vlog. She talked about scrubbing her shower so that inspired me to try cleaning my tub and surround. I hope it worked, but I’ll inspect tomorrow during my shower.

I also got all my recent yarn purchases put into my Ravelry stash.

I worked out to the newest NourishMoveLove workout. It was a leg workout using the mini band and I was once again a hot, sweaty mess by the end of it. Her workouts are definitely a challenge. I just hope they’re doing something for me!

In knitting, I finished my brioche cowl.

This was made out of Perle yarn in two different colours. This yarn is from my grandma’s stash and is so old it came from Woodward’s. That store hasn’t been around since I was a little kid. I used the Brilicious pattern off of Ravelry and found it very easy. It only used up one of the four balls so I may make a second one to use up more. I think I might try it a little smaller in circumference, but taller so it will be extra warm inside my coat.

This afternoon I finished listening to Knit to Kill by Anne Canadeo. It was an easy listen and nothing earth shattering, but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was the first in the series, but it is actually the 9th. That does explain a bit of the dialogue in the book.

I have done some rolling and yoga as I am really trying to keep being consistent with this practice this year. I know it’s important to not getting injured, so I’m making it a priority.

I am back knitting on my second sock that I started yesterday in the hopes that I will be done by Sunday when I get my next sock pattern.

Well, I think I’ve done enough today and I’ll just sit and knit until it’s an appropriate time to sleep. I did have a nap this afternoon since it has been very hot here again today, but I still don’t think I’ll make it to very late. I wonder how much sleep it would take to get rid of the bags under my eyes?

Have fun?


Heat Wave Starts

I live where I live so I don’t have to put up with hot weather and this summer I’m having to do just that:(

I started the day with a quick, short run as I slept much later than I have been lately. It felt good to get out and get a few kilometers in, even though I didn’t really want to go.

I was then picked up by my friend Em and we went downtown. We had plans to go to a very popular restaurant called the Jam Cafe and I was prepared for at least an hour wait. Well, we lucked out and walked right in. I quite enjoyed my vegan bowl and cup of tea!

It was way too much food of course so I haven’t had to eat much for the rest of the day!

After brunch we did some looking in stores. We were really there to pick new glasses out for Em at Warby Parker so we did that first. I like the pair she picked:). I managed to not buy a thing, not even a Lucky’s donut. I hear about these donuts all the time, but they only had chocolate sprinkle or chocolate pistachio that were gluten free and dairy free and I don’t really like chocolate. I guess I saved myself those calories.

I also got a sock finished on the way home and the toe of the second done. I love it when other people drive!

It was a quick turn around for me as I headed right back out to my massage and then some grocery shopping. I made myself an awesome greek salad when I got home and got the ingredients for chicken Caesar salad and fruit salad too. Lol I’m definitely craving lighter food after the past four days!

I have spent the rest of the day holed up in my bedroom in front of the fan. I watched This Nanny Knits’ newest podcast episode and have been listening to Knit to Kill while working on my brioche cowl. Brioche really is easy and I think this will turn out pretty. I can’t wait to take another four skeins off the stash count!

I ended the night with a yoga sequence off of Pinterest. I did it, but ended up deleting it as the pictures were way too small!

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!