Happy New Year

All week I have been waiting to post until I was done my sweater and had something to share. It finally happened late last night. I have had a fun week.

I went to three used bookstores with a friend (one of two in my bubble). It is cool because you make an appointment so you have the whole store to yourself. I managed to find six books to buy, though one is a gift for the friend I went with. It must have been my knitting book day!

I also met up with the friend at chapters and returned the class gift (a cape that was huge on me). I can definitely find more books to buy!

I have done a run every single day of my holiday so far and only have three days left to complete the streak. Today’s run in Burnaby was the best and most interesting. I’m glad I got at least one run somewhere I can’t go when I’m working. I’m already starting a list for the next holiday.

I have to admit I spent an entire day binge watching The Bridgerton’s. It was entertaining, but not as good as the books and I was surprised by a couple of things.

I have knitted a sweater and am fixing another.

Look out for some year end posts in the next couple of days, as well as my Run To Rapid City Update.

Have fun!


Happy Christmas Eve

It’s been a good day!

It started with an awesome coffee chat with Kathy who is as wonderful as her blog makes her seem! Thanks Kathy- it gave me something to look forward to and was a lovely way to start my Christmas Eve!

I then proceeded to go for a run with Dennis. We got a very respectable 7km done, but had to run the main road because the sidewalks were still too icy:(

After a coffee with him, I came home to a FaceTime with my brother and his family. We had to play Among Us (according to my niece and nephew) and I had flashbacks of being stuck in a hole in Minecraft. Age is not making me better at video games.

I did some knitting on my current black toque and had a nap before going to join my friend Lyndsay for Christmas Eve pizza tradition. We played celebrities and it was a fun night!


I can’t believe how bad I am at getting these done. I’m going to have to do multiple questions tonight!

The awesome Abbey developed would you rather questions for Blogmas this year.

Would you rather wear a light up necklace or a red nose during the season?

I would definitely go with the light up necklace. I have the tradition going that for every school day in December I wear red or green and Christmas jewelry so this really wouldn’t be that different for me. As well, I don’t really like having things touching my face so the red nose would drive me crazy!

The final question is: would you rather bake or eat Christmas treats?

I would much rather bake the treats than eat them. I loved it when I was young and living at home. I could bake a ton of things, leave them on the counter and they would all be gone by morning. Big brothers are good for some things. Now I don’t let myself bake much because I just eat it all 😥

Well merry Christmas to you all!


It’s Going Too Fast!

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!! It was definitely a busier day today.

I met up with two friends from work (my usual two) and we headed up to the mountain to go snowshoeing. I was super excited because I had gotten new snowshoes at the end of winter 2019 but didn’t get to use them last year.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to use them today either:( We got halfway up the mountain and got turned around as there was no more public parking. We had planned to do the free provincial park trail, but weren’t even allowed up. We ended up going for a walk in a nearby park.

There were a ton of stairs, but it was gorgeous and worth the climb. It was nice and quiet too!

We had lunch on the way home at Colony which turned out to be a lovely bar and grill. The burger and salad was fine, but nothing I need to drive over there for again.


I decided a walk didn’t count towards my run streak so I went for a short run when I got back home. It was just a short run to the park and back for 3km. Something has got to be better than nothing!


I finally got my sister in law’s toque finished for the second time.

It seems huge to me, but I decided to put the pompom on and if she wants it smaller or bigger, I’ll change it on Christmas.

I decided to start on another toque in case my nephew will wear one.


The awesome Abbey has come up with twelve would you rather questions around the season. Today’s question is:

Would you rather put up Christmas lights for all the neighbors or wrap the gifts for all extended family?

I would definitely rather wrap gifts! First of all, nobody would want lights put up where I could reach🤣😜

Secondly, as a kid I always wrapped all the gifts for the whole family so doing so for the extended family would be no problem. I love knowing what people are getting, way more than being surprised, so this would definitely work for me!

Have fun!



How did I get so far behind? I’m going to have to do multiple ones a day.

The wonderful Abbey asks today: would you rather know the perfect gift for others or always get the perfect gift.

I would rather know the perfect gift to give! My family doesn’t do gifts and that works in my favor because I never felt like my gifts were great anyways. Even with my friends I don’t feel like I do good gifts, so it would be amazing to always know what was perfect for someone.

Ok I’m off for an outdoor adventure. I’ll tell you all about it later!

Have fun!



It was a quiet day of knotting, watching a hallmark movies, getting a massage and watching the surprise snow come down. Nothing very exciting to tell you, though I did manage to mess up my scarf, again! I’m waiting for daylight to figure out my mistake.

Oh and for hallmark watchers- I recommend Write Before Christmas. It has a Love Actually vibe.

And yes I did keep up my holiday run streak. I got a very easy 3km run in the pouring rain this morning and then did a NourishMoveLove 30 minute workout.

The awesome Abbey came up with would you rather questions for Blogmas this year.

Today’s question:

Would you rather vacation somewhere hot or cold for Christmas?

Last year my family took our very first Christmas holiday together. We went to Palm Springs, and… it was cold 😖😖😖

With this in mind I would rather holiday somewhere cold because then you know it’s going to be cold. You can prepare for it and you won’t be disappointed. In addition no one looks at you weird for continuously having a warm drink in your hand!

Have fun!


Day 2

I can’t believe I’ve already gone through two of my days off:(


I didn’t want to wake up this morning and it was super dark, but at least it wasn’t raining. I met up with Dennis and we did 8km this morning. He said six at the 1/3 mark, but I didn’t look at my watch again until 3.93 so at that point we figured we might as well do 4 before turning. He ran slow today so that he’d be close by since the area we run in isn’t the best. I appreciate his awesome running buddy qualities!

This evening I did a bit of a workout just using body weight. It wasn’t much, but anything is better than nothing!


I spent lots of today knitting. I have gotten back to 2/3 done my brother’s scarf. He had better love this thing!

Of course I’m seeing a ton of things on Pinterest that I want to make while I already have a zillion things to do!


After a lovely nap, I made some Christmas cookies with the Christmas music going. You will hear about the cookies on Saturday, but it was good and bad. It did put me in the Christmas mood for a bit as I’ve been baking cookies since I was tiny, but it also made me miss my family as I’m usually baking for them!


I have also spent a lot of time watching movies today. I have had some really bad ones, like Christmas in Paris, but I’ve had some decent ones like Christmas under the stars too.


The awesome Abbey came up with would you rather questions for Blogmas this year. Today’s question:

Would you rather meet Santa or Frosty?

Oh I would love to meet Frosty as I love snowmen better than Santa, though I do have to admit meeting Santa would probably give me a lot of points with my students. Nope I’m sticking with Frosty. Maybe he could give me pointers on how to survive happily while being freezing all the time😜🤪🤣

Have fun!


Day 1

Sorry i think life is going to be pretty boring for the next two weeks as I’m just home.

I really wanted to sleep in today but was up at my usual time:(


In the back of my mind I’m thinking I’d like to see if I can run everyday if the holiday. I started off well with a run last night with Dennis and another 5km this morning on my own. I went right away because it wasn’t raining and that seemed to be a popular thought as it was quite busy on the path.

This evening I also got a short workout in. I was going to do a Hallmark, but had to knit so couldn’t keep track of the different elements.


I finally got out to get my nephew’s gift and the cord I needed for work. I also went out to a little shop to check out their puzzles, but the one I liked was $18 and only 500 pieces:(. I did come home with two new to me knitting books so it wasn’t a wasted trip.


Oops I’ve finished a few books I’ve forgotten to mention. I read the Mistletoe Trap which was super cute! I really loved the family and supporting characters in this book.

I also have read Her Halloween Treat. This is the first of a three book series so of course I had to start with it. I am now onto the second book.


I had to laugh or I would have cried! I laid out my brother’s scarf to measure it as I thought I must be done, only to realize I had accidentally added a stitch 4.5m back. I guess that’s what I get for knitting while chatting in the lunch room. I ended up ripping it right back to the start. I have made up 30 of the pattern repeats and think I have 66 to go. I hope I can get it done by Christmas!

Holidays:’speaking of Christmas I am trying to compile a list of one thing I can do each day to be festive and take my mind off the fact that I have to be alone for the holiday. So far the list is comprised of: baking cookies, looking at lights, going snowshoeing, but I need two more ideas!


The awesome Abbey came up with the idea for Blogmas of doing would you rather questions.

Today’s question is: would you rather star in a popular holiday single or in a popular holiday movie?

This one is quite easy for me as no one wants to hear me sing! Besides, I watched two Hallmark movies today and I think I could do as well as some of those actors! 🤣🤪😜

Have fun!


Costly Costco

It was a good day with an expensive ending!


We got through McCracken spelling this morning and then I had to leave the kids for a stupid meeting. It only took ten minutes as I didn’t have much to say at this time. We also did a patterning sheet where the students had to follow the rules. They got the concept, but so many forgot to actually look at the rules!

We got the rest of the parent gifts finished and sent home✅ another thing off the list.

We did relays in gym again where the children got to choose the Christmas movement. We had a lot of flying angels!

Finally this afternoon we did silent reading/ guided reading and we did a class book. This provided the best moment of the day! The book was comprised of pages that said ” For Christmas I want to give — to —-. One little girl told me she wanted to give love to her family and we had hugs for mom, candy canes for the elf, etc, but then the last page says, ” I want to give alcohol to my dad.”🤣🤣🤣


My teaching buddy doesn’t work on Wednesdays so I was out of there pretty early. I felt like doing nothing but that won’t get me to South Dakota, so I made myself go out for an easy run. It ended up being 5.26km of easy run and it felt good, though I got extremely wet!


I got a few patterns done on my brother’s scarf at lunch and a few rounds done on my sweater tonight. I saw two pretty yarns on Instagram today. One is called ugly Christmas sweater and I love the speckliness of the red, green and cream, but it’s $30 a skein and it’s worsted so I would need several skeins to make a sweater:(. The other is a matched set of small balls of self fading yarn for socks- such gorgeous colours!!!


After a shower and dinner, I picked up my friend and headed for Costco. For those of you worried, she is one of my people as I’m single. Yet again, I spent way too much at Costco and I didn’t even really buy a lot. I did buy myself a lovely new robe that I am already enjoying. I put a ton of stuff back, including a bread maker. The bread maker had a gluten free setting which the lack of one is the reason my mom ended up with my last bread maker. I am just wondering if I would use it enough to make it worth spending money on. If anyone has an opinion, I’d love to hear it!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was a pretty good day!


It was a pretty productive day! We got the parent gift wrapped and the card made. It feels great to have that done and then I got the student gifts done after school so I’m feeling much calmer. I don’t think there’s anything else I have to get done by Friday .


I did a 5km with Dennis tonight. The best part of the run was that my NoxGear came and it was dark enough on the way home to be necessary.


It was the last night of the trivia tournament tonight.

In the first round:

Who played the Blues Brothers?

John Belushi and Dan Akroyd

What was the Spice Girls movie?

Spice World

What is the first name of The Rock?


Where was Roberto Luongo born?


What country is closest to the North Pole?


Name three countries starting with the letter H?

Haiti, Hungary, Honduras

Spell disingenuous

We won the first round with 50 points!🎊🎉

The music round started out really tough with songs that have “ho” said three times. Needless to say, we didn’t know anything. It was then Christmas songs, Christmas babies ( artists born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day), #1 on Christmas Day, and songs Queen played at Live Aid. The last was probably our best category.

In the Kahoot round we came in second and knew:

What do botanists study?


When did Charlemagne reign?


What bridge doesn’t cross False Creek?


Who didn’t Bradley Cooper kiss?

Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Laurence, Amy Adams

Cameron Diaz

In which country are Cali and Catahenia?


What was the worst NBA team last year?

Golden State Warriors

It was so stressful the last round as we are ten points out of first place.

We knew:

What Friends character has a colour for a last name?


Which social network platform isn’t owned by Facebook?


Where is Big White?


How many provinces border Hudson Bay?


What artist had the most weeks at #1 in the 2010s?


We actually got all but two questions right in the final round, and ended up taking

Overall for the twelve week tournament. I’m happy with that:)

Have fun!


Blogmas Day 3 and Weekend Wrap Up

Today’s question from the amazing Abbey is whether I would want to give up Christmas cookies or hot chocolate?

I know this probably won’t be a popular answer, but I don’t like chocolate so never drink hot chocolate anyways. I wouldn’t miss it! I love the idea of hot chocolate as this special holiday drink, but I wouldn’t get past the first sip. Bring on the Christmas cookies!!!


My weekend started with having to go tell my upstairs neighbor to stop vacuuming at midnight on Friday night. I put up with him being noisy all the time, but I had hit my last nerve when he woke me out of a sound sleep.

Both Saturday and Sunday were quite quiet days. I did a Hallmark workout each day after watching a Hallmark movie.

I ran this morning out on the dykes with Dennis, though we cut it in half because the wind was so bad. 30km/hr winds was just too much for me and I never got a tailwind, just headwinds no matter where I turned:(

I escaped to the knitting store yesterday afternoon after deciding I would do a toque for my sister in law and a scarf for my brother for having me to Christmas dinner.

I have the toque knit up but it seems huge to me. I will have a tall lady with lots of hair try it on at work to see if it’s just huge to me. I am loving the looks of my brother’s scarf and it’s so soft because it has alpaca in it!

Well I’m going back to my book.

Have fun!