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sunshine blogger award

Thanks to  Lex and Leek for the nomination! If you haven’t checked out this blog, you definitely should!!

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Answers to Lex and Leek’s Questions:

  1. Who inspires you the most?  Wow a tough first question!  I think personally my mom inspires me a lot as she just takes what life hands her and does her best and manages to never complain!  I’m also in awe of my friend Lyndsay who inspires me to get out there and do my best with everything:)
  2. Where was the furthest place from home that you have ever traveled to?  The furthest I have been from home is probably Montreal (without checking Google maps to find out for sure).
  3. Which blogpost gave you the most pleasure to write? I reviewed my Summer Bucket list and loved doing that post as it proved to me that I had done a lot with my summer and I loved reliving the moments.
  4. Why did you start blogging?  I started blogging so I could keep track of my knitting, reading, baking and running in one place.
  5. Do  you have any social media accounts and what are they? I have Facebook to keep track of my family and I have instagram to post pictures:)
  6. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?  Oh there are way too many to list! I rarely get through a day without an embarrassing moment happening:(
  7. What is your favorite dish?  I love seafood pizza!
  8. If you could ask a famous person in history a question, what would that be? Hmm for being a history major, my brain is seriously blank!  I think I would ask Queen Victoria what the best part of being a ruler was as she ruled during a time when there weren’t a lot of women in power, so I’m curious what her perspective would be.
  9. What did you do on New Years Eve 2018? I hung out with my parents.
  10. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes I do:)

Our Nominees:

  1. Anyone who wants to take the challenge of answering the above questions:)

Have fun!




Tagged: Give Thanks for All the Great Reads

First, I have to thank Abbey who created this tag and tagged me. She is a super creative woman and if you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should!

I am horrible at tags, so please forgive me, but I did want to support Abbey’s new tag:)


  • make sure to tag me as the creator (because I want to see everyone’s answers and make my TBR even longer…) Abbey @ Three Cats and a Girl
  • make sure to tag the lovely blogger who tagged you (because they also love lengthening their TBR)
  • Give something that you are thankful for this year at the end of the post!
  • tag as many or as few bloggers as you like!

You Turkey! ~ a book that made you laugh

The Allure of Julian Lefray had some laugh out loud moments that I enjoyed:)

I’m Stuffed ~ a book that completely satisfied you

Can’t Forget You – I am always impatient to read the next books in series I have started and so was super happy to finally get this one and find out what happened with the next couple.

Pumpkin Pie ~ the book you are looking forward to reading next

The Alice Network. A colleague at work loaned it to me and I’ve actually heard from two different colleagues that it is amazing!

Go Team! ~ a book where you found yourself really cheering for a certain character

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. I couldn’t help rooting for Stella to overcome her obstacles and show  that jerk at work how amazing she is!

Macy’s Day Parade ~ a book that’s always there waiting on the bookshelf to be read and you know you’ll get to it eventually

The Gardens of Jane Austen is waiting for me:)

Traditions ~ a book you could/do reread every year because it’s so dang good

Persuasion by Jane Austen. I love this book, maybe even more than Pride and Prejudice!

I’m Thankful For ~ a book that really helped you in life

Again, it’s Persuasion because it is definitely a lesson I need in my life. I find it very difficult to make decisions and it is way too easy to be persuaded by people in my life. I’m working on it though!

Thanks Abbey for the tag. If anyone wants to try this new tag out, please go for it as I’d love to read your responses:)

Have fun!


Out and About

It was a day opposite of yesterday!


I had a horrible run this morning, right from the start. Nothing hurt, nothing went wrong, I just didn’t seem to have any “go”. Dennis was super sweet and stayed with me as I ran from kilometer marker to marker, with walk breaks at the markers. I ended up doing 11km, but it was incredibly slow and painful. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the flu shot I got on Thursday night or if it was just an off day?

Thankfully it was even more gorgeous than this with the fall colours, but I didn’t take a picture:(

Of course when I finally hit the parking lot, I shut my app off 2:40 short of the Squad Runner mission. The woman almost hitting me with her car as I was walking is my excuse for this stupidity. I ended up walking around the block of stores later in the afternoon to make up that extra time.

This evening I went out and did the 4km Monday mission, but I was smart and just walked it!


I grabbed groceries on the way home from my run, but then picked up my mom for some much more interesting shopping. We hit the local mall and I got the makeup I needed to replace along with a new duvet cover! I’ve had my duvet cover for ten years so I figured it was time for a new one! I’m just amazed I found one so quickly as it usually takes me forever to make a decision!

We then carried onto the fabric store where I got fabric to finish the back of my rug so I can get that put up in my classroom.

We then hit the last six furniture stores on that road. I liked the furniture at Ashley furniture and the salesman at Moe’s was super cute. Those are the only two places I would bother going back to though!


I came home to get my food made for the week. I must have been craving veggies as I have made up chicken Caesar salad for lunches this week, roasted pumpkin seeds for snack and taco salad for dinners. I can’t wait to eat this week!


I’ve been on the couch reading my newest NetGalley book this evening. I’ve decided I’m not allowed going to the library until I get my home book situation under control!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!



The weather has been a prankster here lately, but nothing like back East!


Thankfully I heard from my mom first thing this morning as she is in Ottawa where two tornados touched down last night. This is not something we deal with out here so I was worried. I don’t think they’ll ever forget this trip!

I looked out the window and people weren’t using umbrellas or windshield wipers so I decided to try my run in first thing. I got dressed, went downstairs, and open d the door to torrential rain. T poured the entire forty minutes I was out there. This afternoon, of course, there is beautiful sunshine🙄

It was interesting on my run this morning because I hit the stop button by accident at the furthest point on my run so it got broken into two separate runs. I was 15 seconds faster per kilometer coming home than I was going out. I wonder if I run faster than I think and just can’t overcome my slow start?


I am working away on my top that I started last night. I am onto the third skein of yarn and the torso. So far it’s going well, but I’m wondering if I’ll want to line it.


I decided that since I was staying in today, it was a good day to get my food intake back on track. I don’t eat unhealthily, just too much. I’ve had a half a banana and peanut butter, an omelette, pesto pasta with chicken and corn and a mini blueberry bar.


I really wanted to make blueberry granola bars, but I didn’t want yummy baked goods in the house today, so I stuck with getting my chicken carcass boiled down into chicken broth. Not much, but at least something.


I finished my NetGalley book, The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan today.

This book is about the McBride sisters. The oldest Hannah is a very smart and serious business woman. Beth, the middle daughter, a former PR woman and the perfect mother. The youngest sister is Posy who has stayed at home in the Scottish Highlands, helping to run the family cafe. The story tells of how three very different women support and love each other.

This is not the typical Sarah Morgan romance novel and I have to admit it took 20% of the book for me to get into it, but then I was hooked and read it in a day! At first I found the characters annoying, but then I realized they were realistic! These women, all in different ways, make assumptions that lead them down the wrong path and let poor communication rule their lives at time and I realize that 99% of the population does this too.

I loved how the characters are flawed and annoying and interesting. I like how it takes time for them to get things and deal with them.

The book’s plot is lovely as there is some mystery to it and a couple of plot twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

This book gives hope in humanity and family and our ability as people to learn from our mistakes and grow, and that makes it an awesome Christmas holiday read. The satisfying HEA doesn’t hurt either!

Thank you to NetGalley, Sarah Morgan and the publisher for the free book in exchange for an honest review.

This day has not been extremely exciting, but it is what I needed. I definitely feel more relaxed now than I did this morning.

Have fun!


Quite a Day

Wow! All I want is for my eyes to shut after this day!🤣


The day started very early with driving my parents and aunt and uncle to the airport. I picked them up about 6am, but of course I was up several times before then to make sure I hadn’t overslept🙄

Thankfully the drive went smoothly, they got there and I got back for work in plenty of time, though not in the same condition 🤣

I stopped at my parent’s place to grab the food that needed to be cleaned out of the fridge, and I also grabbed the instant pot😜, but then my water bottle rolled to the middle under my car. It was an expensive Swell bottle so I didn’t want to leave it there, therefore, I had to lay down on the ground to get it. There went bring neat and tidy for the first day of school!


It was an interesting day! With a new principal and a new secretary (has never been an elementary secretary before), and a rascally computer system, it definitely wasn’t the smoothest or most organized first day of school! I’m keeping an open mind though and will just do my best to do my job!

It was great to see my students and I got lots of hugs:). We shared about the best and worst of our holidays or what they were most and least looking forward to. That half hour was awesome as I sure did miss “my kids” this summer!

I am sure it will be the last time that my classroom looks this neat!

L, my co-teacher and I spent time planning and prepping this week, but didn’t really feel like we could move forward as our organization may need to change ☹️😞ugh!


I ran out of school right away to get to my massage appointment. It was pretty painful after missing a month, but N did work on my arm a bit and it felt better:)

The massage did mean that there was no exercise for me today! I hope I do better tomorrow!


I thought I would be showing off my completed rug today, but it was weird! I had a colleague call and talk to me for 45 minutes! It’s strange because we are not particularly close. Oh well, just know I am really close to being done!


I know that Linda really wants to know how I did on my summer bucket list and I will try to write that on my lunch tomorrow. Sorry Linda, I had planned to include it in this post, but I really do need to shut my eyes!

Have fun!


Off Again

Yesterday morning I threw my freshly washed clothes back into my bag and headed out the door once again. This time I was with my friend Brenda and heading to visit our running buddies who moved earlier this year.

It was a smooth trip with no problems. We even got an awesome spot on the ferry so a just sat in the car and knitted.9868B1FC-6B53-4819-AB57-332FF89B23E2.jpeg

We thankfully had great directions and found their house without incident. It is such a cute little place!


The rest of the day was spent talking and catching up over an awesome meal of salmon, carrots, salad and fresh fruit for dessert.

This couple has a dog so the evening ended with a lovely walk along the water.

As you can tell we still have horrible smoke here from the wildfires, but supposedly it will clear out tomorrow.🤞🏻

Well I’’ off to see wheat adventures today brings:)

Have fun!


Back and Forth

Today was an interesting day!


I started the day with a walk with A and Moiya the puppy. It was a lovely walk:)

That’s unfortunately the only exercise I’ve had.


I called first thing this morning to get an appt with my doctor. I was able to get one for this afternoon so I went back home for that. Unfortunately, I forgot my keys on the boat:(.

It turned out the doctor sent me for x rays but thinks I have pulled the ligament that runs the entire length of the ulna bone in my arm. I’m happy to hear it’s probably not broken (I’ll get confirmation tomorrow), but unfortunately the recovery time is double what it would be for a break:(. At least I don’t have to do much more than don’t do anything stupid!

My house was super hot so I decided to come back to the boat for another night.

Small World:

My dad had given a fellow boater a ride to the dock this morning and this evening he picked him up again. My dad is a social butterfly and so brought him back for a drink. It turns out his best friend was babysat by my mom and his brother was my dad’s friend.

I’ve just learned that you never say a word to anyone as it will turn out they’re someone you know!

I’m off to enjoy my book.

Have fun!


Liebster Award #2

Thanks to Baking Thad for nominating me for this award. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do it again, but he has different questions, so I suppose it won’t hurt. I’ll still do my regular post later, but here goes!

First off, you should definitely visit Thad on his blog if you haven’t already as he always has really cool thoughts on a variety of books!


You can read the rules at the Global Aussie here, but let’s get these questions answered!


What’s the worst book you’ve ever read?

The worst book I’ve ever read was probably You by Caroline Kepnes. I’m sure it was well written, it just wasn’t my taste.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

I think there are just too many! I loved A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.  I also love Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  It really depends on my mood.

What’s your earliest memory?

It’s weird, but I don’t know if I remember or have just been told about things so many times that I think I remember them!  One of the clearest memories from my childhood is when I was on a trolley and my big brother was holding onto me. I said I wanted to get down and he said, “ok”. I let go and fell over him and hit the ground and cracked my elbow. I remember my mom being all calm and saying it was fine and then in the middle of the night she woke me up and took me to the hospital.  When we got there, she knew the doctor in the ER- he was an old boyfriend.

Cats or Dogs?

Definitely dogs! I like cats, but I can’t resist how happy dogs are and the fact you can take them for a run with you ( well except for the dog I dogsat).

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve actually wanted to be a teacher ever since I was eight years old! My mom told me to save my money and I did,LOL!

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to concentrate on the positive and I wanted to keep track of so many different aspects of my life that I figured it was either blogging or a leaning tower of notebooks on my bedside table!

If you’re not blogging what are you doing?

Reading, knitting, running, teaching, working out. Yup that about sums up my entire life!

Tea or Coffee?

Tea! Coffee might make me short! LOL My grandma told me this as a child and by the time I figured out it wasn’t going to make any difference it was too late to become addicted.

What’s your dream holiday?

My dream holiday is one where I have enough time that I get to see everything I want to see in a place without having to break land speed records! I want to be able to eat great food, see all the major landmarks, run the side streets, check out the cool architecture and of course, do reconaissance on any great book or knitting stores.

What’s the last record/album/mp3 you bought?

I seriously can’t remember what the song was, but I know that it was two summers ago because I was rewarding myself for losing weight by buying a new song off Itunes for each pound.


I like these questions and will say that I nominate anyone who wants to take a crack at answering them.


Have fun!


The Liebster Award 2018

Ok another special post as I was nominated for this award a few days ago.   I always have to wait until I have access to a computer before I do these posts. My regular daily post will be up later:)

Thank you to Penchantress for nominating me.  She is new to WordPress and has only been with us since December, so lets support a new blogger and go check out her blog!unnamed


Acknowledge the blog who nominated you.

Answer the 11 questions your nominator asked.

Nominate 11 other bloggers.

Ask them 11 questions.

Let them know you have nominated them.


What is your native language?

Though I took French all the way through school, I would honestly say that I only speak English well.  I had to attend speech therapy when I was a kid to even be able to speak English, so this was enough for me to learn. I wish I was the kind of person who picked  up languages easily!

What according to you is an ideal personality? 

I think humor and positivity are  the most important things in a personality to me.  I feel like most other things depend on the situation.

Writing in a diary Or typing words in MS Word- which one do you prefer?

I am not a big writer which is why I keep a blog to keep track of my life so definitely computer.  I write myself lots of notes every day, but then unfortunately, I can never remember where I put them:(

Who is your favourite author and why?

Oh gosh, this one is impossible for me to answer. I was an “Anne Freak” my entire childhood so I would have said LM Montgomery then, but now, it depends what I need at the time as to which author I enjoy.

How important do you think is reading?

LOL even my students can tell you that reading is everything to me. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day where I have read nothing. I actually can’t even imagine that! I’m of the belief that if you can read, you’ll be successful because you can teach yourself anything else you need to know.  My love of reading is one of the reasons I love teaching grade one because I get to introduce my students to reading!

If  you were to write a biography of someone, whose would it be?

I would write a biography of

Which movie/series can you watch over and over without getting bored of it?

Hmmm I have watched the Anne of Green Gables movies a lot, as well, I seem to have  a penchant for watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version a lot).  Amazingly, movies are my escape, so even the Hallmark ones work for me. I don’t ever just sit and watch, I’m usually knitting or doing something else at the same time.

Given a chance to do something for the society, what would you do?

I would make sure that everyone could read!

Do you believe in the saying- “The Best things in life are free” ? 

Yes I do because they don’t charge for love and they don’t charge at the library for books and you can run on the street for free:)

What inspired you to start blogging?

I just wanted a place where I could keep track of the knitting, reading, crafting, exercising, running, baking, cooking and successful teaching I do and where I wouldn’t lose the notes!  I also wanted to make an effort to concentrate on the good things in life and realize how many wonderful small things happen every day!

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as a teacher who cared.


As usual, I don’t want to put anyone on the spot, so if the following questions are of interest to you, please answer them!

Questions to Answer: (sorry they are a mishmash)

  1. How do you keep up on reading and commenting on blogs?
  2. Are you an inside person or an outside person?
  3. If you had a day with absolutely no obligations, what would you do?
  4. What makes a good blog?
  5. How do you decide what to write about on your blog?
  6. Who is your favourite actor and why?
  7. If you could become anyone, past or present, for a day, who would you become?
  8. Do you follow blogs that you can’t read?
  9. How did you decide/fall into on your career?
  10. Is reading or writing more important?
  11. What inspires you to keep blogging?

TAG: Amazon’s “100 Books To Read In A Lifetime” Tag

My regular daily recap will be up tonight, but I got tagged for this and wanted to get to it while I had a computer:) 

(Image credit:

Thank you to Noriko for tagging me.  If you haven’t discovered Noriko yet and you love to read, I highly recommend her blog! She writes amazing book reviews that are fair and interesting. She often makes me read books I never thought I would want to!  So go check her out!

This seems to me a very cool tag that could lead to some great reading!  “Amazon’s 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” Tag 🙂


  1. Include the link to Amazon’s List
  2. Tag the creator of the meme (Perfectly Tolerable)
  3. Tag and thank the Person that tagged you
  4. Copy the list below and indicate which ones you have read
  5. Tally up your total
  6. Comment on the post you were tagged in and let them know how many you read
  7. Tag 5 new people! (And comment on one of their posts to let them know you tagged them)

Ok let’s see how literary I really am:)

100 Books To Read In a Lifetime List

Title Author Read?
1984 George Orwell  Yes
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Dave Eggers
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier Ishmael Beah
The Bad Beginning Lemony Snicket  Yes
A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle  Yes
Selected Stories, 1968-1994 Alice Munro
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll  Yes
All the President’s Men Bob Woodward
Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir Frank McCourt
Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Judy Blume  Yes
Bel Canto Ann Patchett
Beloved Toni Morrison
Born to Run Christopher McDougall
Breath, Eyes, Memory Edwidge Danticat
Catch-22 Joseph Heller
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl  Yes
Charlotte’s Web E. B White  Yes
Cutting for Stone Abraham Verghese  Yes
Daring Greatly Brené Brown
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney  Yes
Dune Frank Herbert
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury  Yes
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson
Gone Girl Gillian Flynn
Goodnight Moon Margaret Wise Brow
Great Expectations Charles Dickens  Yes
Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond Ph.D.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone J.K. Rowling  Yes
In Cold Blood Truman Capote
Interpreter of Maladies Jhumpa Lahiri
Invisible Man Ralph Ellison  Yes
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth Chris Ware
Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain
Life After Life Kate Atkinson
Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder  Yes
Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Love Medicine Louise Erdrich
Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor E. Frankl
Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris
Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides
Midnight’s Children Salman Rushdie
Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game Michael Lewis
Of Human Bondage W. Somerset Maugham
On the Road Jack Kerouac
Out of Africa Isak Dinesen
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood Marjane Satrapi
Portnoy’s Complaint Philip Roth
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen  Yes
Silent Spring Rachel Carson
Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut
Team of Rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin
The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Michael Chabon
The Autobiography of Malcolm X Malcolm X
The Book Thief Markus Zusak  Yes
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Díaz
The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger  Yes
The Color of Water James McBride
The Corrections Jonathan Franzen
The Devil in the White City Erik Larson
The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank  Yes
The Fault in Our Stars John Green
The Giver Lois Lowry  Yes
The Golden Compass Philip Pullman
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald  Yes
The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood  Yes
The House at Pooh Corner A. Milne  Yes
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot
The Liars’ Club Mary Karr
The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry  Yes
The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler
The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 Lawrence Wright
The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien  Yes
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Oliver Sacks
The Omnivore’s Dilemma Michael Pollan  Yes
The Phantom Tollbooth Norton Juster
The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
The Power Broker Robert A. Caro
The Right Stuff Tom Wolfe
The Road Cormac McCarthy
The Secret History Donna Tartt
The Shining Stephen King
The Stranger Albert Camus
The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway
The Things They Carried Tim O’Brien
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle  Yes
The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame  Yes
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami
The World According to Garp John Irving
The Year of Magical Thinking Joan Didion
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Yes
Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand
Valley of the Dolls Jacqueline Susann
Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein  Yes
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak  Yes

Ok thirty books – I definitely have some reading to do!  Oh my, this list is going to expand my TBR:(

I Tag anyone who wants to give it a shot and see how they do on this list:)