I was nervous and dreading it all day and it turned out better than expected. I really should learn not to worry!


I picked up stitches for my sweater before I headed off to work today and it went better than it ever has before! I came home to the realization that I probably had too many stitches on, but I’m going with it!

Oh I wore my temperature cowl to work today and had tons of compliments, even from my students!


Today was another day of coming and going, but I was calmer about it as I just had printing and journals planned. I also think I’ve come up with a way to make Friday journals new and fun, so we’ll see if it works this Friday.

This afternoon we tackled a lift the flap book about where penguins live. The children did pretty good! It definitely tested their scissor skills!


Tonight was the second session of my Battlefit class. I had been dreading it all day and really didn’t want to go and probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t meeting Corri! It wasn’t so bad, way better than last week!!

I didn’t love the warm up where we were doing drills across the gym. It was too much like gym class as a kid when I was always last:(. What can I say, I have really short legs and everything takes longer!

Then we did single arm kettle bell swings and around the body passes.

Our first workout was 30 seconds of each: Around the body clockwise, around the body counterclockwise, goblet squats, left single arm swings, right single arm swings and then alternating single arm swings. We did this three times through.

We then had a second workout- which had four parts. It wasn’t so bad, though I don’t like wall balls cause the balls are way too big for me! This last workout had step ups/ sprints, walking lunges/ pushups, wall balls/ kettle swings, 1/2 kneeling shoulder press/ Russian twists.

The worst part of tonight’s class was that one of my students sat outside and watched me for most of it! Just what I want to do- workout with an audience😖

Well I’m home and on my couch with my knitting and Hallmark movie so all is right in my world:)

Have fun!




It was quite a nice day with a surprise:)


We were out on the dykes for the run this morning. Yesterday I had been thinking I’d go as far as the marina, but this morning I really didn’t think I’d make it that far (about 7km roundtrip), but surprise surprise, I did. I didn’t push the pace and wasn’t as fast as I would have liked, but I did it comfortably. It’s been nice to have a couple of runs in a row that have felt good!

I got out for a walk this afternoon to take care of the Monday Squad Runner mission and I managed a 1:20 plank and my 200 squats. A pretty successful exercising day!


I didn’t plan to spend the day in the kitchen again? But surprise, surprise, I did.

My friend was just told she had to go gluten free and dairy free, but she was craving chocolate chip cookies. I decided to test a new recipe before sending it to her to make sure it was good

I tried the recipe from Minimalist Baker and was super impressed! They were easy to make and quick, though they did require a half hour of chilling. They tasted good right from the oven and a few hours later. I’d definitely recommend this recipe!

I also had coconut milk left over from my mac n cheese yesterday, and instead of making hot chocolate with it, Sarah suggested a curry. I had a few veggies left over so decided to make the creamy vegetable curry from Oh She Glows. I have to admit Oh She Glows and Minimalist Baker are two of my go-to resources for gf/df recipes. You need to have all the ingredients recipe as the process goes super quick. I have done this before with the cashew cream it calls for, but it was just as good with the coconut milk too!

I really felt like I was cooking as I even made my own curry from this Minimalist Baker recipe.

All in all, a successful cooking day. Amazingly it was a successful eating day too as I managed to restrain myself and got the cookies into the freezer quickly. I have also frozen a bit of the curry to see how it turns out.


While I was out walking, I got a surprise text from my friend Lyndsay wondering if I wanted to go for an early dinner at the Green Mustache. I wasn’t super hungry so I had the powerfoods hot chocolate. It tasted good, but I have to admit that while their food and desserts have been amazing, I find their drinks a little powdery. Maybe putting them through a bit milk bag would help.

I do love having a friend who lives close and likes to do the same things I do!


After a nap, I went back to my knitting. I am down the front of the new sweater and am on the back, and hopefully by tonight I will be starting the sleeves. Sometimes it’s a really good thing to be small!

Surprise, surprise, I finished my temperature cowl today! I’ve gotten tired of having it hanging over my head, so I finished it. I really wasn’t thinking I’d like it, but I think I do😳. I’m going to wear it tomorrow to work, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

I don’t love the joins at the day breaks, but I did like how it ended up going in bands.

The yarn is Sweet Georgia sock yarn mini skeins.

Well, I’m back to the sweater now that I have my clothes ready and all my food prepped.

Have fun!


Two Good, One Ugh

It was a nice kitchen day for me today:)


I slept in this morning, but still made it for my run with Sarah and Kula.

We went a slightly different route today which seemed even hillier than normal, but somehow my run app says we were faster than we have been. We don’t believe it, but we’ll take it:)

I also got out for an hour walk this afternoon just because it was so beautiful and sunny, and I did a plank and 200 squats.


I got another row of ends sewn into the temperature cowl, only two to go and I’ll share a picture. It seems like a weird size so I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it:(

I also made good progress on my sweater and am up to the placket.

I am wondering about being a test knitter. Has anyone ever done this? Have an opinion about it? Want to share their experience?


I got into the kitchen today:). It started with this Vegan Mac ‘n cheese recipe that a parent shared with me. I made it up and divided it out for lunches this week. I had some for lunch today and it was super yummy!

After my walk I got busy and made these peanut butter protein balls. They were super easy, super fast and super yummy!!!

Earlier this week a new EA at work brought energy balls in. They were gluten free and dairy free, but tasted quite disgusting so I kind of felt like I needed to make some to redeem the gf/df food rep around school!🤪

I will definitely be adding both of these recipes to my recipes completed page as I would make both again!


Finally tonight was soup night! Every few months I get together with women I run with for something non running related (or water related) and tonight it was for soup. We had an amazing lemon chicken rice soup that was super lemony and so good!! I’ve asked for the recipe so I will share it when I get it. We also had borscht which was yummy too. I had made this vegan cream of mushroom soup. This is the second time I have tried it and I haven’t been super happy with it either time:( It definitely won’t be going on the recipe list!

Aside from my soup, the night was a lot of fun! I’m lucky to have the running buddies I have- not only do they run with me, but they also give me a social life:)

I’m exhausted now though!

Have fun!



I was so happy to hop out of bed this morning and realize it was Friday:)


The day was pretty good and the students definitely enjoyed that there were lots of games involved. We did our Friday journals, but I really need to come up with a new twist to freshen this idea up and make it exciting again! We played sight word go fish after that.

In gym today my students are loving the beep test. There is a free app called BT Lite. It definitely gets the kids running and was a highlight in the journals this week.

Math was all place value games. For the past few weeks I’ve been missing games that my co-teacher has. Today I looked over at a shelf and there was a box labeled math. I’m not sure how I missed that? We played three different games, including the I Have Who Has from yesterday!

This afternoon we had buddies and I started doing a book club with our top readers. We’ll be reading Freckle Juice and I think the kids are going to love it!


I escaped work quickly and headed home to have dinner. I still went out too quickly! My stomach was definitely not happy running, but I got my usual Park route done.

It was cool that I got an email today telling me how my year of running was last year.

I only managed a one minute plank this evening as my forearm still that’s sore:( I did however do my 200 squats. I hope this all stars paying off soon!


I really wanted to bake or cook tonight but instead knitted as I’ll be doing lots of kitchen stuff tomorrow. I had meant to go grocery shopping tonight, but I put my jammies on when I got home from my run🤣

I got another row of ends sewn in and only have three rows left. I’ve also made progress on the stockinette body of my sweater. We’ll see if I go crazy before I get all this stockinette done!

Ok that’s it for me!

Have fun!



My day went okay, but this afternoon felt like absolute chaos!


I should have known it was going to be quite the day when we didn’t even get in the door this morning before there was conflict between two students. We learned how to politely disengage from a conversation because saying “you’re annoying” isn’t the answer.🤪

This morning we tackled both phonics and printing. I’m hoping the deliberate teaching of magic e will help those children who haven’t picked it up yet, but we shall see. We also tackled printing e. I have to remember not to do both of these in one day as it’s just too much!

Math was crazy as I had an I Have, Who Has game that we tried three times and it didn’t work once. I like when the first card is in some way indicated, but this one didn’t have that and it had two “27”s. That is so not helpful! I think I’ve got it figured out now and we will give it another try tomorrow.

This afternoon we took a double block to do art, but we were still trying to do too much:( It’s not done and felt way too rushed!

Actually that is probably what was wrong all day, trying to do too much so everything was rushed:(


After finishing planning and prepping for next week, I came home, had dinner and headed out for a run. I didn’t even need the run for my Squad Runner mission, but went anyways just because I’m trying to exercise each day. I’m pretty happy with myself for doing this! I just ran the route to the park, though I have added in the loop by the library to make it slightly longer. This was the first run this year where I have managed an average pace below 7min/km. Hopefully I am getting back to normal! It was a great run though as I got to that point where I wasn’t thinking about running, but was just taking in the world around me and the running felt easy.

As I was running I was thinking that my community is maybe a little different from others. On a dark, rainy, cold night I still came across 22 walkers, 2 other runners, and 2 cyclists. I have to admit I sometimes hope for downpours just so I have the sidewalk less crowded🤣

I also got my 200 squats and a 1:25 plank done:)

I took Maureen’s advice and had an Epsom salts bath once I was done my stretching.

The stretching routine I have been following lately. I hold each stretch for 90 seconds. It’s good, but I do really need a massage!


I forced myself to do another row of ends in my temperature cowl. We are down to four more rows of ends to do. I am aiming to be done by the end of January!

I also finally figured out the sweater from last night and managed to get the bottom border down and have started on the never ending stockinette in the round.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you all my exciting knitting news last night. My knitting friend Brenda has to go for tests at a local hospital and as she was there early she stopped into the gift shop and was chatting with the woman in there. They are looking for knitters!!!!! I am so happy to have somewhere to donate the knitting I do that I don’t want to keep! I had tried two other hospitals, but never got any response. This definitely made my day:)


I am still reading the Hallmark book for NetGalley. It does feel sort of like a war trying to get through it:(

However, I have gotten back to listening to LibriVox as I am seeing ends in and am making good progress on listening to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Well, that’s it for me tonight. Happy Friday Eve!

Have fun!


Try, Try, Try Again

I seem to have to take multiple stabs at everything today🙄


The new system for helping or struggling readers is an awesome idea, except I had to teach my morning lesson three times as kids were coming and going at different times:(. I don’t really want to say, don’t bother doing this, but there isn’t much that comes without a lesson🤔

We had an assembly today that wasn’t particularly amazing, but took up a half hour:)

This afternoon my students thought they were in heaven as they had silent reading, then centers and then outside playtime. Not a whole lot of learning going on today! I thought I’d have extra time to work with a couple of students during centers but spent the entire time dealing with sorting and separating the barbies into “fair” centres🙄


After school we had bootcamp with L. I have to admit it wasn’t my best bootcamp as my legs are still tight from what I’ve already done this week. We had to move to the music room as our principal scheduled the gym for an after school club, but we made it work. It’s just not as much fun without the sound system. We did: medicine ball burpees/iso squat with a front medicine ball raise, bench lunges, bench toe taps/rows, jumping jack to plank jack/reverse mountain climber, side plank with leg raise, inside foot touch/ upright row to lateral extension, frogger jumps/ mountain climbers, banded side steps to jump/ front plank. Hopefully it was enough to keep the muscle building!


After walking home and quickly getting my house tidied and grabbing some dinner, I had Knit night with a friend. I managed to sew in some more ends on the temperature cowl. I have five sections of ends still to do.

I also started my next sweater three times. This pattern is from a book, but my gauge must be way off as it calls for 150 stitches which is about 50 more than I need. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it yet:(

Well I’m as exhausted as ever, so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Switched Around

Well today didn’t go as planned, as usual🤣


Well we tackled our “during reading ” strategies of skip and reread and whether it makes sense. The children did surprisingly well at this first activity. We’ll see how they do on the next two.

We did more place value and learned about penguins. It was amazing that we learned seven facts about penguins just from a poem.


I was supposed to be going to run clinic tonight, but my friend called that she had a dog emergency, so I switched and did my run right after school. It was awesome as I got to go out in daylight!

It wasn’t busy and was a lovely half hour run to get the legs moving. My calves are a little sore today as is my rear end🤪

I also got a 1:20 plank and 200 squats done this evening.


I ended up having a date this evening which was unexpected. It was either tonight or not for a month as he is off to Thailand for a month holiday. I get jealous of people who get to take holidays when they want to (and when it’s cheaper). The date went pretty well. He’s an RCMP officer, originally from back East and he was easy to talk to. We’ll see if he remembers me after a month of Thai beaches 🤣


I finished my latest scarf last night! I am super happy as I was not really enjoying this project. It’s short so I may need to make it into a cowl.

It is the Ribbon Rib Scarf which is free on Ravelry. It took skeins out of my stash (yay), but I don’t remember what the yarn is. The pattern was easy and didn’t take a lot of thought so would be a great TV project.

Well I’m ready for bed!

Have fun!



Wow that was harder than I was expecting!


Today was crazy as it was the first day of our new student services schedule. They are taking all children who were approaching expectations in reading and giving them intense intervention this term. I love the idea of early intervention, but it’s only going to work if it’s consistent and that is definitely not a strength of our student services! Fingers crossed it works!

We also tackled place value again and did a mini book about penguins. All in all, a pretty good day, but I was definitely tired!


I got out right after school to do the crunch with my friend L. Usually I do all five parts once, but she just does the stairs multiple times. We ran over and down and up the original stairs and then the new stairs and then ran back to the school. I feel somewhat bad that I am slowing her down, but she’s the one who invited me, so I’m not going to worry about it. I did enjoy it as it was a gorgeous, sunny day:)

The first set of stairs has 437 and the second 459 so I definitely got a workout!

This evening I had my first Battlefit class with my friend Corri. It was nothing like what I was expecting! It made me feel incredibly out of shape:(. We had to do 3 laps of the gym, dynamic stretching, 3 more laps of the gym. Then we did kettlebell swings. We then had to do a WOD (workout of the day) that was just burpees and kettlebell swings. We started at 5 burpees and 30 swings and burpees increased by 5 and swings decreased by 5. I was mad at myself for not finishing in the time given:(. We then learned to do wall balls and had to partner up. One partner went and ran a lap of the indoor track while the other did wallballs and then we switched. This was done 3 times. It was at this point that my legs started shaking. The final sequence for the night was 20 lunges, 20 stop rows, 20 plank shoulder taps and 100 skips. I did this sequence twice. We then got to foam roll, oh yeah😖🙄

This was quite the workout!!!

I am just home now drinking tea and going to tackle the scarf again.

Have fun!


Not Quite

I was delaying writing this evening in the hopes I would be done my knitting project, but it’s not going to happen.


My alarm didn’t go off this morning so it was an all-our sprint to get to my morning run in time. I did 46 minutes around a local lake. It still feels much harder than it should and I’m slower than I was, but I’ll get there and that’s another 5.8km added to the yearly total.

I also got out for a walk this afternoon. We have had beautiful sunshine here today and I love it, but I don’t love how busy it makes the local trails! Maybe we could get some rain so I’ll get some space out there.

I also did my 200 squats and a 1:35 plank. I am thinking that for February I should probably add a resistance band for the squats, but we’ll see.


My cooking today was my own creation using the rice, chicken, peas, carrots and vegan cheese sauce. It was enough for lunches for the week and two more for the freezer. I also got my chicken boiled down. Now I just have to figure out what to make with it.


I’ve been working on a new NetGalley book, but am not making fast progress. I might just have to find a book by one of my usual authors to get rid of this reading block I’m having!


I did some more sewing of ends on my temperature scarf and I have made some progress on my current scarf. It definitely isn’t a fast moving knit though!

I’m going to go persevere on the scarf!

Have fun!


Old Friends

A nice day with only a few commitments.


I met up with my friend Sarah this morning for a trail run in a local park. We always just follow her dog Kula and he must have taken us further over than usual. We had no idea where we were but ended up in the usual spot so all was good:) we ended up with a nice 3.5km run to start off the weekend:)

I got out for a walk this afternoon though I cut it short because there were just too many people out on the path!

I also did a 1:30 plank and 200 squats so that I wouldn’t have to admit to not doing them🤣

Socializing/ Eating:

I met up with some old high school friends for lunch this afternoon. It was great to catch up. I was feeling bad as another friend has dropped the group completely, but today I came to the realization that it’s not me- it’s her!

We went to Milestones and while it is definitely not my favourite restaurant as a person with allergies, I did manage to have a good seafood salad:)


Yesterday I had a parent in my class send me this recipe for chocolate chip zucchini muffins. I whipped them up this afternoon , they took no time, and they ended up being so delicious! I ate way too many of them, but finally managed to get the rest put into the freezer!


I finished Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase this evening.

This seemed like a different type of book for Samantha Chase. It’s the story of Christian and Sophie who are both in need of a new direction in their lives when they meet each other.

This book seemed much more realistic and serious than previous books by this author. It definitely has you crying, sighing and laughing, though thankfully it does end happily. I appreciated that it was realistic and characters had to deal with big issues. The relationship was still the central focus, but there were a lot of other things happening too.

I also appreciated the timeline of this book. It was not insta-Love and it took a while for the relationship to build. There were also plenty of misunderstandings and arguments. The whole book felt more real than many romance novels so.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this wonderful book!


I have been knitting away on my current scarf, but it’s one of those annoying ones that shows no progress!! I have also finally gotten all the outside ends tied into my temperature cowl. Now I just have to tackle all the ones on the inside🙄

Have fun!