T-19 Hours

I am so close to a holiday, I can almost taste it!


Today was as crazy as ever with trying to tie up loose ends. We had a visit from an operating room nurse this morning that was informative and interesting. I didn’t realize the hospital near me provided so many services!

It was also the wrap up of our community unit today so we had the students dress up as a career. There were some super good ideas- arborist, lacrosse player, vet, dance teacher, hockey player, mom, teacher, coach, etc.

We wrote about the parent visits. I can’t say they was any great writing- mostly just lists of which parents came.

We also did some catch-up before the students took their books home.

After school I had the fun of meeting with eight different parents. The last one showed up out of the blue:(. I survived, but that’s about all I can say about the meetings.


My stomach wasn’t very happy so my run was not great and definitely not as fast as yesterday. I feel like I weigh about a hundred pounds extra right now, so I’m just glad I went and that I’m still on track to make my 100 kilometers this month:)

Knitting/ Reading:

I have discovered a way to read a hard cover while I knit endlessly in the round so it’s been a nice, quiet evening by the fire:)

Have fun!


Finally Wednesday

This week seems to be taking forever though I know it just feels that way because I get to be on holidays at the end of it.


My students came in very productive this morning and got their five pieces of art glued into their scrapbooks first thing. I do love it when the children get independent enough to follow a list on the board:) lol however only five art projects in a term is a dismal failure!

We had a car sales manager come in this morning. It was fine and I definitely learned that Honda doesn’t just make cars, but is an engineering firm.

This afternoon we had a second aren’t come talk who is the head wrestling coach at a university and a former Olympic wrestler himself. I learned so much and he is definitely the best parent presenter we’ve had this year- just so charismatic! He taught the children a wrestling stance and then flipped one of the boys! Unfortunately all of my photos show faces so you’ll just have to take my word for it:)

We finished the day with gymnastics. I am impressed with my class this year as they have started going around and checking the mats and repositioning the hoops once they have their shoes and socks off. I guess they really want to do gymnastics as they aren’t allowed to touch equipment until this has been done and I’ve never asked them to do it. Kids taking initiative is so wonderful! ( and yes I do check everything myself too)


After chatting with some colleagues after school, I headed home for a run. I managed just over 4km and I actually hit a 6:10km. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before! I just hope it wasn’t a mistake!

Such a gorgeous day for a run! I may need to retire the down jacket soon🤣


I finally finished Lunch In Paris by Elizabeth Bard last night. I added this book to my Goodreads TBR in March 2012!

The book was fine. It was about an American woman who meets a French man and ends up moving to Paris and her transition into this culture.

The book was interesting but I found it disjointed and tough to follow. I hadn’t realized eight years had passed until I got to the end of the book and that was stated in the epilogue.

I also found I wasn’t really invested in the characters. I didn’t feel as though I got to know them.

I did like how the book centered around food, but quickly realized the recipes weren’t for me with my food allergies. The parts of the book at the market were some of my favorites.

of course, being done my book meant I headed to the library this evening with my mom. I only came home with 14 books, not bad for me!!🤣

Well I’m leaving you now so I can go read!

Have fun!


Today is Brought to you By the Letters Ch

I just couldn’t stop thinking, how is it only Tuesday?


After a very difficult time getting out of bed, I headed to work. We had a parent come in and talk about his job as a financial analyst with a distribution company- definitely not something the children knew about. It’s a neat job as it requires math skills.

I’m starting to think the children are just into the swag they get🤣

We subtracted zero and the number itself. I’m glad these topics went quickly as it will let me get a little caught up in math. I don’t know how I got so far behind!

Finally this afternoon we had gymnastics which the students did wonderful at and a coding activity. Last week the students had built a community on a grid and today they had to direct the car to get to certain destinations.

It was amazing how engaged they all were and how quickly they caught on. One thing though, we need to take the tape off and draw the grid. We have lots more ideas of where we can take this in third term!


After hibernating during all the recent snow, I had a very social night! It started with a massage where my glutes talked back to me. Then I met my friend for dinner at The Green Mustache. I decided on lemon cheesecake.

My aunt always told me to order what I didn’t get at home. The taste of the cheesecake was excellent, not too heavy and it was a beautiful presentation. I do wish it had been a slightly smoother texture though; I found the cashew was ground up enough for my taste.

We then moved on to trivia at the St James Well. I indulged in chicken wings which didn’t look anything like I was expecting! We think we were about middle of the pack, but it only ever shows the top six teams. For only having three people again, we’re okay with that!

Well I’m home and dead tired so off to sleep.

Have fun!


Another Monday

I was amazed that it wasn’t more difficult to get up this morning, though I definitely missed the daylight:(


We had a policeman come and talk to the class today and another professional engineer who works for hydro. The students were well behaved and had some interesting questions, though they seemed to be super obsessed with bad guys🙄

We got a tiny bit of math done and a Spring Bucket List. I wrote mine while the children wrote theirs.

Spring Bucket List (in no particular order)

Run a half marathon distance

Have naps

Walk on a beach

Go on a road trip

Visit a bookstore

Plant herbs

Check out Maria’s Gelato in Fort Langley

Fly a kite

Clean my closets

See my parents

Get some flowers

Wander around downtown

Replace my plants

Go on a trail run

Spend time with Gus

Ride my bike on the PoCo trail

Have ice cream at Umaluma

Stay in bed and watch movies all day

Visit a new town

Try a new restaurant

Go shopping for new clothes

This should keep my busy for a while🤣


I ran home quick and got out for a short run. It wasn’t as long as I expected but it was much wetter than I was expecting. I guess I should just be happy that it wasn’t the snow they were calling for!

I also got my 200 squats and 100 crunches done:)


I grabbed my mom to keep me company while I went out to try and get gas at Costco again. It was much quicker than yesterday! We wandered around the aisles which I never take the time to do, but I’m really glad I did!

I found this:

It’s probably crazy that I’m so excited about new tupperware🤣. I love that it has lots of 1/2 and 1 cup containers and the containers are marked with smaller amounts too! If it works well next week, I’ll be going back for a second set as that would get me through the whole week:)

I also stopped and got some more baking powder and flour but that’s not very exciting!


I’ve spent the evening knitting endless stockinette in the round and watching Hallmark movies. I watched Walking the Dog. It’s a very cute movie that features gorgeous water scenery and two awesome puppies! Sam Page definitely didn’t hurt the movie too. I liked how the story was realistic and not overly dramatic. The second storyline is also very sweet!

I also watched Country Wedding. Again, Jesse Metcalfe seriously helps this movie. I wonder how Hallmark gets all these gorgeous actors? This is a cute movie, though I’m not as big a fan of the whole Hollywood wedding storyline.

I’m going to need to stock up on movies for Spring Break!

It seems as though my mom won’t be around for my Spring Break, but I’ll be a big girl and get over it. My friends will help as I already have a hockey game midway through the break. I just have to find a few more things to keep me busy:)

Have fun!


Everyone Came Home

It was a day of visiting as not only my parents have come home this week, but also my closest friend:)


This morning I just walked for an hour with Brenda because I realized I had to run this evening. I have kicked myself for this as it would have been a good stretch to run double in a day, especially if I want to try another half marathon distance run! Oh well, I’ll have to keep this goal in mind better!

I did get out for a run this evening and managed 6.5km in gorgeous sunshine. It was a great day for a run and I felt good and strong, yay🎉🎊


After a quick run through the grocery store for some veggies and fruit, I went up to see my friend and her husband and two sons as they just arrived home from six months in Mexico. It was a successful trip as they got lots of family time with members who can’t come to Canada. It sure is nice to have her home though!!!

Kitchen Time:

I did my food prep for today. I made a breakfast trifle with the muffins that kept falling apart last week along with yogurt and berries. I’m excited to have these for breakfast this week. I have apples for recess and a cookie for after school snack. I have discovered I need a little treat or else I go off the deep end at some point. At least now it is planned into the day.

This week I roasted a parsnip, turnip, Onion, eggplant, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, celery, carrots, peppers, and mushrooms with onion, basil, oregano, salt and pepper and mixed in some feta.

I love roasted veggies for lunch and already have a plan for next week- Italian seasoning and hot Italian sausage! It’s a super easy dish to make as you just cut all the veggies, mix with olive oil and seasoning and cook at 350 for 30-45 minutes. It is not a glamorous looking dish, but so yummy.


I am back knitting my sweater that I started last night. I am super happy with it so far and hope that feeling continues. I just noticed the pattern doesn’t have a name so I’m not sure how I’m going to record it on Ravelry.

I ran out this evening to get gas at Costco and the line up was about thirty cars deep! I definitely won’t make that mistake again. Hopefully I can fit it in on Monday or Tuesday night.

Well I definitely need to get some new Hallmark movies as I find myself watching A December Bride tonight. 🙄🤪🤣. It is however taking my mind off my slightly queasy stomach. Everyone around me has the stomach flu so I’m thinking I should be thankful I got the flu shot this year!

Have fun!


Errands with Comapny

I had several things to get done today, but they were all improved by having my mom along for company:)


My running buddy Sarah got to choose the route today and so we did Colony Farms. It’s a flat dyke area that is out in the open so we figured it would have gotten sunshine and be free of ice. It was pretty good and we got a nice half hour run in. Sarah didn’t want to do herself in on her first run after being incredibly sick for the past two weeks. I was just happy to get some more mileage done. I am finally working on March mileage. My mom worked out that I have to run at least 3.68km a day to make my goal of 1200km this year. I hope I can do at least that much. I’m actually thinking that perhaps I should try another half marathon while I’m on holidays, though I haven’t been doing high mileage so we’ll have to see.

I got a weights workout done this evening called Assymmetrical weights. It had three rounds of three different circuits.

A) reverse lunge with single arm press, rows, squat with bicep curl

B) chest press, tricep kickback, plank with alternating leg raise

C) skipping, lateral raise to front raise, sit up.

It was at least something:)


I quickly showered and set off to visit my brother and parents. It was a great way to get rid of the lemon bars and I got hugs from my nephew and fur nephew:)

The were equally enjoyed.


My mom and I continued on to pick up student prizes from the dollar store, cedar rings from Canadian tire to take on the moth problem, cheese and yogurt and knitting needles. A lot of stops, but company made the traffic and jobs bearable:)


My mom and I sprayed my hall closet and had tea to give the product time to work. We then tackled sorting out everything that had come out of the closet. I am pleased to say I got rid of two garbage bags of stuff and my closet looks way better!!!


This morning I was knitting along on my Midnight Rose sweater when I realized it was going to be huge on me:(. I frogged all that hard work. I’ve been finding it very difficult to find patterns that fit me lately:(

This evening I searched Ravelry to no avail, but did finally find a pattern in my Nan books. My mom and I had saved my grandma’s knitting patterns and organized them into binders. I love it when I find patterns there! This is a colour work kids sweater so hopefully it will turn out perfect!


As I knit the ribbing, I have forced myself to listen to Great Expectations on LibriVox. At this point, I just want this book to be over!!!

Well it’s not happening tonight as I’m heading to bed.

Have fun!


Friday At Last

With just a week left of school the days seemed to have slowed down significantly!


Well if nothing else, I got to try out my new Sorel boots on my way to work today:)

They were fabulous and kept me warm all day:)

It definitely didn’t feel like a very productive day today. We had a mom come and talk to the class. She is an animator and it was amazing to learn that it takes 24 pictures to make one second of movement. I don’t want to think about a feature length film!

We had gymnastics and I must remember to put out the yoga cards every time now. I always have the children do different stretches or exercise between stations as I find it stops lineups at equipment from happening, but they were much better at doing them with the cards!

We just didn’t get to much math and this afternoon we worked on our box projects with our big buddies. I also managed to finish reading Freckle Juice with the combined reading group. At least I accomplished that!


I walked home (thankfully on snowless streets) and then quickly over to meet Lyndsay for a workout. We did a session on the treadmill and then three sets of deadly bench decline toe taps, cross overs and power step ups, then bicycle crunches. For not moving much, my legs were spaghetti afterwards. Of course we then did reverse lunges with torso rotation, front raises, plank step outs and scissor leg crunches.

I was obviously a glutton for punishment as tonight I did my 200 squats too. I figured I had already covered 100 crunches in the workout.


I am still making my way through Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. I am enjoying it as it is the story of an American woman who falls in love with a French man and moves to Paris. I have to admit I am just skimming over the recipe pages though.


This year I am trying to participate in the Sally’s Monthly Baking Challenge From Sally’s Baking Addiction that I follow on Instagram. Last month, I took the truffles to work and this month I made the lemon bars tonight. I followed her recipe, but used dairy free and gluten free ingredients. I’m hoping my dad will help to eat them!

Truthfully after tasting them, I think they have too much egg in them and I think I’ll stick with my usual recipe from Joanne Fluke. I did like the excuse to bake though!

Well I’m back to reading!

Have fun!



Well the day started oddly as halfway to school it suddenly started pouring down snow and it stayed that way most of the day at school. However, when I got home there was no snow here. Weird!

The best part of the day is that my parents have arrived in town!!!


We had a professional engineer come and talk to the class today. He brought some of the tools of his trade, though unfortunately he couldn’t get the working traffic light through the snow:(

We had some catch up time, worked on double digit addition, had computers and finally got some silent reading time in. The children were amazed that they got centers two days in a row, but we had a change of plans this afternoon, so it was the simplest solution.


After school we had the kids book club for The Unlikely Story of a Pug in the City. For the most part the children enjoyed it, though I think they like the chips the best!

I’ve been reading Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. It’s good so far, but a very light read.


I ran the long route over to visit my parents and it went pretty well. I swear the only snow is on their block! It was so nice to get a mom and dad hug! Think I’m going to need one each day that they are home!

My run seemed to go slow, but I was still a pretty good pace for me. I was definitely slower on the way home after having sat for an hour!

I’m a little mad at myself for stopping at 6.17km when I needed to do 7km for the squad Runner mission, but I guess it’s just not happening today.

Thankfully I did get my 200 squats in and my 100 crunches.


I really want to make the lemon bars for Sally’s Baking Challenge, but I think it’s too late so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I know my dad will like them so hopefully he’ll eat most of them!

I am back to knitting and reading at the same time. Turns out it’s just as nice to end the day this way as it was to start it:)

What is this?!

I started the day in an awesome way! I figured out how to read a book while knitting the endless stockinette of my sweater. It would only have been improved if I could have continued this all day!


I left for work this morning thinking that it kind of felt like Spring was in the air. It was cold, but more Spring cold than bitter cold. Of course, I walked home in snow, so so much for that thought😫🙄

We had a Body Science presentation first thing this morning. It was fine, but covered a lot that I just don’t think was necessary for six and seven year olds.

After recess we finally got calendar done and some printing. It was so nice and quiet during printing! How do I get that all the time?🤣

Finally this afternoon we had a mom come and talk to us about her job as an occupational therapist. It was super interesting as she brought a lot of the tools and gadgets they use. I also learned a lot, like it started after World War II to help the returning vets and it’s called occupational therapy as they work on things that occupy your time.


After trudging down the hill in snow once again (thankfully I keep a pair of boots at school), I wasn’t going very far from my fireplace. I spent some time working on the endless stockinette of my current sweater. I really hope I like this sweater when it’s done!


I did finally drag myself outside for a short run as the sidewalk was clear. When am I ever going to get to run something different??? My run wasn’t spectacular as I was being careful with my foot placement, but it did get done:)

Since then I have been alternating knitting endless rounds while reading with proofreading my friend’s report cards. She’s doing the same for me and here’s hoping I can hand them in tomorrow!

That’s it for me!

Have fun!


Finally Fun

I have felt like my life has been boring lately with so little happening with all the snow so it was great to go out and do something new and fun tonight:)


For our community unit we always invite parents to come in and talk to the classes about their jobs. I love it when different jobs from the regular doctor, fireman, police man, nurse, etc comes in. Today we had our first parent and he was a senior operations manager who takes care of buildings in downtown. It was very cool and even I learned a lot.

Besides this, we tackled a couple of math games, and drawing pictures of places in the community, which we then taped onto a grid to create a community. We’ll be using this for more activities in the week to come.


I left immediately to come home for the fiber optic cable people and they were late. After fifteen minutes I called and it seemed like they hadn’t even planned on coming. Thankfully they did as my closet contents are strewn across my living room right now.


While they were working I worked on my Midnight Rose sweater. I have completed the bottom colour work and had forgotten how much I enjoy colour work. My very first sweater was stranded colour work in a Scandinavian sweater, but I don’t think I’ve done any since:(. It was a lovely break from rushing around.


As soon as the workmen left, I headed out for my run. I noticed that it was super busy on the trails today! I got a nice half hour run done today, though it was slower, due at least in part to the continued ice on the trail.


After coming home for a quick shower I met my colleague Liane and her friend Cam at a local pub for trivia night. It was a lot of fun and we plan to go back again next week. It was 2.5 hours of four rounds of just plain guessing and good times. We plan to double the size of our team for next week!

Well I need sleep now!

Have fun!