I’m Free!!!

Well it finally got here- Spring Break:)🎊🎉


My students were upset that I didn’t change the shape of the day so we worked off a list on the board. They said I was crazy like this before Christmas break too. I’m just trying to leave with everything done so we come back to a fresh start.

We did manage to get everything done:). This morning the children wrote about what they want to be when they grow up. I didn’t help and it was great to see what they could do on their own. It did make me lower my assessment of one boy’s writing. We also did our scheduled instructional writing. I didn’t get to see many of them as I was helping my lowest boy, but he didn’t do too badly today when I was there to say words slowly.

We got through a lesson on counting back for subtracting. The kids also cleaned their desks a bit when they were done.

I was a little crazy and tried to order skip the dishes as this was all happening. Note to self, only order in on Tuesday’s when I have a prep before lunch and can give it my full attention!

This afternoon we had flashlight friday reading and I finally got to my Friday reading group. They’ve been so upset that we’ve missed reading group! They did a great job today though:)

We finished the day by getting our community put up on the wall. Each child did a video explaining what they had built.

We will probably get in trouble and have to take this down, but I love how kid art looks! Some are better than others, but they all have character.

The nicest thing was at the end of the day when a parent gave me a copy of TinCanknit’s Great North pattern book as she had two copies. It’s so awesome! It definitely has done patterns I’ll be making!


I met up with Dennis for a run. My left foot is still sore so we came straight back, but missed the shoe store by just moments. I’ll have to stop in there tomorrow I guess. 6km later, I got a lovely cup of tea.

I then made myself come home and do my FitOn workout right away which was the Tabata Torch. My legs were definitely talking by the end of that!


I met up with my friend Em for ice cream to start our holiday off right. I very much enjoyed my salted caramel, but will need to behave myself tomorrow!

I grabbed my prescription and a couple of groceries and got myself tucked in at home.


I had gotten my KAL package in the mail today but had made myself finish all my have to do’s before I was allowed to open it. I love the stitch markers and the tea sounds good and the Avonlea Twilight yarn is gorgeous, but I’ll have to reserve judgement on the other two mini skeins until I see them in daylight.

I did a little more on my London socks and I want to make it’s priority to get these done this weekend. I also finished a second Musselburgh hat. I will hopefully get pictures of all of these things tomorrow.

For now, it’s bedtime. Have fun!


Holiday Eve

I just can’t wait until 3:45pm tomorrow. I will be free and it’s been a tough week.


We got through printing the letter b, music, a lesson on subtracting by counting back on the number line and some more time spent building their community. I don’t know if I did the right thing. During guided reading today my group went down to only two kids and they asked where the third was. I said she had been doing lots of reading practice at home and had moved up a group. Now I am worrying that I shouldn’t have said she moved up. I was hoping it would motivate them as neither of these two do a lot of reading at home, but I don’t want to hurt them either.

The only other thing I did was review my report cards and trade them with another teacher today. I read hers and she’ll read mine. I have absolutely no intention of touching those things over the holidays, but will do a bit more on them tomorrow. Mom you have two weeks leave:)


I went to my last Athletic Yoga class tonight. It was a good workout, but then I had to come home and do my FitOn workout and it was a 25 minute skills and drills workout. I couldn’t let my friends see me not do it though!


I have done about ten more rows on my Bentley cardigan today, but am really starting to wonder if it is going to be huge. My plan this weekend is to get my London socks done and get to the sleeve segmentation and try on the cardigan, so by Monday I should be in a more knowledgeable and calmer place:)

Have fun!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It was a crazy day!


The kids came in like maniacs this morning. I haven’t had a St. Patrick’s Day at school since my practicum and all I can say is thank goodness!! All they could talk about were leprechauns.

We did finally get through chalkboard spelling and gluing all of our artwork into our scrapbook. We did relay races in gym and completed our math drill. This afternoon I got a reading group done and the kids worked on their community building project. Not a bad day, but I’m glad it’s over!


I did my FitOn workout again today. It was an ab blast. I wonder why I keep getting an workouts?!?!


I worked on my sweater this morning, and was actually ten minutes later than usual leaving for school and then did some more after school. It is looking very large right now:(


It was my monthly Costco trip tonight. I didn’t buy anything too exciting and mostly limited myself to what was on sale. I did get every size of ziploc bags:).

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Weekend Wrap Up

It was a much busier weekend, but still lovely.


I started the day with and 8.32km run at a different river front. I’ve done this run once before when it turned into an obstacle course, but now the trail is complete and it was great! I wish I had had a better run, but it was still mileage.

After a quick tea and shower I met up with a close friend and we went and looked at a furniture store. Neither of us bought anything, but it was nice to look and to spend time together. We stopped at the grocery store where I buy my peanut butter and I once again forgot it:(

I finally got some food at this point. 4pm is way too late for the first and only meal of the day. I think I’ve found a new favorite quick meal though. I cooked up some pasta and half a chicken breast and threw them together with pre-made pesto and vegan Parmesan. It was so yummy!

I quick did the daily featured workout on the FitOn app. My friend told me about this app and I love that it just gives me a workout and I don’t have to do any thinking.

I had a text message to meet up with two friends from work for a drink on a local patio as we have just been given the okay for this. It was a great way to finish the night!

I came home and finished up the toe of my first Meandros sock as I needed to know how much yarn one sock used.


I started the day with a run at the local dyke with Sarah and Dennis. they unfortunately left the math up to me and I messed up so it ended up being 7.32km instead of 7.5, but that’s okay- more mileage:)

After a quick tea, I met up with Brenda as we had booked a private shopping appointment at one of the local yarn stores. Yes I mostly stuck to the list, but spent too much money as Brenda is a bad influence. We spotted a gorgeous sweater and both bought the yarn for it. The yarn is gorgeous, but definitely not on sale:(

I came home and was very productive! All laundry got done. I went through six magazines and recycled them – the start of an ongoing project to clear out stuff! I got four motions pouches put together and I had a nap.

I once again did the daily workout on FitOn. I think this may have been my least favorite so far, but it still got done. I also did a yoga session and rolled.

For knitting, I started the second Meandros sock. I’m not used to having multiple projects going at once and really don’t like having two socks on the go, so I’m in a hurry to get this sock finished. I made it halfway through the heel flap today.

My cardigan KAL is set to start tomorrow so I am looking forward to that as I am definitely a garment knitter and haven’t had one on the needles all week:(

I am supposed to be starting the Anne of Green Gables KAL tomorrow, but my yarn still hasn’t arrived from Lady Dye Yarns. I have to say, I’m not impressed so far:(

Ok I need sleep as tomorrow is going to be tough with the time change.

Have fun!


Little Things

On Thursday I came in from supervision to find the teacher next door had boiled my kettle and left me a hot, fresh cup of tea. It really are the little things that make all the difference.


Thursday night I went to my second to last yoga class. I’ve been enjoying this as there are very few people in the class, it has gotten me to do a lot more yoga and I go with a friend!

That being said, that friend also talked me into trying the FitOn app so I’ve done two workouts there. One option is the featured workout and I’ve just done that Thursday and Friday. It’s probably good for me as it’s definitely more than what I’ve been doing.


Thursday and Friday have been typical days except that we’ve been in lockdown at school for most of them. Thursday supposedly there was a cougar two streets down and Friday there was a coyote. I maybe in the minority but personally I don’t think any wildlife is coming near a school with 220 kids out screaming and playing.

Friday afternoon I have the kids an extra long playtime as they hadn’t gotten to go out at lunch. It was interesting that the play became much calmer as the time went on and it became more creative. Maybe this group needs longer play.

Thursday we did outdoor Ed for math and the kids used natural elements to practice subtraction to twenty. It worked really well. I like teaching in the sunshine! Not so sure I want to be out there in the pouring rain though!


I was supposed to have a run Friday afternoon but it ended up needing to be postponed because the guys coming to fix my door showed up at 3:30 rather than 9am! It only took them about twenty minutes to fix the door though I have to admit I hadn’t realized it needed fixing. I just thought it was harder to close and lock now🤣


My right thumb thinks I’ve been doing too much knitting🤣

I have two pairs of socks on the go which I don’t really like, but hopefully I’ll have one finished soon. The good thing about having tiny feet!

I’ve also been working on a hat at school and am ready for my second colour as I’m making this one reversible.

I had a set of mini skeins arrive that were a sale from a local dyers. They are pretty because they have stellina in them so there’s a hint of sparkle. I think they’ll go well with some basic colours for heels, toes and cuffs. I do want to get a garment on the needles though! I should probably stop buying knitting stuff after my yarn store trip this Sunday!

Well there’s my last two days- nothing that spectacular, but the little things have been nice!

Have fun!


Wednesday wahoo

I made it through hump day!


Wednesday isn’t least favorite day because I have no prep time and my teaching buddy is off:( I did get a report card written this morning before school. I also realized I could write notes on the board as I go and the kids can’t read handwriting. This will be super handy as I often notice things but then forget them by the time I get to my desk to write them down.

We did McCracken Spelling this morning and for the first time in twenty years of teaching, I got to doing sentences with the kids. My lowest little guy is getting good at three letter words, but struggles after that. He’s better during this activity than during free journal writing. I’m hoping on Monday to sit with him do he’ll get that he has to do the same thing.

I had talked to the kids about having todo two more reading assessments and sight word assessments before I could go back to doing reading groups. I was amazed when kids came over after they were done eating their snack and volunteered to do their sight word assessment. What an amazing group!

We did tag in gym as the kids requested it. We then did our addition drill and an introduction to subtraction.

I had planned to go outside and do hands on subtraction practice, but we ran out of time. I love how one of the little boys came up and suggested exactly what I planned to do. We’ll hopefully have time tomorrow.

This afternoon I managed to finish the reading assessments and then we worked on our Fin’s Friends booklet. It’s not going great, but I think I’ve come up with a better plan for next week.

We ended the day with entrees since we weren’t allowed to go outside because of a cougar in the area. 🙄

I have to admit I left right after school as I just wanted to be home!


I made myself at least do a ten minute NourishMoveLove HIIT workout. I used heavier weights so hopefully that counts for something!


I got home to happy mail!

This is a cotton, linen, nettle and silk blend from Small Bird Workshop. I am hoping I can make a summer top out of it. I ordered the heathered soft rose pink just to make my mom happy. I dislike the colour myself, but she always laments that I don’t wear much pink. (I really do, but she doesn’t see it cause it’s my running gear)

I spent this evening working on my newest sock for the SPY21 KAL. It took me three tries but it knit up pretty fast once I got going. Maybe I’ll have a sock to show you soon!

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Surprise Tuesday

It was a busy day!


I again just wanted to stay home and read and knit on the couch in the sunshine, but unfortunately I have to go to work to afford the roof over the couch.

This morning we did a lesson on ing. I love doing language lessons with this class as so many of them actually remember them when they’re reading!👍🏻

We got caught up in math! The kids were troopers and we did the pre-test and two drills. Phew glad that’s over!

The cool thing is that I introduced the idea of using a “private office”. It’s just cardboard to screen the kids do they don’t get so distracted. I only have four so the first students in the row got them this morning. It really did seem to help some of my little guys. The best though was when my ADHD kid was finished and walked his screen over to another little guy and looked up and said, I think this could help Logan too. What a sweetie!!

This afternoon I got two reading assessments done during silent reading and then we talked about the three different types of communities- urban, suburban and rural. Our area is tough because while we’re a suburb ofVancouver, we also have many new towers, etc so we had to discuss that.

We ended the day with playing outside. My kids were great when we had to switch zones mid playtime because the kindergarteners came out. They had an awesome attitude! I then looked over and they were having a wedding- with a justice of the peace and speeches and everything. It was so cute!!!


I feel like I’ve been really bad about exercise the last little while. I did get out for a short run with Dennis and Sarah today and it was a tough 4.5km. I was worried but then remembered I had a massage yesterday and I always seem to struggle the day after a massage.


I printed some patterns for Brenda so delivered those today and picked up the knitting project bag I had her order for me. I love it as it is a map and I got to put my socks from the Around the World sock club into it. I came home from there and ripped out the bottom band I had put on my Bonny sweater as it was flipping. I guess the hem will just have to roll. That really bugs me though!

Pre- Rip

This pattern is Bonny by TinCanKnits and the yarn is recycled from a previous project my grandma had knitted. I love TinCanKnits and I love this colour so it seemed like a good mix. The sweater does fit well and is comfortable, but unfortunately the pictures I got are not flattering so this will have to do.

I also wound my yarn for the cardigan I am starting on Sunday as part of a local yarn shop’s Spring KAL. The yarn did not wind nicely and I hope it knits better than it wound!

Well I need sleep, have fun!


10 Days and Counting

My students insisted we count how many days until spring break this morning. I guess I’m not the only one counting🤣


It is still a little crazy as I try to get reading assessments and sight word assessments done along with everything else. We did pretty good today, though I forgot to start the addition drills. I guess we’re doing even more of them tomorrow.

We did get through a journal, and music (when I wrote two more report cards), gym where we built our own obstacle course and a student self assessment on the term. This afternoon I did a few reading assessments during silent reading and then I got to do my first outdoor Ed activity. We had a talk about the difference between playtime and outdoor Ed and then we went out and did our brainstorming of community jobs in the gorgeous sunshine. I think it helped being outside as a plane went over so they got pilot and there is construction on a house so they also got a few more jobs out of that sight. The kids actually did really well! We ended the day with playtime outside.

It was a nice enough day though I will be happy to get past the point where I am assessing so much- it makes for a twice as busy day:(

I ran down to my massage appointment which felt really good after more than a month without one.


I got all my new stash put into my ravelry stash and my new books entered into the library so I was happy about that. I also got a project page made for my newest pair of socks- the London Socks by the Knitting Expat. These socks were great to make and I now want to make myself a pair. This pair I made for my teaching buddy and she will get them for Christmas.

These are 64 stitches on 2.5mm needles and using Kroy sock yarn. I now realize how much heavier of a sock yarn Kroy is. One sock is slightly bigger than the other as I used magic loop for one and the other started on an 8” circular but got changed to Knitter’s Pride Wooden DPNs. My gauge definitely changes so I think the next pair will be done on the DPNs and the magic loop. I just need to decide which yarn to use.

I also finished my Bonny sweater tonight but it is being blocked so you’ll have to wait to see it. I guess I get to cast something on tomorrow as I only have my knitting on the go project right now.

My cousin came this evening and the dishwasher installation is finally complete🎊🎉. Unfortunately I’ve learned tonight that the bifold doors I have been storing for about five to eight years are the exact same size as my closet openings so my cousin doesn’t think they will work:(😥😥😥😖😖

Then when I went to soak my sweater in the bathroom sink- the stopper stopped working:(. Is everything I touch going to break this year?

I’m going to hide under my covers now!

Have fun!



I don’t know what is happening. I have written posts but they seem to have disappeared.


It’s been very busy with trying to get everything finished and assessed. We did finally have everything done by Friday afternoon.


I went for a run tonight with Dennis. We got 6.5km in. It still feels hard and everyone is saying it is going to take 3-6 months to get back to normal. I don’t think I’m patient enough for that!


I forgot to take my knitting to school with me today but this morning I got a little bit more done on my Bonny top by TinCanKnits. I wanted to knit in the Costco gas lineup but it was crazy out there!


Well anyone who said 2021 was going to be better is not living my life. Three appliances and tonight I had to special order closet doors as my closet is 1.5” short of being a typical size. I get to pay all this money and now have to wait two months:(. I feel like I have done nothing but spend money this year:(

Well I’m going to curl up with my Cindi Madsen book and ignore my life for a bit.

Have fun!


Starting to Get Back to Normal

Well today made a start on getting my life back to boring.


Since I had to stay home for the delivery, I decided I could start the day with a run in the sunshine. I just did an easy three kilometers to the park and back, but it was tough! I did a Nourish Move Love stretching video this morning, my three minute plank routine and the ten minute beginner cardio workout this evening. I love days when I get all the exercise types in.

Oh and for those of you wondering where the Run to Rapid City update is, I just got a notification that my post last night didn’t publish, so I’ll say it again. I’m going to save my February mileage, what little there was of it and add it to my March mileage as I doubt I even made it out of Billings this month:(


The delivery finally came at 12:30 and they hooked up my washer and dryer. It took a couple of hours but I finally got up the nerve and did a load of laundry. It was loud without doors on the closet, but the spin sure is fast. If anyone has any good ideas of what to do for closet doors, please let me know.

My cousin came this evening and checked the washer and dryer and started the process of hooking up the dishwasher. Unfortunately there’s some conversions that have to be gone so I’ll be washing dishes by hand for at least until Sunday. I did get everything organized and put back into the closet though so my living room is almost normal:)


Since I had to be home I spent most of the day knitting. Oh if yesterday’s post didn’t publish you didn’t get to see my latest hat:(


This is the Musselburgh hat which is a paid for hat on Ravelry. I like this hat because it is double layered. I have done this one in Pascal Mohair in black for my coworker Sue for Christmas. It looked big so I made her try it on but it looked super elegant and stylish on her. I just need to get a pompom for it.

Today I worked on my Bonny sweater by TinCanKnits and the London socks by Mina Phillip. I am loving both and will hopefully be done soon.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!