I’m sorry I suddenly realized this morning that I hadn’t been on here since Tuesday. All I can say is that I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping still when I’m not at work.


I definitely sleep better when I don’t have the stress of going to work but I had forgotten how much I enjoy spending the day with kids. I even heard one the other day saying how fast the days go.🤣 My boys are having a it of difficulty adjusting to my being back, but we’re getting there. I think I have finally found everything and we’re getting there with the work.


You know me- I want to run, workout and do yoga everyday, but I have not been letting myself do that. I’m easing back into this. Tuesday I ran, Wednesday I didn’t plank and a short upper body workout from NourishMoveLove and yesterday I got to go back to my yoga class. (There are only six of us in an entire gym so lots of social distancing). Today I am hoping for a run and a stroll with a friend (my person as I’m single).


Well I actually have two projects on the go! I have started The Bonny by TinCanKnits and the Musselburgh hat in black for a friend for winter. I am hoping to stop at my parents apartment today and steal my mom’s Ott light ( she said it’s okay so I’m not really stealing) so I can get more work done on my cross stitch.


I haven’t been reading much. I started a historical romance but can’t seem to really get into it. I feel like I need to find a modern, small town,sweet for right now.


Even with being home I’ve had an expensive week. I ordered the new appliances, paid my utilities and hit up Costco. I did better at Costco than I have in the past. I have been loving my $20 robe I had gotten from there so this time I picked up two new towels for $20. They are bigger than me and felt so soft and squishy!

Well there’s my life in a nutshell and I’ll do my best not to fall behind again!

Have fun!


Back To It All


Well I got to work and managed to get myself and my classroom mostly organized before the kids arrived. My TOC was a very young male and I don’t think there was much discipline or actual work going on. Some of my little people had a big adjustment today back to Miss B’d rules and routines🤣

We got through a lesson on the h brothers. I said that to my mom and she asked what the h brothers are… so, the h brothers and the 5 letters- c,s,t, p and w that when they come before an h they make a new sound. The kids did fabulous at it!

We also had a story, they had library, and this afternoon we started our unit on community. I made them restart the posters they worked on yesterday as they were definitely not their best.

The craziest part of the day was when we looked up at lunch and it was hailing and being blown sideways by the wind. The kids were brought in early and then suddenly the storm was gone and we were back to beautiful sunshine and could play outside at the end of the day.


After work I met up with Sarah and Dennis for an easy run to the park. The wind made it a little tougher but I didn’t push the pace at all and it just felt good to move. One good thing of being home for two weeks is that my knee is all better:). I couldn’t believe they neither of my running buddies ran without me!


Well I found a brioche pattern to try as that was another technique I have always wanted to try. I am hoping to use up some stash because I was bad and ordered yarn for a cardigan today so that I could participate in my very first KAL with a localish yarn store. I’ll let you know when o get it.

Unfortunately it is once again dark when I am writing this so you are getting a bad photo of my Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I love how the socks look, though don’t look too closely or you’ll see the mistake, however this free pattern definitely requires the knitter to already have knowledge of how to knit socks. There’s not much detail. I would definitely make them again though. The brown is Cascade Heritage in Bark and the pink is an unknown sock yarn- probably Kroy or Regia.

Well I’m off to watch an episode of the Crazy Sock Lady before I head to bed early again.

Have fun!


Quick Update

I am going back to work tomorrow and figure I had better get to sleep early so a quick update and I’m sorry you haven’t had much from me lately.


Other than a walk with a friend today to test my fitness for work, I have been doing absolutely nothing!


Well Covid was three pairs of socks, a scarf and a sweater long. I am super happy with the sweater!

I had been wanting to make a second Love Note by TinCanKnits that wasn’t so bulky and finally got around to it. This sweater knits up so fast! I started Thursday night and finished Saturday. The yarn is Poppy Yarns: Paris Fingering held with Knitting For Olive silky smooth mohair in petroleum green. The only change I made to the pattern was to make it longer so that I used up the yarn.

I also finally got around to making Hermione’s Everyday Socks. This is a free pattern on ravelry and I was just trying to use up sock yarn. Of course, I still have some left of each. 🙄

I will have to add a photo when it is daylight. I got the idea of doing contrast cuffs, heels and toes from the Crazy Sock Lady podcast which I am now obsessed with watching (and quickly using up all my data)!


The big thing today was that I finally ordered a new dishwasher, washer and dryer off of the Costco app. I am hoping everything else will keep working for a while as that was a pretty big bill! I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as lots of things were out of stock, but… it included delivery, shipping and taking away the old machines! That convenience is worth a lot to me!

Well I think that’s my entire day and I need to get to bed.

Have fun!


Exploding Head

Well I guess I’ve moved into a new phase of covid where I sneeze so hard that my ears hurt for hours afterwards. Oh what fun!

I’ve been doing some reading, unfortunately I picked a book that was so bad that I won’t recommend it. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if the next book is better.

Exercise wise- I’ve been doing easy yoga and some light weights. Nothing anyone could call strenuous!

My knitting buddy came to drop off my new yarn yesterday. Six feet away- outside- with a mask on. It was ice to actually talk to someone.

Most of the day I knit. I have finished my latest project. I’ve been wanting to try entrelac for years and finally had the perfect yarn for it. I did the basic entrelac scarf- a free pattern on ravelry that has excellent instructions for an entrelac newbie. I used James C. Brett chunky yarn and came up with this.

It is not super long but is oh so squishy and warm and will be fine for me:). I’m not going to block this because I like the squishiness of it.

Well, I guess I should get out of bed. I get to work on my next pair of socks today.

Have fun!


Just Stop, Please

Sorry I’ve been quiet but it’s been quite a whirlwind and stressful. So it turns out I’m not a unicorn, just a late bloomer.

Tuesday I got sent for a Covid test because I had been around people who had Covid. It came back negative on Wednesday so I went for a run that night and then went to work on Thursday.

Thursday night I am going out the door for yoga when I realize that I don’t feel good. Within an hour I have a fever, chills and agonizing aches everywhere. I spend the whole night suffering and go for a Covid test Friday at lunchtime.

Friday night I receive a letter that I have to self isolate due to contact with someone who has tested positive. This was supposed to start February 9th but I didn’t get the email until 9pm on the 12th.

5am Saturday morning I receive my text message saying that my test was positive. Of course by now all I’ve had from Friday afternoon on are body aches and a Tylenol every six hours takes care of them.

The big question in my neighborhood now is why isn’t the school closed down with ten cases and counting in the last five days???

I have spoken with the health authority and I am now in quarantine until the 21st. The woman laughed when my only two questions were whether I could take out my garbage and recycling and whether I could go for a run each day as long as I went somewhere without other people. Those are the things that are important to me!

Today it didn’t matter because it snowed so I wasn’t going anywhere anyways.

I have made my first online grocery order which was quite the ordeal. I ordered, it didn’t seem to go through, so I order again, and then suddenly I have two orders registered. I then spent an hour online to have not one but two orders cancelled as I seem to have made three orders🤦🏼‍♀️

I also called the local yarn shop as I was supposed to go yarn shopping today. The owner was working and was super helpful with picking out yarns. My friend is going to pick up my order tomorrow or Tuesday and drop it off to me.

I am thankful that there are six of us who either have it or have to quarantine because of contact. There are actually at least ten cases in the school now.

I ran out of ginger ale (my stomach doesn’t really love Tylenol) and my friend up the hill – the only one of us who doesn’t have to quarantine) stopped by with a case of ginger ale, vegan peanut butter ice cream and vegan strawberry cheesecake. I almost cried as it was so awesome to see someone (from six feet away, outside with masks on)! I am sure lucky with my friends!!

My friend’s daughter commented to her on the way home- wow can you imagine how much she’s going to knit in the next ten days! Lol she knows me well.

I did consider getting Cori to drop my laptop off to me so I could work on report cards, but my principal who also had to quarantine has already said they’ll be rescheduled so I’m thinking I’ll just enjoy the next ten days as much as I can.

I do finally have a knitting project to show you!

These are my I Scream socks by Caitlin Thomson. I am doing the SPY21 KAL this year so I should have amazing socks by the end of the year. This pattern is from the book Operation Sock Drawer which is a beautiful book! The brown is Cascade Heritage in Bark, the pink is Cascade Heritage in Strawberry Cream, the speckled is Hedgehog Sock Minis in Teacup and the red is Hedgehog Minis in Sin. This really didn’t take much of any colour so could definitely be done with scraps.

I quite often do socks on a mini circular or by magic loop but with this pattern I would recommend DPNs just to ensure your floats are loose enough.

I can’t wait to be able to wear them.

This evening I decided that if i was going to hurt and have to take Tylenol I might as well workout so I did my 2:50 plank and then I did a 20 minute resistance band workout from NourishMoveLove though I did use my easiest band and did only the low impact alternatives and took the pace a little slower. See I’m not completely crazy:). It was sure nice to move though.

Well my afternoon nap is wearing off so I think I’ll go off to bed with my book.

Have fun!



Sorry I’ve been quiet, it’s been a busy few days. I think I might be a unicorn though.

Yesterday I had to go for a Covid test after school because four people at trivia (at my table) had tested positive and three people at school had tested positive. The test was fine as I hadn’t eaten or drink anything for more than an hour so I got to have the gargle test, but it was definitely a worrisome night waiting. My biggest concern was that people were told they had to stay in their houses! How was I supposed to live for two weeks without going for a run????!!!!!

This morning I got up and logged into the staff meeting as I wanted to know what was happening- nothing interesting!

I then spent the morning knitting until I heard just before lunch that my test was negative. Part of me had thought it would be because I had absolutely no symptoms, but the other half of me wondered how I could be in close contact with seven people who had it and not get it?? It’s official, I’m a unicorn🤣🤣🤣 or some other very lucky creature.


With the negative result, I put out the request for a run with my buddies and had one take me up on it. I have been very honest about the covid situation I’m in with all my running buddies because three out of four of them are very insulated so I don’t want to expose them.

Dennis and I got 4.6km in. Lately every run I do is a progression run. That doesn’t hurt my feelings at all!


I got one I Scream sock done today and have been working on the other. I just have 3.5 pattern repeats on the foot and the toe to do, so about 55 rows to go. I will hopefully be done both tomorrow.

Well I just got another notice about another case so I think I’m going to go hide under the covers!

Have fun!


Is it three yet?

It’s been another typical quiet weekend, but this evening I’m glad for that!


On Saturday I did yoga and a NourishMoveLove upper body and abs workout. I’m trying to be smart with my knee.

Today I did a 5.76km run with Sarah and a plank.


I’ve been reading and finished Next To Me, but it’s not good enough to recommend.


I am working away on my I Scream socks. The legs of both are done and I have turned the heel on one of them. I am hoping to be done by Saturday!


I got busy today and made an Irish Stew from my One Pot Paleo cookbook. It was super yummy, but how could it not be with bacon in it.


Grrrr- it all happens at once! My dishwasher is still broken and after two loads of laundry today, my washing machine decided to break too. Then my teaching buddy texted today she tested positive:(. I called 811 and they have deemed I don’t have to do anything except self monitor as we are good about the masks and space. It was just too much all at once!

I am going to bed with my funny book and pretending this evening never happened!

Have fun!


Getting There

It was finally Thursday! My days with the kids are fine, but I’m just so tired!


We got through printing the letter H, music, a lesson on adding on strategy for addition, and an art project for a hibernating bear.

The kids were really good, which was good because I was tired from the get go.

The funniest thing was that I wore my new school sweatshirt today and the first thing my students said to me was that my shirt was too big. I said, “but all the other teachers were getting them”, and one little guy asked me,” well if all the other teachers go off a cliff will you do that too?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

After school, I had a zoom meeting and then we had Bookclub with the kids after that. It was our first Bookclub of the year and it was really nice to talk with the kids about books again!


I am knitting on my entrelac scarf in the morning and my socks in the evening. I got to the third row of the first chart and determined that I was four stitches short on my second sock. I have to rip out the second sock and will have to start over tomorrow.


Tonight I had my second athletic yoga class. It went really fast and didn’t seem as tough or as long as last week. It was still really great to get to go to a class though!

Well I’m sorry I don’t have anything more interesting for today. I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

I really can’t believe it’s Tuesday again so soon! The time is going fast!


The kids were tough today as they always are after a long weekend. It’s like one extra day makes them forget everything!

We got through our last long vowel in phonics today. We also did a little math practice and learned about Groundhog Day, though I never heard if the groundhog saw his shadow. I can’t imagine any west coast one did today! This afternoon we did a mini book on hibernation which will be the end of that before we move onto adaptations.


I met up with Sarah and Dennis for a run after school. Just our usual over to the mill and back. My knee was grumbling slightly but it wasn’t until we were back that I realized I have ran five days in a row. Time for a break!

I also did 45 seconds each side and front for a total of a 2:15 plank. I’m getting there slowly.


In the first round:

Who played Tootsie?

Dustin Hoffman

The music round categories were:

Single Named Artists, “Black” Songs, Misheard Lyrics, Initialed Artists, Songs of 2000

In Kahoot:

Who was the alter ego of Bruce Banner?

The Hulk

In which city was the Wizard of Oz?

Emerald City

Who played second most games in the NHL?

Mark Messier

Which city has a team in all four major leagues in North America?


What does the P in PDF mean?


What is DB Cooper infamous for?

Hijacking a plane

How many nautical miles in a league?


Who was the lead singer of Coldplay?

Chris Martin

Which US state is Bon Jovi from?

New Jersey

In the final round:

Who played Super Woman?

Gal Gadot

Who was Ariel in love with?

Prince Eric

How much is mom worth in Scrabble?


Which two rivers is Mesopotamia between?

Tigris, Euphrates

Who wrote the Magic Flute?


Who played the counsellor in Good Will Hunting?

Robin Williams

Which girl ran around?


Well I’m off to bed, have fun!


ProD New Tradition

Today was a ProD day and we’ve been informed that going forward this year, all will be done from home. We have to listen to dumb seminars, but at least I get to be comfy and cozy at home!

One of the things I love most about ProD days is that I can get a quick run in before work. This morning I could feel my knee so I just did 3km, but that’s three closer to Rapid City! I also did my 40 sec plank on right, left and centre this evening. I should have worked out or done yoga, but it just didn’t happen.

I unfortunately didn’t learn anything new from my ProD today:(. I did get the situpons done for the kids though. These are newspapers in ziploc bags that the kids sit on when we are doing a lesson outside. I hope they work well!

However, my teaching buddy and I went for a lovely rainy walk once the sessions were over. We walked for about an hour and a half and then had ice cream. I should have ordered first as I would have gotten my usual one scoop, but I was influenced by Liane and got a flight. Way too much ice cream for me, but it was yummy! We sat outside to enjoy it and by the end, I felt like I was drooling because my lips and mouth were so frozen and I was definitely shivering.


The exciting news is that I finished my test knit for U and I Knit (Josee Paquin) last night. I love her patterns and this one is no different. It knit up super fast and is so lovely and soft and squishy!! It’s the Alexis Vest and you should look out for the pattern coming soon!

My new knitting books came today and I am super excited to start SPY21 with a pair of I Scream socks from Operation Sock Drawer. All 20 patterns in this book seem amazing and I want to make them all! I couldn’t start tonight as I washed the red to see how bad it was going to bleed. Just a tiny bit pink so I put vinegar in the water and am waiting for it to dry so I can cast on!!!

I have been working on an entrelac scarf tonight and am loving what it is looking like! I have always wanted to try entrelac and once you get the pattern, it’s not tough:)

Well I’m suddenly very tired and so think I am off to bed.

Have fun!