Solid Saturday

It was a pretty good day. I got to do things I enjoy, but I had to do certain things which does take some of the fun away.


Dennis and I ran a new route this morning- the Central Valley Greenway. We intercepted it at Sperling and ran the 5.28km to Boundary and back. This is an urban trail that only has one section of packed gravel and the rest is paved. I don’t think I would run it alone as it runs behind buildings and through industrial parks. Dennis thinks it probably gets pretty busy on summer nights and we probably passed twenty people during the 10km we did, but still seems secluded to me.

My legs were tight the whole time and my left Achilles was bugging me. At four km I was ready to say, let’s go find a skytrain station and go home, but good running buddy that he is, Dennis kept me going. I had done a workout last night instead of a run, but maybe my legs would be better if I reversed those two?

We did the whole 10.04km and I had a personal best with doing it in 1:05:21, that is down from 1:07.

This evening I did a hallmark workout as I am trying to keep my workouts and my runs equal.

I decided to jog between moves and did: squats, crunches, reverse crunches, front, side and back raises, froggers, burpees, bicep curls, around the world lunges, plié squats, pushups, and dips.

I hope one day that these workouts pay off!


After coffee, I came home and started the toque I am making for the secretary’s daughter. It’s an easy knit as it’s done in seed stitch which is one of my favourite stitches. Right now, I’m just worried that the yarn is going to be too dense to slouch, but I suppose we shall see.


I have spent a lot of today reading my Bookclub book. I am almost halfway which is probably the best I can hope for as the book is 579 pages long. I am making this post short so I can get back to it.


I made my second Fresh Prep meal today which was Hoisin meatballs with broccoli and coconut rice. This recipe took me 32 minutes from turning the stove on to taking my first bite. It would have been less if I had remembered to take the ground pork out to de thaw and hadn’t had to take the 2.5 minutes to microwave defrost it in the middle. The recipe was easy to follow and simple to do. With both of these recipes I have felt that I could probably memorize the recipe if I made it a couple of more times. I also got four servings out of this recipe too so I should have plenty to get me through until the next two meals show up on Wednesday. I would like to get to the point where I can get six servings out of each meal as then I could freeze a couple and build my stash back up as my freezer is very empty right now.


I have eaten really well today! I had a bag of honey stinger chews on my run as I was trying to give myself energy. I had a serving of my shrimp pad Thai for breakfast, and then taco salad for launch and then the meatballs and rice and broccoli for dinner. I wasn’t planning on the last meal, but realized later in the day that I needed to get that meal cooked up.

Well that is my whole day and I need to go read my book.

Have fun!


Have We Turned a Corner?

I don’t want to jinx it but today was finally a better day at work.


I told my students as we went through the shape of our day that if I didn’t have to raise my voice- they would get an extra long centres time in the afternoon. I had one little boy who just couldn’t control himself (running and sliding across the room), but the rest did a great job!

We got through calendar, music, quiet time, math, silent reading, desk clean out and a read aloud.

It probably helped that there was a TOC in the building for our AbEd worker who came in and actually helped children during math. I always love having an extra set of hands!


I made my first Fresh Prep meal today- Shrimp Pad Thai. When I put the first pot of water on to boil I started my timer and it took 38 minutes to make the meal. It was quite easy and the recipe card was well laid out and clear. I did think there could have been a few more shrimp, but that’s probably me just being a seafood piglet. I also was lucky that all of the sauce ingredients were going into one bowl as I wasn’t able to definitively tell the difference between some of them. Some labeling would have been nice. One thing I really appreciated was that their picture of the meal looked like mine. It didn’t look incredibly styled where the shrimp are equally spaced across the plate and all going the same way. I liked how I knew I had done it right because it looked the same as the picture.

The end result was so yummy! I liked that the hot sauce was given separately, well marked and you could add however much you wanted. The portions were quite generous and I have split the meal, meant to feed two, into four portions for meals over the next couple of days.

I am hoping to make the other meal tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes, but as of now, I would definitely do this again.


I had watched a hallmark movie last night but hadn’t gotten around to the workout so I did it tonight. I decided to do a minute of skipping between exercises, but surprisingly my heart rate didn’t seem to go as high as it does when I jog between exercises. I had thought it would be way higher! Tonight I did:

Squats, around the world lunges, plié squats, crunches, burpees, bicep curls, dips, bicycle crunches, pushups, Bridges, froggers, reverse crunches and front and side raises.


I finished my market bag. I once again used Berrocco Indigo in black for the bag and I really like this yarn for market bags. It holds up well, and yet isn’t tough on the hands. I did the fantasy naturale market bag pattern, a free pattern off ravelry. It is an easy, well written pattern that generates a bag that I think looks like the ones you can buy in the stores. We’ll see if my friend Michelle is happy with it.

I have now started on a toque for my friend Sarah’s daughter. I hope it goes quickly so I can go back to the Date Night sweater.

Well, I have to go try and read about 530 pages of my book as Bookclub is on Sunday.

Have fun!


Friday Eve Finally

Well I can’t even remember if today was good or bad, it was just tiring!


We got through a lesson on adding ing today and while the children got it during the lesson, the worksheet seemed to confuse them. I may try to get some time tomorrow to tackle it as a class.

We got a math drill done and three of my grade ones are now regularly getting all twenty five questions done in the minute. Of course, there’s a range because I have students who also only get one question done in a minute.

While the children went to library I ran around like a headless chicken getting stuff ready for next week. It’s going to be quite the week!

This afternoon we finished our polar bear art and while I would love to show it to you, once again I am out of media memory on here😖😖😖🙄

After school Liane and I ran Bookclub because Robyn the teacher who usually takes the lead is away sick. I always enjoy Bookclub with the kids and there was some good discussion around autism and service animals. Sometimes it’s really nice to work with that slightly older grade:)


After school I spoke with a financial advisor. I’ve never had one as I always figured I didn’t have enough money to worry about it, but my running buddy recommended this guy. I spoke with him and he seems pretty good. I have an appointment to meet him next Friday and I’m going to drag my mom along as she’s a good judge of character and always knows what types of questions to ask. I hope these skills rub off on me soon! Besides, I’ll be way more comfortable having company!


I went out for a run today and ended up on the sidewalk as it was a little darker than I was expecting. I got 4km in and it wasn’t my fastest or my slowest. I am having trouble with the fact that I didn’t get 100km in during January, so now I feel like I’m way behind. I keep trying to remind myself that I have all year to run!


I watched Christmas Chalet tonight. It was a good story, but I have to admit that the male lead bothered me. It looked like he was wearing a mask the whole time. I have to admit that so far Hallmark does better movies than Up or Lifetime (and yes I realize that to some people that doesn’t say a lot).


I got a few more rows on the market bag done. I don’t get why this bag seems to be taking so long????!!!! Oh well, hopefully over the weekend though I should really be reading my Bookclub book!

Well I’m off to bed super early:)

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #38

It was supposed to be movie premiere instead, but unfortunately…☹️


Today was okay- we all survived and I only had to talk about manners twice:)

We got through printing, two science experiments and a reading lesson on text making sense.

A decent enough day:)


I was working on a toque for myself this morning, but it turned into a cowl when I ran out of yarn. I wore it to work today and it kept me nice and warm:)

I have started my last market bag for a friend of mine and have an order for a slouch hat. I’m going to be busy!


I had won tickets to a premiere of To All The Boys I’ve Loved: PS I Still Love You. It is the second and I loved the first. It snowed all day today at my school and calls for snow until 10pm tonight. I texted my friend to tell her I wouldn’t be coming as I don’t keep my truck equipped for driving in snow (I can walk to work). It turned to rain but then I was worried that I would just worry all night about driving home conditions. I feel so guilty missing it, but was worried too:( ugh I should just not make plans during February!

Trivia tonight was a bigger crowd:)

The animal in Life of Pi?


What show is the Jeffersons a spin-off of?

All in the Family

Which sport is mentioned a lot in Silver Linings Playbook?


What are the first five words in God Save the Queen?

God save our gracious queen

I didn’t know the music round or the Kahoot! round.

In the fourth round I knew:

Which Adam Sandler movie has him going back to school?

Billy Madison

What was the name of the maid in the Brady Bunch?


They played a clip of one of Beethoven’s symphonies and asked which one it was.

It was #5

Well I’m off to bed as I just feel kind of off tonight- everyone was annoying me at trivia.

Have fun!


Muddling Through Monday

Our secretary was away at work today and it was crazy. It made me realize how happy I am not to be in the middle of that. I just stayed on my classroom with my kids.


We did a new polar bear poem, changed desks for the new month, had a math drill and did a webbed feet experiment. Oh and we played outside in the freezing cold sunshine this afternoon.

I had dressed for rain and then was on recess supervision in the snow, had track practice at lunch in the sunshine and then had to sit through a very long, useless staff meeting. I heard some of the teachers afterwards saying that I push for a decision. I just want a decision made and action taken because if we “think about it”, it gets forgotten and then we end up not being able to get what we wanted. It makes sense to me, but maybe I should just not talk.


I have learned that a run is a really good idea after a staff meeting. I headed out and got 3.25km in before it got dark. I am loving having it light a little bit later. I also noticed that my Achilles weren’t as tight with running later in the day. I need to remember this!

I also did a hallmark workout this evening. I am rapidly running out of Christmas movies and will have to create a workout for regular hallmark movies soon!

Tonight I did: Bridges, squats, pushups, dips, reverse lunges, burpees, crunches, reverse crunches, lateral lunges, bicep curls, and froggers. I held 8lbs in each hand and did a minute of high knees between exercises.

Well, not an amazing day, but I survived:)

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday #3 (take two)

I tried to post this last night and woke up this morning to be told it couldn’t be posted, so I am trying it a different way.


I met up with Dennis, Brenda, and James for a walk this morning. Dennis and I decided to walk as we had run Saturday and this is the first time we had seen James in more than a month as he fell off his roof on Christmas Eve!

It was a nice walk, enlivened by the snow that kept coming and going.

In the afternoon I made up for walking with a 4km run to the park and back. I thought that going at 3pm would be quiet because of Superbowl, but it was surprisingly busy still. I didn’t push myself, but still maintained a decent pace and felt better for going.

I then did a Hallmark workout in the evening. I have added weights since it’s a new month. I’m starting small with just 8lbs, but plan to up it each month. I should also be able to put in more traditional weight lifting moves and not just bodyweight movements. Tonight I did: burpees, crunches, hip swings, reverse lunges, squats, pushups, froggers, reverse crunches, bridges, dips, plie squats, and curtsy lunges.

I definitely noticed the weights on the the curtsy lunges the plie squats!

I’m grateful that James wasn’t hurt worse than he was and is back on his feet.

I’m grateful for my running buddies’ humor that keeps Sunday mornings fun:)

I’m grateful for having some gym equipment at home so I don’t have to go to a gym (James has had some very interesting experiences there as he starts his recovery. People seem to have forgotten that you don’t say anything if you can’t say anything nice and that you have no idea what others are going through!)


I came home and cooked up some ground beef and made taco salads for my dinners this week. I also made up the rest of the frozen cookie dough and will take them to work tomorrow.

I also got busy and made Oh She Glows Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters.  Last week I had bought granola and wasn’t super happy with it, so this week I made granola. This recipe was great as it took only about five minutes to put together and then the oven did the rest. I also liked how it would be very easy to change it up to make it a little different each week.

I’m grateful I like to cook and bake as homemade always tastes better than store bought.

I’m grateful there are people who create yummy recipes that are safe for people with allergies.


I spent most of the day working on my Date Night sweater. I got to the end of chart A and then didn’t know where to go, so I called my mom. Doesn’t everyone turn to mom when they don’t know what to do 🙂

It turns out that I was just supposed to repeat rows 1-8 over and over again, so Date Night got completely ripped out:(

I really needed something successful so I made a quick headband that used a ball out of my stash.  The headband had a cable in it and this turned out to be off centre for me, but I actually like how it looks.  This will become a gift or donation.

I’m grateful I have a hobby that allows me to be productive while I’m on the couch.

I’m grateful I have an awesome mom who can help me:)

Well, it was a very AJ type day, but I went to bed early as I was super tired! Now I just have to figure out why this wouldn’t post last night! GRRRRR.

Have fun!




Last night at knit night, I failed. I went with two projects well on the way and came home with both of them frogged. And I hadn’t even taken the project that requires me to concentrate!


I was one of those odd ducks who were out at the Costco gas bar at 7:30 this morning. My eyes opened at 6:15 and I just couldn’t get back to sleep:(

Besides this, I got a load of dishes done and some groceries bought , but that’s it.


I had thought it would be mid morning before I would be running, but Dennis was ready earlier so we went out this morning. It looked beautiful, but was quite cold. I should have worn gloves! We went out along Guildford again and right from the start, it felt tough as my legs were tired. We did 7.75km and though I didn’t get a PR for my 5km (though I was trying for one), I did get my fastest kilometer ever- 5:45/km!! I didn’t think I’d ever see a kilometer in the 5s!!!🎊🎉


I stopped for coffee with Dennis and then went to pick up my new Brooks Christmas running shirt that just came in. I haven’t ran in it, but it seems expensive for the type of material it is. It is super cute though so I will just enjoy it and try not to think about how much it cost me!


I had bought frozen cookie dough for a school fundraiser for a friend’s nephew and it’s been calling my name so today, I decided that I should try to get it out of my freezer! I do much better when there’s no yummy food in my house! The cookies took two minutes longer than called for and didn’t really spread at all, but they did taste good. I took a dozen to my friend Anna for her boys.


My friend Anna has had a very busy fall as her husband prepared for his PhD thesis defense so when she called me up to see if I would go to a movie with her, I didn’t mind seeing Little Women again so that she could get out of the house. This was the first time she’s been out without her boys since September. I think she deserved a break:). I enjoyed the movie just as much the second time:)


What have I had today? I’ve had a rice cake with peanut butter and cheese on one half and peanut butter and jam on the other, a cup of tea after my run, a seafood cannelloni out of the freezer for lunch, cookies and ice cream. I had a gift card to my favourite ice cream store and I saw they had a ton of new vegan flavors so I stopped in tonight on my way home from the movie. I tried many and they were all amazing, but I had the Raspberry Pistachio Nut and loved every bite. The people are so kind there, the lady pulled a chair up in front of the heater for me to sit and eat in:)


I have spent much of today working on my Date Night sweater and thankfully I’m to the point where I just continue in pattern until it’s as long as I want it. I have found that I have to concentrate for the lace rows, but can listen to podcasts for the plain rows. I’m hopeful I can get a good portion of the body done tomorrow!

Well I’m tired, have fun!


Happy Friday Eve:)

I’m so glad today was Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! I so don’t like having Monday professional days because by Friday, you’ve forgotten you had a day without students!


Today felt very mixed up. We started writer’s workshop this morning and it went quite well, though we had planned way too much. We got through a video about polar bears which was a really good documentary called Growing Up Polar. It was about an orphaned polar bear taken in by the Toronto zoo. We also made our polar bear habitats this afternoon. It was so neat to see how different they are and one child actually commented on that! We also had the chance to play outside today as it wasn’t raining for a bit:). On top of this all planning and prep for next week was completed:)


I came home and went directly out for a run. I can’t believe how much my Achilles bothers me until it warms up. It takes about a kilometer before it stops talking:(. I got 3.65km done which was good enough for a Thursday night, especially as I think I might end up running twice tomorrow.

Since my runs and workouts were finally equal, I also got to watch a hallmark movie and do a workout tonight. I ended up doing a minute of jogging between these exercises: bridges, crunches, burpees, squats, dips, mountain climbers, reverse lunges, curtsy lunges, plié squats, pushups, reverse crunches, froggers and bicycle crunches. It was nice to get back to this routine!


Tonight I watched Nostalgic Christmas which was fine. I didn’t like the ending when the girl decided to take over her father’s shop at the drop of a hat. Wouldn’t they require more thought??? I know, I need to suspend reality!


I am attempting my date night sweater again. It seems like I have to start every knitting project five times😖. I hate to imagine how much I’d accomplish if I could start just once!


I need to get back on track as the scale made me cry this morning. It’s such a slippery slope to where I used to be! Today I’ve had: rice cake with Pb, cheese and jam, yogurt with granola, apple and peanut butter, blood orange, cucumber and cheese, cookies. It’s still not great, but better than it has been lately.

Well I’m going to bed early as I’m getting up early for a workout with Lyndsay.

Have fun!


Thankfully Better

It was thankfully a better day in my classroom today, but I’m almost afraid to wonder if it will last.


The students came in and when they were done their morning jobs they had to join into a workout video I was playing from Go Noodle (a great site for lots of different types of movement for kids)! I couldn’t believe how peaceful it was. Usually the children get to read, draw or extra book, but this was much quieter than that. I even joined in when I was done my morning jobs.

We had the best calendar we’ve had in a while and then went off to music. After recess I changed things around slightly so that we had a quick go noodle, then quiet time (I need this time to work with individual kids), then our math drill and I taught the math lesson while the students were at their desks. I also chose a child to answer a question and each subsequently chose the next person. It felt like everyone was engaged in the doubles plus one lesson and everyone got their entire worksheet done:)

After an indoor lunch (I had begged for an outdoor recess), we did planners, another quick go noodle, and then silent reading at our desks. This is the first time in my career o haven’t let children sit wherever, but it was much quieter than usual:). I actually got through three children’s reading lessons! We finished he day with building a polar bear and playing dodgeball in gym.

Overall, a really good day:). Thank goodness as I’m not sure I could have taken another bad one!


After doing some start of month prep work, I got home just in time for some sunshine. I decided to combine my run with an errand and ran over to the yarn store. I felt like I was running really slowly so was completely surprised to look down and see my first kilometer was under 7 minutes. I actually ended up having a 6:43/km average, which I am completely happy with for an after work, midweek run. It was a gorgeous moment for a run!

This run also gives me equal runs and workouts for the year so far so I can go back to doing one of each per night.


I picked up a gray Pom Pom for Sarah’s toque and got that attached so that her toque can be delivered tomorrow.

I have been working on my date night Sweater and it’s been going great until I am now short one stitch:(. I have pulled out two rows but am still short. I don’t really want to pull it all out!

Well that’s it for me! I hope tomorrow is good too.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #37

It was a horrible day at work, but thankfully got better outside of work.


My students are just off! They are hiding, sneaking out of the classroom, wrestling on the carpet. I’m to the point where I just don’t even want to go:(

We tackled a journal, two math drills, and a movie about the Arctic.

It felt like it was an uphill battle. The best part of the day was when I taught a reading lesson on sounding out. The kids were super engaged and it was good I did it as it reminded me how much work reading can be when you’re not good at it yet.

I think tomorrow I’m going to try a lot of exercise and teaching while they’re at their desks rather than the carpet. We’ll see how it goes.


I went home after my massage and worked on my Date Night sweater. I have high hopes for this sweater.


Tonight was a Harry Potter theme night.

We got 9/15 in the first round, 2nd place in the second round, 6/15 in the third round and 3rd place in the fourth round. Obviously I’m much better at Kahoot where I have choices.

Some of the questions I knew:

Who is the nephew of Bellatric LeStrange?

Draco Malfoy

Who was the youngest victim of the battle at Hogwarts?

Colin Creevey

Who took Ginny Weasley to the Yule Ball?

Neville Longbottom

Whose memories did Hermione alter before going in search of the Horcruxes?

Her parents

Who became headmaster of Hogwarts after Snape?

Minerva McGonagall

Whose home is in Grimmauld Place?

Sirius Black

What word did Bellatrix LeStrange carve into Hermione’s arm?


How many times do you have to walk by the Room of Requirement honking of what you need before it will open?


What serum was Cho Chang given to tell where Dumbledore’s Army was?


What is an ingredient in poly juice?

Lace wings

What is Harry’s last name?


How many different actor cats played Mrs. Norris?


How many fake Harry’s were there for the trip to Grimmauld Place?


How many different uses for dragon’s blood did Dumbledore find?


How many different fouls are there in Quidditch?


Which group met at a pub in Hogsmeade?

Dumbledore’s Army

What actress designed her own jewelery?

Luna Lovegood

What is the pub in Hogsmeade?

The Three Broomsticks

Where does the tunnel to the shrieking shack start?

Whomping Willow

Which actor almost had to be replaced because he lost so much weight?


Who saw the attack by Dementors on Harry and Dudley?

Mrs. Figg

What does Dumbledore see himself holding in the mirror?


Who made the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort?

Sybil Trelawney

Well I’m off to bed.

Have fun!