One of my favourite days of the year!

Well it finally got here!!! Knit city 2019 was super fun:)

After quickly dropping off some more sold items and returning a library book, I got picked up by Brenda and Patti to head to Knit City.

We didn’t want to stand in line when it wasn’t moving so we planned to arrive when the doors opened and it worked really well as we still got in within fifteen minutes.

I may not go into every single stall, but I have to go systematically so I know I haven’t missed anything.

One of the neatest things was seeing everyone wearing their knit items. I wore my Not a Boring Sweater and Brenda wore her latest shawl, but I sure did see a lot of sweaters I want to make!! I actually asked one woman what pattern it was and added it to my Ravelry queue.🤣

I tried to be good and follow my rules of no single skeins and no yarn that wasn’t on sale and looking for accessories and patterns predominantly, but I still came home with quite a bit.

I will describe what I got starting at the top right corner. I got a really cute stitch marker/progress keeper that is a cup of tea from Firefly Notes. I always find something there and I thought this was perfect as I usually have tea at the end of rounds, however I also bought a marker that says BOR🤣. Maybe I’ll just use both! I also got markers that say RS and WS for right and wrong side because sometimes I have the worst time remembering! These cane from Julie Adeline Yarn. Finally I also got a shawl cuff from Knox Mountain Knit Co. This is the one purchase I slightly regret as I should have held out until I found the perfect one, but instead I just bought a plain black one that is hopefully skinny enough not to look weird on me. In this category, I also wanted to buy sock blanks for blocking my socks, but it was her first year making my size and she didn’t have any of the really cute patterns in them yet so I decided to hold off until next year.

You then see the beautiful red DK yarn I bought from Kensington Farms that I think I’m going to make a sweater like Gramps sweater by TinCanKnits. I am trying to break out of only buying blue, black and gray so this was my attempt. It’s super soft and was a great price, though I have to admit it wasn’t on sale.

The variegated blue I bought from Baad Anna’s because it was 50% off so it counted for sale yarn, even though it is blue. I have enough to make a sweater and it is fine enough I’ll be able to use it for one of the projects out of Knit So Fine (the book I want to work through).

The project bag also came from Firefly Notes. I had bought three from them last year and really liked them. They have deep enough handles to go over my shoulder, but are also super lightweight so they scrunch up into nothing when not in use. It was also a fabulous deal at $12 as most of the other bags I saw started at $45 and went up from there 😳. Obviously making project bags should be my new side job!

Beside the project bag are the five patterns I bought from TinCanKnits. I love TinCanKnits and have made most of their free patterns on Ravelry. Their patterns are always well written and I love how they come in multiple sizes so you don’t have to buy multiple patterns to get all the sizes you want! I know my mom isn’t going to love some of them, but I plan to buy more next year. Well it might be before next year as I just realized I didn’t get the Gramps Sweater one.

Finally the bottom three yarns are all lace weight yarns from Isis Fibre Arts. She is no longer dyeing lace weight yarn and so had her lace weight on sale. I thought getting almost 900 yards for $20 was a good deal since that will do a sweater for me:). I bought a turquoise, a variegated teal and a variegated purple. There were so many more I could have gotten!!!

I once again eyed the yarn bowls and a couple of skeins by Maidenhair and a few off dyes by other companies, but managed to resist them all. I also looked at Sweet Georgia Yarns for some neutral tone of Tough Love Sock so I can make the Life Savers cardigan, but there was no way I wanted to spend over $80 on that today. I think I’ll just look in my stash for some neutral sock weight to go with the remnants of the mini skein set I have from Sweet Georgia.

We also eyed all the advent calendars, but the cheapest one was $170 for only 12 days and all the 24 day ones were over $200. We all want to do one so we’re going to need to figure something out for next year!

We were there a lot longer this year, but I think it’s because we took a break for an early lunch at the Rolling Cashew foodtruck. I was super excited that they were going to be there and thoroughly enjoyed my cauliflower wings. Brenda and Patti had them too and also liked them!


Of course after being surrounded by all this yarn and loveliness I came home to knit all the rest of the day, rather than cleaning or cooking or anything useful.

This is the triple check scarf that I finished last night. It’s a little on the short side, but is super warm and cozy. Right now it’s in the charity bin, but it might become mine:)

I really wanted to cast on a sweater for me, but I have spent the day knitting a baby sweater for my RMT. It is very simple and is Zane’s Coming Home Sweater from 101 Designer one skein Wonders book. I am almost done and just have to finish the sleeves and edging, so you should see it tomorrow.


I think I get to colour in today as I ate exactly as I had planned. I’ve had:

One rice cake with Pb & j

Cauliflower wings

Cucumber and cheese

Well I’m going back to finish my sweater and keep listening to podcasts.

Have fun!



5 Weeks Down, 35 To Go

Thankfully it was a better day today!


I didn’t sleep last night, but still got up for my workout with L this morning. We went up and down a giant hill on the treadmill and then did reverse crunches, two types of rows, up downs, shoulder press, and tricep extensions. I felt much better at the end of the workout than at the start!


We made it through calendar, music class and got a decent amount of the math words booklet done. This afternoon we finished our leaf art and played math word concentration. My students also got their first twelve minutes of centers. They didn’t do too badly, thankfully!


After prepping some sight word and number recognition games, I picked up my nephew at his field hockey game. I had no idea boys played field hockey, but I like him playing any sport! It was so great to see him! We went for pizza and then for ice cream.


After a quick trip to Costco to pick up more pictures of my students, I have spent the evening knitting on my scarf. I have been amazed at how far I’ve gotten as I wasn’t expecting to even get this much. I will finish it tonight, but not before I post this, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.


I’m really unsure whether I can colour a square for today or not. I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Kale and sausage pasta

Mini kind bar

I slice of vegan pizza ( southwest with beyond meat sausage and chipotle sauce. I was impressed they didn’t use Daiya cheese as their cheese actually melted) and one scoop of vegan ice cream (I had vegan caramel fudge pecan ice cream and it was amazing!)

Everything except for the pizza was planned, but maybe that’s too many treats in a day to count as a good day. 🤔🤔

Well I’m going back to knitting.

Have fun!


Friday Eve

I still love thinking of Thursday as this. The day definitely wasn’t as good as yesterday!


I had a new poem to introduce today, but first I took the opportunity to review with the children the words they learned through reading last week’s poem. The kids loved being able to get up and point to a word they learned. Our new poem is much shorter but it still has plenty of sight words for them to learn!

I finally got to introduce the number words concentration game, but that was it because of my library prep.

This afternoon it was a continuation of art and while they were super noisy, the art is actually turning out quite beautiful!

It was in the last twenty minutes that everything fell apart. Kids not listening, and I had to teach how to wash hands as they had soap spilling out of the sink. I feel like I’m teaching preschool so far this year:(


I got home, dropped off a tablecloth to a woman who had bought it and then went back to working on my triple check stitch. Right now I think it’s going to be a length somewhere between a cowl and a scarf. I love it, but if anyone has an idea of what I can do with a scarf width item this length, I’d appreciate the idea!


I went out trail running in the dark with a new group tonight. Don’t worry, my usual running buddy Dennis was there too! It was great to get out and though I was worried about being able to keep up, I had no problems with that. It was pretty neat afterwards to realize I did 6.87km without any real thought:)

This is the River I ran around though it was much darker tonight.


I have had three extra grapes today, but I’m not beating myself up about that! I realized today that I definitely have a more difficult time sticking to my plan in the morning. I seem to spend the whole morning hungry. However, when I started thinking about it, I wonder if it has to do with the stress of starting the day. It is very chaotic and I never know how my students are going to be, so it could be some emotional or stress eating too. So far, I have managed to resist:). Today I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Sausage and kale pasta

Salad greens with cheese and a wiener

3 grapes🤣

This is what happens when I cook a meal on Sunday- I end up eating it all week!

Well I have an early workout so I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


Knit Night Resumes

It was awesome to have knit night to look forward to today.


It was another good day with my class which was a nice treat. We didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but I need to lower my expectations in that area, I think.

We had calendar, finished out five senses sheet about Fall, and started some leaf art.

I managed to work with one little guy on his sounds. I laid out all the alphabet cards, then said a sound and he had to find the card that made that sound. It worked great, but he only knew 14 sounds:(. Definitely need to work with him more!

I did get to give one parent good news after school as her son has been super sweet playing with our new autistic boy. It’s been awesome to see! I like to try and get out just as often to tell parents good things as negative things.


I got out for a run after school. I love that this week I’ve had the time to run in daylight after school:) I got 5.79km in and had a decent pace, though my Achilles were both sore:(. I need to do some more stretching for them!


I had another good day, though this morning was definitely more difficult than the other days. I seriously thought of eating my recess early and having oatmeal in addition, but I managed not to:). I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j (I would like to get this back down to one)

Orange ( I find a banana more filling)

Sausage and kale pasta

Salad with sausage and cheese

I just arranged to take my nephew for ice cream on Friday so I guess that will be one of my four treat meals this week. Yes I did sit down and figure out that 80/20 meant only four “treat” meals a week. I’m going to have to plan carefully as I’ll also be having lunch out on Saturday. The rest of my days are going to need to be fruits and veggies based!


It was great to have knit night resume. I went to Brenda’s and we actually had a third lady join us which was great. Patti seemed awesome and will be joining us on Saturday too:)

I worked on my triple check knit pattern. I think I will just have enough to create a cowl. We all agreed it would also make a really nice blanket.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #24

A pretty good day:)


I wasn’t there to meet my class this morning as I was in a meeting and it threw me off all day. Of course I had also forgotten to tell my class I had changed their desks, so I guess we were all off!

We tackled printing this morning, started our home reading program, worked on our math number printing book and finished the day by finding signs of Fall outside.

Not a perfect day, not a horrible day, just another day at work done.


I put off my run until after work as I had to get the calendar ready for the new month this morning. It was a good decision though because it was a gorgeous afternoon. I got 4.6km in. It wasn’t my fastest run as my calves were killing me. I don’t know if it’s from all the stairs yesterday or if it was the heels I wore today.

One of the best parts of the run was I got to wear my new Goodr sunglasses today and they worked great! I had no idea my other glasses bounced so much until I wore these. It also worked well wearing these with my aftershocks headphones.


A pretty good day! I had:

2 rice cakes and Pb & j


Pasta with sausage and kale

Mini kind bar

Salmon and veggies


It was just three of us and I was super annoyed that our usual table was taken by non-trivia players😖😖😖

What I knew:

What letters are given in the final round of Wheel of Fortune?


What song has been done by spatula Clarke and Macklemore?


Where did the Sound of Music take place?


What was the job of Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality?

FBI agent

Which soap opera was Alex Baldwin in?

Knots Landing

Who won in football this Sunday?

Tennessee Titans

Which animal wasn’t in Animal Farm?


How many minutes are there in a day?


I just felt like I knew nothing tonight:(

Well I’m off to bed with my empty head.

Have fun!


Moving Monday

I thought I was being nice to myself by running last night and sleeping in this morning, but then I ended up being grumpy all day until I got out for some exercise after school. Maybe I need to run in the morning?!?!


We actually got through a day without my having to raise my voice!!🎊🎉. The boys had no incidents at recess and lunch and my wild girl was pretty calm and my helpless girl didn’t stand around. Wow can I have a groundhog scenario of this day???

It was orange shirt day so after doing a journal in the morning and working on our math number printing book, we read a book about this movement called Shi shi etko. It’s really well done for little kids and we also had an assembly about the topic. Wow that was our entire day.


There were just going to be two of us for bootcamp today so we decided to go do the stairs on the crunch instead. I really hate doing this, but that probably means it’s good for me and I definitely felt better afterwards! I did 3 sets which totaled 1,343 stairs. Along with the run there and back, which of course was hilly, it was enough of a workout!


I had another good eating day today. I had:

Cereal and yogurt parfait


Mac and cheese (the end of it)

Salad with sausage and cheese

This made for five good days in a row, so I got to get myself a treat:)


I called at lunch and found out the store was still carrying the product, so I stopped in after school to grab a pair of Goodr sunglasses. I have been reading lots of good reviews of these sunglasses and decided it would be nice to have a pair of running glasses. Right now, I wear my expensive pair and I’m always worried I’m going to hurt them. It turned out they didn’t have the smaller version so they are probably a little big for my face, but they’re just for running, so they’ll be fine. I love the names they give their sunglasses!!! Mine are called Sunset Squishee Brain Freeze. 🤣


I, of course, couldn’t go a day without knitting (more like I need to knit down the stash as much as possible this week in preparation for the weekend!) and so I started a scarf. I always have trouble figuring out a project when I have multiple colours of a yarn, but not a ton of yarn overall. I found this Pattern for a Triple Check Stitch and am really loving it! I think I see more of these in my future!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Adulting Sunday

It’s so unfair that life and adulting get in the way of such a lovely day as Sunday!


I met up with Dennis and Brenda again this morning for a run. We did laps around Brenda again as she’s still working her way through the learn to run program. I got just over 5km done.

I ended up going out again this evening. Amazingly I felt so good and made a personal best in my 5km time of 31:47. I am getting closer to my goal! When I looked down to turn my tracker off, it said I was doing a 4:22/km pace- hopefully that’s true as it’s amazing for me!


I am mainly a snacker but decided I should try making some of the actual meal recipes from my current cookbook- Sylvana’s Gluten Free and Dairy Free Kitchen: Timeless Favourites Transformed. I tried the Homemade Fettuccine with Sausage, Broccoli Rabe and Parmesan. I can’t say I gave it a great test as I didn’t make the fettuccine but rather bought pasta. I also couldn’t find broccoli rabe and was a little disappointed she didn’t give an alternate suggestion. I also bought a ton of cheese today, but not parmesan🤣. I’ll say it looked good and was easy and I’ll let you know how my kale and sausage pasta tastes tomorrow.


I did buy a lot of cheese today! I tried three new kinds for dinner.

I had Sheese vegan mature cheddar style slices. I found it had a sharp taste to it, but quite a rubbery texture:(

Next I tried Chipotle Cheddar Style Wedge by Nuts for Cheese. This had a nice kick to it, but was soft like a cream cheese.

Finally I tried the Nuts for Cheese Smoky Artichoke and Herb Cheese. This had a tang to it and was even softer than the cheddar variety.

I would buy the Nuts for Cheese items again for a charcuterie board, but wouldn’t bother with the Sheese again.


Speaking of food, as long as I maintain this, I’ll get to colour in another square today. I’ve had:

Brunch: steak ( makes my mom worry less about my iron)

Late lunch: Mac and cheese

Dinner: cheese and cucumber


After a quick cleaning of the important parts of my condo, and all my laundry, I have spent most of today knitting on my Not a Boring Sweater second sleeve. I actually finished and got the ends woven in. Here it is:

Well that’s it for my day!

Have fun!


A Pretty Perfect Saturday

It was a pretty great day, but nothing like my usual.


After being so tired last night, of course I was up super early this morning. I was super ready by the time my colleague Liane picked me up. The city next to ours had decided to do a Fall city wide garage sale, like the one in May, so of course we had to partake in it. We hit about 16 garage sales but definitely weren’t as successful as we usually are in the Spring. I ended up with some items for the price bin at work, along with an Ivivva tank top, a pair of shoes, an aloe Vera plant and a bankers lamp for $9. I think that’s decent:)

We are hoping that it was just slow because it’s the first time it’s been held. It was an absolutely perfect day for garage sales!


After a quick stop at home, I met up with my friend Anna for a walk to the park with her two little boys. It ended up being a longer trip than I had planned, but was still awesome. It was such a perfect crisp, sunny, Fall day and I couldn’t have asked for better company!

We couldn’t get over their stamina!


I have managed to finish one sleeve completely and am ready to start the fancy hem on the second sleeve. I have had to use the extra skein of yarn as I only got to row 73 on the second sleeve and I ran out of my original skeins. I’m so glad I had the new one sitting there waiting! I had actually already started the hem of the second sleeve, but messed it up and had to rip it out. I figured I had better wait for tomorrow and a clear head to tackle the last 32 rows.


Since I didn’t have the brain power to knit, I decided to read instead and finished another NetGalley book. I do wonder why my percentage stays at 80% when I have provided a review for every book I have been given. I wonder what else it is based on?

Today I finished the book, An unforgettable Christmas by Ginny Baird.

The story of Sam Singleton, a jewelry store owner who is a workaholic and bordering on Scrooge. He doesn’t even recognize how amazing his accountant Angie is until he falls and hits his head and suffers from amnesia. This was a very sweet, romantic story that surprised me. I wasn’t expecting Sam to become such a different person during his convalescence. It was a neat take on a classic Christmas story.

I greatly enjoyed the story and thanks to Ginny Baird, Hallmark and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I think I get to colour in another square on my calendar. I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j ( I should probably get this down to one)


Mac and cheese

One scoop of vegan maple walnut ice cream

Red peppers and dip

Anna had warned me about going for ice cream in advance so I tried to make the rest of my day healthier so it would make up for the ice cream. It wasn’t unplanned so I think it’s okay. If anyone disagrees let me know. I don’t want to be too easy on myself!

Well, I’m done and going to sleep.

Have fun!


Terry Fox Run

It thankfully was a better day that started off well.


I got up before the sun today to meet L for a workout. It’s always tough to get up and out the door, but on the way home, I felt so great that it makes it worth it:)

We did a half hour on the treadmill that combined speed work and hills. Ugh isn’t one of those at a time enough?? I did get 4.18km out of it though. We then moved to weights and did bicep curls, squat jumps (mine were much smoother than usual), squats, hip bridges with skipping intervals regularly. I pushed myself to use more weight than usual and was more successful than I was expecting, so it was all good:)


My students were much better today. We started the day with the Terry Fox Run. I got to attend the assembly with my students but the run was during my prep. I was super torn as it’s such a fun event to do with the children, but I get so little prep time that I always feel like I need to take it. Thankfully the prep was super productive and the kids still had fun with the music teacher.

We wrote about the run after recess and then after lunch we had our first buddy meetup. It was cool to see how well it worked out.

My students were all much better behaved today, though I spoke to one little guy first thing this morning about interrupting and so later in the morning he waited his turn to talk to me but ended up having a slight accident. We will definitely be discussing when and how to interrupt on Monday. I just really hope I don’t hear from the parents about this!


I bartered with myself and decided against an afternoon snack, but I stopped and got the ingredients for Mac and cheese. I made the sauce based loosely on this Minimalist Baker recipe and used Miyokos mozzarella cheese. It was dairy free and gluten free and tasted wonderful. It made a lot so I’ll be having several meals of it over the next few days.

I had some frozen chicken noodle soup for lunch and realized that pasta doesn’t seem to freeze well for me, so I’ll just eat this pasta dish for the next several meals.


I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Chicken noodle soup

Mac and cheese

I have decided that each day I eat an appropriate amount with no unplanned snacking or treats, I will highlight the day in my planner. After five of these days I get to have a treat (non food) and when I hit my goal weight I am going to order the Lululemon crops I want:). Hopefully this will motivate me as the holiday 87 days from now is too far away to do the trick!☹️


I have spent a lot of this evening knitting and have finished my first sleeve and am a quarter of the way through the second one now! I have to admit I’m enjoying the plain knitting right now as then I can listen to podcasts:)

Well I’m going back to my second sleeve.

Have fun!


Thunderous Thursday

This is the name that has been given to Workout Wednesday now that it has been moved to Thursday’s this year at school.


I started the day with my usual run in the dark. I didn’t see another soul out there so obviously I’m the only crazy person! I got 3.55km done and under a 7min /km average so I’m happy. To make it even better, it didn’t rain on me:)

This afternoon we got part of a bootcamp workout done, but then got interrupted by the daycare:(. I guess something is better than nothing. We did: lunges to front raise and lunges to lateral raise, rows, lay pull downs, a scissor move with a crunch in between, banded jacks with butt kicks in between, pulsating squat jumps, crunch with scissors,squat with side leg lifts, banded bicycle crunches, I might try to get those last couple done later tonight.


The day was going along pretty well until last thing. We had thunderous Thursday, calendar and a Fall mini book this morning. We did some more math work after recess and then this afternoon we started on our first core competency- I can describe my characteristics. It was very funny to hear what some of them said! “I am very sill” and one kid just wanted to write “I play soccer everyday” all over his sheet.

This afternoon my students had to sit quietly for five minutes after the other class had gone outside because they had taken nine minutes to get ready for planners after lunch!!! I gave them a taste of what waiting feels like. Of course when we went outside the other class had several injuries and one of my little girls turned around and stuck her tongue out at me when I asked her to sit and calm down on the wall. I then directed her into the office and she turned around and said no. I couldn’t believe it! I never would have thought of saying that to a teacher! She got to visit with the principal! I will need to revisit this issue tomorrow.

After my aborted workout I went to the dentist which is not my favourite place with my tiny mouth, but I survived.


I finished Puppy Christmas by Lucy Gilmore.

What a cute book! How can anyone resist cute puppies and a gorgeous man?

This book was very cute and imaginative. It was not what I was expecting, but was better. I liked how the whole relationship was fun and creative, and eat it helped both main characters grow.

I also loved the supportive family cast, as usual.

It was a lovely seasonal read.


I have been knitting away on my first sleeve still and am hoping to be done soon!