Sometimes, isn’t a verbal thank you enough?


Today the big event was the parent appreciation. This was to be pared down this year, to the relief of the teachers, until a certain person got ahold of it and blew it up again:(. It turned out fine- coffee, tea, coffee, donuts, a card from the children, a card with chocolates, a slide show, a school song and then a twenty minute open house. In talking with several parents it became clear we are all on the same wave length- the parents put on a teacher appreciation and then we put on a parent appreciation… what sane adult needs two more things on their calendar at the end of the school year???? Wouldn’t saying thank you be enough????

Otherwise it was a quiet day with doing a story elements lesson on problem and solution with the book Cinderella (I always read the Disney one from my childhood for nostalgic reasons), a lesson and fun sheet on probability, dodgeball and computers.

Nothing exciting, but we all survived:)


The mission was for forty minutes today so I just walked it to give my knees a break. It was a lovely day for a walk, though I was happy for my sweatshirt!


I ran out tonight to the library and to grab some groceries. Can you believe the library has a limit of 25 checkouts?!?! Ugh I had to use my mom’s card for the rest of my books! That’s was the treat- having my mom along for company:). Even doing simple errands is more fun with her for company, though she had to listen to me vent about work way too much. Oh well, Saturday will be our fun shopping day:)


I watched the Hallmark movie, The Mechanics of Love last night.

I really liked it!!! In fact, I’d like a guy just like Tyler in this movie please😛. It was nice to see a woman have a non traditional job in this movie:)


Otherwise, I’ve been spending every second reading Carnegie’s Maid to try and finish it as it has to be returned to the library tomorrow. I have 87 pages to go and a lot of incentive in all the books I brought home from the library!

Have fun!




I should never leave clothing choice for the morning!


It was tough to decide what to wear this morning which made me behind in my routine:(. I thought I’d have a quiet morning as my co teacher was away, but nope- crazy as ever.

This morning we did our own pal letters which many of the children are getting really good at!! I won’t try to do this with a TOC again though- it was too chaotic with both classes and only me knowing the children and the routine!

This afternoon we wrote about our Keep Cool presentation yesterday. The children did pretty good!

Between recess and lunch was the excitement for the day. Every year one of our EA’s runs a fundraiser for the Wigs For Kids Foundation. They provide real hair wigs for more than 50% off for kids going through cancer treatment. I did this two years ago and ended up doing it again today!

Before with lots of little ponytails which a police liaison officer them cut off during the assembly.

After! I didn’t realize I had quite so many colours naturally in my hair! It was pretty uneven so I went for a real haircut tonight, but I’ll save that picture for when I’m not sweaty from a run!


After school I helped get the school ready for the parent appreciation event tomorrow. It will be nice to have that finished!

I then did bootcamp with Lyndsay. It sounded deadly as every Rabat’s station had a form of burpees at it, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected:)

Let’s see if I remember all the forms of burpees we did:

Squat, drop and jump/ banded hip raises

Superwoman/ medicine ball burpees

Plank punches/ burpee with a long jump

Ab roll outs/burpee with four mountain climbers

Bench roll burpees/ bench knee tucks

Banded lateral steps/ banded pop jacks

Burpees/iso squat with punches

Burpee with bench step up/ bench sit up

It wasn’t as bad as expected so I don’t know if that means I didn’t work hard enough or if I’m getting more fit? My colleague put it well today- I’m “fitish”.🤣

I didn’t really want to run tonight, but then a team mate boosted me and I didn’t want that to go to waste so I got out for my 8km run. I’m learning that I’m quite consistent in my pace once I hit it, usually around the 1km mark. It was t as great a run as the other day as I ate my veggie dinner too close to going out! If children were smart they’d use a run as the excuse not to eat their veggies as that really hurt!


I got my half hour on my rug square done tonight, but nothing extra. I’m going to have my work cut out for me this weekend. It just hasn’t been my priority.


My priority has been reading Carnegie’s Maid because it’s due back to the library on Friday! I’m off to read some more.

Have fun!


Ticking Along

Just another day of getting things done.


My students mastered printing v and w and hard and soft c today, or at least they were introduced to it:). It would be so amazing to be able to just input things into children’s brains and know they got it!

We had an environmental play come today that the children loved.

We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy movie about matter this afternoon and then we had centres. Not a bad day😀

I didn’t feel great from 11am on and my co-teacher said I had a fever. I’m not sure what I got, but I’m going with nothing because I’ve been sick enough this school year!!!!

We had a reveal of a new sign that is in our foyer. It’s a saying that my mom sent me a few months ago and I really like it. I think it’s a great quote to have our students see every day!! What is even better is that it’s been translated into Braille and so can be a tribute to a little girl we lost earlier this year, who had made an impact on a lot of people in our school community. We are not allowed to have a memorial at the school for her, so this was our way of remembering her:)

I finished my report cards after school🎉🎊. I like when I’m at this point as now I can start wat bing for specific behaviors or specific children and tweak the reports as I need to:). It’s really perfect timing as my mom arrives tomorrow and I know she’s just dying to read them as they’re so riveting🤣🤣🤣


The mission today was to run for sixty minutes, but I ended up doing this as a walk as I still wasn’t feeling great. I got in just in time as the rain started soon after.

This walk was enough to put me back into first place on my team:). I really don’t know how this is happening though!


I’ve made some progress on my Bookclub book- Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict. I am on page 58 of 272. Will I finish by Friday???

So far I am enjoying it:)

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!AJ


A day with some success in it:)


I started my day with the half hour on my new rug square. It was so gray outside I just wanted to stay here all day!!! I at least got the square started.


Well I had two successes today:). The first was the gym game I made up that the kids liked and it had them running the whole time!

The second was this afternoon. We put five primary classes together in the gym with popsicle sticks and plasticine. The students had to work in mixed gender and mixed class pairs. They had to build something with a small amount of plasticine and popsicle sticks. I have to admit all of us teachers were a little worried it would be chaos, but it went amazingly!!!

Our plan is to do this each Monday afternoon but the activity will change each Monday.

We also had staff meeting which I survived, but ate way too many nachos!

I also got three report cards written today, so I now only have six left🎊🎉


After nachos and Rice Krispie squares, I really didn’t feel like running, but the mission was 7km. I told myself I just had to run a bit because I didn’t want to have to be out for more than an hour to get those 7kms done! I got going and then told myself I could walk each time Spotify had a commercial, unfortunately Spotify only has a commercial every twenty minutes and by then I was already in the running mode. I got 7.3km done 🎉🎊. I’ve already ran more this week than I did the whole of last week! It also put me in first place on my Squad Runner team. That has never happened before and it won’t last long, but it was fun to see!


I finished my book from the weekend.

I loved the lead up of this book as it made me giggle out loud, however the relationship was very shallow. The couple never talked or had dates, just sex. Then when problems occur, of course they don’t know each other, but suddenly everything is worked out. It was cute, but I think there’s a fine line between too much thinking in a romance novel and not enough and this landed on the not enough side.


I casted on for the Wee Speedy 2 today. It won’t take long so it will be a nice break from my last sweater project! Hopefully I’ll have a cute finished baby sweater to show you soon!

I did wear the sweater I just finished to work today and got our secretary to grab a picture of me.

This sweater pattern was made from the pattern Sea Cucumber by Linda Allegra, a free pattern on Ravelry. I changed it slightly. My sweater used only one strand of yarn instead of two, was done on size 5mm needles rather than 6mm and I changed the underarm pattern. There was supposed to be a section under the arm that was cross stitch, yarn overs, cross stitch. I took out the yarn overs as I didn’t like how open it was. I’m happy with how it turned out though:)

Ok that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


Still Ticking

After a late night, it was tough to get going!


After getting home at midnight last night, getting up for my 8am run was a little tough. I did it though and was glad I had as Dennis was there to run with me today. It’s always a challenge for me as his “slow” is still fast for me, but I survived and wasn’t too far behind him. I had added on at the far end to get as much of the 12.5km I needed done as possible, but he paid me back by adding on at the other end🤣. We managed 6.32km:) It was a great run through the forest along the river, though it looked like it had snowed because there was so much cottonwood seed on the ground. I feel so bad for people who are allergic to this!

After a lovely (and free) tea, and some grocery shopping I went back out for the other 5.98km I needed to do. I wasn’t sure how it would go with running again so soon, but it appears my body can handle it. I ticked off another 6.2km:)

With the mission done, I felt just fine sitting on my couch, but then the new week of missions came out and I decided that instead of missing the Monday mission of 50 minutes in one shot, I would go out and walk it. So I did that this evening once it stopped raining:)

It rained all afternoon and the woods greened up and grew immediately, it seems🤣😛

Exercise is definitely complete for the day!


I wasn’t allowed to do any knitting until I finished my rug square for the week so this is what I worked on for most of the day, around my nap. I did finish at 8:45pm so I am still on track🎊🎉


I’ve been watching movies as I’ve been working on my rug. I watched Bridget Jones’ Diary. I love this movie and have the first two, but I really need to get the third that made me laugh harder than I ever have at any movie!

I also watched Burlesque. Maybe it’s just me, but these movies always inspire me to exercise as those women must work so hard to stay in that shape!


I spent quite a bit of time reading today too, but didn’t quite finish the book yet so the review will have to wait for tomorrow.


My sister in law was saying that she is doing a 21 Day Challenge with a friend where she has to name three things she is grateful for each day. I like this idea as it has you end the day on a positive thought so I’ll try it out:)

I’m grateful for:

1. My running buddies- they keep me going, challenge me to do more than I think I can, cheer me on and encourage me, and make me laugh. They’re an awesome group!

2. Diet gingerale for when I eat the wrong thing!

3. My healthy body that does more than I think it will be able to:)

Well I’m off to try and finish my book!

Have fun!


Hanging Out

A day of nothing exciting, but with wonderful people, can be an amazing day!


I stayed in bed until 7:30 this morning which was lovely. My face was cold when I woke up, but it was nice and warm upstairs as my SIL has put the heat on🎉. My brother is always hot and so keeps the house cool, I wish that was me!!

I walked around a local community golf course with my brother, nephew, sister in law and her sister and of course the two dogs. I think we wore her out!

It was a lovely walk and knocked a few more kilometers off my mission for the weekend:)


We spent most of the time just hanging around together, chatting while the kids played.My brother had texted me that we were going to a garden party today, but unfortunately when we showed up, we found out it is actually tomorrow🤣. We went home and had our own garden party which was lovely! This trip was informative though as I wore my new sweater that I finished Thursday night and it was great!!! I wonder why my sweaters this year have been more successful than my sweaters in the past? We also stopped by where my brother works and it’s such a beautiful setting!


I am now working on my rug as I won’t allow myself to start any knitting projects until I have completed my weekly rug square.

Back to stitching I go!

Have fun!



Not all parts, but the good outweighs the bad.


I couldn’t believe my class today- they were horrendous at times! We changed our groups for the new month and I actually threatened to put them in rows because they were so loud. Grrrr. We all survived and got most of our work done.

We are working on probability in math right now and made a flip book of likely, unlikely, certain and impossible events. Some of their ideas were crazy! It is thankfully unlikely that a meatball meteor will hit spaghetti land today🤣. Thankfully it is certain that Miss B will drink tea today 🤣


I headed out to visit my brother, sister in law and niece and nephew. It was a trip that took longer than expected, but had awesome hugs at the end:)

I went shopping with my sister in law and niece and learned that I now wear the same size clothes as my eleven year old niece who is taller than me! I’ll have to remember to check out her closet!🤣

Product Review:

I have been loving this Nestea half tea, half lemonade drink!

It has no caramel colouring, so no gluten and it has less calories than most things that come in these containers. It made a great addition to my apple and peanut butter, though I did learn there is a definite difference between natural and Kraft peanut butter!


I was reading a blog today and it was talking about a Hogwarts mini skein advent calendar.

I am so tempted!!!


I got a short walk in, but that’s it:(. Hopefully I’ll accomplish more tomorrow!


I have been working on my rug today, but it might be a challenge to get an entire square done by Sunday!

Who said a steering wheel is only for driving!

Well I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Knitting with a Deadline

Sorry there was no post last night, I was knitting!


The day went fine with my children. We actually got four report cards written last night instead of just the three that were on the schedule.  We did however have some bad news -our secretary is retiring:(  She is an amazing woman and runs our school so well!  I’m happy for her, but don’t really know how we’re going to survive September!


It turned out to be a rest day.


I was crazy busy last night running around. I stopped at the dollar store to get cards, tissue paper and gift bags. What did I do before there were dollar stores for these things?  I love getting a card for $2 rather than spending the $6-$8 they want at the card store!  I then ran to one of my bookclub members to grab the next book club book. I couldn’t find it at  any of the local libraries, but she had gotten it from hers.  When I looked online the Kindle edition was $15! For that much, I want a real book!


I went home to knit madly as I thought I had a chance of finishing because I was on the bottom band of the sweater.  Well I had used the 3X method to save enough yarn for the final cast off. Then I noticed I had to do a row of purl before that so I set aside that yarn too.  I got three quarters of the way through the purl row when I realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn so I had to tink back the purl row and the row before that. I did that and got to the last thirty rows of my cast off when I ran out of yarn. Thankfully I had the same yarn without the sparkle, so I grabbed it and used a little to finish the last thirty stitches of cast of.

It felt great to finish up and I did get the project created on Ravelry and the sweater entered into a class for HPKCHC!  I will have to go back later to add details to the project page.

At this point, I had to go to sleep!

Well, I’ll be back later to tell you about today.

Have fun!


No Teaching

What a day! Well at least it went really fast!


I woke up this morning and did some knitting on my sweater and then did some more at lunch and some more tonight. I am within 5cm of finishing!!!! I hope I can get it done before tomorrow night! I’ve never been this down to the wire before!


I didn’t actually teach anything today. We had workout Wednesday which was suddenly moved inside when the grandmother of one of our students fell down the stairs. She ended up only breaking a finger, but what a horrible way to start the day!

We then had family group activity where children work in mixed age groups. Today we were making the cards that will be given to parents for parent appreciation.

After lunch the students went with the principal and teachers had collaboration. We got all our assigned tasks done in ten minutes so my co-teacher and I managed to get a report card written:). What can I say? I’m super efficient 🤣. It helped that a certain argumentative teacher wasn’t present today.

After school I wrote three more report cards so I’m done 9 of 22 so far. It’s a start:)

This is how much paper it takes to write a report card😣😳😖. My desk is usually absolutely clear!


Well after working out with the children this morning, I then worked out with Lyndsay after school. She did something new! It’s always scary when she uses that evil laugh! We started with a pyramid workout- one minute of cardio and then 25 pulse squats, one minute cardio and then 20 plank squats and 20 pulse squats, etc as we moved through jump squats, squats, jumping lunges. We then did five tabatas which were:


Lateral raises/ front raises

1/2 get ups/ bicycles

Plank jacks/ slider hamstring curls

Fire hydrants/ bridges

Then we did another round of the pyramid workout but worked up the pyramid this time instead of down.

I was definitely sweaty, but it went fast as we were always changing.

I was supposed to run 6km this evening for the Squad Runner mission, but after that workout and with my knee already sore, there was no way! I ended up walking the 6km, though I really wanted to be running!

It was a beautiful night though!

Well, I’m off to bed so I’ll be nice and patient tomorrow:)

Have fun!


Feeling Better

My co teacher makes all the difference!


I got up this morning and did a run to finish up my mission. I only had to do 3.5km, but managed to squeak out 3.9km before it was time to get ready for work.

After the staff treats again today, I decided I shouldn’t skip this mission and went out and did another 7km this evening. My later run was better which is usual for me, but both were beautiful.

I was beating myself up a little bit because Squad Runner shows that my speed is slower this month than it has been the past two months, but then I realized that I’ve been using my walk home from work for some of the multi day missions, so of course it would be slower🤦🏼‍♀️


I had the chance this morning to sit down quietly with my co-teacher and discuss the class placements. We managed to hash out the placements we weren’t happy with and both walked away feeling much better about the classes for next year. We also took pictures of the boards as we feel like the classes changed this year without our input. It drives me nuts that other people think they know my students so well and yet I’m the one who spends over a thousand hours with them!!!!

My day was pretty good, though my students seemed particularly huggy today! Thankfully a parent had sent me an email explaining her son had an off night last night. That always makes such a difference as then I know something is up and I’m just that little bit more patient with him.


Lately, I’ve been enjoying a change from just plain tap water.

There are many flavors of Perrier, but I’ve been really enjoying the pink grapefruit and the strawberry. It’s fizzy and has taste, but isn’t sweet:)

Well I’m off to knit like crazy on my sweater!

Have fun!AJ