I really don’t understand drama queens! I try to have as little drama in my life as possible, but seem people seem to try for as much drama as possible????


The tech worked all day, well except I can’t be lazy and now have to go poke the projector with my meter stick, instead of using the remote. Oh well:(

We tackled long a today in phonics and the kids really seemed to get it:)

We then played What Time Is it Mr. Wild in gym which they seemed to absolutely adore!

In math, we finally watched the counting by 2s video, though most of the children said it didn’t explain it any better than I did. We also played seven rounds of Around the World, though we have yet to get a winner.

This afternoon we had silent reading and a reading group and then Fin came to visit and we worked on a class book about happiness. We didn’t finish the class book because the pictures are made of torn paper. I just don’t know how to inspire one little guy- he puts as little effort as possible into everything:(

I ran home after school and went to my physio appointment.


I actually did some real cooking tonight. I had prepped all my food for the week on Sunday, but then noticed I had an avocado that was ripe so I made the Avocado pasta from Oh She Glows. It was so good! Very quick and easy too. Here is the Recipe but it’s really just cook pasta, blend garlic, basil, oil and avocado together and put over drained pasta. Yum yum!!!


I keep forgetting to tell you about a series I just read. It would be perfect for next December. It is the Reindeer Falls series by Jana Aston. The three books are short novellas and were super cute. It is complete fluff, but lots of Christmas elements so it’s good for putting you into the Christmas spirit.


Well I decided to pull my Just a Hat completely out and start over as I didn’t like how tight it was. I am done the ribbing again and am onto the pattern. Hopefully I’ll have it done by the weekend!


I wasn’t planning to exercise at all today, but I want to try and do something everyday so I had thought some yoga would be good. I actually ended up doing the Nourish Move Love 15 minute Low Impact HIIT workout to warm up my muscles that were getting tight after my physio.

I also did 7 minutes of yoga by doing a Pinterest workout of Five Stretches for Poor Posture.

I am finding it quite amazing that I have just done six random yoga routines over the last six days and it has already helped with my psoas that has been bugging me for months. I gotta try to keep this up!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Well the second day was just as frustrating when it comes to my smart board, but at least the kids got some time outside.


My smart board didn’t work this morning so I had to quickly change around my day and we did Thursday’s printing of u that doesn’t require any tech.

We had more tech problems after recess during our math time so there went that lesson too. We did some practice of counting by 2s while moving, but couldn’t watch the video I had found.

Finally this afternoon everything was working so after reading time we watched “Squirrel’s New Years Resolution” and discussed and wrote about what we could make as our goals this year. The children actually did really well at this concept this year. Maybe I’m getting better with the examples?!?!🤣


My running buddies tell me I am obsessed with running and they were worried I was out there too soon after falling. I did feel much better today, except on stairs and hills. I took it easy and got 4km in through the driving rain and wind and dark. What a night to be out there!

I also did 8 minutes of yoga and managed to avoid all kneeling and hand moves.😜


After a quick shower and some icing of the knee. It was time for trivia. There were only four of us tonight.

In the first round:

Where was Ryan Reynolds born?

British Columbia

What were the male uncle names in Full House?

Danny, Jesse, Joey

Who was the author of Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley

What is the next number in this series?



What was Lady Gaga’s biggest hit?

Bad Romance

Who was the female agent number in Get Smart?


What was the name of the man in curious George?

The man in the yellow hat

In the music round the topics were “Boy” bands, “girl” bands, “money” songs, The Police, Hits of Summer 2012

Kahoot round:

How did Julius Caesar die?


Which company makes Hummers?


What month is mentioned in The Temptations song My Girl?


I couldn’t stay around to find out what we got right in the last round as I wasn’t feeling well from my wings:(

All in all, a pretty good day.

Have fun!


Back to Reality

Well my lovely winter break is over! It was a great break! I read 7 books, ran 18 times (every day), and knitted 2 sweaters, 2 toques and a scarf.

Today was back to work and back to normal.


My kids were good in the morning when we wrote about our holidays, had music and played tag in gym. We unfortunately had an indoor lunch and my smart board wasn’t working so the afternoon was definitely louder. We had silent reading while I taught a reading group and then did a mini book about New Years Eve traditions. It is definitely not my favorite book as the words are tough for the kids.


I left work right away as I had gotten a text from my strata manager that they needed to look in my storage locker. Needless to say there is water in my locker and most of those around me. They haven’t identified where the water is coming from; so I’m not sure what is happening next. I sure hope it’s nothing major!


I tried to do some yoga and exercise, but my hand and knee are super sore and swollen so it wasn’t very successful:(


I’ve been working on the “Just a Hat” pattern off of Ravelry. I like what it looks like and it was super easy. I’ve bound off, but now I’m thinking I want it a little longer:(. Now I have to figure out whether I’m taking it apart to fix or not.

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


Run to Rapid City #10

At the start of this year, I was having trouble getting out the door for runs as I just didn’t have a goal. I had already done a speed goal and a distance goal and I didn’t know what to do now. As a goal person, I don’t work very well without a goal.

Then the lovely Kathy gave me the idea of running virtually to visit her in South Dakota. Well that did the trick!

Last month I had made it to Big Timber, Montana and this month I am just outside Columbus, Montana.

I have not actually reached the town, so I have stopped at a local ranch/farm for a rest.

Columbus Montana looks to be pretty close to the centre of Montana when I look at the map. The estimated population is just over 2,000 people. This town was originally a stagecoach stop called Sheep Dip. I’m sure the people of the town are happy the name changed.

This town was home to a professional poker player named Annie Duke and the birth place of professional football player Dwan Edwards. I always find it amazing all the people who come from tiny, unknown towns.

I think I’m getting close to Billings so hopefully I will make it there in the next month.

Have fun!


2020 Wrap Up-Exercise

So this year I kept a notebook in which I recorded all runs, workouts, bike rides and yoga/ stretching sessions. I often questioned why I was doing this because I have a Garmin, but it turned out it was a good thing because there were a few times when my Garmin didn’t record! I have to say I didn’t record any walks because I walk to work every day and have often socialized this year by walking, so to keep it simple, I did not record any of these. I don’t think one book would have been enough!

Overall Totals:

I was active in some way 299 days, which is 82% of the time.


I ran 1,450.67km this year.

I ran for a total of 160:54:38 hours.

I had an average pace of 6:51/km. I had trouble with this stat because I slow down to run with my running buddy Sarah, and didn’t feel like this really reflected my increased abilities, but I also know I need slow runs and Sarah makes sure I take those.

January- 17 runs for 72.25km

February-16 runs for 77.74km

March-20 runs for 116.33km

April-21 runs for 142.02km

May-21 runs for 152.79km

June-21 runs for 107.23km

July-20 runs for 126.36km

August-23 runs for 131.05km

September-11 runs for 68.05km

October-18 runs for 100.62km

November-17 runs for 120.3km

December-25 runs for 128.41km

I like how consistent I was for April,May and June.


This includes both cardio routines and weights and the combination of both.

I worked out for 76:44:52.

I worked out on 188 days this year.

January- 22 days

February-14 days

March-26 days

April-21 days

May- 20 days

June-17 days

July- 15 days

August- 18 days

September-15 days

October-10 days

November-11 days

December-10 days

I really don’t like seeing the decreasing trend here! I guess that explains why my running felt so much easier in April, May, June and so much more difficult at the end of the year.


I biked for 12:37:37

I biked 123.12km (this is somewhat of an estimate as I’m really bad at starting my watch when I’m on a bike).

I biked 15 times this year.

This is probably the most I have biked since I was a tween. I really noticed on the last ride how much more comfortable I was.


I did yoga for 14:58:31 this year

I did yoga 50 times this year.

My yoga was all over the place, but definitely not consistent:(

I burned a total of 84, 280 calories this year.

Strava tells me that my most consistent day was Sunday which totally makes sense because that is the day I meet a group for a long run.

However, my data tells me that Saturday was my most consistent day to do exercise of some kind.

Monday- 42 times

Tuesday-42 times

Wednesday-43 times

Thursday-38 times

Friday-43 times

Saturday-46 times

Sunday-45 times

I do love seeing that all of these numbers are close. It’s also a good thing I literally just signed up for a Thursday exercise class!

Well, I went back and looked at last year and I ran about 249km more and spent 14 more hours running this year. At least I know I’m improving and hopefully I will continue to do so next year!

Have fun!


2020 Wrap Up Knitting

I’m going to do a series of wrap up posts as I love numbers and to review my year, but I’ll do them separately so you all can avoid reading the ones that don’t interest you.

According to Ravelry:

I completed 50 knitting projects in 2020. My goal was just forty so I think that’s pretty good. I actually did a few more than that as some projects contain more than one item.

13 sweaters

17 toques

9 cowl/scarf/shawl

2 pairs of socks

3 pairs of booties

5 headbands/ear warmers

1 baby blanket

1 market bag

When did I do all this knitting? Well,…

January – 8 projects

February- 10 projects

March- 10 projects

April- 2 projects

May- 4 projects

June- 1 project

July- 1 project

August- 2 projects

September- 2 projects

October- 3 projects

November- 2 projects

December- 5 projects

Wow I never realized I knit so much more at the start of the year than during the rest of the year. I also had thought the quarantine time would be the most projects, but obviously I did almost no knitting during quarantine.

Looking at my pictures, I realize I’m not a huge colour work person, but I do really like texture or interest in my projects.

I think the projects I am most proud of are the baby booties I made for a friend’s new nephew as I had to crochet and knit and I had to figure parts out for myself.

Sweater wise I am happiest with my most recent finish- the Instillness Mini by Alicia Plummer. This isn’t a tough knit, but I like that I went back and made fixed it so I am completely happy with it!

I also am pleased to say that I used exactly 100 skeins from my stash this year:)

Have fun!


Happy New Year

All week I have been waiting to post until I was done my sweater and had something to share. It finally happened late last night. I have had a fun week.

I went to three used bookstores with a friend (one of two in my bubble). It is cool because you make an appointment so you have the whole store to yourself. I managed to find six books to buy, though one is a gift for the friend I went with. It must have been my knitting book day!

I also met up with the friend at chapters and returned the class gift (a cape that was huge on me). I can definitely find more books to buy!

I have done a run every single day of my holiday so far and only have three days left to complete the streak. Today’s run in Burnaby was the best and most interesting. I’m glad I got at least one run somewhere I can’t go when I’m working. I’m already starting a list for the next holiday.

I have to admit I spent an entire day binge watching The Bridgerton’s. It was entertaining, but not as good as the books and I was surprised by a couple of things.

I have knitted a sweater and am fixing another.

Look out for some year end posts in the next couple of days, as well as my Run To Rapid City Update.

Have fun!


Stretching Ny Skills with Sally

Shucks I just realized that yesterday was the last Saturday of the month. Abbey, Kathy, and I always try to take on Sally’s Baking Challenge each month.

This month the challenge was Stained Glass cookies. I have learned this month that these are really just sugar cookies with a decorative touch in the middle.

My cookies weren’t wonderful but also weren’t horrible. They were quite easy to make and the instructions were very clear, but I just didn’t love the taste of the cookie. Maybe I will try a different gluten free, dairy free version of a sugar cookie and see if I like it more.

Make sure you check out Abbey and Kathy as their baking product always look amazing!

Have fun!


SAL Update

For the past twelve plus years, this cross stitch project sat on a shelf in my spare room. This year I was determined to make progress and this SAL is definitely helping!

Here is where I was three weeks ago:.

Here is where I am now:

I am just trying to slowly make my way through this section where it appears I am out on every row:(. I finally realized my mistake. Instead of trying to do as many stitches as possible at one time in one colour, I need to go row by row and just do the one or two stitches of each colour at a time. It is a pain, but I think I’ll make less mistakes.

I had a request from a reader that I share all my progress pictures from this year, so here goes:

Wow this actually did make me feel better about this project as I can actually see a difference between the first and last picture. I hope I get to keep doing this next year!

Make sure you check out everyone else’s progress as there are some amazing projects in this SAL!

check out everyone else’s progress as there are some amazing projects!


















Mary Margaret









Happy Christmas Eve

It’s been a good day!

It started with an awesome coffee chat with Kathy who is as wonderful as her blog makes her seem! Thanks Kathy- it gave me something to look forward to and was a lovely way to start my Christmas Eve!

I then proceeded to go for a run with Dennis. We got a very respectable 7km done, but had to run the main road because the sidewalks were still too icy:(

After a coffee with him, I came home to a FaceTime with my brother and his family. We had to play Among Us (according to my niece and nephew) and I had flashbacks of being stuck in a hole in Minecraft. Age is not making me better at video games.

I did some knitting on my current black toque and had a nap before going to join my friend Lyndsay for Christmas Eve pizza tradition. We played celebrities and it was a fun night!


I can’t believe how bad I am at getting these done. I’m going to have to do multiple questions tonight!

The awesome Abbey developed would you rather questions for Blogmas this year.

Would you rather wear a light up necklace or a red nose during the season?

I would definitely go with the light up necklace. I have the tradition going that for every school day in December I wear red or green and Christmas jewelry so this really wouldn’t be that different for me. As well, I don’t really like having things touching my face so the red nose would drive me crazy!

The final question is: would you rather bake or eat Christmas treats?

I would much rather bake the treats than eat them. I loved it when I was young and living at home. I could bake a ton of things, leave them on the counter and they would all be gone by morning. Big brothers are good for some things. Now I don’t let myself bake much because I just eat it all 😥

Well merry Christmas to you all!