Monday Mayhem

Sorry for no post yesterday. It was an interesting day. Met up with some old running buddies for a walk and then was supposed to go for breakfast. We waited for an hour at our favourite restaurant, but ended up walking across to Tim Hortons where I got to watch everyone else eat as there was nothing I could eat:(. I then came home and read like crazy to finish Circe by Madeline Miller for Bookclub. I finished it at 3:40 and Bookclub starts at 4🤣. Bookclub was great as we watched the Oscars, though I have to admit that I was disappointed that Parasite won for best picture. I really didn’t like that movie!

On to today…


I was crazy enough to get up early for a workout with L. It’s always tough to get up, but I feel so great afterwards. There was already someone on the treadmill so we did our floor work first and it was all about the bosu. It’s amazing how much intensity it adds to not be stable. We did raises, hip dip planks, sit ups, Superman’s and lunges on it and boy was it tough!

We then did a run on the treadmill that had me going up to 9% incline. I really don’t like hills! It felt good to get it done though!


It was a crazy day. It started with a bobcat sighting on the grounds so they brought all the children and parents into the gym early. All ya teachers wondered why as what bobcat is going to be crazy enough to come near 223 screaming children????

We tried to get all our morning jobs done, but the announcements were early as was the fire drill they threw in for fun. There went my plan:(. Oh of course in the middle of this we were short two EAs so my EA wasn’t always with my low functioning autistic boy which meant I had him and twenty one other children all on my own☹️

Oh and we were also celebrating 100 day so this morning we took a few moments to arrange our collections of 100 objects a few different ways and then after recess we made a class book and then traded classes with the kindergarten teachers and made the books with those classes too. It was a great idea as we got to see what’s coming up next year.

This afternoon we continued the pandemonium by starting a polar bear research project with the children. At the end of the day, we celebrated surviving with 9 minutes of playtime outside.

Oh my…. I hope the week calms down!!!


I have been sitting here knitting on a seed stitch toque and I think I may just head off to bed!

Have fun!


You Just Know

It was a pretty good day, even though it snowed all day!


We celebrated 100 day today which means we have been at school for 100 days so far and have 80 left.

The students brought in a collection of 100 small items (Pom poms were the most popular this year) and we sorted them into different configurations. I always read the book One Hundred Hungry Ants to start the students off. It’s a great book and the pictures really make it!

We started a class book about “I’ve been Told This 100 Times”. Usually there are some really funny ones, but the best this year was “chop chop buttercup”. Next year we have already decided to do, “if I had $100 I would buy”. I think that would be super funny!

This afternoon we did stations with all the primary classes. I read three picture books to each group and had them vote on their favourite. It was funny that every class picked a different favourite. The stations were a little scary when the kindergartners got there and I saw what was coming up next year😳😫


I got through a little extra of The Other Alcott today and only have 123 pages to do by Sunday:)


It’s been snowing most of the day and it’s a mess of slush out there so I went with a Lyndsay workout tonight at home. It was called leg burner and I had to do 75 reps each of the following:

Narrow squat, alternating reverse lunges, right donkey kick, right fire hydrant, left donkey kick, left fire hydrant, bridge, pulsing squat.

I definitely felt it!


The rest of the skein of pink and white twisted yarn has been proving difficult to use up. I tried it in a Cowl but didn’t like it. I tried a toque and didn’t like it. I finally found a baby sweater pattern and it has been going great! I am actually 2/3 done in a single night! It’s been a dark and wet night so the perfect knitting weather!

I’m off to bed now!

Have fun!