I Need a Better Strategy!

Right now my strategy for getting through meetings seems to be eating:( I really need a better strategy that I don’t regret so much afterwards!


I started the day with a workout with L as I figured this might help me survive what was to come. We did a half hour on the treadmill that all seemed to be sprinting intervals. I actually made it up to 7.5mph on the treadmill. It’s still slow compared to L’s 10mph, but it’s an improvement over my old speed!

We also did some weights- three sets of each of: lunge to shoulder press, single leg lunge with hop, burpee to squat Jack, and pop jacks. Of course L added in a minute of cardio between each of these just to make sure I really was dripping sweat!🤣

This evening I got out for a run in the sunshine that finally reappeared. It was a quick run to the park and back, but I had a decent speed and I didn’t want to do too much when I should be doing a long run tomorrow morning.


I had no kids today but instead had to attend a day of meetings to plan for next year. Ugh. I so dislike these days for many reasons!

  • I have to sit in one spot all day while not reading a book
  • Some people talk too much
  • Some people say stupid things over and over again
  • You can’t tell people that what they’re saying is stupid
  • You have to look engaged at all times
  • I’m in a room with snacks I wouldn’t normally eat
  • I have to be constantly vigilant to not say the wrong thing
  • I can’t let my bluntness take over
  • I swear I could accomplish all of these things in under an hour and yet it takes three hours
  • All that can be said is that I survived and I don’t think I’ve made any more enemies than I had before the day started.
  • Reading:
  • I finally finished 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. I had requested this book because I absolutely adored The Hating Game by her (which I hear is being made into a movie🎉🎊), but this one I had a really tough time with. First of all there was a lot of thought or in the head stuff in this book, which I have to admit is not a favourite of mine. I’d rather have stuff actually happening. Secondly, the characters seemed immature, weird and annoying! It might be because we hear all the female’s thoughts, but even her thoughts seemed really weird to me! I also would have really liked to have the narrator rotate between the three main characters as I think it would have added interest and depth to the book. Sorry, but I just can’t recommend this book:(
  • Eating:
  • My eating was horrible this morning and it has actually taken the rest of the day and a run for me to not feel so overly full!
  • Breakfast: hard boiled egg, scone
  • Recess: banana, mandarin orange, candy (thank goodness there wasn’t more I could eat!)
  • Lunch: waffles with figs, chia seed jam and cashew cream (my usual at Green Mustache) and a venti tea
  • It’s way better when my mom is here to share with me!
  • The only good thing was that when my mom texted the news they had made a big purchase, I didn’t eat- I went for a run:)
  • I have spent the evening working on my mom’s Gift and I can’t tell you about it as she reads my blog every day🤣
  • Have fun!
  • AJ
  • Monday Monday

    How many more Mondays do I have before the holiday???


    We started the day with a talking circle about our weekend and then the students wrote about it in their journals. While they were writing I was walking around selecting people to choose their jobs for the week based on how much they had accomplished (and of course helping). I have to remember this as even my reluctant writers got into it once they figured out what I was doing!

    During my music prep we got our field trip notice ready and started on our report card template.

    I spent a large part of the day dealing with track and getting the forms out to kids.

    We also moved along in our run across Canada today and made it to Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina is the capital of this province. It is the fifth largest province. A third of the province is used for farming. It has the largest potash mine in the world and the largest jet pilot training base. Saskatoon is the largest city but then entire province has just under 2 million people and most live in the Southern part of the province. There you go- now you know something about Saskatchewan:)


    Thankfully Sarah has texted me for a run tonight as I don’t think I would have gotten out by myself! We did a loop of Bert Flynn Park again and once again the run and nature did a great job of calming me down. I also managed to run a little more of the hill that is in the centre of the run.

    This evening I also made myself do something as I had the scone I hadn’t planned on. I did 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, 50 banded iso monster walking, 25 backward lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, 25 front lunges, 25 lateral lunges, 25 front kicks, 25 roundhouse kicks, 25 back kicks, 50 pushups, 50 dips, 25 upright rows, 25 bicep curls, 25 lateral raises, 25 front raises, 25 back raises, 25 dumbbell double crunch, 25 Russian twists, 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, and 25 bicycle crunches.


    After a quick trip to Costco for gas, I finally managed to complete the Sally’s Baking Addiction Monthly Challenge this month for scones. They were relatively easy, but I have to admit they took me almost an hour start to finish. These do have fifteen minutes of refrigeration in the centre and while they took longer than my usual scones- they also look like they taste better:)

    I have to admit I tried one- the recipe made 16 mini ones for me, and it was delicious! It was light inside but crispy outside and I used turbinado sugar on top which has a nice crunch. This may be my new go to scone recipe!


    I did pretty good considering I had a staff appreciation luncheon today.

    Breakfast: hard boiled egg

    Recess: yogurt- today I had Trader Joe’s cultured coconut milk blueberry yogurt.

    It had a good amount in it, but also was more calories than most yogurts I eat. This one was also thicker than yesterday’s and had a bit of a jelly texture. I did notice a strong taste that didn’t seem natural though. I don’t think I would buy this one again.

    Lunch- veggie and hummus sandwich – they had lunch meat and cheese but I can’t eat cheese and the meat wasn’t labeled so I didn’t know if it was gf, tortilla chips and salsa, pickles and olives, and some vegan berry ice cream.

    Snack: the smallest scone


    I have started a new book today called, 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. So far it seems slightly confusing, but hopefully it will get better quickly:)

    Have fun!