Just One Email

My day was pretty good, minus one email.


It was my remote teaching day so after a quick run to the grocery store I sat down and checked and commented on the children’s work online. Then I found two appropriate books about the Coronavirus for kids and checked out the virtual field trips we will take next week.

It was a productive day though I didn’t really feel settled. I find it difficult to switch back and forth between being at home working and being in the classroom. I just never can get into a routine.


I took the opportunity of being home to spend my lunch hour with Gus. I grabbed him a bubble tea and a quick visit to a local park. I so love being with that kid! He then helped me vet virtual field trips. Figure the best way to know if a kid is interested is to get a kid to pick them.

I was having a pretty good day until I checked my email to find out that my principal has moved the report card deadline up to June 12th and the program we have to use will be offline for maintenance all weekend. I feel like lately it’s just a game of how can we make life difficult for teachers. My colleagues and I think that a requirement for being in charge and making decisions is a lack of common sense. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend. This provided a lot of anger to fuel my run!


I got most of a kickboxing class down that I followed off YouTube. I really do love kickboxing as I feel so strong, though I did unfortunately notice a lack of stomach muscles. I guess those Hallmark workouts were doing something as I definitely had a harder time with the sit-ups today than I have been.

This evening I met Sarah for a run around a local river. It’s a slow run for me, but I’ve come to realize that that’s okay as it lets me go faster the other days. I added another 3.94km to my trek to South Dakota. We did notice that it was super humid!


I wasn’t allowed a Hallmark movie today as I wasn’t in the school so I spent the evening knitting and reading. I have finished a toque. The pattern is A Little Lonely Cable by Joji Locatelli and it is free on Ravelry. The yarn is just scrap yarn I had laying around. I am hoping to have a toque in every colour for next winter, so this will take care of the light blue one. Please ignore the error!

I was thinking of Compassionknit and realized I hadn’t shown any knitting lately. So this is for you:)

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!