Timelines Help

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you only have so much time!


I got up this morning earlier than I have been to get out for my run while it was still cool. My run was still slow and I realized my legs were hurting from my workout on Sunday, but at least I ran the whole 3.86km. That was it for me for exercise today as it was massage day.


I am working on a basketweave mini blanket and am loving how it’s looking. I made it up so casted in 200 stitches, have four border stitches on each side and using four stitches per pattern element. I just hope I have enough yarn to make it big enough not to look weird!

Podcast/ Reading/ Listening:

I listened to my very first podcast this morning as I was knitting. It was the Marathon Training Academy and I really enjoyed it!

I also have been reading an ARC and listening to Portrait of a Lady in LibriVox. I highly recommend this book so far- it’s been keeping my interest really well!


With going away, I’m trying to get all my food dealt with. I made another batch of raspberry jam today. That will be my last of raspberry jam for this year. I got 15 jars though so I should have enough for the year and some gifting.

I also canned some pickled tomatoes. They were really easy and I had all of the ingredients. I just didn’t want my tomatoes to go bad. I realized afterwards I should have made Greek Salad and taken it with me!


This afternoon was taken up with a massage, a nap and packing (which I hate doing). Thankfully me reward is trivia.

It was just Jacqueline and I at trivia tonight. Out of 71 questions, I knew:

The child actor in Different Strokes?

Gary Coleman

Who was the director of toys in James Bond?


Where was Melrose Place set?

Los Angeles

What prescription drug was tested on dogs?


What was the one word used in donkey kong?


What is equal to 4 quarts?

1 gallon

What country does it border India?


Who played Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman

What is the best selling car in Canada last year?

Honda Civic

What is the smallest US state?

Rhode Island

Which Canuck had the most penalty points?

Gino Odjick

What is the most common thing people yell after a knock on the door?

Who is it?

What show has had the most Broadway shows?

Phantom of the Opera

Well I just found out I have to go home and unpack and repack with warmer clothes- looks like it’s going to rain the whole time I’m away. Hopefully I’ll get some WiFi so I can make room for new pictures. (Any suggestions on what kind of pictures I should delete? Food, knitting, scenery, gf/df products- what don’t you guys care about?)

Have fun!


She’s Back

My co teacher is back after having been off sick for two weeks and boy was it ever nice!!!


I started the day getting three rows done on the afghan pattern and managed to finish that one up later this evening. I am on my second to last call of yarn, so we’ll see if I’m going to have enough or have to go buy more. It seems unbelievable that I am so close to being done this big project too:)

I’m starting to daydream about what I will make next.


The day went pretty well! We finished our seasons mini book and the children all practiced reading it. I changed math to a 100 chart picture of a turkey. It was very interesting to see who knew the numbers well and who didn’t and got frustrated.

This afternoon I was the one frustrated as we tried to cram too large a project in the afternoon space. It got done and turned out well, but I just felt that I was always after the children to hurry and worried about running out of time. That’s what I’m trying to avoid this year!

The directed drawing turkeys did turn out super cute, even though I did the steps in the wrong order. And yes I did say this was one time they didn’t have to colour realistically:)


I got home to beautiful sunshine and just felt like baking. I have a super easy granola bar recipe that turns out great no matter what you put in it, so I whipped up some of those:)

The recipe comes from Lunch Box: Creative Recipes for Everyday Lunches which I have had forever.

2 eggs

1 cup brown sugar ( I use less)

1 tbsp canola oil

1 tbsp flour ( I used millet)

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

1.5 cups oats

1/3 cup raisins

1/3 cup dried fruit

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup chopped nuts or seeds

This time I used oats, raisins, craisins, dried blueberries and chopped pecans. I have done all different mix-ins though and it’s always turned out great!


This evening I went back to athletic yoga with my friend Corianne. It was still a great workout, but I did like that there seemed to be a bit more stretching in it this time:)

Well I’m off to sleep so I can survive Friday tomorrow:)

Have fun!



I actually got off the boat today, though thankfully we were back for the excitement!


I finished another NetGalley book today. If nothing else, this holiday is getting me caught up:)

October Kiss tells the story of Poppy and Ryan. Poppy has been drifting through her adulthood trying to find what is right for her while Ryan is completely focused on getting his new app sold, to the detriment of his relationship with his children. Poppy agrees to be Ryan’s nanny to prove that she can stick with something, but maybe she’ll do more than she ever thought possible!

I loved the characters of Poppy and Ryan. Poppy is the epitome of what I think all grownups feel at some point- lost and without focus and wondering what exactly you’re supposed to be doing and are you doing the right thing? She has a good heart and a good work ethic, but just hasn’t found her thing. I love how she interacts with the children and brings her zest for life to everyone!

At first I thought Ryan was going to be the quintessential workaholic, but he actually is trying to remedy the situation! He is able to have fun with Poppy and the children and he truly is clueless about what other people’s motives are. I like how he put the feelings of his children first!

This is the perfect book to read for the Fall and will definitely inspire my Fall bucket list. It is full of all that is best of the season and is like a how to for having Autumn fun.

I enjoyed how the book wrapped up, however, I wish we had learned whether the big presentation was successful! Otherwise, a great Fall read to get you in the mood for the season and cosy romance.

Thank you to Hallmark, the author and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sight seeing:

My dad wanted to go for fish and chips at lunch so while him and mom did that, I looked around town. A gorgeous path they have around the community hall. There are benches and even a food truck in this little green space.

There was a cute little cafe where the lady was actually cooking a turkey to make her turkey club sandwich. I wish it had been gluten free as that sounds like a good sandwich! I checked out the thrift store and a few other stores, but finally found the…

Reading Centre! Of course I would find the library🤣 They had a bright, uncluttered and well-organized space. It is run completely by volunteers and they had a good selection. They also had books for sale, but I managed to restrain myself:)

Product Review:

I had fun looking through the local IGA to see if it had different products than at home. I have to admit that looking through grocery stores is something I like to do on holidays. Today, I found a few new things to try.

This peach flavored iced tea was light and refreshing. It really hit the spot during the hot afternoon. The peach flavor is very light and it is not overly sweet.

I wanted to have a different diet pop around for some variety, but there weren’t many options. This one was on sale and a man in the store said his kids love it, so I decided to try it. It tastes like cream soda, but isn’t as sweet as the ones I remember. So far, so good!

This was the final new thing I tried today. When I opened the package there was a slight strawberry smell. They mainly taste like granola with just a hint of berry. My mom said they were lovely and good. I liked that they weren’t really hard granola so it didn’t hurt my teeth to eat them. Again, a lightly sweet treat that will hopefully keep my sweet tooth satisfied. I bought a chocolate hip flavor to try too. I have to admit this product did make me want to go home and bake my own granola bites!


It took me a long time today to settle down and take out another row of my knitting in the hopes of finding my lost stitch. I ended up only having to take out one more row, so three total, to get my stitch back. It looks like I had forgotten to do the second stitch in a right twist. I set to work and actually got my first pattern repeat done! 🎉🎊


As I was sitting knitting, I looked up and thought we were getting closer to the boat anchored by us. A few minutes later, my mom yelled for my dad that we had to move!! With the wind that came up this afternoon, we were definitely too close!! We moved further into the bay and hopefully have found a better spot. It is definitely crowded in here tonight! I have the feeling we’ll all be up checking the anchor is holding tonight.


This afternoon I was catching up on Instagram and saw a workout, so I decided to try it. I definitely couldn’t do as many repetitions as Crystal Seaver did, but it did the trick on the boat. You can find the workout Here:)

The last thing I did today was my run to complete today’s Squad Runner mission. The mission was thirty minutes and I managed to get 32 in. My mom came out to walk so I kept looping back to her, unfortunately that meant I did this never ending hill several times:(

The hill continues up around the corner for about another 200 meters. It doesn’t look bad in this picture, but it felt killer!

Thankfully I was rewarded by a beautiful sunset on the dock while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up in the dinghy.

Its home sweet home again and I have to decide if I’ll knit or read:)

Have fun!


Calmed and Dealing

Today I calmed down a bit as I realized what I needed to do, made a list, and started dealing with everything one step at a time.


I got out this morning and got a 4.3km run in. I see there are tons more people out now that it is light in the mornings, but nobody seems to be running a similar speed to me. The run was decent, but wet once again.

I wanted to finish my mission off today so I ran after school for another 3.4km. My afternoon runs seem stronger than my morning runs right now. I wonder if it’s because I’ve eaten or if it’s the frustrations of the day powering me or if my body has just loosened up?? Definitely something to experiment with!


I finished my book, Until There Was Us by Samantha Chase last night. I think she just became my new favorite author!

I absolutely loved this book!

It tells the story of Megan Montgomery and Alex Rebat. They met at her cousin’s wedding and had a fling, but her workaholic tendencies tore them apart. What will happen when her whole life changes.

First, I really enjoyed the characters. They were multifaceted and realistic. Megan knows she has a problem with her work- life balance and works on making changes. She shows extreme bravery and courage, fragility and self-doubt and yet continues to hope.

Alex is the man of dreams! If I move to Portland, can I meet him? He is strong and giving and yet has doubts and relies on Megan when he needs to.

I was so desperate to read how these two characters get together that I stayed up much too late and then couldn’t wait to pick the book back up the next morning. I literally read the whole book within twenty four hours while working a full time job.

The pace was great. It felt realistic, but also didn’t have any lulls.

The supporting cast of family was awesome. They were definitely a group that anyone would want to spend time with.

This book made me laugh, made me dream and hope, cry and sigh with happiness.

If you enjoy a strong, caring male, a woman strong enough to take a leap of faith and make changes or a great family story, this book is for you.

Thank you Netgalley for the free ARC in exchange for this honest opinion.


I also finished the classic book, Around the World in 80 Days that I’ve been listening to on My Livrivox app.

This book was very interesting and not at all what I was expecting. I liked how it was not just a story of travel, but that some very interesting things happened while he was traveling. It also appealed to the history lover in me with all the trivia and facts that were included, though they, on occasion, felt a bit much. I loved how I thought it was going to end one way and in the second to last chapter it all changed!

I did find Phileas Fog a bit unrealistic as he was so calm and cool at all times. Is anyone that calm and cool all the time?

If you like an adventure story or history you would probably enjoy this book.


It was a better day today. I seemed to have a lot more energy and I guess I had wrapped my head around what needed to be done for all the tasks I have on my plate right now. I feel like I got a couple of things done and cleared today:)

My students impressed me this afternoon with their ideas of how humans adapt to their environment. They got all my ideas and a few others I hadn’t even thought of!


It’s knit night at my house again so I got some quick cleaning done after my run in preparation for company😂. Good thing this happens every other week!

I managed to get onto Ravelry today and put the sorting hat on for the HPKCHC group. Gryffindor won the house cup and the quidditch cup last term so I’m happy, though I didn’t have much to do with it. I decided to sign up again as I really liked how it helped me to decide on projects. For me, that makes it worth doing as I’m so bad at making decisions it could take months otherwise to settle on what to knit next!

I had sent an email to the hospital auxiliary last week asking about donating knitted goods and I still haven’t heard back:( I was hoping this was a way in which I could use up some skeins in my stash! I haven’t used a single skein since I counted them:(

Tonight at knit night, I got up to date on my temperature scarf and I’m liking the coloring of it. Now I’m just worried about it’s size. I never really know what to do with those cowls that are not tight, but not long enough to double wrap. This unfortunately might be one of them.

I also ripped out the boat Afghan and restarted it as I had made a mistake on the twists. I got it recasted on and the border rows done. This is definitely an afghan I’ll have to work on with no distractions until I get the pattern down! I so do not want to have to start it for a fifth time!!!

The rest of the evening I worked on my rug as this is definitely something I can work on while visiting. It’s just too bad it’s too large to be portable.

Movie Review:

We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I tonight. I’m pretty impressed with myself for making it this far. It definitely helps that I’m watching them at home and with a friend. I don’t think I would have survived seeing them in the theatre with how loud it would have been. I have to say I found this movie very dark and depressing and it dragged to me. I don’t really get why they had to drag the last book out for two movies. I also think it would have been better with some lighter scenes to break it up. The dancing scene between Harry and Hermione was a pretty pathetic attempt at this. It just looked cheesy and awkward! I’m glad I’m watching the movies so I can now discuss them, but I must say, I much prefer the books!

Well I’m glad I managed a post on knit night, but I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Maximizing the Day Off

I got an extra day off and I put it to good use:)


I had arranged to meet Lyndsay for a workout this morning and I’m glad I did so that it got done! I liked how this morning the floor work was interspersed with the treadmill workout so the whole thing seemed to go fast. It also helped that we threw some biking and the body in there as well! Of course, I got three quarters of the way through the treadmill workout and found out I had done the whole thing at an incline of four! No wonder it seemed so much more difficult today, of course I did it too so perhaps I should be upping the speed again.

Workouts with Lyndsay are awesome because it combines both running and weights so I don’t feel as though I need to do a second workout. Good thing as I wouldn’t have had time today!

Oh and just to let you know I did do my regular Thursday morning hill run yesterday, but I was feeling my legs so I didn’t add the loops on the way home and just kept it a short run. I’m hating the new headphones I bought, so if anyone has a suggestion for headphones, I’d love to hear it!


Last night I had knit night with my friend Brenda (at the end of a long and crazy work day). I started a toque with the pretty purple variegated yarn and got quite a ways in it before I tried to put it on my head and found out it was too small🙁 I ripped it out, came home and crashed into bed. Well today, I started the toque over again, with more stitches. I guess my usual toque pattern was written for heavier weight yarn.  It’s going well, but not done yet. I’m almost to the point where I should be trying it on again, so wish me luck! I also need to decide if I want to put a ponytail hole in it.

This morning Brenda and I headed out to buy the materials we needed for the My Year in Temperatures scarf that we will be starting on January first.  We had heard about this project about a month ago on the news and decided to do it next year. Each day you add one row to the scarf based on what the temperature high was for the day. When I thought about this project I realized it was the perfect excuse to buy the Prismatic Mini Mini Skein set by Sweet Georgia Yarns that I had seen at Knit City, but couldn’t come up with a reason to buy.  The shop is only open from Monday to Friday and is closed weekends and holidays so with the extra week day off, today was definitely the day to go! It was a little difficult to find and I realize from the store and hours that they seem to focus mostly on online sales. It turned out to be a small, bright and welcoming store!  The yarns were all gorgeous and the samples were inspiring! They had many samples on display and I just wanted to do them all!

They say they are all about colour and they definitely are!

They also had a wall of “seconds” as they do hand dyeing.  The “seconds” weren’t as much of a sale as I would have liked. The best was the red dots at $9 off, but I didn’t see any of them, most were a $1.50 off.  I think next time I would just order online. Brenda looked and saw you get 10% off your first online order which would cover the shipping so that’s a little bonus.

I decided on a gray to use as the division between the months in my scarf while Brenda chose saffron. Her scarf is going to be different as she is going to incorporate the date and the names of the months, while I am not.  I am going to get the header of the scarf done and then I have to put it away until January:(

My mom laughed when I told her about this project. She thinks it will be funny to watch me try to keep a project for a whole year. What can I say? I really like finishing things🤣

When I was little my mom was knitting a sweater for my dad. It never got finished and at some point she frogged it and gave me the yarn. I asked her today if she would want me to make up the sweater for dad or if she would prefer I use the yarn to make an afghan for the boat. She chose the afghan, as I figured she would, so I made her choose the pattern today as I probably won’t see her until March.   Thankfully she chose one I haven’t done before:)

It is from the “Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans” by Leisure Arts.

I love this book because all of the afghans are done in one piece. I have made almost all of the blankets in the book!

I also got two threads on the rued rug done today to make up for missing yesterday. I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with this so that I’ll be more inspired to work on it!


I finished the book, Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery today.

I have enjoyed most of the books in Susan’s Fools Gold series and this didn’t disappoint.

This book tells the story of Madeline who grew up in Fools Gold and now is part owner of the Paper Moon Bridal Boutique and Jonny Blaze, a Hollywood actor. The two are brought together through Madeline being asked to help organize Jonny’s sister’s wedding.  Madeline has had a celebrity crush on Jonny but learns a lot about the actual man through the process of planning the wedding.

I liked this book for several reasons. First, both Madeline and Jonny felt well developed and real to me. They had flaws and quirks and as the reader you really get to know them. I also liked how when, Madeline freaked at various times as the relationship developed, she realized it and dealt with it in a realistic manner. The drama was minimal which I appreciated.  As the reader you get a nice update on some of your favourite Fools Gold characters as well. I love he extended cast in these books, though I may need to start keeping a list, a challenghe of the book- keeping everyone straight!

I think that readers who enjoy a sweet romance, small town romance or a celebrity crush would enjoy this book.

What’s even better was that there was a bonus novella included in the book! A Kiss in the Snow was a satisfying short story about Shep and Nancee.  It was a neat story because it also gave some background about a Fools Gold legend- Gladys. It was nice to finally get to know a bit more about her. The story is a second, actually fourth chance at love for these two,and is again, a very sweet, romantic story.

I would recommend this story and you don’t have to read the whole series first, unless you’re me🤣

I am super excited that I can now watch the movie that is based on this book!!


I made chicken Caesar salad for lunch for my mom and I and chai tea (you can find the instructionhere.). It is my favourite so far! for out me tea later in the afternoon. Neither of which are an amazing thing, but I did use some new products.

I had bought a new Caesar salad dressing and both my mom and I thought it was good today. It tasted like Cesar dressing to me, though it was a little thicker than I am used to. 

It was almost double the price of the Daisy Caesar dressing, but it was nice to have Caesar salad for the first time in five years!

I also picked up some eggnog while I was at the store today because I saw it and it was my favourite last year!

It most reminds me of light eggnog because it isn’t as thick as regular eggnog, but it’s definitely yummy!

Organizing/ Life:

I got a lot of little things done today, but not what I was actually expecting to get done!

I got my truck taken in for a tune up (which it ended up not needing so it didn’t cost me anything😀).

I also got a new lamp dropped off into my classroom and my new schedule cards cut out and magnetized while I was there.

I got the new sweater hanger put up in my closet and my running gear transferred to it. They fit much better and I’m using the small one for my underwear.

I got one picture labelled in my friend’s wedding photo album. Hopefully this is enough to get me moving on this project.

I got my flu shot with my mom and some groceries bought, including a veggie platter for tomorrow’s family dinner.

I got two games cut out for my students as well.

Only about a million left to do, but it makes a good excuse to watch a. Movie and I decided on Sweet Home Alabama.

What was I supposed to be doing today?? Sewing my Christmas presents for my friends and colleagues! I have to get these done while my mom is in town to help if I need it!!!!! Well, I guess tomorrow is another day, but there is just still so much I want to do with her and so few days left:(

Well I’m going to do some yoga and continue on with my projects so…

Have fun!


I am done!!!

A quiet day, but with great results!


I managed to drag myself out of bed ( felt like I’d been slightly awake most of the night) and get a good workout in with my friend. 12 minutes on the treadmill alternating fast and slow and then floor work. My arms and abs were the target today and they are good targets! Our workout was cut short by her husband having to leave for work. We’re considering moving our Monday morning workout to Friday night, but we’ll see:)

I also got a walk in with one of my regular running buddies. She makes an equally good walking buddy as I had to hustle to keep up! It was a gorgeous day and it felt great to be outside.

I count this as all three types of exercise covered, so the day was a fitness success:)


I was home today for an appt so I worked a lot on my afghan this afternoon, and….

I’m done 🎉🎊🎉

I just finished at nine and I am very happy with it!

The pattern is called Exquisite and it’s from the Leisure Arts: Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans. I have made several from this book and have been happy with them all. It was definitely worth buying the book!!

All patterns in this book are supposed to be worked holding two strands of worsted weight wool, but this time I rebelled and I worked the afghan with a chunky wool, Bernat Softee Chunky, to be precise. I really love how it turned out!  It is super soft and thick and warm and cozy!! I think I’ll use chunky wool from now on. I also changed the needle size to an 8mm as that is what was recommended on the yarn label. The afghan still turned out large enough.

I am happy with the feel of the wool, however, it did drive me crazy that I could never easily find the centre pull of the ball. I bought this yarn from two different stores (thankfully there was no noticeable difference in colour) and both had this problem:( Its my only beef with this Bernat yarn!The burgundy colour is gorgeous and the yarn stayed together well and didn’t split. It was soft enough to be a pleasure to work with.

My family is tall and unfortunately they like to have both their shoulders and their feet to be tucked under their afghans so I ended up having to do ten pattern repeats along with the border at both ends.   They could have more afghans if they were shorter!!🤣 it took me until the sixth pattern repeat to really get to know the pattern and be able to do a row without looking at every instruction. The pattern has twenty four rows and there is enough going on that it took me a while to wrap my head around it. Once I got used to it though, I would be knitting and I’d be fine until I thought about what I was doing! It is a very intuitive pattern once you get it.

I’m refusing to block this afghan however, as I just don’t know where I would do it!  My parents are getting it just as it is!

Well, my day was quiet but productive! I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can decide on my next project!!😀

Have fun!


Calm and Peaceful, or …

A day spent doing the quiet things I love:)


I have to admit I wanted to avoid the craziness associated with Terry Fox runs (I will do that with my students in a few weeks), so myself and one running buddy headed out to Osprey Village in Pitt Meadows. I always think this area seems so idyllic when I drive into the village and I want to explore, but I have yet to get out there for anything other than a run:(

My running buddy suggested 20 minutes out and then turn which sounded fine to me. I wasn’t racing along, but it was a nice morning for a run ( though it seemed slightly smokey out there). We ran along the shoreline trail and then the dyke which is beside the airport so it was interesting to watch the small planes land and takeoff. I find it tough sometimes with this running buddy as he is super fast so his “slowing down” to run with me is still too fast and when he stays with me, I feel like he’s hardly moving and not getting everything out of his run that he should.  People have told me countless times that I’m not holding back someone who slows down to run with me, but unfortunately my brain refuses to acknowledge this so far:(

I didn’t get a walk in, but I did get a workout completed this evening:) It was called a round robin and it didn’t have any times attached to it, so I decided to do each exercise for one minute. This wasn’t s problem, except for the pop jacks where I did 22 and actually felt sick to my stomach at the end of the minute.  I was super sweaty by the end and it was nice to feel that way! Just feel bad for the guy who lives below me. I keep meaning g to ask him if there’s a time he’s out so I could e we use without worrying about disturbing him.  Maybe the worry burns extra calories 😂


I have stuck to my plan today ( I actually inserted the two marshmallows as my afternoon snack so I don’t have to feel terribly guilty though it’s definitely not a healthy 100 calories 🤣

Instead of baking, as I am drawn to do on these rainy days, I tried a new crockpot oats recipe this morning, well actually maybe that’s last night as I put it together before bed and actually woke up around 12:30 to turn them on:)   I ended up using both oats and quinoa as I didn’t have quite enough oats, but that is the only change I made. The recipe I used can be found here:


I was surprised and a little disappointed that I didn’t smell the oatmeal when I woke up this morning as in the past I have. I noticed when I lifted the lid that the oats had stuck to the crockpot even though I buttered it. The oats tasted good and the spice mixture was yummy. I have to say that I ended up adding brown sugar to it as it wasn’t as sweet as I like. Using bananas that are super ripe may help with this problem too. If you don’t like a sweet oatmeal breakfast, I would recommend this recipe for you, but I think I’ll keep looking.


I have to admit that I have spent almost all day knitting today. I have seen real progress on the exquisite afghan and I think I have less than fifty rows to go!  This is the point at which my brain says, “let’s just get it done!” I’ll have to remind myself not to stay up all night knitting as I have a six am workout tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a completed picture tomorrow!

So I have spent the day doing hobbies that I enjoy and while the peace has been lovely and necessary, since last week was busy and this coming week looks to be even busier, part of me keeps thinking I’m living like a little old lady and I need to get out more!  I find it tough as my hobbies do tend to be ones that are enjoyed individually so it makes it hard to use them to be social or meet people:( I am active, but definitely not athletic so playing a sport that requires any type of hand and eye coordination would just lead to me annoying all the people I’d be with!  I’m just not sure how I’m going to solve this problem!  Or perhaps I have spent too much time alone this weekend and I should quit thinking!

But for right now, I’m going back to my knitting.

Have fun!


A Totally Fabulous Saturday!

It’s been a great day from start to finish!


I woke up this morning at 5:48am (why, I don’t know?), but it got me out the door by 6:20 to face the crunch. I felt like I was doing well and I was ahead of my expectations until I got to the final (5th) part and suddenly I got my worst time yet:(

When I compared last week to this week, ( no runkeeper I don’t need to pay for the premium to do this!) I noticed that I started off slower, so I really think I need to concentrate on gaining some time on the first few sections so that I have more than six minutes for the last. I identified some spots (on my run down) where I think I could run up next week and I’m wondering if it would be faster to walk up the hill than to do the stairs? It might kill my timing if it’s not faster, but I think I’ll try next week.

I also got workout #2 in this afternoon which was a warm up, and then ten exercises, such as DB press with a squat jump forward and back, push-up with leg raise, plank with side leg raise, side lunges, forward lunge to deadlift.it wassupposed to be two 30 second sets through, but I decided to challenge myself and do one minute sets. Then there was a minute of jacks, a burnout of mountain climbers, etc and abs. It wasn’t a deadly workout but I felt like I worked everything:)

I even got out for a walk this evening as well, so I am totally happy with my fitness for the day!


I went to antique fair with two work colleagues/friends this morning. There were probably over a hundred vendors and unfortunately most of them were overpriced. My frugal nature likes garage sales much more! I did manage to find a big glass jar to add to my collection for holding my various flours and I got a Harry Potter lego cook for my classroom. Not the most exciting finds, but as I said, stuff was too expensive and some vendors weren’t willing to barter:( It was a successful morning in the sense of quality time with my friends though!

My mom actually made the purchase of the day when she found two table lamps for my classroom in a second hand store on the Island for $15! Yay Mom!!!!


I’ve had a much better day in terms of eating than I have had lately. I got to have my cinnamon bun after my run this morning. I should have taken a snack with me, but managed to just have chicken when I came in the door, though I was starving. I added fruit salad with a dollop of yogurt and some veggies and dip, cucumber and cheese for dinner. I was so stuffed after this dinner that I went for a walk.  I am definitely happier when I can snack than when I have to eat a meal! I wanted to bake this morning, but made fruit salad instead to contribute to my healthy week! Oh I forgot, I also had two marshmallows. Not bad, one little slip from the plan.


I finished the book Homecoming by Shannon Stacey tonight for the second time😀. I realized pretty early on that I had already read it but decided to reread it anyways.  This is the third instalment in her Boys of Fall series (seems the perfect time to read it) and tells the story of Jen Cooper and Sam Leavitt. They grew up together but didn’t have much interaction until one hot night when Sam had been back in town briefly for a football fundraiser. When Sam comes back to coach during an emergency, they get together more seriously.

Yet again, I enjoyed the friendship group in this book. They are close without being joined at the hip.  I also enjoyed the quietness of the problem, both characters stayed true to their natures and there wasn’t any high drama!

I think that anyone who likes sports romances or small town romances will enjoy this entire trilogy!


I’ve had lots of time for knitting today, but little jobs have gotten in the way so I will probably only get one pattern repeat done, even though I thought I’d get at least two. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I’ll have even more time then. I was super happy this morning though when I found my yarn at the Port Meadows Michaels store. I quick bought the three extra balls I needed😀. I’m not sure that the new balls are the same dye lit as I can’t even find a dye kit on these labels, so I think I will start intermixing them right away so that if there’s a difference in colour, it will be throughout the second half of the afghan.  I’m off to knit to my heart’s content!

Have fun!



In a rush to get things done today!


For the first time since I started getting up an hour early to run, I was feeling tired and didn’t really want to get up this morning. I did anyway! A few weeks ago a friend had told me she ran loops of Newport Village, so I decided to try that out this morning. The first problem with this was that I had t go across major roads with traffic lights to get there. Secondly, no matter which direction you run the loop, two sides are always uphill! Thirdly, after two loops, I was bored! I cut back through the village and went across at the light and back down to my usual trail. It was an odd run with no real plan or direction, but at least I got thirty minutes done. I got back to my phone telling me I had done 7km with an average of 4:14 per km. I don’t think so! I had to erase it, all that hard work gone:(. The best I can think is that when Spotify went to commercial, it screwed up the runkeeper as it was good until 3km in and then suddenly I was Superwoman and doing kilometres in 1:29! I wish! Well no actually I don’t, as I like to look at the scenery as I run🤣

Does anyone know of a good run tracking program? I hate to lose all my data, but I really want a reliable program and this is two days in a row that I’ve had troubles:(

I walked to and from work and got a quick 20 minute circuit done when I got home late tonight. I was supposed to do three sets -45 seconds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds, but instead I did two- one minute sets. It was a pretty good circuit of using a bench to do step ups, dips, squats, hip bridges, push-ups, knee tucks, froggers, and plank jacks.  I wasn’t very sweaty though:( I hope this will help with getting me moving in the right direction!


Well my class and I made it through our first week of officially being a class. Only one little boy ended up in the hall for rolling around on the carpet and I only had to give one lecture on following directions quickly; not bad for a Friday! I have learned a lot about my students this week as each day they have brought a different object in and we have talked and written about it. Tuesday was something from summer, Wednesday about their family, Thursday a hobby and today their favourite book. It was pretty cool and it was neat to see what they brought. I love the boys who were looking at a Pacific Yachting magazine. My parents would love them!  I’ve identified my little guy who doesn’t want to do any writing unless he knows how to spell it:(. We’ve also spent the week graphing our names, family size, hair colour and eye colour. The children are getting really good at creating graphs. Each day we have written about what we noticed about the graph as a class, and it was neat to see them move from, “it looks like stairs” to ” blue eyes only needs one more to be tied with brown eyes”. I love teaching grade one for the amount of growth you see in the children, though I think writing about it is helping me to see the growth more too:). This afternoon we did our co-operative art piece that will stay up all year. I demonstrated how to decorate the star and my students started clapping for me. Lol, they really are good for the ego:)

Life and Eating:

I’m going out tomorrow and I’m the one driving so I knew I needed gas so I headed to Costco after work. I managed to get gas, a rotisserie chicken, some cucumbers and grape tomatoes. I’m not happy with the scale right now and so want to use the next three days to really crack down and get back on track before I get any further off track! You all might be seeing lots of pictures of my food for the next three days as I figure that will keep me accountable. I had to stop by Walmart as well so grabbed some yogurt, fruits and more veggies so I should be good to go!


I caved and printed many of the Purl Soho free patterns today. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or if their projects are all just amazing, but I find them very attractive and want to do them!  I’m going to organize them into plastic sheet protectors this weekend, so they’ll be ready to go when I’m done the afghan. I also printed the pattern that I think I will use for the New Hampshire slippers.   I just need to get this “Exquisite” afghan done! I had decided that I needed to buy three more balls of the yarn (which was the reason for the trip to Walmart where my mom bought it), but they didn’t have any:(. I guess I will check the two other local Walmart, but after that, I don’t know what I’m going to do:(

Well on that note, I’m going to finish my last eight rows of this pattern repeat and hit me bed with a book as it’s been a long day!

Have fun!



Well parts of my day have been unbelievable!


I started my day with a good run out along Murray Street, through the middle of Rocky Point Park and back along the trail to home. It felt like a good run, but nothing amazing. I was just enjoying the crisp fall air and thinking how nice it is to run at that temperature:) I got back to an alert that it was my fastest 4-6km run ever. This was my screen:

Unbelievable! I don’t think I ran a 4:40/km, even the 5:59 requires a stretch of the imagination! I think that when I stopped in the middle of the park to take this picture of the pretty scenery

it screwed up my running program. I will let it stand for now, but I highly doubt this run. Maybe I need to ask around and see what run trackers everyone else uses…

I got a walk in with my running buddy in Mundy Park this afternoon. We did the big loop and kept up a good pace. It is unbelievable how much one person can lift your spirits and make you feel lighter. The walk seemed to fly by as we discussed knitting and everything else under the sun:)

I got some squats and high knees done just before bed, but that’s it for weights today:(


Well I’ve already identified the student I should call on when I want the right answer:) She was away yesterday, but today, she was very handy to have in class!  It was a good day with my students today! I need to remember to plan less and take my time with each activity. The students and I both have a better day and get less frustrated this way. There’s just so much to get through that I always feel like I need to rush. This class is quite quiet and I find it interesting that for many of them, quiet time is their favourite time of day. I finished the last two sets of duo tangs today so I am officially done all student books! 🎉🎊🎉 I just had to show off my monthly duo tangs! It’s pretty unbelievable how smiley neat, new duo tangs can make me:)


I have been eating way too much and the scale is starting to reflect it. I know it’s because my food isn’t planned out and because I’m just using up what’s in the house so it’s not the best choices:( I need to remember the saying I read a while back, “anyone can work out for an hour a day, true strength is controlling what goes on your plate the other twenty three”. I have a pretty quiet weekend so I’m going to use this weekend to reset my stomach. It won’t be pretty, but I’ll be happier with myself!

I tried my 9 Bean Soup in the crockpot today and ended up just throwing it all in the garbage, so not worth the calories! I threw the rest of the soup mix out too as I think it’s stale. The best part of that soup was the awesome container it came in:)

My running buddy gave me some beans, tomatoes, kale and I umber out of her friend’s garden tonight. I used that kale and my own to make kale chips.  I’m laughing because I picked the first recipe that popped up on Pinterest, which was much simpler than any other recipe I’ve used, and it turned out the best yet!!! It’s unbelievable that the simplest turned out the best! Yum! They’ll make a great after school snack tomorrow. Hmmm maybe they should also be my snack on Saturday too!

Here’s the recipe I used:  http://dish.allrecipes.com/how-to-make-baked-kale-chips/?lnkid=pin11097&crlt.pid=camp.J2kmZ2wzpPxY


I got right to work on my pattern repeat tonight as I have six pattern repeats to do and six days until my parents get home. Hmmm another unbelievable coincidence:). Usually my phone is pretty quiet and I’m a little lonely at night, but tonight there were a flurry of text messages so I only got half a pattern repeat done. Oh well, I’ll enjoy my friends when I get them:) I’ll just have to do a pattern and a half tomorrow!

Well, I just realized I have three meetings tomorrow so I won’t get any breaks, therefore, I need to get to sleep!

Have fun!