Trail Thursday

It was another great holiday day, though with a small worry in it:(


I headed out this morning and bought ten pounds of blueberries. I put them in the backseat so I wouldn’t eat them all before I got home, but I still put a sizeable hole in them. They’re just so good! I realized that I am very loyal when a place is good. I’ve been buying from Never Say Die nursery for a very long time. I’m going to have to try some of their eggs and other veggies as they looked so good!

I stopped on my way back from there at Amsterdam Nursery. I explained that my last cilantro plant must have come with a caterpillar and that he had eaten all but one leaf by the time I got home from holidays. I just wanted to know if it would regrow, but they gave me a new plant:). I also picked up a new lavender plant and got instructions on it too. I’m going to need to start putting labels on my plants as to when I’m supposed to water them! Amsterdam is definitely another place I am loyal to. There are closer nurseries but they have awesome customer service and are so helpful and knowledgeable!


I had just gotten home after dealing with construction in every direction when my nephew texted to see if we could check out another ice cream place. I had actually already taken him when he was a kid, but we went again. This is La Casa Gelato on Venables and it boasts 238 different flavors including garlic, wasabi, maple bacon, Caesar, and a whole ton more. They had a couple of freezers of sorbetto so I got to choose from them and ended up with orange crush and lemon iced tea. Gus had a triple scoop of three very yummy ones. We both agreed that it was neat to see all the flavors but was super expensive and the people weren’t all that nice. They had attitude:(

They did however have a lovely garden across the street where we could sit and eat our ice cream and they had a parking lot which I appreciated since parking in Vancouver can be tough to find.

I spent the afternoon after dropping Gus off reading, knitting, listening to a podcast and having a nap.


This morning I got out for a 4.85km run. It wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t wonderful either. It did help to keep in mind what I heard on the MTA podcast yesterday- you can’t be trying to lose weight and get faster at the same time. My focus is definitely on losing weight right now, so I’ll ease up on myself about being faster.

This evening I did end up going to the trail run clinic, but I viewed it as a hike rather than a run. We went 400m straight up and then ran down. Unfortunately even the running down was a little dicey as the terrain was super unstable. I found myself more relaxed with not thinking of it as a run:). The view at the top was beautiful!

Well I’m going to go back to veging on the couch.

Have fun!


A Great Adventure

Today started out tough but got infinitely better:)


I awoke to a message that Lyndsay had forgotten her purse and phone at Cori’s house last night and all I could think was, “why wasn’t I invited?” And I was feeling hurt. It turns out that Cori responded to Lyndsay’s group text with the invitation but I didn’t get it as Lyndsay doesn’t seem to have a group text option. They both assumed I was out when I didn’t answer. I’m glad it was just this and I hadn’t upset anyone as of course I immediately started thinking they found me annoying or boring. I was proud of myself for actually saying something and not just keeping quiet and being hurt.


I ended up walking 4km with Brenda this morning as otherwise she would have been alone. We did discover a way to extend our Coquitlam River run however so I’ll be happy about that. It still won’t be a run that I do alone though.

This evening I got out for a short 3.69km run. It was a gorgeous night and I just enjoyed it as it will cut down on how much I have to do tomorrow to finish the 12km mission. It is nice to see my times be around 6:30/km pretty consistently and yesterday I made a 6:13 so I’m happy:)


Lyndsay, Cori and I had arranged to meet up to try out a cidery today. It was the Fraser Valley Cider Company in Langley. It is a long way out there, but was super calm, pretty and peaceful when we finally got there. We each got a flight of cider and a charcuterie board to share. I tried their four sweetest flavors- black currant and cardamom, honey, elderflower and gin botanical. I think they really should include all their flavors in the flight as I wonder if I would have liked some of the others better. The guy did let me try Rosy as I was leaving and it was pretty yummy with its caramel taste. I ended up getting the black currant cardamom cider as it was sweet and different from what I had had before.

We decided that we needed to do something else as it had taken us so long to get out there. We went and walked around Fort Langley and looked in a few of the shops. I did find some underwear I liked and bought:) I remember this place as having more little boutique stores, but now it seems to be comprised mostly of places to eat. We tried one none of us had been to called Fortitude for happy hour. We all noticed the server announced it was happy hour as though that was a bad thing🤣 I had a raw hard lemonade which they kindly made sweeter than normal for me and we shared the salt and pepper wings, edamame and arincini. It was all very yummy!

On the way out of town we stopped at Maria’s Gelato for coffee. I had been there before and been unimpressed they didn’t explain that vegan and gluten free grilled cheese cost more than the usual. This time, the girl sold me vegan cheese, and had a whole conversation with me about my dairy and gluten allergies and then made my iced chai with regular milk. She then excused it by saying I hadn’t specifically ordered non dairy. She then charged me again for the milk substitute!!! I was super unimpressed!😖

On the way home we stopped at Amsterdam Nursery as we all wanted to get some plants. We had quite the car full of plants on the way home! I got mine all planted and am happy to have a pot of herbs again. I’m thinking I really need some plants for my other pots, even if they will die when I’m away this summer!


I am making progress on my Rose City Rollers Littles sock. I may even get one finished this weekend, though I’d love to finish both!


I’m also making some progress on my two books:)

Well that was my lovely day:)

Have fun!


Today’s the Day!

I had another good day! I know I’m trying to be consistently positive, but I do wonder whether it’s that or the fact that I’m on holidays that keeps giving me these great days? I  guess we’ll find out soon enough, though my fingers are crossed that they continue!

In case people actually read my posts and are interested in only certain things I’ve decided to put in headings. I see most people only talk about one thing, but I have lots of interests and things to record and I don’t want to do more than one post a day! But I do get that not everyone has all the same interests as me so hopefully the headings will help:)


The best that can be said for today’s run, is that it occurred. Today is a holiday at home however, so I went out and did thirty minutes but I was hungry and thirsty and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s 10km. Its a quandary though as I try to do the 10km runs the day after my massage because my legs feel great and I’ve had a rest day, but then I don’t want to take another rest day the day after I do a 10km run because I just had a rest day. I wonder how other people solve this problem? Maybe I’d better make my next book a running book:)

I got my walk in by walking over to meet my friend for dinner and surprisingly I so got an “Arms On” workout in when I got home! I think it was motivated by my dinner and having to admit on here that I hadn’t done everything, 😂


Last summer I had a gorgeous garden going on my deck and then when I got back from my holiday on my parent’s boat, everything was dead and I was super upset at the death and the waste of money, so this year I didn’t let myself plant anything as I knew I was going away on two trips again, but I did promise myself that I could plant when I came home. Well today was the day!  I called up my friend from work who also likes wandering the plant store and headed to Amsterdam Nursery in Pitt Meadows. It is by far my favourite nursery in the area. The people are very knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy, it’s always clean and well organized, the plants are healthy and the prices are reasonable. I ended up getting pansies to add to my perennial pots for some colour in the next few weeks, some herbs and some veggies. Can you tell I like to eat what I grow?? For herbs I got lavender, rosemary, basil, cilantro and parsley. For veggies I got Kale, spinach and turnips and a full size tomato plant with tomatoes on it for $10!!! I got everything planted and the deck cleaned up. I miss having the third of an acre I had growing up, but this little bit of green makes me smile every time I look outside:)

Sorry a lot of the plants are inside so they don’t show in the pictures.


A few weeks ago, I was talking with a vice principal friend about how much I love Tacofino and figured out the food truck was at one of the local brew pubs tonight, so tonight was the night! We met at the Parkside Brewery which is still he only brewery I have been to on Port Moody’s new brewery row. I don’t drink beer (gluten), but I like to at least see the places. I’ll have to try and remedy this soon. The food truck wasn’t here yet, so I got a cider as I kind of felt like one of us should get something since we were sitting on their patio. There was an immediate line up when the food truck pulled up. Tacofino started in Tofino,BC and now they have eight locations which include both restaurants and food trucks! I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t have the fish tacos that I’d been craving because the fish is battered ( I’ll have to go to the restaurant where it isn’t), but my friend had those and I had the pulled pork tacos without the cheese and on a corn tortilla. It was so yummy that I was done before I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture!   The lineup moved fast and the food came quickly so I would even do Tacofino with kids!

As if the two tacos weren’t but enough, my friend overpaid me for her share of the dinner so I took her to Rocky Point Ice Cream for dessert. It was obviously meant to be as we didn’t even have to stand in line!  There are only a few dairy free options, but I don’t mind their vegan vanilla so I got that. At least I resisted getting it made into a milkshake 🤣  My friend got  matcha ice cream and said it was really good!


I have been madly knitting in all the moments I could today and I am slightly closer to being done the retro Nubby Knit as I finished a sleeve today and will start the second one before I go to bed. Hopefully this means that I will make my goal of Sunday! I just really want to be done this. It has been a tough slog as my instagram feed is full of people making cute projects with gorgeous variegated wool. Then on here, there’s people like MyTangledYarn who has the most gorgeous, cheerful socks finished. Here I am using rather plain wool to make a rather plain sweater:( I know I’ll be happy when it’s keeping me warm in the fall breeze, but right now, it’s just tough! It’s just another example of my goal orientation. I inherited a bunch of wool and patterns from my grandma and it’s a goal to use up that wool!

Well, yet again, I am off to knit like crazy so I can make my goal.

Have fun!