Active, Active, Tired…

For months I’ve been saying that I want to walk the entire Vancouver seawall from the convention centre to Granville Island. Most people laughed when I mentioned this in conversation, but one friend decided to join me. Today was the day. Lol unfortunately events derailed the plan, but we got three hours in which took us from the Convention Centre to English Bay, not bad.  The smoke from the wildfires kept the temperature down and it wasn’t crazy busy, so all in all, a good first effort. I now know that I need to schedule about six hours to do it all. Maybe I’ll get to that after I get back from Boston:)

Unfortunately, I let myself get hungry which meant that I couldn’t decide on where we should eat and I ended up just coming home and inhaling everything I had planned for the rest of the day:( Grrr so mad at myself because I was a lovely 97.6 this morning and I actually liked a picture I took of myself when I was trying to decide what to wear. Positive self image isn’t my strong suit so this is a very rare occurrence!IMG_7319

After inhaling my veggies and hummus, fruit salad and dried fruit I decided I’d better actually accomplish something. The first was that I scored a new cowl knitting pattern for free on Ravelry! After visiting Beehive Knitting in Victoria I had followed them on Instagram and tonight it paid off when they offered a coupon code for getting a pattern free. Score! Someone would probably think I’d won a million dollars for how excited I was! I now highly recommend following them on Instagram (@beehivewoolshop). Though I’d also recommend visiting the shop as it is truly full of yummy yarn:)

I also managed to pick up my pictures from Costco along with a rotisserie chicken ( I truly think theirs are the best), grab blueberries from Ankars farm in Port Coquitlam, and get a couple photo albums from the dollar store.

This evening I decided that I should at least see the Port Moody Friday Night Market at least once this summer since it’s new this year. My friend and her son were willing to join me so we walked over and had a look. It was small but there were some neat booths, like custom mugs, jewellery that disperses essential oils, books, clothing, beer soap(made with our local Port Moody brews), candles, and food trucks. The best part was that it was just a fifteen minute walk away.

I caved and had a vegan vanilla ice cream and cola sorbet one scoop ice cream with B on our way back at Rocky Point Ice Cream. The cola flavour was so good! Next time, I’ll just get that! Hopefully my three hour walk will counteract this;) I took the long way home to help with this😉

On arriving home I realized, I just didn’t have it in me to work out tonight. I figure everyone is entitled to a night off. In all I managed a three hour walk and my regular walk today. It will just have to do!

I did manage to get all the clothes laid out that I’m getting rid of. I have a friend coming to see if she wants anything tomorrow so I needed to at least be organized as I changed the time on her.

Im going to give in to the sleep fairy now as six am is going to come early:(

Have fun!



So on my first day of holiday when I can do anything I want, like sleep in, what do I do? I wake up at 6am to write my list of all the things I should do today. Then of course I have to hop right out of bed to start on the list. Perhaps I take my love of accomplishing things too far?

I did not do anything really exciting today, but I did get all but three things done on my list, so I must count the day as a success.

Success #1: I was a two digit 99 pounds this morning which made me much happier!

Success #2: I stuck to my healthy eating plan all day except for a few raspberries. I’m not going to beat myself up over raspberries!

Success #3: I did all three of my planned exercise times. I had a lovely thirty minute run along the inlet trail and around Rocky Point Park this morning. As much as I enjoyed running in new areas, it’s also nice to do the usual and I did a 6:48km at one point. I wonder what hill I was going down? Lol🤣 I did the dynamic strength weight routine this afternoon and then walked the inlet trail this evening. As I write this, I realize I probably should have walked somewhere else to change it up, but oh well.

Success #4: I got out to Ankars Farms and bought some raspberries and have already started on freezing them. I went for blueberries, but the raspberries were just too yummy to resist! I’ll go back when I’m done the raspberries for some blueberries. I got strawberries from this farm in Port Coquitlam earlier in the summer and had been super happy with them. So good!!!!😋

Success #5: I got all my laundry done and put away and my sheets changed. I love the smell of laundry but for some reason it can linger in the dryer forever. Today it didn’t! Yay!

Success #6: Dealt with my accumulated holiday mail and made the phone calls and texts I needed to without procrastinating. I’ve been told that I need to replace my toilet because some have cracked and usually I would put off texting my cousin to see if he could come do this because I hate asking people to do things and I always feel like I’m disturbing people, but today I got right on it and he’s coming next week. I did learn that all toilets look the same to me so I told him I’d leave it in his capable hands:)

Success #7: I got another day of my 2014 LA holiday album labelled. Can you tell I’m really behind on making my photo albums. Yes I do them the old fashioned way by printing the pictures and writing sticky labels for them. I need to get this album done as you see it’s a domino effect. If I get the LA album done, I can print off the pictures from my phone for the Montreal album which will give me room to take pictures when I’m in Boston. Lol why is nothing ever simple?

Success #8: I did some research for my Boston trip. I am looking into knitting shops and gluten free/ dairy free food options and as usual, because I hate computer work, I’ve been putting this off, but I’m meeting with my travel buddy on Wednesday so know I need to get on this. All I know so far is that I may not be eating much in Boston:(

So with all of these small success, I think I did ok today. I should probably have just enjoyed the couch since it’s my only day at home today, but the list was calling to me!

Have fun!