Holiday Eve

I just can’t wait until 3:45pm tomorrow. I will be free and it’s been a tough week.


We got through printing the letter b, music, a lesson on subtracting by counting back on the number line and some more time spent building their community. I don’t know if I did the right thing. During guided reading today my group went down to only two kids and they asked where the third was. I said she had been doing lots of reading practice at home and had moved up a group. Now I am worrying that I shouldn’t have said she moved up. I was hoping it would motivate them as neither of these two do a lot of reading at home, but I don’t want to hurt them either.

The only other thing I did was review my report cards and trade them with another teacher today. I read hers and she’ll read mine. I have absolutely no intention of touching those things over the holidays, but will do a bit more on them tomorrow. Mom you have two weeks leave:)


I went to my last Athletic Yoga class tonight. It was a good workout, but then I had to come home and do my FitOn workout and it was a 25 minute skills and drills workout. I couldn’t let my friends see me not do it though!


I have done about ten more rows on my Bentley cardigan today, but am really starting to wonder if it is going to be huge. My plan this weekend is to get my London socks done and get to the sleeve segmentation and try on the cardigan, so by Monday I should be in a more knowledgeable and calmer place:)

Have fun!


Little Things

On Thursday I came in from supervision to find the teacher next door had boiled my kettle and left me a hot, fresh cup of tea. It really are the little things that make all the difference.


Thursday night I went to my second to last yoga class. I’ve been enjoying this as there are very few people in the class, it has gotten me to do a lot more yoga and I go with a friend!

That being said, that friend also talked me into trying the FitOn app so I’ve done two workouts there. One option is the featured workout and I’ve just done that Thursday and Friday. It’s probably good for me as it’s definitely more than what I’ve been doing.


Thursday and Friday have been typical days except that we’ve been in lockdown at school for most of them. Thursday supposedly there was a cougar two streets down and Friday there was a coyote. I maybe in the minority but personally I don’t think any wildlife is coming near a school with 220 kids out screaming and playing.

Friday afternoon I have the kids an extra long playtime as they hadn’t gotten to go out at lunch. It was interesting that the play became much calmer as the time went on and it became more creative. Maybe this group needs longer play.

Thursday we did outdoor Ed for math and the kids used natural elements to practice subtraction to twenty. It worked really well. I like teaching in the sunshine! Not so sure I want to be out there in the pouring rain though!


I was supposed to have a run Friday afternoon but it ended up needing to be postponed because the guys coming to fix my door showed up at 3:30 rather than 9am! It only took them about twenty minutes to fix the door though I have to admit I hadn’t realized it needed fixing. I just thought it was harder to close and lock now🤣


My right thumb thinks I’ve been doing too much knitting🤣

I have two pairs of socks on the go which I don’t really like, but hopefully I’ll have one finished soon. The good thing about having tiny feet!

I’ve also been working on a hat at school and am ready for my second colour as I’m making this one reversible.

I had a set of mini skeins arrive that were a sale from a local dyers. They are pretty because they have stellina in them so there’s a hint of sparkle. I think they’ll go well with some basic colours for heels, toes and cuffs. I do want to get a garment on the needles though! I should probably stop buying knitting stuff after my yarn store trip this Sunday!

Well there’s my last two days- nothing that spectacular, but the little things have been nice!

Have fun!


Getting There

It was finally Thursday! My days with the kids are fine, but I’m just so tired!


We got through printing the letter H, music, a lesson on adding on strategy for addition, and an art project for a hibernating bear.

The kids were really good, which was good because I was tired from the get go.

The funniest thing was that I wore my new school sweatshirt today and the first thing my students said to me was that my shirt was too big. I said, “but all the other teachers were getting them”, and one little guy asked me,” well if all the other teachers go off a cliff will you do that too?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

After school, I had a zoom meeting and then we had Bookclub with the kids after that. It was our first Bookclub of the year and it was really nice to talk with the kids about books again!


I am knitting on my entrelac scarf in the morning and my socks in the evening. I got to the third row of the first chart and determined that I was four stitches short on my second sock. I have to rip out the second sock and will have to start over tomorrow.


Tonight I had my second athletic yoga class. It went really fast and didn’t seem as tough or as long as last week. It was still really great to get to go to a class though!

Well I’m sorry I don’t have anything more interesting for today. I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Happy Friday Eve!

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again! My kids have been getting crazier and crazier each day so it all made sense when I saw it was a full moon today.


We had a pretty productive day though I hear my kids got yelled at by other teachers at lunch when they were yelling in the bathroom:(

We got through printing m, music, adding practice, silent reading and our monthly stem challenge.

The kids were super engaged in the stem challenge where they had to create a sledding ramp and see how far their “sled” would go. They got a piece of card stock, a piece of tape and thirty pieces of tape. The sled was the top of my tea container. I think the best was twelve centimeters, but I loved how they just kept going. One little girl cried at the end and one of her classmates gave her an idea to solve the problem. It was great to see!

I finished prep after school, but was super happy to get out of there!


I finally finished the third book in the Confectionary series I was reading by Sydney Jane Bailey. I had a bit of trouble getting through the third book, but only because I could see the trouble coming and I’m finding it tough to read angsty books right now. The whole series was fun and well written.


I actually finished my new mitts yesterday, but will share them now. They are the TinCanKnits pattern World’s Simplest Mittens which is free in Ravelry. This is the second time I have made this pattern and I still love it! This time they are made out of Tumble Mountain Fingering held doubled. They are soft and a gorgeous blue colour, though I’m sorry you can’t see that with the bad night photo.


I got to start a new exercise class tonight. A couple of years ago I took athletic yoga and really enjoyed it as it was a challenge. My friend and I wanted to go back but of course it wasn’t happening. It was finally offered again and while it is different, it was still a good class. It is much less aerobic and there are only eight people and it’s only allowed to be 45 minutes, but boy did I feel like I worked hard in those forty five minutes. You get into a yoga pose and then have to do weights or body weight movements. I think I’m going to feel my abs tomorrow!

Well I think that’s all my excitement today.

Have fun!



It was a tough day, but also a good one:)


Even with two boys away, it was a tough day as some of my students are really struggling with the expectations right now. I’m hoping it’s just the full moon affecting them and it will get better, but I’m not sure. I guess we will see, but it’s truly exhausting right now:(

It’s amazing what I end up teaching about! Today, I taught “how to blow your nose”. Ugh this is not what I went to school for so many years to do!!!

I at least also taught how to print the letter “a”, and how to count backwards by 5s and different types of lines in art.

It was quite the day, but at least it ended with me finishing my last report card. 🎊🎉. I still need to edit them, but I always feel better once I have something that I can hand in! Now hopefully with those done I can quit stress eating!

It got even better when my second box from MEC showed up! I now have all my honey stinger chews and waffles:)


I was late at work so it was almost directly to Athletic Yoga. There were some interesting moves tonight!!! And why is every workout concentrating on arms and back right now? I was already sore from yesterday!


I’m still on my second Blackwell Brothers book, but it’s coming along. I think I’ll go crawl into bed and finish it:)

Have fun!





I was doing some knitting this morning on my chunky vest, but I have to admit I’m not motivated to work on it as I really don’t think I’m going to have enough yarn:( I only had six ounces to start with, so I’m going to have to decide if I’m going to keep knitting until I find out I can’t finish it if I’m going to unravel now and use the yarn for something else??


I called my mom this morning thinking she would already be gone, but to my surprise I got one more phone call in with her before she’s gone.

The day was pretty good with the children. I am super impressed with how well they’re doing with their sight word booklets and home reading. I had to have the talk about reading levels that are meeting expectations, approaching and not yet meeting. I hope it spurs them on and doesn’t crush them!

We also made ourselves a skip counting anchor chart that each child can keep in their duo tangs. It went better than I was expecting:)

I even got a report card written after school. They are going much faster since my run problem solving:)

Just before I left work, this arrived:)

I was super excited as I had ordered some stuff from MEC. I guess the split the order and I didn’t realize as all that was in this box was my new headlight. I’ll have to do some dark running to try it out! I do hope the rest of my stuff comes soon though!


After an appointment to get my eyebrows and eyelashes done, I picked up my friend C for Athletic Yoga. It was going pretty good until I accidentally dropped the block onto my neighbour, then I flicked my ball into the middle of the room and my final move was to flip my block during the plank jacks and fall face first into the concrete floor. I’m told it was quite the thunk and it was loud enough that everyone else stopped:(. I have to admit my nose hurts and I have a bit of a headache, but no black eyes yet, thankfully!


I met up with a guy at a local brew pub tonight. First he invaded my personal space when I arrived, then he already had a beer and didn’t even offer to get me anything. Then he spent the entire time staring at my chest (I was wearing a sweater and jacket as it was cold) and he couldn’t make conversation. Needless to say there won’t be a second date and I’m actually glad I didn’t mess up my Clean November Challenge for him!

Ugh and now I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


A Little More

I got a little more back to normal today:)


Once again I gave myself some extra sleep this morning so was a little late for planning. We did get the week planned and prepped and that felt great to be back in routine!

The students stopped in the doorway this morning at the sight of the Halloween decorations. They’ve declared me amazing at decorating and say it’s not Miss B’s room anymore, but Miss Halloween’s room. How could anyone not enjoy spending the day with that?!

We got some printing catchup done and learned why the seasons are called what they are. We also worked on our number words booklet and had computers and hip hop. A pretty nice day:)


I can officially call the yogurt experiment a failure. I am definitely left with just a lot of coconut milk:(. I used it to make some hot chocolate for myself today. That’s very rare as I don’t really like chocolate, but I wasn’t sure what to use all this milk for? It turned out that wasn’t the answer as it was way too rich for me and I had to come home at lunch for some ginger ale.


This evening I got back to my athletic yoga class. It felt good to move a bit again and get back into routine more! It was an an heavy class so I’m pretty sure my abs are going to hurt tomorrow!!! The craziest move was eagle crunches – get into eagle pose while on your back and then do crunch after crunch. Ugh!


Coming and going today, I have run into tough rather interesting looking people going into the apartment two away from mine. I try not to judge people on looks, but they don’t really look like the type of people I want hanging around my home. I’ll see how it goes…

Well I’m off to finish the third novella in my current book as I want to finish tonight! I feel like I haven’t talked about a book in forever!

Have fun!


One Thing After Another

I know that everything that happened today was minor and they were all first world problems, but it just felt like it was never ending!


I slept for an extra half hour again today and was still super tired. I must be fighting something. The question then is, do I take a day off to rest and hopefully get rid of whatever I’m fighting or do I just wait until I’m super sick and take the day then?

I was trying to get the planning done for the week this morning, by myself as my co-teacher is still away and it kept going sideways. A new teacher came to complain about not being able to do holidays in her classroom, yet again!!! I checked with the TOC for my friend just to find out that it’s only me that is far behind on things:( I finally got the planning finished while my students were doing their Fall mini books this morning.

After recess the TOC did a bit of photocopying, but that was it, so I ended up doing all the rest of the prep for the two classes for next week.

We tackled increasing patterns today and while the children could do them with people and on the board they had trouble with the worksheet. I think it came more from not reading the instructions. While I had a lineup across the classroom of children needing help, an EA comes to ask me a simple, unrelated question. I was a little testy and said that if she wasn’t there to help, this was not the time! It seems as though “instructional time” doesn’t mean much to some of the people in my building!😖 Then I had to talk to the EA who was in my room to help that she could help more than just that one kid as I don’t want him to become dependent on her help as I rarely have help!

Lunch was the highlight of my day as I used my Beezy Wrap.

It worked awesome at keeping my sandwich together, way better than the usual ziploc bag, it was super cute and I just shook off the crumbs and it’s ready to use again!!! I’m loving this stuff and may just order more! It is a company out of Nova Scotia.

After lunch I had a prep and the secretary was on the photocopier for the whole time, so I didn’t get a job done that I can only do on Thursday afternoons:(

We tackled our pasta patterns art in the afternoon. It was going fine until one kid dumped white glue all over my brand new black shoes I bought on Friday!! He’d better learn quick to respect a woman’s shoes!!!🤣. Then half of our glue wasn’t working so we borrowed from next door and one of the bottles wasn’t returned! Ugh I’ve never not been able to return what I borrowed and this upset me!


Thankfully school finally finished and I met up with a friend for tea at the local Starbucks! It was lovely to visit and tell her all my woes and hear hers. I felt much better afterwards:)

I also got a visit in with my co-teacher this evening. She is still off and is definitely not herself yet:(. It’s tough to be without her, but I want her healthy first! It was great to see her again though!


I had athletic yoga tonight with my friend C. It was definitely a workout and I tried to push myself so we will see if my abs are sore tomorrow morning!

The one good note was that I am really enjoying having a super clean house right now! I have to remember this feeling so that it will motivate me to clean more often. Ha, like cleaning will ever win over knitting, reading, baking, cooking, or running!!!!

On that note, I’m off to sleep:)

Have fun!


Try Again

It was a good day though I really have to resist getting caught up in the drama at work!


We started the day with our Terry Fox run. It was a different route this year, but it still seemed to work pretty well.

My students were super excited and I even had two dads come out and run/ walk with us:). It was perfect timing for me as I wasn’t sure how I was going to finish the Squad Runner mission, but this worked perfectly:)

We also had an assembly before the run where Terry Fox’s niece Kirsten came to speak. It was cool, but the principal started it when two classes weren’t even present yet:(

I got through reading with a couple of more students to determine their reading levels. It’s a long process, but I can’t do much else until I get it done.

It was another good math lesson, though it didn’t quite go where I expected as the worksheet didn’t match up well, so we just went with the children creating movement or people patterns and that went well!

Finally this afternoon we wrote about the Terry Fox run for our hallway writing and the children did a really good job!

It was another amazing day with the children:)

After school though the teachers were quite upset as there were rumors of an assembly tomorrow for orange shirt day. It turned out to be true and supposedly it’s on the electronic calendar (didn’t know we even had one) and we discussed it at the staff meeting (not one teacher recollects this???). Oh well, we’ll go sit in the gym tomorrow morning and see what happens.


I have had a berry kale smoothie, a larabar, apple slices, southwest chicken salad and a baked potato. I was really upset at lunch because they messed up my lunch lady lunch again. It was gluten free pasta but not dairy free. Thank goodness I had thrown my salad in by mistake!! 😖


I walked to and from work, got my run in with the children this morning, and then had my first night of Athletic Yoga again this evening. I’m doing it to spend time with my friend Corianne. As long as I think of it as a workout class and not yoga, it’s good. It is quite the workout though and I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow!!!😳


I am still working on my cowl. I knit about 6oz of yarn in 30 minutes so it is going to take me about two hours and forty five minutes to finish this. I had better carve that time out before Saturday morning!!


I have to apologize and ask for everyone’s patience as I’m getting behind in reading blogs. I set aside recess and lunch to read blogs usually, but I’ve been using this time to redo some posts with less pictures so I can continue to have pictures in my new posts. It’s unfortunately putting me behind:(

Well, here’s hoping for another good day tomorrow!

Have fun!


A Mixed Up Day

It wasn’t bad, but I felt like I was continually changing things at work. Here’s a picture though to prove we actually had blue sky and sunshine and most of the snow is gone:)🎊🎉


I was in charge today and with our secretary away, it meant getting to school early and making sure that everything was alright. It appeared to be. My co teacher and I planned and then once the children came in, the day went sideways. We had a parent talk this morning for which we had tech problems and then the kids weren’t understanding her big words like analysis so they were squirmy! My volunteer came in and was reading with the children so I had to change around my math lesson, but then I thought we were starting the box project with the other grade ones so I stopped doing math, but then it turned out we weren’t. So we did our planners at that point as we were still missing some children. Then I ended up having a meeting that took up my entire prep:(. We then had another parent talk with more tech problems and the parent gave out pens during the presentation so the children just played with those and broke them and then they all wanted new ones:(. At this point it was the end of the day and we hadn’t even done our monthly jobs such as the home reading draw, changing desks, counting group points, making new group posters, so we did that instead of starting the box project. I guess we’ll start that tomorrow. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that I had toys from a parent to hand out. Don’t even get me started on that!!!! Grrrr😖

It was just a nutty day!

Book club:

I was glad to escape at three o’clock and go to the school book club:). We didn’t so much discuss the book, Miss Bixby’s Last Day, so much as we just discussed what genre of books the children enjoyed. It was such a neat discussion and I love being able to have those conversations with the older children.

I had to prep for next week so do didn’t get home until I had just enough time to change:(


It was athletic yoga tonight and wouldn’t you know it- she emphasized abs. Almost every single exercise was ab centred. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that sick in a class before:(

I know that my colleague has signed up for the class again, but at this point I am thinking I might just get a pass to the rec centre and go to regular yoga classes as I feel like I need more stretching than anything. I already do weights at least twice a week, if not more! Maybe I’ll see if Lyndsay wants to do it too:)


I am drinking the Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea tonight. I got it to try for helping with my stomach and so far I’m really enjoying it. The peppermint actually nicely compliments the green tea base.


I forgot to pack my knitting for work today so I am on the couch now and ready to power through these last 33 rows so I can wear these socks tomorrow!

I’m off to knit as fast as possible🤣

Have fun!