Halloween Eve

What does a teacher do the day before Halloween, dread what she knows is coming!


My students came in the door this morning announcing that it was Halloween tomorrow. I have given up on actually getting too much content into them until Monday.

This morning we had calendar and music. After recess we had just started the math game when the other class showed up so we looked at the Bumblebee bat and read about it- it’s the smallest mammal in earth, is in danger of extinction, lives mainly in Thailand in limestone caves along rivers and has only one baby a year. We then brainstormed what the kids knew about bats. Turns out they knew a lot and we should have picked spiders or owls🤪

We then spent the rest of our day finishing the art project we started yesterday. Yet again, they were super good and we’re happy with how the art turned out.

My problem girl had a second good day. The smiley face in the planner seems to be good incentive, but I worry about how she’ll do in later grades if she needs extrinsic motivation for her behavior to be good- she definitely won’t get that when she gets to grade three!

I had one boy J who threw sand at another boy L when e wrecked his sand creation. I was so proud of L for walking away, but unfortunately L hit J in the stomach in the coat room later in the day:( I’m going to be fully gray by the end of this year I think☹️


I am still working on this market bag. It feels like I make no progress even though I knit at recess, lunch and when I get home. I don’t love projects that don’t show progress well!😖


The run group went out tonight instead of tomorrow night for the obvious reason. It’s always so nice to have people to run with. I ran with Lisa and talked about her twin boys, then with Dennis and talked about gummie bears and then with another lady and talked about sushi. Talk about a great way to take your mind off running. I liked that we were a tiny bit quicker tonight. I got 4.8km in so I have fulfilled my 100km for the month:). We’ll see if I go out tomorrow night.

I’m going to put a few more rows into the market bag.

Have fun!