Girls Get Away


I started the day with a walk and tea with my running buddies. I had forgotten how fast they can walk, though thankfully the hills slowed them down at times.

It was then home to make sure everything was packed.

The girls picked me up about quarter after twelve and we headed to the ferry. We were nice and early to the ferry so walked over to the village for starbucks.

The ferry ride was beautiful as was the drive up the coast until I got carsick:(. This was the first time in my life that I got carsick and I wonder if it was because I had coffee. I’ve only had coffee about three times in my life so I wonder if this was what caused my first ever motion sickness.

I was fine once I got on solid ground. The B&B is awesome!

Of course the first thing I did was take a sip of a drink that had gluten in it:(. I don’t seem to have anything other than itchiness and a bit of nausea from it, thankfully!

We went into town to the hotel for dinner. When we got there we were warned that it would be at least an hour before we got our dinner because they were so short staffed. I had a ginger ale gluten free turkey club which was excellent, though thankfully I looked at the salad before I took a bite as it had couscous on it. The other ladies enjoyed it.

Since then we’ve just been enjoying the pool and deck. I have almost finished a sock today.

My friend wants me to say we had a wild pool party with scantily clad men. I told her you would all know it’s untrue after reading my blog for any amount of time! Rather we watched Olympic swimming at the pub and drank a glass of wine when we came home.

Now I’m heading for bed.

Have fun!


Day 4

L and I started the day with an interval run around the park followed by stairs and a circuit of pushups, pull-ups, lateral step ups, split lunges and froggers jumps. That was enough to start the day out right.

I tried her mom’s avocado toast at the cafe which was very yummy!

We then set off for the first part of our journey home.

I was lucky enough that we stopped in Smithers and I got a couple of minutes in a knitting shop. I didn’t end up buying anything because they didn’t have anything local.

But it’s always neat to see a new store. We also stopped and got lunch at the Two Sisters Cafe which was a really great idea! We grabbed it to go.

We then kept going to Burns Lake. We stopped at the local yarn store here and I got a skein of yarn they is made in McBride BC. I do love when stores have local yarns. I also picked up a toque kit for both L and I. Hers will be her birthday or Christmas present. I had kicked myself last year when I didn’t buy them from Knit City.

The boys were very determined that we needed to stop at Burns Lake because it has a water slide into the lake. It was a cool stop and the guys had the chance to swim and play for a couple of hours.

From there we made the drive that seemed interminable to Prince George where we had a hotel room booked. It also had a pool and water slide so that kept the boys entertained. I did go down the water slide a few times but then enjoyed the hot tub.

We got to bed early but it was about 12:30 before I really got any sleep:(. We are now off for the next leg of our journey.

Have fun!


Day 3

Today we didn’t do much but boy was I tired from it.

We had a cup of tea and then headed out to do some hill repeats in town. I managed to do seven hill repeats and a short tour of the block run. We finished up in the park with three rounds of ten pull-ups, pushups, dips, step ups, and a plank. We then ran home. It wasn’t five kilometers but it was still an awesome way to start the day.

After a great breakfast skillet

We headed out to the valley which is where L grew up. It was so cool to see where she talks about. I got a few minutes of knitting in while they went swimming before the skies opened again.

It was back home for a visit with a sister in law and a niece and then another trip to the local lake.

I tried to get pictures of the crazy amount of frogs at the valley lake and the crazy amount of tadpoles at the local lake, but they just didn’t turn out. It really was something to see though.

Now it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


Day 2

L slept in yesterday after all that driving so I got to start the day slowly with reading my book. I won’t complain about that!

After a couple of cups of tea,L, her mom and I set out for a run. We did the Breakwater trail but added on the river portion which is straight down for 750 meters and then 75 stairs. Of course we had to come back up that too.

We had a dog follow us home who hung out all day annoying us, but entertaining the kids. Well they were also entertained helping a mouse get out of the skate park.

We then headed over to the park with her mom to do the “old lady workout” for the day

It was a beautiful area, but not much of a workout. At least I moved though!

After a shower and finally some food, we headed out to old town. I guess there are actually four different Hazeltons. Old town has a very different vibe to it, but was really cool to look around.

In the evening L took the kids back to the lake and I helped with some prep for tomorrow at the cafe.

So far it has been really cool to finally see the places L talks about. Supposedly I also need to see one of the doctors in town who is super nice and cute. We shall see.

Have fun!


The First Day

My friend L asked if I would like to keep her company as she drive North to pick up her son. Since I had never been North I jumped at the chance and yesterday we set out.

It was an early morning with leaving at 5am, but we had no problems getting away.

Our first stop was in Abbotsford for gas since it’s cheaper there.

I was super excited when L said we were taking the canyon rather than the coquahalla as it’s a much more interesting road. It is certainly a different experience driving with another woman- we had a quick stop every hour or two to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom. It was great!

At Williams Lake I took over driving for a while. I had told her I would happily drive, but it was her car, her rules and her comfort level. The coolest thing is that we don’t have to make many adjustments to the seat and mirrors to trade off:)

I was already really enjoying seeing all these towns and cities I had heard of, but never seen.

I drove to Quesnel, but worried about running out of gas the whole way there, especially after we ran into some construction. L has a much lower comfort level for gas than I do. She was right though as we pulled into the gas station at Quesnel just as the gas light went on.

It was neat to see Quesnel as I always remember a girl who came to my elementary school was Karla from Quesnel. I don’t know why that has stuck with me, but it has so it was cool to now be able to picture it. Quesnel is bigger than I was expecting and we stopped for Starbucks here.

Our next major city was Prince George where I managed to snap a picture of Mr. PG. Prince George is also much bigger than I was expecting, but we didn’t actually stop here.

We must have stopped just after here though as I took over the driving again for a while. This was a much smoother drive with no worries.

We were supposed to stop in Burns Lake to trade off again (where one of our colleagues grew up so another cool place to see) but it only had one gas station on the wrong side of the road, so we stopped down the road at Dekker Lake at this very odd store that had absolutely everything, but a bathroom. Thankfully a rest stop came up quickly.

We stopped in Houston so I could take a picture of the largest fishing pole in the world.

As well we also stopped at Bulkley Canyon so I could take a picture of the First Nations guy spear fishing.

We finally arrived at New Hazelton (there are about four of them). I had an awesome welcoming committee from this gorgeous girl.

This town is another tiny one with one stoplight. This motel is across the street from L’s parents place so it’s where we’ve set up camp.

The rooms are clean, have a fridge and remind me of Port Hardy when I stayed there with my parents a couple of years ago.

But of course we are dealing with children, so it was immediately out to the lake last night.

I was pleasantly surprised by how green it is up here and how many lakes there are. My province seems to be green, except for the desert in the centre of it.

Just a road shot to show the green. Some of the roads we were on looked like car commercial roads.

Well onto a new day now.

Have fun!



I actually didn’t realize I hadn’t posted yesterday until I got on here.

I set off with L andSon a road trip that lasted two hours. We aren’t really going all that far from home, though boy is it nice to see new scenery.

We stopped in the drive for coffee because we were extremely early for the ferry. ( you just never know about traffic as there is a bridge involved). The wait and the ferry ride were uneventful. Getting back to the highway we had to follow a loaded dump truck up a huge hill. My car started to rattle really bad:(

Once done with the crossing to the coast, not an island, we stopped at the Black Bean Cafe for lunch. I had a gluten free bread with egg, avocado and smoked salmon. It was amazing!

I was so hungry though that I ate it in about a minute.

We then made the hour drive and thankfully my car was fine.

We arrived to a very cute three bedroom cottage. It is nothing fancy, except for the view.

Even better, it has a pool with glass fencing so you can be in the pool looking at this amazing view. Needless to say, we did nothing but this for the rest of the day.

Thankfully we had brought chicken wings and salads for dinner so we didn’t have to go out again!

The sunset was just as spectacular.

The only downfall I have found so far is that it is the worst year in twenty years for mosquitoes, so guess who is getting eaten alive?:(

I am so lucky that when I was forced back to work, and I had the other teachers become my bubble, that these people are friends I like doing things with.

Well I’m going to go enjoy my first cup of tea on that deck.

Have fun!