Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! It was a good day and made even better by not just being Friday Eve, but by being my Friday this week:)


My students were surprisingly good today, though I had the lovely present of having my most difficult student absent:). It made quite a difference in the class and so many people noticed it, even the children!

We did some printing, finished reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins and gave out our valentine cards. The children also had computers and we started some Kandinsky valentines art, but didn’t manage to finish it.

The day was made even better by getting the template for the grade one report card completed after school. My co-teacher and I try to get them done early as we are both much calmer if we have a clear picture of what we still need to cover.


I checked the mail on my way in, but was surprised there was absolutely nothing. It was therefore a great shock to see my Breezy Wrap order right at my door. I have to admit I was excited to see what patterns I got this time and I wasn’t disappointed. I love that this product is useful, environmentally friendly, smells good and is cute! The size I bought this time fits my lunch sandwich perfectly! I am always so happy to get a sandwich for lunch and a cute wrapping just adds to my joy:)


It had started to snow again after school, but I still got out for a run. I figured I had better go if only to keep myself on track for my 100km this month. The run was definitely not as successful or as fast as they have been lately, but that’s my fault for eating too close to running. It got done though which is the important part!

I also managed to get my 200 squats and 100 crunches done today:)


I have to admit I did a tiny bit of knitting while I listened to today’s chapter of Great Expectations, but otherwise I have been happily reading in front of the fireplace all evening. Ella Quinn weaves a very interesting story in Believe in Me. I like that it is different as the female lead wants to attend university at a time when this wasn’t done by women.

Well I’m going back to my comfy couch and good book:)

Have fun!


One Thing After Another

I know that everything that happened today was minor and they were all first world problems, but it just felt like it was never ending!


I slept for an extra half hour again today and was still super tired. I must be fighting something. The question then is, do I take a day off to rest and hopefully get rid of whatever I’m fighting or do I just wait until I’m super sick and take the day then?

I was trying to get the planning done for the week this morning, by myself as my co-teacher is still away and it kept going sideways. A new teacher came to complain about not being able to do holidays in her classroom, yet again!!! I checked with the TOC for my friend just to find out that it’s only me that is far behind on things:( I finally got the planning finished while my students were doing their Fall mini books this morning.

After recess the TOC did a bit of photocopying, but that was it, so I ended up doing all the rest of the prep for the two classes for next week.

We tackled increasing patterns today and while the children could do them with people and on the board they had trouble with the worksheet. I think it came more from not reading the instructions. While I had a lineup across the classroom of children needing help, an EA comes to ask me a simple, unrelated question. I was a little testy and said that if she wasn’t there to help, this was not the time! It seems as though “instructional time” doesn’t mean much to some of the people in my building!😖 Then I had to talk to the EA who was in my room to help that she could help more than just that one kid as I don’t want him to become dependent on her help as I rarely have help!

Lunch was the highlight of my day as I used my Beezy Wrap.

It worked awesome at keeping my sandwich together, way better than the usual ziploc bag, it was super cute and I just shook off the crumbs and it’s ready to use again!!! I’m loving this stuff and may just order more! It is a company out of Nova Scotia.

After lunch I had a prep and the secretary was on the photocopier for the whole time, so I didn’t get a job done that I can only do on Thursday afternoons:(

We tackled our pasta patterns art in the afternoon. It was going fine until one kid dumped white glue all over my brand new black shoes I bought on Friday!! He’d better learn quick to respect a woman’s shoes!!!🤣. Then half of our glue wasn’t working so we borrowed from next door and one of the bottles wasn’t returned! Ugh I’ve never not been able to return what I borrowed and this upset me!


Thankfully school finally finished and I met up with a friend for tea at the local Starbucks! It was lovely to visit and tell her all my woes and hear hers. I felt much better afterwards:)

I also got a visit in with my co-teacher this evening. She is still off and is definitely not herself yet:(. It’s tough to be without her, but I want her healthy first! It was great to see her again though!


I had athletic yoga tonight with my friend C. It was definitely a workout and I tried to push myself so we will see if my abs are sore tomorrow morning!

The one good note was that I am really enjoying having a super clean house right now! I have to remember this feeling so that it will motivate me to clean more often. Ha, like cleaning will ever win over knitting, reading, baking, cooking, or running!!!!

On that note, I’m off to sleep:)

Have fun!