A Busy Bee

I always find it interesting how some days I feel like doing nothing and other days I go non-stop.

I started the day with an easy run to the park and back. I am trying really hard to slow down some days and run easy so that I don’t hurt myself running everyday. So far it seems to be going pretty well.

I quickly ate breakfast so I would be ready to order my yarn advent calendar at exactly 8am. This advent calendar is put out by Stash Lounge in Calgary, Alberta and features 25 different Canadian yarn dyers. It seemed like a really good way to try out a bunch of different dyers. I had better stop shopping for a while though!

I then got picked up by Dennis for a bike ride. I chose for us to go from the bridge to Osprey Village, but I should have picked the other way as this one had more hills than I remembered! My bike is still not going into first and something seems to be rubbing. It also takes forever to move from 2nd gear to 3rd. I do notice that I am calmer on the bike though which is a good thing. I’ll just keep making myself go out so I keep getting more comfortable!

After a well- deserved tea after 20km, I came home and watched the newest Crazy Sock Lady vlog. She talked about scrubbing her shower so that inspired me to try cleaning my tub and surround. I hope it worked, but I’ll inspect tomorrow during my shower.

I also got all my recent yarn purchases put into my Ravelry stash.

I worked out to the newest NourishMoveLove workout. It was a leg workout using the mini band and I was once again a hot, sweaty mess by the end of it. Her workouts are definitely a challenge. I just hope they’re doing something for me!

In knitting, I finished my brioche cowl.

This was made out of Perle yarn in two different colours. This yarn is from my grandma’s stash and is so old it came from Woodward’s. That store hasn’t been around since I was a little kid. I used the Brilicious pattern off of Ravelry and found it very easy. It only used up one of the four balls so I may make a second one to use up more. I think I might try it a little smaller in circumference, but taller so it will be extra warm inside my coat.

This afternoon I finished listening to Knit to Kill by Anne Canadeo. It was an easy listen and nothing earth shattering, but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was the first in the series, but it is actually the 9th. That does explain a bit of the dialogue in the book.

I have done some rolling and yoga as I am really trying to keep being consistent with this practice this year. I know it’s important to not getting injured, so I’m making it a priority.

I am back knitting on my second sock that I started yesterday in the hopes that I will be done by Sunday when I get my next sock pattern.

Well, I think I’ve done enough today and I’ll just sit and knit until it’s an appropriate time to sleep. I did have a nap this afternoon since it has been very hot here again today, but I still don’t think I’ll make it to very late. I wonder how much sleep it would take to get rid of the bags under my eyes?

Have fun?



I just realized I didn’t write about yesterday!


Really, the only thing of great interest I did yesterday was my bike ride first thing in the morning with Dennis. We have a local trail that he had been wanting to do, but the last three attempts were cut short- one by flat tires, one by time, and one by lack of confidence, but yesterday it finally happened. We rode 24.27km and I didn’t fall off. I didn’t master the gear shifting until the last hill, but I did finally get it. I think it was successful because I gave myself permission to just go slow at the tough bits:). I even said at the end that I’d be willing to do it again:)

In the early afternoon I also got a workout in. I did a Pro Fit Bootcamp video off of YouTube. If you want t sweat profusely, this is the video for you!


I was determined to get my laundry all done so I also got knitting done. Well technically I got it undone. I took apart the shawl I have been working on as I just didn’t like it’s shape. I think I will look for a top pattern.

I also got the test knit pattern and have started gauge swatching.

Well I think that that was all my excitement. Now I had better get ready for my run.

Have fun!


Active, Active, Active

It has been a very active day which I love as it always makes me feel fit:)


I met up with Dennis this morning for a bike ride. It was slightly more successful than the last time we rode bikes, but I am definitely not yet a good cyclist. I realized I am quite nervous turning, but I think that comes from the fact I went headfirst into a ravine as a teenager because I didn’t turn enough. I’ll just keep going and we’ll see if I ever improve🤣

I left tea with Dennis to meet up with my friend Emily for a socially distanced walk around Coquitlam River. It was awesome to catch up with her and being with her makes things fun and normal.

When I realized I only needed 10.55km to get to a nice round number, I knew I had to go out and try. I ended up going at 5pm which wasn’t the best as it’s been a super hot day, but I survived and lived to tell the tale. The run went fine though just before the end I had a rush of tingles through my right leg. I wonder what that is about?

Overall this month, I ran 20 times for a total of 126.36km. I worked out 14 times, did 4 yoga sessions and went on 3 bike rides for a total of 35.75km. I know that next month I really need to do more workouts and more yoga!

I will be giving an update on my run to Rapid City tomorrow.


I met up with another friend for a quick look at the bookstore and to get my gift card fixed. I of course, came home with more additions to my TBR, but no physical books. I think I’m just going to order the ones I want from the store online as they didn’t have them in person.


I have been working on my sweater today and kept thinking that it seemed big. Tonight I decided to take the time to put it on waste yarn and try it on. Well

This is how much extra I had. I’ve ripped it all out and think I’ll stick to the shawl for now as I may be starting a test knit.

Well I’m going to rest my weary body.

Have fun!


To Be Expected

Well it always happens so I was just waiting for it all day.


I started the day with some knitting and reading time. I think I have worked out a strategy for working on both knitting projects at the same time, happily. We’ll see how it goes.


I was supposed to bike the entire PoCo trail, 26km, with two friends today while stopping at each brewery or restaurant along the way. It sounded great until we realized it was going to be over 30 degrees and we’d hav to start at 11:30. We changed it up and just did a short bike ride down the Coquitlam River trail to the new brewery Patina. It was really great to sit and visit. I had the brisket and fries since that’s what they told me was safe.

I really wish I had had the special which was chicken wings with veggies.

The other two ladies are much better cyclists than me and on the way back we just got to the end of the street when I hit the curb wrong and fell. It happens pretty well every time I’m on a bike, so I was waiting for it, but it still hurts! I am also kicking myself for not starting my watch and recording my bike ride!

I got back just in time to do a run around the other end of Coquitlam River trail with my friend Sarah. It was so hot that it was a super slow run, but we still got another 4km in.

It was so hot when we finished the run that I stopped by my brothers again and jumped in the pool. This is becoming a habit!

Well I’ve slept since I got home and think I’m going back to sleep.

Have fun!


Fun But Re-Ordered

It was a nice day!


I got up later than normal, but didn’t let myself do anything until I had done the yoga I had planned today. Normally I do my bike ride first and yoga later, but today it got switched. It felt good to know I had done something kind for my muscles.

This afternoon I went on a 9km bike ride with my teaching buddy. I like biking with her because she doesn’t expect me to be amazing at it and she’s very patient. We actually went from her place to a rec centre the town over. I had to deal with a ton of people on the trail but managed to not run anyone down or fall off. I also managed to ride on a bike route road. It was an amazing ride and I’d like to do it again, but go even further. Maybe next weekend.


Getting the roller skate booties done is a big priority for me this weekend. Today I got both booties made and the two soles made. I tried out a wheel, but my mom and I both think they’re too big so that will be tomorrow’s job- figuring out and completing the wheels for both booties and then assembling them.


After eating so much yesterday, I really haven’t been hungry today. I’ve had an omelette, chicken breast, and the last of my cod filets.


I’m reading a book and am almost done so I think I’ll go back to it.

Have fun!


Bike, Eat, Knit, Repeat

This is not really what I had planned for my day, but it still made for a nice day.


I woke up early this morning, of course🙄. I thought about going out to the dykes for a bike ride but realized it would be a better idea to stay close to home in case my bike wasn’t fixed. I did a quick tour to the park and back in a loop with no problems.

It was awesome later in the day when my friend Lyndsay texted to find out if I wanted to go for a bike ride with her and her son. We tried to go to the closest dyke but it was crazy busy so we went to the further one and it was quite lovely. We did about ten kilometers in the relatively quiet sunshine. I do wish I had bike shorts though. I’m going to need to order some!

I finished the night with a five minute booty burner workout from BeFitDavis. My butt already hurt so I only did one round of squats, hip raises, reverse lunges, single leg deadlifts and side lunges.

I will be lucky if I can move for my long run tomorrow!


Not a bad day, but not really a great day either. I’ve had:

Avocado on toast

Mandarin orange and almonds

Green salad and a cheeseburger patty

Coleslaw and a European wiener


I must finally be motivated as I have spent a lot of today knitting. I have joined, done all the decreases and now just knit in circles forever. Hopefully it will be done soon, though it has allowed me to catch up on my podcasts.

Have fun!


Outside and Active

Today was my favourite type of day- good friends, activity, good food and a little step outside my comfort zone. It reminds me how my students feel when I ask them to do something new:)

I met up with three of my work friends and we bikes between Derby Reach and Fort Langley. It said twenty minutes on the internet site, but we weren’t racing so it took forty five for us.

I was nervous about going as I have never done this type of biking- usually stick to trails or the dykes, but I figured if I was ever going to try more, this was the group to do it with:)

It turned out great as even when we were “on the road” we were actually on a nice little path beside the road that was separated by a wood fence.

Once we made the journey out there, we stopped at the Trading Post Brewing Company for lunch. Contrary to the name, they do have food and not just beer. I split the Farmers Falafel Bowl and the Prawn Tacos with my friend Sue and they were both amazing! I also had a glass of sangria, but I had to ask for more simple syrup as it wasn’t very sweet.

I have to say that none of us were very impressed with our waitress- she was snarky:(

We then made our way back to Derby Reach Park where we had parked. I did better on this ride than I expected and actually successfully used my gears to get up most of the hills. I had one hill each way that I ended up walking, usually because they were very short and steep and came as a surprise. By the end of the trip, I already felt a little more confident on my bike:)

Though note to self- get on finding those padded bike shorts!

When I got home, I had a little nap and then decided that I had to do my run for the day. My run went amazing! Maybe I should bike beforehand more often! I had an average of 6:28/km which I am happy with:)


I finished up the body of my current sweater and now just have to do the sleeves. I’m thinking I might just split the 70 grams I have left in half and knit until each sleeve has used 35 grams. I’m really not sure about this sweater though- it looks really small:(. I wanted to knit two sweaters this summer and if I have to rip this one out, I’ll never make it:(


I knew I had to get going on using the blackberries I had picked as they won’t last until I get back home, so this evening I made two batches of blackberry jam. The first was low sugar and included cinnamon and allspice. I like that it was different and hopefully it tastes good! The second batch was a much more normal berry/sugar blend. I still need to make about another two batches to use up all the berries.


Today was better for eating, though I am feeling kind of pudgy tonight:(

Breakfast- crackers and cheese so that the crackers are gone from the house!

Lunch- 2 mini prawn tacos, 1/2 Falafel bowl

Dinner- seafood manicotti and some berries as I was making the jam

Well I just realized I could make some blackberry muffins with some of the berries so I may go do that:)

Have fun!


Bike Ride✅ New Restaurant✅ Bookstore✅

It was an absolutely awesome day!


I got out this morning for my run but was so focused on making the 4km I needed to do for my yearly goal that I forgot the Squad Runner mission was 45 minutes. I did do another forty five minutes later on, but grrrrr!

I also got out for a bike ride along the Pitt River Greenway with my co-teacher Liane. We must really be friends to spend time on our holidays together!

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a ride, though I have to admit I really need to look into a new bike seat!!

After biking we headed to a cute little bookstore and gift shop called Tomes and Tales. I hadn’t been back since I went with Liane last summer, and it was just as lovely. I managed to restrain myself and only bought a cookbook🤣

Everything in this book looks good! I want to make it all!!!!


After this it was off to find lunch. We went to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for a while called The Big Feast. It was so good and so many options for me that I just couldn’t make up my mind! I ended up having the lamb sausage hash. I was supposed to only eat half of it and bring the other half home, but I ate it all😳


Since coming home I have spent the evening knitting. My sweater has finished blocking.

I am super happy with it and it is a completely recycled sweater. The yarn used to be my grandma’s penguin sweater and the pattern was from my grandma as well. It is a red heart label pattern and I did the kids size 6 and it fits great! I like the length as it will be good with skinny jeans in the winter.

I have started my newest project which is a test knit for Carolyn Day for the April Tank Top. I had bought Cascade Heritage Prints yarn to do it in, but am not super happy with it. I really wanted a cream or white background with flecks of pink, purple or turquoise. If anyone can suggest a yarn, I’d love to hear it!!

Well I’m going to go curl into bed and read.

Have fun!


Active in a Way

I couldn’t take sitting around another day, but knew I also couldn’t stress my body out more.


I got up this morning and wanted to run the 42 minute Squad Runner mission, but knew I couldn’t. I don’t think I could stop itching for that long, so I decided to walk instead. It felt great just to be outside and moving, though I definitely wasn’t as quick as I usually am!

I had arranged to go for a bike ride with a colleague this afternoon. Though my bike seat quickly grew uncomfortable, it was still an awesome 18km ride. We figured out the path is a 25km loop and one day soon we would like to do it. We just need to find a map for it first!


I stopped on the way home and picked up a few groceries, unfortunately more than I need, but thankfully the extras are fruits and veggies. It will be so nice to get back to eating normally! I have a meal plan made for the week and hopefully tomorrow I will be doing some cooking!


I finished my library book!

About That Kiss was a great addition to this Jill Shalvis series and I finished it in two days. I liked this book for a few reasons. First it had the strong friendship circle that was predominant. Secondly, the characters were flawed, interesting and realistic. Thirdly, the pace was awesome- it gave enough detail without bogging the reader down in description, details or flowery language. Lastly, I enjoyed that the romance actually took a back seat to the central investigative plot!

I can’t wait for the next in the series which is out at the end of September!


This evening I hung out with my friend Michelle ( who has an awesome blog you should check out😀). We caught up as we hadn’t seen each other in at least a month, maybe two. We also watched a Hallmark movie. It was nice to have someone to enjoy one of these with. We watched Autumn Dreams.

I have no idea why they are in a boat as that didn’t happen in the movie! This movie was neat as it was obviously filmed in Vancouver so we spent lots of time identifying locations. I really liked the driver Hector in this movie and he made the movie for me! Michelle liked the personal assistant and she was good too. I would say this movie is worth watching and the ending is very cute!

Michelle, thanks for an awesome night and for being such a great friend!!!

Well, that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Active and Social

It was another great vacation day… I could definitely get used to this!


I had a 5km run to do this morning for Squad Runner so I got right to it as today was supposed to be the hottest day this week. My run wasn’t super fast, but I felt really good!!!😀

Coming in from the run, I quickly grabbed some yogurt and berries and changed; then was out the door for a bike ride with my co- teacher. It was an absolute gorgeous day and we managed to do 23km!!! For my third bike ride in 20 years, I’m happy with that:). It was weird though that my bike did not easily keep up to hers though I was riding in gear 7 and she was riding in gear 3. I sure don’t understand bikes! I definitely started to feel a little more confident on the bike, though I can still be wobbly getting started and I worry about getting up hills. I am getting better with the gears though!

This evening I managed to get a workout in too. It was called skip and circuit. Three circuits with skipping in between- 5 minutes, 3 minutes and then 2 minutes.I had to do curtsy lunges, swing lunges, jump squats, tricycles, power jacks, mountain climbers, dips, and lateral lunges. I liked this workout as it only took 22 minutes but I felt it right away!

This evening I couldn’t resist the beautiful night and went for a walk around the water trail. It wasn’t crazy busy, so it was lovely. The one thing I can say is that though I am not fast in walking nor running, I am very good at holding a consistent pace:)


After our bike ride, my friend and I stopped at Stomping Grounds cafe for lunch. I was really looking forward to it as I usually sent myself goodies after my Sunday runs, but I was ready to indulge today! Unfortunately they don’t have their usual menu available on weekdays. I ended up just with an iced chai:(

We carried on to a bookstore that my friend had seen. It has used books, but also tea and gifts. I, of course couldn’t resist and came out with two new books.

The store was super cute, organized, a great use of space and reasonably priced:) I would definitely go back to Tomes and Tails again!


While I was out biking I got a text from fellow blogger Canadian Girl to see if I wanted to have coffee. I was tempted to say no and go home and knit the sleeves on my sweater, but as she’s been away enjoying a cruise, I was dying to hear all her news so off I went. I just had a tea and a great catch-up with her. I’m lucky to have such great friends in my life and she’s one of them, who just let me be who I am:). It was nice to hear about her travels (which you can read about on her blog) and catch up on what’s happening in her life. It’s funny, but our coffees ending with a trip to the grocery store next door has become routine:) It’s kinda nice to have company while grocery shopping:)


I began my new rug square today, though I really just wanted to knit!


I have gotten organized and gotten one decrease pattern repeat done for each sleeve today. I was hoping for more, but maybe tomorrow.


I have spent a lot of time today thinking of what to make for girls night tomorrow night. I’m thinking l do my fake Brie with mission fig balsamic spread on it, fruit bruschetta, pepperoni pieces and maybe veggies and dip. We’ll see what tomorrow brings though:)

Have fun!