Holiday Day 1

Don’t worry I won’t call every day in sequence!!!


After sleeping for 11 hours, I got up and out the door for my run. It was raining and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s workout, but I got 5.91km done, enough to complete the mission:). I say it was a bad run, but the fact that I ran 5.91km and didn’t think twice about it shows that it couldn’t have been that bad!

I am quite happy that I also got a workout in as one of my goals this summer is to get back to weight training more. I am definitely noticing the lack of muscle I have right now! I did 8 circuits of two exercises each and did each twice. It was a good whole body workout as it included: high knees, mountain climbers, single leg bench squats, shuffles, dips, plank jacks, skipping, woodchops, up/downs, cross country skiing, butterfly crunches, oblique crunches, squat pulses, push-ups, burpees and v sits.

Amazingly, I also kind of got a walk in this evening, though it was more of a stroll than a “walk”. I’ll take it for the first day of holidays though!


My first priority after my run today was to finish the baby tee in time to get it entered for the potions class in HPKCHC. I ended up calling it Sunflower and Sunshine and I’m super happy with it! It also used up another random skein of yarn out of my stash🎉🎊

I followed the free Composite pattern off of Ravelry, although I did the whole sweater on size 4mm circular needles rather than switching needles for the edging. It was super quick and easy and I love how cheerful and cute it is!


I have been working on my rug square, but haven’t quite managed to finish it yet. Hopefully by tomorrow night.


I’ve been working on the same book for a while which is odd for me, but I’ve also been listening to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens on LibriVox . It’s good so far:)


I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading as I’m currently three days behind. I apologize! One of my goals for summer is to catch up and stay caught up!!!


Lyndsay texted earlier tonight to see if I wanted to join her at the Local Canada Day celebrations. We walked over with her son and it was pretty cool. There were some booths set up and we checked out the paint balling one (you have to be ten) and some clothing ones. Her son got ice cream and Lyndsay got a delicious looking baked potato topped with chicken and avocado. It looked really good! We played bean bag toss which was fun

and listened to a live band- Famous Players out of Vancouver. It was cool because one of the band members is the brother of a parent at my school.

Product Review:

The last thing I have to say for tonight is that I’ve been really enjoying this dairy free, gluten free tzatziki alternative!!

It tastes just like tzatziki and is super yummy. It has the consistency of cream cheese which worked great to spread on sandwiches, put in celery and for dipping chicken into. It was delicious in all three instances!

Well I’m off to work on my rug a bit:)

Have fun!


Hither and Yon

It just seemed to be a very busy day, though that might have been just because I had no downtime after work. I think as I sit here writing this that this might be the first time I have sat down today!


I did a short thirty minute run this morning though it was still slow and painful. I wonder how long my quads are going to make me pay for??!

It was nice to get out before it was hot or busy. I’m back to looking forward to being able to run in the mornings!


It just seemed like I was always in motion today!! My co teacher was away so that always throws me off a bit. We hid our rocks today and many have already been found. It was neat to see the older kids make a big deal out of it for the little guys. We played outside, went to music, watched four horrible shadow puppet plays and then made kites for ADST this week. This was our last session and it’s been really cool to see the children working on these projects. So many different solutions!


After school I had to go directly for a massage. My RMT suggested I don’t use a third of my weight in weights again🤣. I’m just hoping the massage will help!!!


I had to put a picture of this dress in that a grandma made for a birthday present, isn’t it adorable!!!

I didn’t get anything done on my rug today because of my evening commitment that went longer than normal, but I did start another cap to use up the last of three skeins:)


It was quick home and then back out for a retirement party for our secretary. It was nice to see so many people and the food was way too good! I think I may have scarred a few of my co-workers with how sick I got last week as they were very concerned about what I was ordering. It’s nice to work with people who are also friends!

I really liked the looks of this charcuterie board but there was just too much cheese to make it work.

Instead I had steelhead salmon curry. It was super yummy and though I didn’t plan to eat it all I did and now I’m stuffed!


I’ve had reports that people have to go looking for my posts, that they no longer get an email alert about them. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I finally had two minutes to go on my computer at work and found a ton of tags in my spam folder. I’m sorry, I will get to them ASAP now that I know they are there!!

Well sitting down was nice, but I’m going to go lay down and let my eyes close.

Have fun!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I swear I had better grow webbed feet to survive around here lately, and the rain is supposed to be here all weekend:(


The mission is for 21km this weekend so I figured I’d better get out there this morning. Physically I was fine, but mentally I had decided to just go to the tree turnaround and I didn’t make it very far past that:( I’m a little disappointed that I let myself do that😖.

Hopefully I made up for it this afternoon at my workout with Lyndsay. I added a little mileage on our treadmill run (5.3km done so far) and then we headed to the floor. For some reason both of us found the floor work long and not fun today. One set of weights felt too light but the next set up felt way too heavy. Just call me Goldilocks😂. We did shoulder press, hip dips, squat & press, reverse crunches, reverse flies and push ups. See mom- lots for my arms! The steam was the best part of the workout today, and the guy at the start who said we looked like we knew what we were doing😂. Lyndsay does, I just do what I’m told!


My students got lucky and got screen time today, more than I had planned. I had found the Jolly Postman read online and wanted to show them that as part of our letter writing unit. They got to do three Go Noodle exercises and they got a video on how to measure with non standard units and the requirements for them. They were super happy, but I felt like it was a teacher fail day:(. We did at least do some silent reading, planners, tennis, McCracken spelling practice and a sheet about Earth Day!

I had one little guy who just couldn’t settle this morning! When I finally sent him to the hall to take some deep breaths and calm down and got to ask him why, “I just can’t wait to run my laps and get my 10km ribbon after school Miss B! It’s all I can think of and my body can’t stay still!” Lol well at least he’s starting with a healthy lifestyle😂


I finished off the Apple Cider tea today and happily got another package out of the tea cupboard!!!


I finished my square for the week 48 hours early:)


I should have two reviews for you this week as I’m making good progress on both my classic and my Bookclub book. Too bad, I still have quite the stack and list of books I need to get read! So much pressure!!!


I wasn’t allowed to touch it until my rug square was done and even then I need to fix the afghan before I can work on my tabard. Does anyone else make rules for or deals with themself???? Maybe I’m just weird in one more way😂


I don’t know how I got so far behind. I’ve been busy reading posts, but haven’t commented much as I just need to get caught up! Just know I’ve read it even if I didn’t comment:)


I got a text today, “How you been? Still single?” Who sends that???? Maybe I took it wrong, but it seems rude! It doesn’t help that I’ve obviously deleted this guy from my contacts as I have no idea who sent it!

Well I have nothing more to say and am going back to my rug.

Have fun!


Two For the Price of One

Knit night must do me in as I came straight home to bed last night. I’ll try to tell you all about yesterday and today in one post:)


Yesterday I skipped running so my legs could rest, but still got Lyndsay’s boot camp in. It didn’t seem bad as I was doing it, though I seemed to lose energy the last three stations:(

We did:

wall balls/ wall sits

Band plank leg lifts/ run

Burpees/ pulse squats

Banded v sits/ push-ups

Toe reaches/ plank

Speed skaters/ walking lunges

Banded squat&walk/ band lay pulldowns

Dips/ skipping

I definitely felt this workout this morning when I got up for my run!!! My mission today was just a thirty minute run and I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t put it off until after school! It was just my regular route and pretty close to my regular speed, but I got to go on the path and through the park which was a nice change from the loud sidewalk!!!

Tonight I also got to a power yoga class. I’ve been wanting to get back into the habit of taking a yoga class regularly as I used to do it three times a week. This class wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it at least broke the ice for me. I have found my rec pass, have gone through the system once to review how it’s all done so hopefully I’m good to go for a hatha yoga class on Monday!


It’s been a busy two days. We had tennis both days. I don’t think it has improved, but the children aren’t complaining. I guess I’ll find out what they think on Monday when we write about it. We also got outside today to pick up trash. However, we also sorted the trash into recycling, garbage and compost so we could see what kind of trash was being left on the ground at school. My co teacher also managed to tie in our helping the earth and the earth helping us🤣

I have been pretty productive on my other jobs at work too- the assembly script has been written and distributed to the MCs to learn, the relay teams have been made, medical claim has been submitted, and now I’ll start on the Track Attack schedule and package. Sometimes I really don’t love this time of year! It’s just too busy or else I need to learn how to say no!


Both days I have had the David’s Tea Apple Cider. It is quite nice, though I might try it with a hint of sweetener in it:)


Last night I had knit night at Brenda’s. I managed to roll two skeins of yarn and started on my tabard. I’ve ended up just making the pattern up as I go along, but hopefully it will work out!

Movie Review:

Brenda had recorded the movie Pan (2015 version), is we decided to watch that. I have to say that that has to be the weirdest version of Peter Pan I have ever seen! We kept watching it as we expected it to get better, but it is definitely not one I would recommend. The only positive thing I can say is that he actors have amazing eyes and it has a happy ending.


I am staying up to date on the rug and am over halfway through my square for this week! Good thing as I probably won’t have time to work on it this weekend:(


I’m about halfway through The Keeper of Lost Things now and am still enjoying it, but I better speed up as Bookclub is Sunday!😳

I’ve also been working my way through my LibriVox read while working on my rug. I’ve been enjoying the story and the narrator, just not the recording:(


I have a few tags to catch up on and a fantastic bake along post to do so I will attempt to get those done in my spare moments tomorrow or the tags may need to wait until next week.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have anything else to report so I’ll go back to my rug.

Have fun!


A Long Day

I have literally just walked in the door after leaving for work at 7:30 this morning:(. I am seriously ready for my bed!


The children actually did pretty good for the double excitement of Valentine’s Day and snow!! We didn’t do much work, just a self assessment this morning that I’ll use for the report cards, but we had no major meltdowns or problems, so I count the day as a success! I got a lot of I love you’s and Happy Valentines Day wishes from my students:)

In the middle of the day we made Cupid’s bow and arrows with our buddies out of popsicle sticks, dental floss and q-tips. I think there’s going to be a lot of requests for these supplies at home as the kids really loved it!

This afternoon we took it easy with a Charlie Brown Valentine Movie. I prefer movies over parties with the children as they are already getting enough sweets and are excited enough already. The children seemed to enjoy the day 👍🏻

It was a late night at work though as my co-teacher and I stayed and got two report cards done. The first two are always the most difficult so it took us about forty five minutes to write each of them:(

At least I had a nice view coming home.


I completed the 2018 Winter Bootcamp Olympics today! 🤣 Lyndsay had some fun with our bootcamp this afternoon, and boy was it tough! There is no way I will ever be an Olympic athlete!!! I don’t think she left any muscle untouched in my body!


I had no real plans for Valentines Day and I am very proud that I gave away most of the chocolates I was given and then I took the rest of the chocolates and candies to my nephew this evening. It was nice to see him and I got a hug from my brother and my nephew so that was great! It was great to see all of them!

I continued out to Costco and got gas, picked up a package that came for me and grabbed some groceries. If anyone has a recipe for fish tacos they’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!


A few weeks ago I was given more chocolate tea ( really not to my taste) and Stefanie of Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons has said she would swap it with me for some Lemon Loaf tea:). Well I got completely spoiled! Not only did I get the tea, I got a beautiful bag, a fitness journal and some yarn along with it!! I will be enjoying all of these things very quickly! Thank you again Stef, it was definitely the best part of my day!!!

Well I think I’m going to go do one row on my sweater and then curl up in bed with my book.

Have fun!


Continuously Busy

I’ve enjoyed my day, even though I was busy continuously!


I’ve had a good eating day though it’s tough recalibrating for less food! I took this picture just for Maureen so she could look at someone else’s eggs for a change:) I’ll be eating them again tomorrow!I also thought I had better talk about the cookie I had today for my afternoon tea -as I don’t think I ever have.

A student brought me one of these cookies last year and they are actually very tasty for being free of the top eight allergens. They happened to be on sale the last time I went shopping. I have the ginger flavour this time, but I’ve liked the other flavours as well. Just beware that they are dense cookies, not light and fluffy.

It was interesting that the little girl who is going to be a food blogger when she grows up brought me a big bag of the bacon crisps she so liked last week. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I can’t eat them so I just took them to the staffroom.


We had a good day and I enjoyed my students today. I wonder why? We spent this morning doing a sharing circle about our weekend. I was shocked to learn that only four children and myself spent time outside this weekend. 😳I understand it was raining, but it’s always raining here! We also wrote in our journals about animals that hibernate. I had wanted it to be a bit of assessment, but my students seemed to need a little prompting, so I left off with that idea and let them share ideas. The best thing was that my little boy who is very low (doesn’t know all his sounds yet) managed to write a sentence by himself. Yes two of the three words were on the board, but he did it, which with his low self-esteem, was amazing. I had helped him with “A bear hibernates.” And by the time I got back to him he had done, “A frog hibernates.” Score 🎉🎊

We reviewed our addition strategies and also brainstormed with the other grade one class how we can help the community. It wasn’t as great a brainstorming as the others we’ve had about community, but I have to admit I don’t have a ton of ideas either about what five/six year olds can do.

Last thing, we taught all the grade ones a clapping game we learned at our in-service yesterday. I have to admit I loved doing this as I never got to play these games as a kid so it was neat to do it now. I definitely understand how you could spend hours doing this. The kids were having a blast and kept at it much longer than we were expecting them to. I’ll have to see if I can get a video of it tomorrow to show you all:)

After school we had the fun of putting the gymnastics equipment away🙄. After that I was super happy to get my addition file finally organized into the different adding strategies I teach. Hopefully it will be much easier to find appropriate practice pages and games now!


My tea today was David’s Tea: Organic Jessi’s Tea. It was actually quite tasty:). I only have one more day out of this box of tea so tomorrow I get the fun of recycling another box. I can’t decide if I’m going to choose the next box based on size or age🤣


I got home by 4:30 so that I could have dinner before my run clinic at 6:30. I was halfway through my bowl of oatmeal when my running buddy texted to say she wasn’t going tonight. I figured I had the option of running in the cold, dark and wet with strangers or just in the cold and wet by myself. I hustled out the door and got my run done before dark. It was a little tough tonight as I literally finished eating as I was going out the door and I wore the wrong pants. They soaked up about ten pounds of water and were dragging behind me by the end, but I went😀. I also pushed myself to keep a steady, faster pace which felt good. A guy on a bike went by and said hi with a smile- makes me wonder what I looked like from behind out there with my pants trailing and splashing through the puddles🤣


I haven’t knitted anything today, though I have found my next project which will be a quick baby sweater out of chunky wool. It will fulfill a HPKCHC challenge and hopefully will suit my friend’s baby to come. I can’t wait to find out what she’s having so I can knit in girl or boy colours rather than white, yellow and green.

Several of you asked for a picture of me in my new sweater( yes I’m like a little kid and had to wear it today). I don’t know if it’s mental or not, but I swear it kept me warmer than any store bought sweater does! Please just remember I’m not photogenic! I swear I gain ten pounds just turning the camera on!

I’ve been tidying at home tonight as knit night is at my place tomorrow.

Photo Project:

I got one box of the developed photos labelled and erased off my phone. I really thought it would free up more space than it did. Of course, I seriously don’t understand my phone as this morning I did nothing and watched the memory decrease by 0.3😏


I took another page from Maureen’s book and spent some time this evening on the couch enjoying my book, Ready Player One by Ernest Clive. So far so good, but I better get going on it as I think book club is approaching rapidly! I had really better look that up!

I have also spent some time reading blogs tonight. I’ve been trying to go and read the latest post of whoever has liked or commented on my posts. It’s a different approach, but I’ll give it a shot and see how it works.

Well, I’m going to try for one more chapter of my book before I head for bed.

Have fun!



A good day that actually almost went according to plan.


After thinking it over, I got out of bed this morning and ran. It wasn’t fun to have to go in the dark again and it wasn’t a great run as I had a 7:06/km average, but I went and got it done. It was weird that I didn’t pass anyone today:(. I was glad I went when I got back and saw my stats in Runkeeper. Runkeeper was great today and sent me a summary of my year in running last year. I know it includes walking but it was still neat to see.

A blogger has recommended I try using Strava, but I thought that was for elite runners. Before I do research, anyone know anything about Strava or have an opinion??

I haven’t done any other exercise today as I’m too busy enjoying my nice loose body after my massage:)


Well we at least got some work done today:). We read a book about animals in winter and illustrated a poem to start our new science unit. We reviewed how to add zero. I wasn’t planning it, but each student took a turn telling me an equation that had +0 in it. Sometimes the students come up with the best lesson plans themselves:). We also finished the writing and drawing of our socials studies project about us in the world – community, city, province and country. The students did really well and tomorrow we will assemble them.

The funniest story came to me today. I have Lyndsay’s son in my class and she came to tell me. Yesterday morning she made her son his favourite, a breakfast bagel. He’s not a morning eater so she put it in his bag and told him he could eat it when he got hungry. What does he do! He gives it to his daycare worker and says, “my mom made you this sandwich because she likes you”. Now there’s a way to get out of eating🤣🤣. The same kid today came wearing a pair of glasses- completely fake, but I love how children try different things out until they find themselves (hopefully at some point!)


I got the happy news from my oldest friend that her and her husband are coming to visit in March and that they are expecting their first baby. My other closest friend was scheduled for her c-section today. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of knitting if baby things this year! I am so happy for both of my friends, but it did bring up the question, what’s wrong with me? Why hasn’t that happened for me? Don’t worry, I’ll get back to normal soon😏

Reading/ Blogging:

Still working on Baby It’s Cold Outside. Most of my reading time today I spent trying to get caught up on blog reading. It was really starting to stress me out that I was missing so many. Please someone tell me how you deal with blog reading- there must be a better way as I need time to read my books too!


I had David’s Tea Organic Peppermint Amour. It was okay, but nothing life altering for me. So far, I’m glad I didn’t pay for this new box of tea that I am working my way through!

Movies/ knitting:

I am in the middle of watching Home For Christmas while I am knitting the stockinette in the round part of my sweater. I have seen this actress, Danica something, in other movies, but in this one she is so ditzy, can she ever shut up??? I obviously didn’t notice it in her other movies or else she is an amazing actress!!!

From reading the blogs I have found some more knitting books that I’ll need to explore!! Shopping:

It was shopping in reverse as a woman came and picked up the mug I sold on Facebook this week. Another thing gone✅

I did manage to finally pop into the grocery store and get some milk and veggies and fruit. I only bought one thing not on my list- mini avocados. I am so excited for breakfast tomorrow morning now!!!

I was looking for more packages oatmeals as I took that for lunch today and it worked really well, but the store didn’t have any that were gf/df. I’ll look around a bit, but that might be something I have to ask my mom to bring home with her. I would just take oatmeal from home- but I only have old fashioned oats that need to be cooked and I only have a kettle at work. I don’t think it will work, but I may need to experiment!

Well I’m going to curl up with my movie for another three rounds of stockinette stitch.

Have fun!


Easing Into It

Not too bad a day:)


I got out of the staff meeting a little early and so got to get home in time for a run:). I was a little slow starting, but just made a 6:58 average when my phone died. I stopped running 😂. I find it so hard to keep running when my phone isn’t recording- does a run count if it’s not recorded??😂

I also got a quick workout in this evening. It was Russian twists, lunges, jump squats, squats, hand release push ups, and sit ups. I had to push it as I ate way too many treats at staff meeting:(

I’m sitting here tonight trying to decide what to do about my exercise tomorrow. I have a massage at 3:30 and usually I try to enjoy my food feeling body for 24 hours with no exercise, but Tuesday night is my run clinic night. Do you see my conundrum? Do I run in the morning and then not run tomorrow night or do I take the day off of exercise or do I have my massage and then run anyways?


I got to the end of the day and realized we had done absolutely no actual work today!!! Oh my! What kind of teacher am I? We had gymnastics first thing, then a fire drill, recess, music class, calendar, lunch, Planners, Silent Reading, and buddies. I suppose I could have had them do a journal after buddies, but getting a six year old to sit down and write at 2pm, yeah right!  We’ll have to make up for this with double the work tomorrow!!!

We had staff meeting after school today which is my least favourite day of the month! I always overeat on the treats because I’m stuck there with nothing to do with my hands other than put food into my mouth:(. The one good thing is that my principal agreed to shorten the eating time and extend the play time during lunch! Those kids need to run more and they’re running amok with too much time in the classroom once they’re finished eating.


I had David’s Tea Organic Super Ginger Tea today. I have to admit I didn’t like this tea at all:(. It was too gingery for me. I should have kept it for when I had a gluten or dairy attack as maybe it would settle the stomach, but it was just too strong a ginger taste for me.


Well, I have spent way too much time trying to add a contact me page to my blog. I have watched videos and read how-to’s, but it just keeps saying I need to upgrade to a business account to have a contact me page. If anyone can solve this problem – please tell me!


I am probably having so much trouble with this because I am trying to cut down on how much I am eating to get rid of this little extra weight from the holiday. Unfortunately, I get hangry easily so it’s going to be a tough couple of days for me:(


I forgot to tell you all about the cutest bag I saw yesterday. My sister in law says it came in her fab fit fun box. I think I would do anything for that bag:) I have been thinking about getting myself a subscription box. I looked online and there are a ton of them! If anyone has one they like and would recommend, please let me know:)


I’m enjoying Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kait Nolan and I’ll tell you all about it when I finish:)

I took Maureen’s advice and read on my lunch hour. My feet were frozen from recess supervision so I put them up on my portable heater and really felt calmed:). I need to do this more often!

My sister in law knows how much I like to cook so she sent me a cookbook suggestion- says it has lots of gluten free and dairy free recipes. I’ll have to see if I can get it from the library first as I like to try a cookbook out before I buy it. It looks good though:) Knitting:

I’m working away on my sweater, hoping to get it done by the end of the month! It’s not much to look at yet, but I’m liking it so far:)

I also got two more yarns entered into my Ravelry stash. I’m continuing to move forward on this even though I know I’ll never get them all in there. I like how when I click a favourite, Ravelry will tell me if I have any yarn that would work for that pattern! That’s enough incentive to keep my plugging away at my stash.

I was knitting on a scarf out of my leftovers at school today during the second half of lunch. Two of the teachers commented on it and said they’d be interested in knitting. Now I just have to figure out how to sell them on the idea of knit night!!!


I watched The Perfect Christmas Present tonight which was okay, but the leading lady was annoying to me;(

Well, not a really exciting day, but it’s a Monday survived:)

Have fun!


Nibble Here, Nibble There, Nibble Everywhere!

I am so full!!!!


I was starving when I got up this morning and so had a piece of toast and peanut butter. This turned out to be a mistake as I think my body was busy digesting instead of running! I managed to eek out forty minutes in the fog, but it was pretty painful at times! It was my last time for a while having Dennis for company as he is off to a 10km clinic. Lol I don’t know why he’s doing this particular clinic as he can run 10km fast in his sleep, but I hope he has fun. I guess I had better find myself a good pair of headphones quick!

I’ve been completely lazy and have done nothing else exercise wise today:(

Special Event:

I spent a large chunk of today at the Gluten Free Expo Downtown. I convinced my friend Kathryn to come along and it was fun! As I was texting to meet up with her on the skytrain I felt like a kid again. I didn’t do this type of meetup to go downtown as a kid, so I guess I’m reversing it and doing it as an adult. 😂

The expo was held at the convention centre and was huge!! We were not sure we would make it through, but we persevered! 😜There were tons of samples, and even with the fact I couldn’t eat them all because some had dairy, I was incredibly full by the end! I actually haven’t eaten since! There were also tons of freebies which I completely took advantage of. I’ll be sure to write about what I think of the products as I use them. Maybe I don’t have to go grocery shopping this week😂

I did notice that the booths with no samples were noticeably quieter! There were 140 different exhibitors and I managed to visit all of them! The Kinnikinnick Foods and WiseBites booths won me over for being the sweetest people!!! They had yummy things too! The Solo Bar booth got me excited by the news that they are coming out with a vegan bar. My running buddies rave about these bars, but at this point they all have dairy. The Lonetree Cider was very delicious and I will definitely be picking up the Nuun Active line for when I am running! There are tarts in Duncan on Vancouver Island that I may make a four hour trip just to have, and the Sweet Medley flavour of Terra Chips were to die for!!! I came home with lots of new favourites and lots of coupons. I was amazed to learn that there are actually two meal delivery services that cater to allergy sufferers, though one doesn’t quite deliver to my area yet:(. I also learned there is a restaurant in town where I can eat absolutely everything on the menu!!!! I can’t wait to go try it!!

The most amazing part was that I bought nothing … because I didn’t want to carry it all around! I saw some people wheeling coolers around and thought that that was an excellent idea! Overall it was a fun and informative day:)

It probably helped that it was an absolutely beautiful day by the convention centre in comparison to the deep fog we’ve had all day here at home. I took two pictures to show you:)


I managed to finish my Cowl today. I have to thank the blogger who wrote about how to measure out the amount of yarn you will need to complete a row. I wish I could remember who it was, but the trick worked great!! I had just the right amount left. It is currently blocking and I’m hoping to enter it into HPKCHC tomorrow.

I took Chris’ advice and blocked it, hoping that it will hang nicely, though I’m already happier with it than the previous Cowl.

I think my next project may be an entrelac circular scarf, though after that I definitely want to get into something bigger. My next afghan will have to wait until my mom comes home and picks her yarn, but maybe some sort of sweater:)


I learn so many cool things reading blogs, but then I can never get back to them or remember who said what so I can link to them. If anyone has suggestions for how they deal with this problem, please let me know! I’ve decided just to ask you all my crazy questions as your advice so often works! I took Maureen’s advice and drank a litre and a half of water and exfoliated my lips, and I added coconut oil on top of this and my lips are so much better. You all are my new go-to question answerers!!!😀


Hmmm perhaps I’m addicted as I watched two Christmas movies today! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Sharing Christmas. They were both as cute as ever, though I had to wonder in the second what kind of real estate executive has time to help out in a Christmas store??? 🤣I shouldn’t think about these movies too much, just enjoy them. What is crazy is that I may just watch a third one!!

It has been quite a lazy day and it’s going to continue to be a lazy night😂

Have fun!AJ

Back to Reality

Well it went better than I was expecting:)


Lyndsay told me last night I would feel better if I got up this morning and went for a run, and she was right. I only went for twenty minutes (in torrential downpour so it must be worth forty minutes😜), but hopefully it’s the start of getting back into routine. I took a slightly different route and passed the woman I pass every morning on my park route. I wish there was a way to ask her if she wants to run together since we’re the only two crazy people out there.

I also got a yoga routine after school! Lyndsay sent out an email to staff saying she would be putting on a yoga routine video after school for anyone who wanted to join. There were five of us and though it was a basic routine, it felt great to get back to it. It’s on the schedule for Mondays now:)


I was ready for the worst, but thankfully it was t that bad. Most years, I’ve had to retrain my students after the holidays, but this year they were pretty mellow. I’m thinking this is just the honeymoon so I’ll be on my guard all week.

The cutest moment today was when a little guy explained his drawing to me. He is super creative! He drew an earth and then added spiders to it, but the spiders weren’t spiders, they were…aliens. Lol he definitely has imagination to spare!

It was a lovely day with my class- we did calendar, gym, music, writing about our holidays, buddies and a desk change. My crier didn’t show up today so I had another day’s reprieve. I actually had five children away today- amazing how two weeks just isn’t enough 🤔

We also started our new read aloud novel. I know I should branch out to a new novel, but I do love Roald Dahl books for read alouds, so this term we’re going to read Matilda, one of my favourites!

Overall, it was a busy day with supervision at recess and a meeting with the assembly speakers at lunch, but I survived:)


My tea cupboard is once again bursting, but I think I came up with a plan today. I always feel guilty using a whole David’s Tea run at one time or only using tea once, but then I realized I could use one tea tin per day on my thermos as it has to last all day and I often pour more hot water in. This should start to use up the tea! Today was a lemon flavour, but I wish it had been sweeter!


I ripped out the temperature scarf and decided to try it as a circular Cowl before giving up on it. I casted on doing thirty stitches in each colour for 150 stitches. I then moved onto the second row for day six. I’m hoping in this way I won’t get a block of gray. So far, it’s tough to tell what it’s going to look like, but I like it better or at least enough to give it a few more days:)


I took Maureen’s advice and read on my lunch hour or at least for part of it. I had taken the book I started yesterday with me but ended up reading blog posts to try and catch up. Boy do a lot of people post on Monday!!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to read my book:)


On the topic of blogging, I have a question. I never know what to do when people follow me who don’t write in English. I try to follow back anyone who follows me, but I don’t know if I should follow blogs I can’t read?🤔.


I was getting so much accomplished today! I decimated my list first thing this morning and got dinner and knitting done after I got home, but then I turned on a Hallmark movie. Tonight I watched With Love, Christmas. It was very cute, though boy the guy in it, isn’t a great actor. Cute, but he’s exactly the same in every movie!!! The movie did give me some ideas I’ve noted down for how to get into the Christmas spirit next year:). It’s great how many ideas I get from these movies:). What isn’t great though was I was supposed to start writing this post at 8, so I’d be asleep by 9, but I lost an hour of my life to the movies and didn’t start until almost 9!😫

Well, I’d better get going as I imagine, it’s going to take more patience tomorrow!

Have fun!