The Best Laid Plans….

Well my mom and I had today all planned out and it was derailed by hurricane dad😝

I got out for my usual run in Ladysmith. It’s amazing how quickly you can get into the pattern of doing something. It is a nice route for anyone in the area- run along from the Ladysmith Community Marina to the Ladysmith Marina and back. It takes me about a half hour, but I’m quite slow.  I found the perfect shirt to describe me, 🤣

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Today was PCOC day. We got my nephew through it and he was so proud to be a legal boater. I decided that since I had just spent a week reading the material with him, perhaps I should replace my 1989 boating course certificate with a PCOC. Unfortunately this took another three hours of my life and $50, but the little plastic card will be much easier to carry around than my large certificate. I think it’s similar to carrying a ghetto blaster rather than an iPod lol.

I did get lots of knitting on my Reyna scarf while I was “studying” for three hours and will hopefully be able to finish this tomorrow on the ferry home.

A trip to Costco to pick up pictures to make a holiday album for my nephew was crazy.  Who knew absolutely everyone in Nanaimo went to Costco at 1pm on Friday???

My mom and I managed to sneak out for an ice cream at Roberts Street Ice Cream while we were picking up a photo album for the holiday picture project. It was a lovely end to a day that didn’t go according to plan, but still managed to be quite good and productive.IMG_7278

It is my last night on my parent’s boat for this trip😞 I am really going to miss the boat! As I look at my photos I’ve come to the realization that I absolutely love water and sunsets! IMG_6738.JPG

Of course, I’m also going to miss being able to watch a Hallmark movie every night using my parent’s wifi. There! Now you all know my guilty secret😛

It is always so peaceful on the boat (except for when my father insists on listening to Hank Snow on Spotify😫) and so neat to meet people from all over. Boaters really seem to be a very friendly group of people on the whole. It is so nice to be able to wander the Marina talking to people from all over and of course dreaming of a new boat (footitis can hit in the blink of an eye)!The one thing I have noticed though is the names of boats. I know that during emergencies you have to spell the name of your boat in the International Telecommunications Union phonetic alphabet. With this in mind, I’ve always thought that Bob (Bravo-Oscar-Bravo) would be the perfect name for a boat, but I haven’t seen one called this yet!!! Some of the names are crazy ( Nostril Agony, really???) and others would be painful to spell in the phonetic alphabet (like Huckleberry, Bateau du Vent, Merriweather, The Beat Goes On, etc.) People should really think of this before they name their boat!!!!! I do have to say thank you to the Ethel Faye (the boat, not my aunt) for another lovely holiday😍