Catch 22

It’s been a tough day, but also a wonderful day.


My run this morning turned into a walk:( as both my running buddies are sick. Unfortunately it was also my only exercise for the day:(


Today we had my grandma’s celebration of life. We went out on a boat as a family and spread her ashes on the waterway we all live on. My mom and aunt did an awesome job of organizing the day. My uncle said a bit about my grandma’s life and then we all said something we liked that Nan did or thanked her for something as we threw a flower into the water. At the end we tossed in her ashes which were placed in a special paper container that sinks after ten minutes and starts to biodegrade after four hours. We toasted Nan with champagne and then had a lunch. It was a tough occasion and yet also a beautiful day as my brothers, parents, aunt, uncle, cousin and I were all together on a boat on a beautiful day.  My Nan would have hated the money we spent on champagne etc, but I hope that it brings closure for my mom. If it does, it was worth it!


My grandma always had her knitting with her and she was the one who taught me to knit so it seemed appropriate to throw my project in her project bag and take it along. I accomplished a pair of slippers over the course of the afternoon. The pattern is called Rapunzel by Drops. It calls for chunky wool so I used some random taupe chunky yarn I had in my stash. It was an incredibly easy pattern and they knit up very quickly, probably even more so because I have such small feet. It would definitely be a pattern suitable for a beginner as you knit, Purl and the decreases are done by yarn overs. I made no changes to the pattern other than to add a pompon to the front of each afterwards to add interest. If you had more interesting yarn than I used, that wouldn’t be necessary.

Well I’m now going to go read a chick lit book and hopefully snap out of the weird feeling today produced.

Have fun!