A Fine Day

I have been looking forward to this day as it has become a school break tradition. Does twice make it a tradition?

My teaching buddy and one of my two identified people picked me up at 9:30 this morning for a bookstore crawl. We had picked five bookstores nearby to check out.

Stop 1: Renaissance Books

This is a stereotypical used bookstore. The lady at the counter ignored us as we came in, there were books stacked everywhere, though there was some minimal organization. I didn’t buy anything, but my friend snagged two Nancy Drew and one Little House books she was looking for.

Stop 2: Companion Books

A lovely bookstore that is bright, airy and well organized. The clerk greeted us and offered assistance immediately. The shelves go very high, but there are stools everywhere. The books are not only organized by subject, but also by author last name. It was great! I’m pretty sure I still have credit here, but they didn’t have any knitting or cookbooks. My friend got five more Little House books here.

Stop 3: Browns Books

We walked to this store as Google maps said it was only 550 meters from the last store. It’s unfortunate they are so close because they are like night and day. The clerk had forgotten to unlock the front door at the start of business time and he managed to ignore us on his doorstep for a good five minutes:(. This bookstore just keeps going with tiny rooms. That sounds great until you realize those rooms are stacked with books haphazardly and with zero organization. There were some places you couldn’t even get into the room. Get me out of here!! Neither of us bought anything.

Stop 4: IronDog Books

This bookstore is clean, bright, spacious and well organized. The owner was very personable and remembered me from when I was in a few weeks ago! The shelves are all low so the store feels spacious too. There are also some cute little gift items including tshirts that were awesome. I was hoping they’d have the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy in my brother’s size, but alas they didn’t. We found that some prices were great and some were a little higher, but overall a nice experience. My friend found another Nancy Drew for her collection and I found two knitting books.

Even better this bookstore is located right beside a knitting store. The clerk here wasn’t as friendly as the one from a few weeks ago, but I still managed to find two half skeins of yarn, and a scissor and tape measure set. I bought the pink set over the green just for my mom🤣

We were going to go to Tacofina for lunch but then realized they were take out only. There was quite the lineup and we couldn’t figure out how we were going to balance Mexican food, eat it and not spill it all over ourselves. We ended up driving to our fifth and last store location and going to Nuba for lunch. The good was awesome!

Stop 5: The Paper Hound

This store was very cute with exposed brick walls and a cool layout. It had a lot of very old books which were cool, but most of the books seemed like the type you put on the coffee table in the hopes people will think you’re reading them and that you’re really smart to be reading that. It was pretentious! I should have guessed as it is in a trendy area, but the name and decor was the best part.

We did end up stopping at The Gourmet Warehouse on the way home. I was surprised my friend wanted to stop as she’s not really into cooking, but I definitely enjoyed myself and got myself a cookbook holder as I’ve been unable to find mine:(. I can’t wait to use it!


I did my FitOn workout today and it was a grounding yoga class so that was perfect. I didn’t want to tire out my body before my run tomorrow as I’m hoping that will help my run be longer and better. My data woes are still driving me crazy with these classes, but I can persevere.


I am making progress on my Bentley cardigan and on the granny stripe blanket. I had also gotten a new Musselburgh hat started last night so I could knit on that since I wasn’t driving today. I actually got quite a bit done:)

Well, I’m off to bed to read.

Have fun!