Hump Day Take 2

Well I’ve had quite the day and it wasn’t improved by losing my post when I was finished it:(!


It was quite the day! We wrote about our moms this morning. They were cute, but there was nothing hilarious.

After recess we had an assembly where I presented the Como Lake Relay ribbons. It didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but at least this event is completely over now.

After the assembly we wrote our message to our moms and then this afternoon we tackled the front of our cards. My hands soooooo hurt from punching out 656 small hearts for the students to glue on. At least I had one student who said thank you to me for doing that!

At lunch we had a very pointless and painful meeting about our school organization. We still haven’t heard what the principal has decided on, but it doesn’t sound like we’re going to get what we want:(

After school I managed to get 45 bag strips cut for a total of 95, which leaves me with another 35 to do in the morning. I just need 120 total. I think these last ones should be white so there is at least one neutral colour in each bracelet.


I had an L workout after school and it felt good to push it! We did:

Banded star jumps/ banded iso squat jumps

Lateral lunges to upright rows

Reverse mountain climbers/ hand release pushups

Medicine ball wall balls/ medicine ball toe taps

Bicep curl to calf raise/banded monster walk

Banded squat to curtsy lunge

Banded iso hip abductors/ slider hamstring curls

Banded seated row/ dumbbell double crunch

I will hopefully feel that tomorrow!

This evening I also got to Zumba. I still feel clumsy but I think I got a few more of the moves. Right now I feel like a kid trying to do an adult class. I’m sure I look funny and my mom says I used to look funny in step aerobics classes which is scary as I thought I was pretty good at them 😳🤪


I was doing pretty good until I got home.

Breakfast: 3/4 cup overnight oats

Recess: peanut butter on half of an apple and then the other half plain (about an hour later when I finally had time to eat)

Lunch: salad greens with tilapia filet and ranch dressing

Snack: Rice Krispie square

Dinner: carrot and celery with hummus, cucumber with dill cheese

2/3 cup ice cream

I admit to eating my emotions and it was a tough day with lots of drama surrounding this organization question. I really should have gone for a run instead!

Well I’m off to bed as I keep getting up five minutes earlier in the hopes of getting back to running in the morning.

Have fun!


Sometimes I Wish I Was More Like My Brother

Well I survived the day and so did all of my students🤣


Today turned out to be a pretty low key day which was good! We did printing, practiced our addition skills, and did a directed drawing of a penguin. It was really cute as one little boy in my class had done a drawing this last weekend and he brought it in along with the name of the website, Art Hub for Kids, so today we put it up on the smart board and followed along. I let the kids take them home with them. The only thing I found was that it went a little fast for the kids, though boy were they engaged!


After school it was time for boot camp! We covered most of the body with doing: lateral lunges with a dumbbell press, one legged sit to stand off a bench, reverse fly/ plank pull through, side plank, swimmer/static crunch with scissors, row/bicycles, lateral step ups, and finally a half kneel to stand with a dumbbell press. I used dumbbells everywhere I could to try and not be a slacker. This evening I also did an extra 100 squats with the band. Enough for one day:)


I was a good homeowner and went to the special meeting tonight about fiber optics. It was a good meeting to go to as it was quite short and straightforward.

Of course, before going I ate too many cookies worrying about going. Sometimes I really wish I was more like my oldest brother who is super social, can talk to anyone, never worries about anything, etc. I’m not sure I’m going to get there. At least I have a plan for what to do with the cookies so they won’t be available next time!

Well I’m off to bed to make up for last night!

Have fun!


Happy, Frustrated, Happy…

It has been an emotional roller coaster of a day!


I got out for my usual loop run this morning and it felt really good. This morning was the first time since going back to school that I had as good a run as I had this summer. All of my splits were below 7 min. which is good for me. I actually physically could feel myself pushing and I was running with the right muscles and it didn’t feel like a slog! I felt like I could push myself to run faster and it was a beautiful morning for a run. I knew that I put my tracking at risk, but I had to stop and take this photo because it was just so beautiful!

While I didn’t walk to school today, I did have an awesome tabata boot camp workout after school. It was leg heavy again so I’m probably going to hurt for another three days, but I was totally into it and actually having fun! I felt a pep in my step and still had energy at the end. We did: jumping jacks, curtsy lunges, bird dogs, sit ups with punches, squat with overhead press, side shuffles, skaters, one legged hip raises, running, pop jacks, step ups, one legged squats, plank jacks, and two others that I just can’t remember.

It was a fabulous exercise day for me today as even at Workout Wednesday which we do first thing with the children, I felt like I had springs in my feet:) Can I please keep this feeling?


This was the frustrating part of the day for me. I had to speak to two boys who have been hitting each other. I had gotten an email from a parent, but it’s never one sided and sure enough both boys were guilty so I spoke to them, made them explain and apologize and told them what the consequences would be if it happened again.  Then I had a boy after recess who was pulling his pants down in the lineup (just a bit). When I asked him why he couldn’t tell me, but after a little thought he said, “well David did it”.  We had read the book, No David by David Shannon and the kids all love the page where David runs down the road naked. We then had to have a discussion about how even though this was funny in the book, it was not to happen at school!!! (Head shake, is there any other job that deals with this type of imitation? Lol).  Lunch was frustrating because we are trying to plan a field trip (what the children will really remember about their grade one year), but it just seems impossible to get a program and a bus on the same day:( Grrrr! If they want field trips, why don’t they make it easy to do then???? (And no I don’t know who “they” are.  Everyone!). The frustration continued after lunch when I felt like I spent all of silent reading nagging children to be quiet, not how I like to spend the time!  I finally thought for a moment and figured it was the children who aren’t reading yet so we discussed some strategies they could use during this time if they can’t read books yet.  This seems to have been where my day finally turned as our time outside drawing our adopted tree in Fall went really well:)


I managed to get almost everything I need for the STEM bins I want to make, including the bins this time!  I’m only missing the lego at this time.  It’s nice to see this project coming together quickly so I can get it going in the classroom!  Maybe I’ll stay late at work tomorrow night and get the materials laminated and the boxes assembled.

I stopped into Costco to pick up pictures I had ordered online through the app this morning (another frustrating experience), but it turned out they won’t be ready until tomorrow. Good thing I got vitamins and some cute new sheets or that would have been a complete waste of a trip!


I had my mom with me while I was shopping and I had suggested we try out Orrange, which is a restaurant right by Costco that I have heard good things about from three different people- two teachers and my nephew.

The parking was horrible, the decor was cute and the food was okay. I guess they have different standards or they ate something different from me. They had quite a few options on their gluten free menu.  I had the aloha tuna salad. It was six slices of sashimi tuna, a quarter of an avocado and a few pieces of mango on top of mixed greens. I found it to be very tasteless:(. I love mango and avocado and those parts were good, but the tuna and dressing were meh. Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I didn’t get a picture of my salad:( I wouldn’t recommend this place:(

The other Eating I’ve done lately was to try out a new gluten free, dairy free product from my local grocery store.  I tried the Ciabatta buns from Schar Foods. It was the first time I had seen them in the grocery store by me. They are quite small, but have a good taste. They are not dry and crumbly and do not need to be kept frozen. All bonuses and not typical of the gluten free products I know. I would recommend them, though they are not cheap at more than $2 a bun.  They are quite small so while one is fine for me, most people would probably want two which would be quite expensive for a lunch! I may use them as a treat on occasion, but I think I’ll stick with my breadmaker for everyday.


I got a couple of rows done on my cami at lunch, and I’ll go back to it once I’m done this post.

I’m absolutely loving the colour gradation in the wool! So pretty!  At least I am finally working on thee main body which is a very simple two row pattern repeat. I’m not even keeping track of my rows! Probably the first time in my life I haven’t!

Otherwise I sat down tonight to read up on the vendors who will be at Knit City this weekend. Lol I only found four that I don’t need to visit.  I think we’d better plan on being there all day.  Planning is definitely part of the fun though. At some point I think I’d like to try a knitting retreat. I just need to find one that won’t cost my arm and my leg. I’m sure I’ll find one one day.


I think the best part of my day was spending time with my mom! We are quite similar and have a good laugh over it regularly. Tonight we ended up buying the same sheet set from Costco as we both thought it was cute. I always find my mom easy to spend time with and uplifting to my mood.  My mood was definitely lifted when I came home tonight to find she had ironed and put back on my couch cover. So inviting that I now need to sit on it and do some knitting!

Have fun!