Trivia Tuesday #34

Well I survived!


We got some printing of the letter s done this morning and completed some more pattern work, but the big event today was the Christmas Concert. The children did very well, though the finale song started before the kindergarten kids were even on the stage!🙄 This was definitely the quickest concert I’ve ever seen as it was only about a half hour long!

The bake sale afterwards was of even more importance to the children!🤣


After school we had a bootcamp workout. We did:

Lateral lunges with upright rows

Plank punches

Overhead tricep extension




Bicep curls

Pop jacks

Up downs

Front raises

Banded froggers

And then in between each two we did cardio where you did 2 burpees and then 10 front kicks and 10 knee raises and then worked out way down. We also did jump squats for the song Thunderstruck and every time the word thunder was said, we had to do a push-up.

I wish I’d been able to push myself more as it would have been an amazing workout, but I guess for now I should be happy I did anything.


I sat after school and did some knitting on my current market bag while listening to a podcast. It was a quite lovely interlude:)


There were just three of us tonight. I never know if it’s good there’s less people to disagree or bad we don’t have more breadth of knowledge.

First round:

I knew the points in a basketball game.

How do you spell tzatziki?

I got that:)

Round 1 was really tough!

Round 2 had indie bands so we definitely didn’t do well!

Round three:

Who won on Sunday?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Who is the Duke of Edinburgh?


Which letter has the most tiles in Scrabble?


Which Shakespeare play has a loan of 3000 ducats?

Merchant of Venice

Who was Marie Antoinette married to?

Louis 16

Round 4:

What is hummus made of?


Who wrote The Nutcracker?


How many biological children did Al and Peggy Bundy have on Married with Children?


Put the Tom Hanks movies in order.

You’ve got mail, the green mile, castaway

Which king does not have a mustache?

King of Hearts

Well I’m off home to bed.

Have fun!


Monday again

Why does this day keep showing up???!!!


I had the district in to do their new reading assessments which are exactly the same as the ones I was taught to do 18 years ago so I’m still trying to figure out what’s cutting edge about this?!?!

We got through math and my students seem to be doing well at counting by tens, but I’d better get to assessing them tomorrow before we move onto counting by 5s and they get confused.

We also started a class book about solving problems in peaceful ways. Let’s hope it helps!

We managed to add 6 hearts to our wall today and had no violent incidence. I call that a good day!


We had a meeting about report cards after school but then worked out after that. It seems as though my butt hurts as soon as I get into a lunge position. Maybe my body is protesting! We did:

Lunges with front raises

Lunges with lateral raises

Bird dog/ double crunch

Banded alternating leg raises/ banded squats

Split lunges

Slider froggers/ slider planks

Step ups

Hamstring curls on the medicine ball/ mountain climbers

And between each of these we did a minute of cardio which was froggers, skaters, jogging, squat pulses, reverse mountain climbers, skipping, jacks, and burpees.

There was a little puddle of sweat around me by the end!


Yesterday I spent most of the day reading Melt For You by JR Geissinger. It was so good! It had lots of funny banter between the characters. The plot moved along at a good pace, the characters were interesting and grew a lot, and underlying it all was an important message that I think most women need to hear!

Tonight I started my next NetGalley book which is One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey. She is one of my favourite authors and I was laughing out loud by 5 pages in, so I think this one is going to be good too!

Well, I should be knitting, but I think I’m just going to read some more.

Have fun!


Moving Monday

It doesn’t look like we’re having Workout Wednesday this year so now we have Moving Monday:)


I started the day with a run, but had to content myself with the sidewalk. I could have come home on the trail, but was worried about making sure I got all my mileage in. I did manage to get 3.32km in which is fine with me:) I was faster than normal which really surprised me because it sure didn’t feel like it!

This afternoon after school we had our first bootcamp. I really tried to push myself because I’ve been feeling flabby and frumpy lately. We did: plank, mountain climbers, squat jacks, pushups to shoulder taps, front kicks, squat to shoulder press, reverse curls, front punches, bench step ups to burpees, single leg bench lunges, side lunges with hammer curls, bridge March, side wall balls. It felt great to be sweaty!

I just feel like I need to have a couple of days in a row of healthiness to get on a roll. I’m not gaining weight, but I’m not losing like I want to be:(


Monday is always tough as I feel like I have to retrain my students after the weekend.

The day didn’t start great as I had to encourage a mom to give her kid a hug and let her be independent. This of course, was the one who was standing waiting to be dressed last week!😖

We finally got our All About Me page done and put up, only a week late! I had some children using privacy screens so they could get their work done.

We started talking about bucket filling (being kind) and designed our own buckets. Of course right after that I had three boys go outside and have a huge fight on the playground🙄. I’m glad this stuff isn’t happening in the classroom, but I finally made it clear that they wouldn’t be going outside if they can’t handle it. I’m really not sure how much the office follows through with consequences. I was also thinking on the way home that maybe we need to put the boys in separate areas on the playground for now until they earn the privilege of playing together.

Finally this afternoon after planners and silent reading (the stamina didn’t increase today☹️), I introduced the class jobs and allowed them to pick their jobs. I’m thinking I need to keep better track of which jobs they do this year and how well they do them so it can be part of a report card comment.

That was my day and I was exhausted by the time I got home!


I had a half a turkey and guacamole sandwich for breakfast, a breakfast taco and fruit for recess, a plum mixed with yogurt and cereal parfait for lunch and a feed of beet greens and two rice cakes with cream cheese and jam for lunch. Way too much food!!!!


I have finished two cowls that are the same pattern and yarn for my HPKCHC class this month. I’m glad their done and it was perfect timing as the designer got back to me with the stitch confirmation.

Well, I guess I’d better go to bed so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Have fun!


Workout Wednesday and a Baking Challenge

It was a very busy day and yet not.


I got out once again for a run before school. I figured this may help calm my after school time. My left leg is definitely a little stiff and I hope it eases up. I got another 3.5km so am chipping away at that yearly goal slowly.

After school we had our bootcamp. It was quite the workout, but I think I need more cardio in between as I’m not sweating much:( we did 30 seconds of cross cross jumps and then a burpee between the first four rounds and then forgot the second four so we did two minutes of running at the end.

We did:

High rows/ superwoman

Reverse lunge with tricep extension/ hamstring curls

Lateral lunge to step up

Bench plank flies

Banded hammer curl/ banded static crunch with scissors

Plank with arms in and out/ band front raise

Bench lunges

Bench sit-up to jump squat/ uppercuts

It felt like there were a lot of arm exercises today, but that’s probably a good thing!

This evening I managed to be slightly active again by doing 100 front kicks, 50 squats, 50 plié squats, 100 roundhouse kicks, and 100 standing crunches.


There was absolutely no teaching today!🤣. This morning I gave the students their year end gifts- a Canadian beach ball. I had signed Happy summer on them and then the children got to go around and sign each other’s. I think I like this gift a lot more than the others I’ve done over the years.

We also cleaned out all our extra supplies and our desks.

This afternoon we watched a movie and played outside as I had two classes on my own. My co teacher had to be at the rehearsal for tomorrow’s leaving ceremony. It went really well, but it probably helped that two of the biggest issues were away.


This evening I wanted to tackle Sally’s Baking Addiction monthly challenge which was an angel food cake. I figured this was the perfect time to make it as I’m meeting up with the girls tomorrow so I can take the cake and not eat it all myself. I had to use this recipe instead of Sally’s as I figured there would need to be changes for gluten free. It was super easy and looks like it turned out well.

I hope it tastes good tomorrow with strawberries and coco whip!


I watched Summer In The City tonight. I have to admit the leading man wasn’t particularly to my taste, but it was an interesting movie.


Breakfast- peanut butter and cheddar sandwich

Recess- larabar

Lunch- assorted sashimi

Snack- tuna snack kit

Dinner- cucumber and cheese, grapes

Well I need sleep as I have to run before work again.

Have fun!


Workout Wednesday or Not

My day definitely wasn’t as active as usual:(


We had workout Wednesday first thing, but I ended up in a conversation and didn’t move:(

We did some research sheets in Ontario this morning, had a Wigs for Kids assembly, and discussed the difference between being rude, mean and bullying. Yup pretty typical day in grade one and two.


We did bootcamp after school and I did my best but there were several moves I had to modify as my left hand isn’t ready to bear my weight yet. I told L I want to do the same workout next week so I can do it better!

My friend Cori couldn’t do Zumba tonight so I just went for a run. It was quiet and cool so a nice night for a run, though I did take it easy as the rest of my body is slightly achy still.

This better stop soon! I need to get back to normal! Right now I’m super tired and heading to bed as I have to be at work for 7am tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


Track Meet

It was quite the day!


Well we went to the district track meet today. Students in grades 3,4 and 5 get to compete in discus, shot put, high jump, long jump, 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, medley relay and 4×100 relay. We took 39 kids which is a lot less than usual, and it went pretty well! We had one child have three melt downs, we had another go to the park and tell a parent, but not a teacher, and we had two parents drive me crazy about drivers (I hope I don’t get into trouble!). Overall, not a bad day:)


I survived L’s bootcamp after school too. The tabatas increased in length by five seconds. The first four pairs were:

Elevated bicycles/side mountain climbers

Double banded squat to abductors/ banded single arm row

Medicine ball slam to squat jump/ standing crunch

Banded hip bridge/ iso bridge with tricep extensions

We did thirty seconds of frog jumps between each of these.

The next four were:

Banded bench superwoman to abductor/ banded pulse squat with alternate leg lift

Lateral lunge to upright row

Lateral step up with hop

Bench crossovers

We did thirty seconds of burpees between each of these.

It’s funny because at the time I was super hot, sweaty and tired, but as I write this I want to get up and do more of some of these🤣

This evening I missed my run since I was napping, but I did go to Zumba. The instructor is so happy! I still am going the wrong way most of the time, but there’s the odd move that I’m starting to get. I told my friend Cori that I need some tutorials on some of the moves!


I finally finished Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. The storyline was good, and I especially liked how the ending showed the future, however, the character of Hazel drove me nuts. She is portrayed as a woman who has no filter and no self control, but she’s a teacher. She wouldn’t last a Day in the classroom without self control and a filter. This drove me crazy through the whole book!😖


I only got one row of my sock done. Just too tired and ended up falling asleep.


Another not great day- I guess I don’t deal with change in routine well.

Breakfast- scone with peanut butter

Recess: grape tomatoes with everything but the bagel seasoning

Lunch: coconut chips

Snack: gummy bears (a student bought them for me when his mom gave him money for a snack at the concession- he even made sure they said gf😀)

Dinner: granola

Have fun!


So Close!

It wasn’t a very busy day, which is nice for a change!

I feel like I need to get a few interesting things on my March calendar as it has been very boring the last few weeks.


We did printing this morning and a poem about community workers. We had an assembly for pink shirt day and this afternoon we worked on finishing our valentines art. It’s pretty sad that we’re still working on it!

My students worked off a list on the board for the first time and did pretty well. I needed them to be independent, which is difficult for some of them, as I needed to get some more assessment done for their report cards.

I did get a few more reports done after school and only have one left! yay! Of course these are like rough drafts and I’ll be going over them many more times:(


We had boot camp after school today and boy was it a good workout!

Banded hamstring curls/ plank twists, medicine ball one legged squats to a calf raise/ medicine ball burpee to military press, high knees/ front dumbbell punches, banded and dumbbell rotator cuff adductors/ banded and dumbbell tricep extensions, single leg bench lunges (deep), frogger crunch to extended arm with dumbbell sit-up/ frog hip bridges, rock and roll to 1/2 squat/ pushups to knee tucks, bird dog/Torso rotation

As a bonus we had to do 9 jumping jacks/ 9 plank jacks, then 8,7,6,etc. that was a definite challenge!

My legs are already feeling a little tired, but I love it as I know I’ve worked.


I’ve wandered around my house doing some chores trying to rack up steps, but I don’t think 3700 steps are going to happen before bed:(


I’m into my next NetGalley book and am really enjoying it. Thinking I’ll go crawl into bed and read!

Have fun!


Oh Deer!

Well I walked out of school today and came within a foot of a deer. I don’t know who was more surprised me or her? It definitely disconcerted me when she followed me down the sidewalk for a bit, but thankfully she took a different trail than me!


Today was penguin day! The students have really been engaged in our penguin unit and today we wrapped it up. The students got to dress in black and white, as did us teachers.

We even had one girl with a mask!

We researched how tall different penguins are, reviewed and answered the questions we brainstormed at the start of the unit and finished the day with watching Mr. Popper’s Penguins, since we finished the book last week.

Oh and we even had time for a quick penguin game and relay race in the gym at the end of the day:)

It was a great unit and if we have different kids next year we’ll probably do it again, otherwise, I’m thinking maybe turtles:)


Today was boot camp after school. Exercise always goes so much faster when it’s done with friends! Today we did:

Burpees/ banded front raise, banded hip raise/ banded jump squats, mountain climbers/ bench toe taps, banded squat with alternating leg lift/ banded plank with alternating leg lift, reverse fly/ speed skaters, Single Arm thrusters, reverse lunge with medicine ball torso rotation, single leg bench split squat. I definitely felt like I had a workout when this was done on top of the leg burner workout of last night!


I’m almost finished The Other Alcott and two more days should do it:)


I have to admit I spent most of the night finishing up knitting the baby too I had started last night. I am super happy with it and will post a picture tomorrow after I sew the buttons on.

I’m off to bed now as I actually have to teach tomorrow!

Have fun!


Do, Do, Do

I was sort of grumpy today and I’m not sure why. It wasn’t helped by being on the go continuously🙄


We rearranged the day to fit the important things we missed yesterday into today. We read more of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. We almost finished our penguin research books. We had a lion dance presentation. We wrote about the lion dance and then we went outside to build snowmen. It was neat to see the children work together to solve their problems (the balls were so big they were too heavy to lift).

Among all of this I was on supervision this morning, had to run Como Lake relay practice at lunch and then had boot camp after school. I think my bladder may have gotten the best workout of all!🤣


I hit L’s boot camp after school even though my body was feeling kind of tired already from the double walk to school this morning (lost my yak trax and had to go back to find them). We did: tricep extensions/ slider hamstring curls, double crunch with dumbbell, burpees/ stairs, banded lateral iso squat walk/ squat jumps, sumo squat to frogger/ pushups, banded iso squat front walk/ scaptions, single arm press with hollow hold/ , bicep curls/v-ups.

It felt like a good workout and I definitely felt the banded iso squat walk and jump squats the most!

I got home from school and made myself some pho and then headed out for a run with Sarah. We yet again did my familiar sidewalk, but it’s the only thing clear around here right now. It was a decent run and I felt better afterwards.


My co teacher gave me a ride home today as I had told her I had two frames the size she was looking for. Unfortunately when I picked one up, I didn’t realize the frame was broken in many places so the glass slipped out and shattered all over my floor. Of course part went into my bathroom where I am mainly in bare feet. Does anyone know a foolproof way of getting rid of all those tiny specks of glass? There will definitely be slippers at all times for a while for me!


I got so many books today and of course, none of them are the Bookclub book for this month:(. I have started on Believe in Me by Ella Quinn and am quite enjoying it.

Well I think I’ve earned my bed now!

Have fun!


Try, Try, Try Again

I seem to have to take multiple stabs at everything today🙄


The new system for helping or struggling readers is an awesome idea, except I had to teach my morning lesson three times as kids were coming and going at different times:(. I don’t really want to say, don’t bother doing this, but there isn’t much that comes without a lesson🤔

We had an assembly today that wasn’t particularly amazing, but took up a half hour:)

This afternoon my students thought they were in heaven as they had silent reading, then centers and then outside playtime. Not a whole lot of learning going on today! I thought I’d have extra time to work with a couple of students during centers but spent the entire time dealing with sorting and separating the barbies into “fair” centres🙄


After school we had bootcamp with L. I have to admit it wasn’t my best bootcamp as my legs are still tight from what I’ve already done this week. We had to move to the music room as our principal scheduled the gym for an after school club, but we made it work. It’s just not as much fun without the sound system. We did: medicine ball burpees/iso squat with a front medicine ball raise, bench lunges, bench toe taps/rows, jumping jack to plank jack/reverse mountain climber, side plank with leg raise, inside foot touch/ upright row to lateral extension, frogger jumps/ mountain climbers, banded side steps to jump/ front plank. Hopefully it was enough to keep the muscle building!


After walking home and quickly getting my house tidied and grabbing some dinner, I had Knit night with a friend. I managed to sew in some more ends on the temperature cowl. I have five sections of ends still to do.

I also started my next sweater three times. This pattern is from a book, but my gauge must be way off as it calls for 150 stitches which is about 50 more than I need. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it yet:(

Well I’m as exhausted as ever, so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!