Food, Food, Food

Today I actually set a goal for my run. I did Burlington Street to Hancock and then all the way down Hancock to the centre of Lexington. I wanted to see if I could get there in the fifteen minutes before I turn and … I did, with one minute to spare! 🎉🎊Once I got home and had breakfast, I turned around and did a speed walk with my friend and her daughter and it felt great to be active!

It took a while to figure out what we wanted to do today as we wanted to avoid downtown Boston  the the free speech rally. We decided on Walden Pond which turned out to be a really beautiful place with quite warm water.IMG_8594

We also went out for lunch at B.Good. It is an order at the counter Cafe that has tons of gluten free and dairy free options! The clerk was super helpful and checked their reference guide to make sure that I wasn’t going to get sick. I decided on a Kale Crush smoothie, sweet potato fries and a West Side burger on a gluten free bun.IMG_8585 It was a ton of food and incredibly yummy! Yet again, I was thankful we had gotten there just before lunch because when we were leaving there was a lineup out the door.

We also stopped at Wegman’s for groceries in Burlington. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a larger gluten free section in a normal grocery store. They also had some cookies that looked good enough to eat and like normal cookies! I think I could have spent hours in this store looking. It is the Thrifty Foods feel (for anyone who lives on the West Coast) but a Costco size.  I want to go back!

We hung out at home for a while and I watched Campfire Kisses on Hallmark Channel. It was ok. I just didn’t feel like the two main characters matched well. “Dana” just seemed too young for “Steve” and to have a son that age!

We finally got up the energy to drag ourselves off the couch and go downtown on the Subway. I didn’t notice any difference today except for the number of police officers around.  We walked through the Boston Public Market but unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of the place that supposedly had gluten free and dairy free cinnamon buns in here. I did get to talk local knitting for a moment though at New England Farm to Fiber. imageKaren was super knowledgeable and a delight to talk to! I liked how there were swatches knitted with each of the wools available so you could feel what they were going to be like. All of the yarn was as unprocessed as possible, so of course were a little rougher and all shades of brown and gray.

Of course, I liked the alpaca the best but it unfortunately didn’t come in a good colour for me:(

For dinner we went to the Italian district in Boston, the North End. It was so busy everywhere!!!  We decided on La Famiglia Giorgio. It was a twenty minute wait ( exactly the time they told us) and had a very cozy feel. I had the Frutti de Mare with gluten free, dairy free fusilli pasta and a glass of sangria. IMG_8628.JPGIt was all very yummy and easily organized. The waitress was helpful, though she seemed ticked at the end when we asked to have the bill split up. Nobody wanted to pay the extra I had to though- $41 for Pasta!!ouch:( It was yummy though!

We wanted to check out Mike’s Pastries but the line didn’t seem to be moving at all so we went to Modern Pastries instead. I was all excited as the clerk thought they had a gluten free, dairy free cannoli, but it turned out to only be gluten free. The only gf/df option was a packaged chocolate chip cookie. Oh well, I didn’t need those calories anyways!

I’m so tired!

Have fun!


Go, Go, Go, Stop

Today was a busy day, but fabulous! I dragged myself out for a run first thing and did a loop of the neighbourhood. Had to restrain myself from taking pictures of the houses as otherwise there would have been no run! They are all so gorgeous! You could pick any one of them to be in a magazine!IMG_7408.JPG

My friend has bought so many gf and df options that I just want to eat everything! At home we have Rice Chex cereal but the Vanilla version on the East Coast blows ours out of the water! So good!!!!

We packed the girls and her hubby off for the day and headed to downtown Boston to explore. We saw the Boston commons,IMG_7453.JPG the State House,IMG_7426.JPG Boston Gardens, Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, Back Bay, Prudential Centre with Eataly, IMG_7530.JPGthe Public Library, IMG_7550.JPGTrinity ChurchIMG_7566 and the Downtown Crossing!

We stopped twice for food in all of this adventure. We had lunch at a place called Tatte which my friend had been wanting to try. It is super small and super busy, but the pastries look to die for. Online it said it had gf but really thy just have flourless brownies and meringues which are baked in the same area and aren’t dairy free. I ended up having a ice chai latte ( they do have almond or soy milk) and a vegetable quinoa bowl without the feta. It took a long time to get my food, but it was certainly worth the wait!

The second food stop was at the Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury which was on my gluten free/ dairy free list. Unfortunately hey had a vegan carrot cake cupcake or a gluten free chocolate peanut butter cupcake but nothing that was both. My friends had the key lime cheesecake cupcake and the red velvet cupcake and said both were amazing! IMG_7512

We also popped our head into the Thinking Cup coffee shop near by but again there was only gluten free, no dairy free:(

It has been an amazing day and I feel like we saw a lot for just one day. So far, Boston has not disappointed!

Off to bed so I can tour again tomorrow:)

Have fun!


Up, Up and Away!

Well yesterday was the big travel day. Up at 5:15 to get to the airport and onto my 8:50 flight. Everything went very smoothly:). Arrived in Boston at 5:17 after a nice uneventful flight. Took the Logan Express Bus to Woburn where my friend picked us up. The LoganExpress was awesome! Only $12, free wifi, AC and quick! We just hung out and talked for a bit and then hit the bed. So excited for this new travel adventure!


So on my first day of holiday when I can do anything I want, like sleep in, what do I do? I wake up at 6am to write my list of all the things I should do today. Then of course I have to hop right out of bed to start on the list. Perhaps I take my love of accomplishing things too far?

I did not do anything really exciting today, but I did get all but three things done on my list, so I must count the day as a success.

Success #1: I was a two digit 99 pounds this morning which made me much happier!

Success #2: I stuck to my healthy eating plan all day except for a few raspberries. I’m not going to beat myself up over raspberries!

Success #3: I did all three of my planned exercise times. I had a lovely thirty minute run along the inlet trail and around Rocky Point Park this morning. As much as I enjoyed running in new areas, it’s also nice to do the usual and I did a 6:48km at one point. I wonder what hill I was going down? Lol🤣 I did the dynamic strength weight routine this afternoon and then walked the inlet trail this evening. As I write this, I realize I probably should have walked somewhere else to change it up, but oh well.

Success #4: I got out to Ankars Farms and bought some raspberries and have already started on freezing them. I went for blueberries, but the raspberries were just too yummy to resist! I’ll go back when I’m done the raspberries for some blueberries. I got strawberries from this farm in Port Coquitlam earlier in the summer and had been super happy with them. So good!!!!😋

Success #5: I got all my laundry done and put away and my sheets changed. I love the smell of laundry but for some reason it can linger in the dryer forever. Today it didn’t! Yay!

Success #6: Dealt with my accumulated holiday mail and made the phone calls and texts I needed to without procrastinating. I’ve been told that I need to replace my toilet because some have cracked and usually I would put off texting my cousin to see if he could come do this because I hate asking people to do things and I always feel like I’m disturbing people, but today I got right on it and he’s coming next week. I did learn that all toilets look the same to me so I told him I’d leave it in his capable hands:)

Success #7: I got another day of my 2014 LA holiday album labelled. Can you tell I’m really behind on making my photo albums. Yes I do them the old fashioned way by printing the pictures and writing sticky labels for them. I need to get this album done as you see it’s a domino effect. If I get the LA album done, I can print off the pictures from my phone for the Montreal album which will give me room to take pictures when I’m in Boston. Lol why is nothing ever simple?

Success #8: I did some research for my Boston trip. I am looking into knitting shops and gluten free/ dairy free food options and as usual, because I hate computer work, I’ve been putting this off, but I’m meeting with my travel buddy on Wednesday so know I need to get on this. All I know so far is that I may not be eating much in Boston:(

So with all of these small success, I think I did ok today. I should probably have just enjoyed the couch since it’s my only day at home today, but the list was calling to me!

Have fun!