Another Item Off the List

It was a pretty amazing day from start to finish!


It’s great when you’ve told someone you’re planning to run as then you actually have to go out and do it! I headed out right away this morning for a 4km run. I’ve been really slow all summer and so figured it would take me about 28:30 to do this. I don’t know what happened, but I was back to my winter/spring speeds and managed 4.15km in 26:46. I know this is still super slow for most people, but I was happy😀. It was a 6:27/km average. I was a sticky, sweaty mess, but it got done.

Unfortunately I didn’t plan this out very well and realized I had to go out again tonight for an 8km run as it sure won’t get done tomorrow! It was much slower, but it also got done:). I had headed out to the dyke to do this one as I just wanted flat! I was starting to die and there weren’t as many people around as I was expecting so as I passed the 3km post I walked and was revising my plan. A woman running went by me and right away I felt bad that she had seen me start walking. I got running again and actually got to run with her for a km. Her regular running buddy had come down with a kidney infection. I think I may have slowed her down a bit, but it sure was nice to have someone to chat with and she got me out to the 4km marker:)


We stopped in to the cottage to see my aunt and cousin. It was great as it seems like it’s been way too long since I’ve seen them! The cottage is so beautiful! I don’t think I would get anything done though as I’d just be on the deck enjoying the panoramic water view all the time!

My cousin has done a beautiful job of decorating and is now almost done her room. I can’t wait to see it finished!


My parents and I had lunch together at a bistro right in the Nanaimo Harbour. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it was called. I had the seafood salad.

I have to tell you that this was not worth the $17.50 they charged for it in my opinion! The only seafood is what you see on top and the rest of the bowl was just lettuce. It tasted good, but I expected a lot more seafood. I always find that though- you either get great food or great ambience, but you rarely get both:(


My parents have given me an awesome ten day boat holiday, but at this point I had to head for home. I had originally thought I would take the ferry home and have my friend Brenda pick me up, but then my parents suggested I take Harbour Air. Taking a float plane ride has been on my bucket list for a lot of years!!! And today,…it got ticked off! I left the bistro and walked down the dock and boarded the plane. I think I grinned for the entire 20 minutes of the ride! It sat 11 people and there were only nine of us on it. I got a window seat and didn’t have anyone beside me so the view was awesome the whole way even though I was right beside the wing!

It was so neat to be able to see what the pilot was doing!

It didn’t hurt that he was super cute too!

Even with the one hour ride home on skytrain after landing in the Vancouver Harbour, I still saved myself about an hour and a half of time and it costs about the same as taking my car on the ferry. I may never take a ferry again!


Even though I was tired by the time I got home I had to immediately go out and renew my car insurance and pick up a quilting pattern for my aunt in Nova Scotia.

I took the opportunity to pick up some buttons as this shop is moving further away!

Well, this along with laundry has been my day!


A few days ago my mom had told me that she was proud of how I have changed my life. The fact that I found myself thinking of this tonight on my run really illustrated the power of words for me. I love that she told me that as some days it is a struggle not to slide back into my old habits! I’ll have to remember to ensure my words leave a positive impression too.

Have fun!


Epic Walk?

I knocked something off my bucket list:)


Last night I had to run out for ginger ale and I also picked up guacamole and chips, thinking I could enjoy them if I burned some calories.

When I woke up this morning and realized I had nothing on my to-do list for today (well there’s lots there, but no one to meet), I thought I would tackle the long walk I’ve been wanting to do for the past two years.

Every summer I walk part of the Stanley Lark Seawall with my friend Emily. We usually do the same part and it’s lovely, but since last year I’ve been wanting to do the whole thing. I tried to do it last year with my friend Lyndsay, but commitments got into the way. Today there was nothing but a free day! It was funny though that as soon as I realized I could do it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.😂. I told myself I could stop anytime, but in my head I wanted to walk at least for more than an hour as it was going to take that long to get there!

I skytrained downtown and started out. I took pictures, but they may be blurry as I didn’t stop once.

These are all on the coal Harbour side. I started at the Vancouver Convention centre where the seawall starts, went by Coal Harbour, the Vancouver Rowing Club, and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. This side of the seawall is the warmer side. I was in a long sleeved shirt and was warm, but knew I’d need it once I got out past the point.

These are all from the outside part of the Seawall- the lighthouse, below the LionsGate Bridge, Siawash Rock, 3rd Beach, 2nd Beach, English Bay and then False Creek.

It was very interesting to walk this the opposite way as I did earlier in the week. There were already lots of people out getting their places for the Honda celebration of Light tonight (fireworks).

When I look online I see it says the seawall is 28km long. In my head I had decided that I would end at Athletes Village (created for the 2010 Winter Olympics), visit my parents and then hope the skytrain as this is the nearest skytrain station to the seawall.

I ended up walking 17.5km in 3 hours and am quite happy with that. The plan is next time I will walk from Science World to Granville Island and the Burrard Street Bridge and then skytrain home from there.


Of course when I got to my parent’s boat, I got a quick hug and then put up work going to Costco with my mom and Anne to get food for tonight. They decided to take advantage of having a third person to carry grocery bags 🤣

Since being home, I have eaten way too many chips and guacamole and think I may have cured that craving! I have gone to another Costco and bought new summer towels ( and been o recharged by $2, but it would cost more in gas to go back to complain!), and read my book.

Now I’m going to enjoy another Hallmark movie and finish my rug square. I should probably be cleaning and packing to go out on the boat, but oh well😏

Have fun!