Well I put more polysporin drops in this morning and I noticed this afternoon that my eye felt better. Hopefully that will continue!


We had a quiet morning with printing. We tackled fact families after recess and this afternoon we worked on describing ourselves and learned about British Columbia. The children have ran 671km so far so we have made it to Kitimat. The students did great at remembering facts about British Columbia, such as we have 1/4 of the freshwater in Canada, our tallest waterfall is on Vancouver Island, 4% is the land is farms and we have about 5 million people in population.

We have even already answered some of their questions.


After a quick meeting with a parent I walked a few laps for jog-a-long with Lyndsay and then went to boot camp. It was tough to get going when I haven’t been working out much. We did: iso squat front walk/ lateral walk, banded toe reach/ squat to lateral leg raise, banded overhead press/ banded plank in-outs, 1/2 get up/ high knees, push-up to plank jack/ static crunch heel touch, bench lunge, stepdown to bicep curl, burpee with a bench hop over.

I was definitely tired by the end! However, I still had to finish my Squad Runner mission so went out for a 4km run this evening. I passed the learn to run group I took when I started running. It made me realize I still have some of the habits they taught me, such as having my thumbs brush my thighs.


I have been working on my April Tank some more. It’s going pretty good, though it takes a long time to make progress with fingering weight yarn.


I’ve been watching the movie Ed. It’s a cute movie about a baseball playing chimp. It has some bathroom humor so I think 8-10 year old boys would love it!

Well I’m off to sleep!

Have fun!


Back to the Grindstone

Boy was it tough to get my head into the game today!


Last night I finished Smitten with the Brit by Melonie Johnson. This was the second book in the series and I very much enjoyed it.

This is the story of Bonnie and Theo that we were introduced to in book one of the series. This was a enjoyable read and quite different from the first book,but the changes matched the characters well.

I really enjoyed this book even though I saw some events coming for a while!

The characters were interesting and multi-faceted with issues, but no unnecessary drama. The hero was perfect- dimples and an accent, need I say more?!?!

I also really liked how the friend group played as big a role in this second book as in the first!

I am now on the hunt for a new classic book to listen to. If anyone has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!


My students were relatively well behaved for the first day back. We’ll see how long this lasts. We shared about our Sprint Break and then wrote about it in our journals. We explored fact families and practiced as a class and this afternoon we started our new Socials unit on Canada. We of course, started with a list of wonders. They had some good questions and I’ll take a picture when I get them put up tomorrow. We are doing something similar to our Santa exploration, but the children will be participating in jog-a-long, a school wide running program, and we will use their mileage to move across Canada, learning about places as we go. Today they did their first running and managed to run the equivalent of 68km! I’ll just have to figure out where is 71 km away from us.

I survived the staff meeting after school, but ate way too much junk food! Does anyone else resort to eating when stuck in an interminable meeting? I need to find something else to do!


This morning I got one row of my April Tank done, but thankfully after I got home from work I got another ten done. I’m on the never-ending stockinette now. There are about 14 stitches of interest each round, but it’s not quite enough to make it interesting.

I have been doing well at using up skeins this year-38 to date, but unfortunately I just added 37 more to the stash. I think I may have to sell some!


I got out for a quick run tonight. I had planned on going all around the inlet trail with Sarah but her back is bothering her. I didn’t even make it the whole way as I felt like I was going to be sick after eating all that junk! I got something done towards my April mileage and it was below 7min/km so I need to be happy!

Well that’s it for me! I’m off to bed as this going to work thing is tiring! 🤪

Have fun!