Back To It

A busy day with a story where I got spoiled:)

Exercise: None:(

I was really worried this morning that because this is the longest I have gone without exercising in forever it might be really tough to get back to it. I already had nightmares of gaining weight! Then I drove down my hill and was thinking about running it and when I was thinking of tomorrow I was trying to decide when I would run. I don’t think I need to have that fear, but I’ll let you know if I remain sedentary.


It was a pretty good day:) For most of it I was thinking how much I enjoy spending my days with this group. I got three cards today and all three said, “urtbsttr”!  For those of you unfamiliar with grade one writing, that says: you are the best teacher!  It definitely made my day:). Thankfully only be of them was spelled that way and the other two were closer to reality, as otherwise I definitely wouldn’t live up to that statement🤣

We spent the morning in our jackets as we had a fire drill at 9:30 and I didn’t want my children going out in short sleeves in 2 degree weather! From there we managed to get all our materials put away and our classroom put to rights after having so many different teachers in this past week. My students know the routine and were quite upset the substitutes wouldn’t let them put their work in their duo-tangs. The teachers really should have listened to the children as that is one of my biggest pet peeves!

We tackled patterns today which they were supposed to have done all week, but there was no evidence of. It was a great listen, covered all the learning styles and 99% of the children had it down!!! I even got some good colouring on the sheet:)

This afternoon was all about making our parent gifts. We have a gingerbread theme this month and found foam gingerbread to decorate.  I always tell the children to do their very best as their parents will still be putting this on the tree when they are sixty and have grandkids of their own (like in my family)! I love making ornaments as I think they make a memory too:) We only got the decorating done today, but on Monday we will string them and I’ll put their picture on the back and write the year. I should have had them do this before we decorated as grade one printing can be really funny when you’re older, but I forgot:(. A selection of the decorated gingerbreads😀 I really like the ninja one😂 though I’m trying not to think about whether he’s been anatomically correct🤣😂😂🤣

I was definitely spoiled at work today as my friend Lyndsay gave me a gift “just for being me”. It was such a lovely thing to come into!! I always wonder how annoying I am? I’m a firm believer that we all have quirks and we all need to put up with each other’s, but sometimes I do wonder. Inside the bag were awesome reading socks and a new book!

I will definitely be putting these two things to good use!


I rushed over to my brother’s after school to get his house explained to me as I’ll be house and dog sitting for the next week or so. It seems like as long as google works, life should be good, but otherwise I might be staying in a dark, cold, dreary house if google decides to hate me! Doesn’t he remember how bad I am with technology?!?!😳. I wrote a full page of notes on how to work the tv, the oven, and the thermostat just in case google abandons me! It seems like the dog will be the easiest part of the job!

My sister in law did make it all better with a fantastic birthday gift! (I really was spoiled today!!)

Even the bag was cute!

The ultimate keep warm gift of a new “tea” spoon and scarf!


On that note I can tell you about the last two days of tea from the David’s Tea Advent Calendar since I forgot to mention it yesterday. Yesterday was a chai tea and while mine steeped too long and was way too bitter, my friend with the same advent calendar said she added milk and it was awesome!  I’ll keep an open mind as I usually love chai tea!

Today’s tea was the Buddha Blend. I never smell things but for some reason I smelled this tea. It’s funny that I did because while I really liked how it smelled, I didn’t really care for how it tasted:( It seemed bitter to me and I didn’t steep it very long. My friend said she also found it bitter so maybe it’s not just me.

While I’ve been enjoying trying all the teas out, I feel like there is a lot of waste:( I don’t like strong tea so I usually keep the same tea for a full day, maybe even two days, but I don’t feel I can do this with this advent calendar and I’m always throwing out perfectly good tea leaves:(

Friends/ Christmas Event:

I was super excited to be heading out for my second Christmas event in two days this evening with my co-teacher.  We were set to go to the Burnaby Village Museum which is a quaint and cute village set up from the 1890s. I have only been here once and never at Christmas, and it appeals to my history-loving inner nerd, so I was ready and excited. We found our way there and were amazed to find parking at 5:45 at night. Maybe the fog kept people away? Or perhaps it was the fact the place closed at 5:30…😫. For two people who are usually so organized and detail driven, neither of us had checked the hours and had just assumed it would be open.  This is as close as we got:

It is definitely still on my list as it looks really neat!

We decided to go check out the Make It Craft Fair, unfortunately that was another busy as we couldn’t find parking and we seemed to have found the lantern festival instead🤔😞

We ended up doing a Starbucks run and a look through Chapters.  Still a great night in my book! I went a little crazy with the Goodreads book scanner and my TBR tripled again🤣. I bought two books and that makes three in two days. I’ve sure been generous with myself lately!!!

I don’t think I need to freak out about the cost as I got an awesome deal on all of them- $20 total:) What I really need to freak about is the fact I need to have the 469 page Mitch Albom book read by Sunday evening for book club!!!😳😳😳. How did book club sneak up on me like this???

On that note, I have to go read!!!

Have fun!



Have I stopped today??


I set my alarm this morning after yesterday’s fiasco, but of course it wasn’t necessary as I was wide awake at 6:20am😫  It did mean I got out for a run. I love the start of Fall for running! It’s so crisp out! I had fun with my running app, Runkeeper, this morning as I changed its voice. Now I get my timing cues and a little humor with a Boston accent. It seemed appropriate after my recent vacation:). It was just a half hour but made all the difference! Phewf, I won’t be a monster with a bad attitude like I was yesterday!

I walked to and from work and got out for half of my normal walk today.

Blogging is obviously good for me as I got my workout squeezed in at the end of the day here. I didn’t want to have to admit that I hadn’t done it! I did the ” More than a Minute” workout which is actually twenty minutes of heart pounding cardio. Phewf, I completed all my exercise today.


I went to school today but didn’t see my classroom much:( I met with my co-teacher and we planned and prepped next week ( tough to do but I know I’ll appreciate it next week!). We also got a good start on a year plan. It’s difficult to do and not laid in stone, but the plan definitely helps keep us focused and so that we don’t spend two months on place value🤣

I also had a Department Head meeting today. It looks like I’ll be doing the scheduling and the assemblies this year. A little daunting as the previous teacher was really good at them. I have a tendency to be very blunt so these assemblies might be quite short. I’m going to try and get as much done in advance as I can!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back into my classroom as there is still stuff everywhere!


I was good until I came home from school. I had no snack prepared so I ate everything I could find:(


I ended up going to Earls in Port Coquitlam with a couple of friends for happy hour. We do this sometimes and it often makes me feel like I’m actually an adult, lol. All I need now is to come home with leftovers to complete the picture I have in my in head of being an adult. Lol my life is definitely not as exciting as I obviously thought it would be.  I had tea really looking forward to having a fish taco butter then r waitress didn’t seem too sure it could be gluten free and dairy free so I just went with garlic fries that are done in their own fryer. For three dollars you would think I could have stopped eating when I was full, but no I kept going and ate them all. By the end I felt completely sick! Thankfully it seems to have been a case of eating too much, not an allergic reaction, phewf! I’m just so mad at myself because I was already up in weight this morning and now this afternoon and evening I’ve let my eating get out of control😞 I think the timing was the biggest problem for me. I am hungry when I get home from school and usually have dinner right away, so I ate too much before going out. Next time, I should take a small snack and just stay at school until it’s time to leave for the restaurant. I also had a gin and sprite to drink and didn’t mind it. I’ll have to remember that one as $7.50 for a night out seems pretty good!

Happy hour wasalso beneficial as my friend’s calmed me down about my classroom by reminding me that all the stuff I’m seeing on Pinterest and Instagram is stuff we used to do, but now my district takes a much more calm and natural approach to our classrooms. Phewf, I’m not a screwup, I’m just keeping my surroundings calm so we all remain calm!


I decided to share my garlic breath with everyone and stopped in the way home at Chapters to get a birthday gift for my friend’s son who turned one earlier in August. I bought him three Robert Munsch books and I’ve de used that this will be the beginning of a collection for him. image6.jpgThey are a lot of fun to read and he’ll enjoy them for many years.  Now I just have to find a safe spot for a list keeping track of which ones I’ve bought him.

I was obviously meant to go to Chapters today as they had a gluten free, dairy free cookbookSweet Eats For All I’ve borrowed from the library before on sale for $5!!! And they only had one left so it was meant to be!  As I write this I realize I probably should have been looking for a birthday present for my friend as well! I’ll have to think of something bird related for her.


I really wanted to start my next knitting project but figured I should finish something already started instead, so I finished my photo album for my trip to Montreal three years ago ( can you tell I’m behind lol). I’m happy it’s done, but mainly because it means tomorrow I can start a new knitting project! Now just to pick one….

Well I want to get up for a run in the morning so I’m off to sleep.

Have fun!