Merry Christmas to all!


I got a quick 26 minute cardio workout in this evening. I hope it worked off a bit of the turkey I ate today!


I finished The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom today. It was an interesting read- the life story of entertainer Frankie Presto.

I liked how the story is narrated by “music”. I also liked how the book included interviews from real life entertainers. Supposedly the author went and actually spoke to these entertainers. As well, with “music” telling the story it was neat how facts about other famous entertainers were included.

I think that anyone who enjoys thoughtful books or music would enjoy this easy read.

I walk d over to the community room with my mom after I finished reading the book to give it to the “give and take” and get some new books. My dad was teasing me that I came home with as many books as I took. Lol how else would I come home?

Christmas Dinner:

We had Christmas dinner across the street with a bunch of my parent’s friends from the RV park. There was tons of food there, but as I wasn’t sure what was in anything so I stuck with turkey, veggies and the aspic salad my dad made. It’s never a sacrifice to eat my dad’s aspic. It’s amazing, almost as good as his seafood cocktail!

Christmas Movies:

I have been torturing my father all day with Christmas chick flicks. I watched White Christmas and The 12 Dates of Christmas. Both were fine though nothing ever beats the classic Christmas movies for me! My dad has now absconded with the tv remote so we are watching John Wayne. This is a tradition in my family- a John Wayne marathon on Christmas Day. I have my favourites and thankfully he’s watching one of those:)

It was pretty close to my typical Christmas Day, though much quieter as there were only the three of us. It was way nicer to be like this than in the snow that’s coming down at home!

I really can’t believe the sky here in Arizona! It’s so beautiful!!!

Well I’m off to watch John Wayne and pretend it’s quality time with my parentsšŸ¤£

Merry Christmas to all!