Hallmark Workout

So I was asked today about my Hallmark workout so I will share today’s version at the end.


Lol I actually had to have my kids put their heads down on their desk and think of someway they could make our classroom awesome this afternoon. The twenty five and six year olds just can’t contain their Christmas excitement anymore! We have Elf on the Shelf excitement and escapades and advent calendars. I’m guessing some of these sweet treats are getting eaten before school🙄😳

Today we got to 275 items for the food bank donation. Whatever else they are, these families are generous!

We tackled chalkboard spelling and actually made it to whole words!! I’m so excited!

We also did another patterning sheet that went really well. The kids were all done in twenty minutes and with no mistakes!

We had gym today where we had Christmas themed relay races. We galloped like reindeer, did the Santa shuffle, and skipped like elves.

This afternoon we tackled patterned paper chains, but I messed up. We will try them again if we have time. I may just cut the strips myself and have it as an early finishers activity.

After school I had the fun of handing in my report cards. Let’s hope there are no corrections!


I came home quite quickly as I had promised that I would take Gus for ice cream today. He had tons of options, but there weren’t many for me so I had eggnog again. It was great to see my brother and nephew again as it seems like forever and probably was Thanksgiving. The great news is that my sister in law says they are staying home for Christmas dinner and I can join them. Thankfully this isn’t against the rules as I’m single. Single people are allowed to choose a “family” to join. I was told I have to bring ice cream though.


I spent a lot of the evening trying to create a calendar for my mom on Costco, but it just keeps saying all my photos aren’t high enough resolution. Sorry mom, I did try!

Ok I was asked about my hallmark workouts. I will say there are tons of these on google and I change mine up all the time as I get bored. Sometimes they are all cardio moves, or input a cardio move in between weight moves for a minute, other times I assign two exercises to each movie feature to make the workout longer. For example one thing might be both squats and plié squats. I usually assign five repetitions to each instance of the element. For example, one Christmas tree sighting might be worth five squats. I also have to admit I do a lot more movie elements than I see on the ones on Google. I also pay very close attention and get more instances as I want a harder/longer workout. Lots of these could be eliminated or combined.

Ok after all that, here’s what I did tonight.

I watched the movie Christmas Unleashed, which I have to admit is not my favorite, but it did the trick.

The elements I looked for:


Bright jacket- none seen

Snow falling/ sledding/ snowball fight-1

Hot drinks-4

Christmas tree or tree farm-8

Family tradition-1


Hugs/ kisses -7

Merry Christmas-12


Town Event-1

Ugly sweater-2


Festive name-none

Presents/ present wrapping/ unwrapping-1

Decorating/ decorations-5

Mention of holiday spirit-1


Awkward moment-4

Mention of a miracle-3

A fireplace/ fire pit-2

Advice from older relative-5


Some elements are added or deleted,depending on the movie. Flashbacks were added for this movie.

What I ended up doing:

15 front raises

Plank ( I took all the single instances and did a plank to the next minute so I ended up doing a 30 sec, 45 sec, 5 sec, 50 sec, 15 sec, 35 sec planks)

20 tricep extensions

40 squats

35 plié squats

60 crunches

10 mountain climbers per side

25 bicycle crunches

15 bent over rows

20 bicep curls

25 deadlifts

15 lateral raises

25 hip raises

10 sit ups

25 reverse crunches

I know I make this way more difficult than it needs to be.

If you want something simple I would recommend 10 jumping jacks every time someone says Merry Christmas, 5 squats every time there is a tree sighting, and 5 push-ups every time there is a hug or kiss. You’d probably get a good starting workout that way.

Well now you all know my horrible secret- I complicate everything!

Have fun!


Boxing Day

Definitely not my typical Boxing Day- no parties and no shopping.


The day came early at 4:30am and I was at the airport for 6:10am. I had quite the wait, but spent it catching up on the reader and making my photos smaller in the hopes of freeing up space for more photos.

I did finally arrive in Phoenix this afternoon. All was good until I discovered that I’ve lost my storage case and charging cord for my Aftershockz headphones☹️😫😥😢. I have emailed the airline but I don’t hold out much hope. I also emailed the company in the hopes I can purchase a cord and case. Next step will be try to contact Visa. I really hate when I do this type of thing:(


I got a very nice hug from my mom and I plan to get many more in the next week. Have to build up my stores to get through another 2.5 months! We managed to get out of the airport without yelling which is quite amazing!


We stopped in at Fry’s in Maricopa on the way home and I was amazed at the selection of Free From products. I tried to be good as I’d like to go home weighing less!


I had sent yarn and needles down with my mom and brought a free Ravelry pattern called “Waiting for Spring”. I got the ribbing done and made do with yarn for a stitch marker, but I may be in trouble as it now calls for changing to a larger circular needle and I only sent one set of circular needles down. Do you think I can just go on in the same size needle?


I have already made myself at home and taken over my dad’s Netflix. I was super excited to see The Great British Baking Show as I’ve read about it on so many blogs. I loved it!! I liked how I could just listen and the fact that they were nice to each other and helped each other out. I will definitely be trying to watch more of this series before I go home!

Now I’m onto a Hallmark Christmas movie- Christmas Inheritence. So far it’s cute!

Well, that’s it for me:)

Have fun!


Merry Christmas

My day was surprisingly quiet but lovely. I have a few pictures to show you but unfortunately I’m yet again out of memory:( I guess I’m going to have to step up and pay and change my site. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.


I was supposed to go to my brother’s for 8:45, but my sister in law texted about 7:30 and said they were already awake and to come anytime. I quickly baked the maple nut scones I had made previously for the Fantastic Bake Along. I knew immediately they weren’t going to be as good as last time. The batter was just too runny:(. I took them anyways, but at this point I’m almost afraid to try baking anything☹️


I sat and opened presents with my brother, sister in law and nephew. I love how they do one gift at a time so everyone can see what people got. I love watching people open gifts! They surprised me with a gift card for a pedicure. It was so not necessary!

My sister in law made an amazing breakfast of egg cups, bacon and fruit salad. It was all so yummy!!!!


I came home and got my dressing prepared. It’s always drier when it’s made outside the bird, but boy is it yummy! I tried cornbread stuffing but definitely prefer my pork and poultry seasoning- easy and yummy!


With my dressing done, I got out the door for a quick run. It was painful as I was way too overstuffed from breakfast! It did feel great to get out though in the cold!


I finished a green vest for next Christmas season (and I wore it tonight). I also did a green headband with the leftover yarn so that’s two skeins off my stash list.

I then started a cowl for the holiday market next year when I was at Brenda’s. I’ve used up two skeins on that so far so I’ll be able to take four skeins off the list:)


I got a change to take in Christmas Kiss this afternoon and this evening I am enjoying The 12 Men of Christmas. I have to watch this as we watched Die Hard 1 & 2 at Brenda’s and I need something sweet and happy before I try to sleep🤣


I spent the evening at Brenda’s knitting and watching movies. I enjoyed the quiet time and the dinner was amazing!!!! It takes forever to make and it only took twenty minutes to eat and clean up🤣


I ended up getting two tea pots, two boxes of tea and four tea mugs. Does everyone think I do nothing but drink tea? I’m going to have to go through and cull my mug collection so I can fit these new ones into the cupboard.

Well I’m off to bed as I’m getting up super early for a flight to visit my parents in the morning. I’m not sure what the WiFi situation is down there so you will either hear from me continuously for the next week or not at all. Let’s hope for the former!

Have fun and Merry Christmas everyone!


Happy Christmas Eve

It’s been a lovely day:)


I went out this morning for a run, but it didn’t go all that well as I was super hungry. Running after not eating for 15 hours wasn’t very successful.

I got out again this evening for a much longer run! This one was much more successful and finished off my 9km Squad Runner mission.


I spent the morning cleaning and tidying my place. I gave myself three hours to get as much cleaning done as possible. I love having a clean house, but so don’t love cleaning!


I spent this afternoon cooking and baking. I started to make the dressing for tomorrow when I realized the ground pork I had wasn’t gluten free so then I had to go looking for more. I tried two stores before I found ground pork, and I never found any more non dairy eggnog:(. There went being organized and prepared:(

I am still waiting for the pork to thaw so I got the apple crumble done for tomorrow night’s dinner. I also got the maple nut scones prepared for morning. They definitely aren’t the eggnog snickerdoodle doughnuts I wanted to make, but they will hopefully be good.


I have spent the rest of the time knitting my green vest. I’m hoping it’s ready for tomorrow but we’ll see. I really wanted to get a white tree put on it, but that is definitely not happening before 8am tomorrow morning.


I have definitely been hitting the Christmas movies hard today. I have watched the original Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas in Connecticut, A Very Merry Mixup, The Christmas Ornament and I am now watching Hitched For the Holidays. This is a new one for me and I am enjoying it. The lead male is gorgeous, but human. Hopefully it ends as cutely as it’s been going along!

Merry Christmas to all!


Couch Potato Status

My day was awesome, but I felt guilty for most of it🤣


My run this morning turned into a walk as no one else was running. This was a lovely walk because it was a gorgeous, sunny, cold morning, but it definitely didn’t balance my brunch out!

At least I finally got a bit of a run in this evening with the dog. I wasn’t sure if it was going to record as being fast enough to count with all the stopping and sniffing he was doing. Then at the end when I needed just two more minutes, he refused to budge. I ended up letting him into the house and doing the street one more time to finish up.


After letting the dog out, I ran home and finished my knitting project.

I am super happy with how it turned out! It’s the Everyone Likes Stripes Cowl, free on Ravelry.

I have a little bit of each of the colours left, plus a bit of a fourth colour, so I think I’ll try to make another scarf out of it.


I’ve spent the afternoon with a puppy dog on my lap watching Hallmark movies. All I can say is that it’s a really good thing that I don’t normally have cable!

The first movie I saw was Christmas in Graceland. It had Kellie Pickler in it and you could tell that the movie had been completely designed around allowing her to sing. The best part of this movie was the fact the lead actor was super cute!

The second movie was Christmas Joy. I enjoyed his movie and thought it was well done as I even cringed at the awkward moments🤣. I have to admit it was also very cool to see Hycroft house as the place where the “gala” was held when I was just there a couple of weeks ago.

Third up was the “Angel of Christmas”. The female lead seemed a little awkward, but the male lead is one of my Hallmark favorites:). The story was also quite unique- no widow with a single son in this one!

Ice Sculpture Christmas was back to a widower with a single daughter. It was neat to watch this movie as it takes place at Swan-e-Set golf course which is local to me and where my cousin got married. I always enjoy an opposites attract story and this one definitely was that! I just think they could have done a better job on the ending!


Today the Twinings Advent calendar had The Goodnight Blend which contains camomile and spearmint. When I opened the package it smelled very peppermint to me, but I suppose that’s the spearmint. I had my first cup early in the day and t was perhaps a little early as it was nice, but not what I needed at the time. I think it would be perfect just before bed though. It was quite refreshing and fresh.


The brunch was awesome as usual. We went to the Coquitlam Grill and I had my usual Sunriser Jumpstart.

I laughed when I was on the way out of the restaurant complaining of being way too stuffed and the owner said that that is the smallest dish on the menu 🤣

I also tried out Skip the Dishes tonight. It’s a popular program where I live where you can order from a local restaurant and someone brings it to you. I ordered from Freshii and it came right to my door. It worked great and I now have a healthy recess and lunch for tomorrow:)


Ugly Christmas Sweaters is the topic today. I have to admit that I’ve never worn an ugly Christmas sweater, however, I did get close! When I was young my grandma made me an outfit the included pants, shirt and bonnet that was in red, white and green stripes. I actually wore that outfit all day!!! That must count! These days I stick with wearing red and green clothes as much as possible at work during December and wearing my massive collection of Christmas earrings.

Well I have to go console a heartbroken puppy!

Have fun!


Just Off

I had a lovely day planned and it went according to plan, but something was just off:(


My day actually started at 3:30 when I was wide awake and booked tickets to visit my parents in the middle of nowhere this winter holiday. For the deal I got, I can afford to go to the middle of nowhere and do nothing for a week, though I am going to try and talk them into doing one thing while I’m there. We could go look around a nearby town or city, park, monument, trail, etc, just something so people don’t look at me weird when I go back home.

I decided to book this because I kept looking at tickets so I figured that meant I wanted to go. Hopefully my dad doesn’t drive me too crazy in seven days- maybe a miracle will occur. I just worry too much about what other people think of my decisions and I know I shouldn’t! I just have to focus on how restful and warm I will be there and I’ll get a little dose of my mom:)


After grabbing a few hours of sleep, I got up for my regular Sunday morning group run. It was a shorter one today as coffee and tea definitely seemed to be more important. Brenda wasn’t awake yet and Dennis has a chest cold so the forty minute run was just fine with all of us!


After a lovely cup of tea, I did make myself stop in and pick up a few things for the week. I decided to not buy much as I couldn’t remember what I had in the freezer and thought it would be better to just go back if I needed to!


I had decided today was the day to get ahead on some of the projects I have piled up. I started with sewing up Brady’s pants. Boy that kid can destroy a pant knee!! I hope the seaming doesn’t bother him too much as without using a patch, I didn’t really have any other options. I also got the rest of the curtains done for Liane’s camper. I’m really glad both of these things are out of my house! The only project I have left for other people are pillows for Brenda. I’ll have to get to them before Christmas.


I also got back to being organized and spent some time in the kitchen getting ready for the week. I made up a hash that I can cook an egg on top of each morning and be feeling very spoiled for my breakfasts. I also got my cereal portioned out for recess snack, and soup taken out of the freezer for lunches. Thankfully I also got the kitchen cleaned up after myself as that will also improve my week!


I also got a ton of laundry done and all of my new clothes entered into my clothing app. I have a cleaned off bed, and a clean hallway which was lovely to walk into! Now I just need to go through my sweater cupboard and get it tidied up too! I swear the sweaters rearrange themselves!


I finished my latest ARC that had to be done by November 30th. A Lot Like Christmas by Kait Nolan.

This is the story of the waitress Hannah Wheeler whom we have met in previous books. She is ready to re-enter life and fortuitously meets Ryan Malone, an army medic home on leave, at that very time!

I really enjoyed this book. I liked that Ryan developed over the course of the book. He starts out a man who has seen too much horror in his life and moves towards a man who remembers the good things he is fighting for.

I also like Hannah. She is multifaceted which made her much more realistic. When we start the book she is portrayed as a merry elf of a woman, but as we come to know her through the book, we find she has a backbone and has had her fair share of hardship. Her positivity is a choice, not naivety.

The story does go by very quickly! I didn’t want to do anything but read, and the quick timeline of a few weeks didn’t negatively affect the story. I liked how the ending was realistically portrayed as happening a year later.

This book also offers some humor in the form of the great uncle Percy. His timing is horrible, but led me to giggle several times:)

Finally, this book also communicated a great message. When Ryan is upset about something, Hannah encourages him to see that he was meant to be where he was. We can’t carry all the burdens or take all the blame for events.

I thank Kait Nolan for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book definitely keeps up the excellent Wishful series.


I also got some knitting done this evening, once I sat down. The bag I started last night is finished, except I’m blocking the handle so it hasn’t been attached yet. I will hopefully have a picture tomorrow, but surprisingly I’m really happy with it. It is the second project I’ve made from the knitting bags book I bought earlier this year:)


I have to admit, I rewatched Christmas movies as I was knitting. I watched A Very Merry Mix Up with Alicia Witt. I enjoy her as an actress, but every movie seems to show her running and she looks really weird when she runs! I like this movie because it shows a family that is seriously into Christmas and making it fun!

I’m thinking I should come up with a list of Fun Christmas things to do for the month of December so I don’t become a Scrooge! It will have to wait until tomorrow though as I’m exhausted. Maybe that’s what threw off my day?

Have fun!



I had an event today that I was somewhat worried about, but it turned out okay:)


My run this morning somehow turned into a walk. Usually there are at least four of us, two walk and two run, but today there were only three. Dennis and I must have had the same thought about not wanting to leave Brenda to walk on her own. She has a good pace so it was still exercise and not just a stroll:)

I did get a workout in this afternoon and it was much better than yesterday! It had about 15 exercises that I had to do three times each. It was all lower body today! For some reason it went much better and I had no problem doing the step up to back lunge, skaters, front- back hops, side to side hops, side leg lifts, squats, lunge jumps, and planks.

I was supposed to go for a run tonight, but it has turned into a rest night. I am trying very hard not be upset with myself for not going out for at least a little run, but it’s difficult. I’ve lost my streak😞


I got some groceries and for not planning to do a big shopping and coming home with very little, I still seemed to spend a lot!

I also managed to find a couple of bottles of wine for my friend, though they aren’t the ones I wanted. No liquor stores seem to have Church and State wine right now:(


About a month ago a friend who has moved to the island set up a luncheon as she was coming over here. It was today at 1pm and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. This friend came last year and stayed with a high school friend of ours who didn’t even tell me she was in town, just invited other friends of ours over:(. Today went okay though. There were thirteen of us and I think it helped that one was a very chatty guy we know so it wasn’t just our usual “possee” (what we called ourselves in high school. I so dislike losing friends and it definitely feels like I’ve lost this one. Today was okay but tough because she was very quiet and I also learned one of my best friends is going to Mexico for seven months. I will very much miss her!!!!!


I had checked the menu for the restaurant online and realized quickly they didn’t have a lot of options. They had one salad that was both vegan and gluten free but it just didn’t sound very appetizing to me. I knew I was taking a chance but I had an omelette with spinach and tomatoes and no cheese and a fruit salad. They put a gf bun on my plate, but it wasn’t worth the calories!

The food was fine and I haven’t gotten sick😀


I finished my second rug square today!!! Only six to go!

I wonder if I can do two a week and be done by the end of July???


I am still working away on my sweater and still happy with it. I know Kathy wants to see it, but I feel that that might diminish the excitement for when I finish it.


Last night I watched Sun, Sand and Romance.

It was cute and I liked the fact that it ended the opposite of most Hallmark movies. It was still happy, but different, which made a nice change.

Today I am back to being crazy and am watching “The Christmas Ornament”. I know, Christmas in July🤪. Though I did hear a commercial for Black Friday in July today so it must be okay:). I am enjoying this movie too. I love how baking is such a focus of it. I so want to bake, but don’t want to eat it all!!!

Well I’m off to bed as I am just so tired today!

Have fun!



A day without children.


It was a Professional Development day today so I had to sit and learn instead of teach. This always gives me a lot of insight into my students as I’m horrible at sitting and listening, especially in a freezing library!!! We had theory on the new Physical Literacy curriculum this morning followed by a half hour of hands on games. They were doing pretty good until the last one that put me right back into elementary school and reminded me why I hated gym class then! Three on three “you can’t touch me”. The object of the game was to pass the ball five times to get a point. I, of course, was guarded by the tallest person on the other team so I touched the ball once:(. It wasn’t fun!

This afternoon we had a meeting about a whole school ADST project we’re doing around the book “The Most Magnificent Thing”, where students have to create something out of a box. We’ve decided to tackle it in March so it’ll be interesting to see how it works.

I finished the day with some laminating and escaped. I loaded my car up with some donation stuff, but it was packed at the donation centre so I’ll have to go back another day.


I went out for lunch with five co-workers today for lunch. We went to our local sushi place and it was a disaster:( I asked and was told the steamed rice was gluten free. Great! I ordered two rolls that didn’t list anything I couldn’t eat and made sure the waitress marked down it had to be gluten free and dairy free. Well when my food arrived and I picked up a piece, just as it got to my lips,my lips started to burn ( early warning system I guess) and one of my colleagues cried stop. The side of the roll facing away from me was coated in tempura bits. The other roll had a deep fried, battered prawn in it:( I sent it back and ended up eating tuna sashimi.

This was the second disappointment of the day as there were snacks provided this morning so I didn’t eat breakfast. I got there and all I could eat was fruit:(. They had yogurt and muffins:(. I guess it was good as it definitely cut down on my calories for the day.


My tea today was David’s Tea: Coco Chai Rooibus. It was okay, not my favourite probably because I’m not a big chocolate lover,but I didn’t pour it out either.

By the way, the Oat milk worked well in my tea today:)


I stayed up late last night and got my sweater done! Who knew sleeves could take so long?!?! I am very happy with it and will wear it to school tomorrow.

I used the Anthi Pullover pattern that is free on Ravelry or through Knitty Magazine. On a side note, I seem to make a lot from Knitty. I made the ties at the neck shorter and I may just make it so the neckline buttons. I also lengthened the sleeves as they were very short! I used the Riverstone Yarns fingering weight yarn I bought at Knit City so I’m happy about that! I made the XS and before I started I was very worried it would be too small, but now that I see it, I’m glad I didn’t make it any bigger. The amazing thing is that I actually checked the gauge before starting and was right on! I ended up with only 5 yards of yarn left. I got it entered for the HPKCHC class of Care of Magical Creatures. Hopefully it will work for that!


It has been pouring here for days so I’ve been very unmotivated to run. I forced myself to get out there tonight though. My Runkeeper came up with a speed interval workout so I did it, but my phone died with two minutes left:(. I felt so uncoordinated and yet it was my fastest run in the last little while. In the end I was glad I went as the sun peeked through the clouds and made my favourite type of light and it actually didn’t rain on me until the very end.


I started getting the Boston photos labelled that I picked up late last week. I am so looking forward to having all those photos off my phone! Maybe it will stop acting so weird!!


I watched The Best Christmas Present Ever tonight. It was very sweet and had not one, but two cute men in it:)

Well I’m off to read before bed.

Have fun!



Well I’ve definitely had a quiet weekend!


I was hoping this morning that another woman would join our group who would run with me, but I yet again ran on my own. I told my friends walking I would be about forty minutes, but it actually only took me 28 minutes to get around the park. I did a little extra on the flats to make up some time and get my average pace down from 7:01 to 6:57🤣. Nobody should ever let me see a stat!

It felt great today as it was a double exercise day with a Lyndsay workout this evening. I don’t know why I like that woman so much when she made me do: 150 jumping jacks, 82 push-ups, 140 squats, 87 sit ups, 215 lunges, and 84 mountain climbers. It was all split up of course, so I didn’t know I was doing that many! I changed burpees to mountain climbers so my downstairs neighbours wouldn’t lynch me and I split the squats so I did normal, sumo and plié to work my entire leg. I was definitely sweaty by the end!


I really wanted to be reading The Trouble with Gold today, but these sleeves are taking forever and I can’t watch movies with them so I’ve been listening to Wives and Daughters on Librivox. It’s a good book- has even made me smile at times, though it still seems familiar. Maybe I can read my book tomorrow during my seminar.


I watched The Sweetest Christmas tonight. It was fine. I liked the ending.

I got some laundry done and the house tidied slightly, but mostly…


I have been a knitting machine for the second day in a row and hopefully will be done this sweater tonight!!! Now I just have to figure out how to get it to count for a HPKCHC class!

Product Review:

I tried another product that I got from the GF Expo today. It was a Chocolate Chip Cookie from Wendel’s.

The other day when I took cookies to my secretary, the principal commented that they weren’t like chalk and I didn’t really understand what she was saying, but now I do! It was perfectly circular and quite pretty, but it was so dry it disintegrated in my hand as I was biting into it. It also didn’t have much taste:( I won’t be buying this product. I would suggest they explore the world of vegan butter because their cookies needed some!


I also tried making Cinnamon Oat Milk from Emma’s Eats tonight. It wasn’t difficult to make, though it did take about 35 minutes, but only because I only had a Tea strainer. If it’s good tomorrow I will definitely buy cheesecloth before I make it again:)

Well I’m off to finish watching Christmas in Homestead with the impossibly cute mayor and hopefully finish these sleeves!

Have fun!


Bread Recipe

I wanted to call the post A First because I did something today I’ve never done before, but I’m going to attach the bread recipe I used today and I need to be able to find it🤣


I had avocados in the fridge and desperately needed bread to spread it on, so I got busy this morning and got the dishes done and the bread machine going. I used this Recipe. It turned out I didn’t have any milk so I made up some soy milk powder and used that. Amazingly this bread still tasted delicious and was relatively light for a gf bread machine loaf. There is nothing like a slice of bread still warm from the oven!!


I was supposed to do a 10km run this morning but it has been cold and drizzly all day and I just didn’t want to trudge through that for ten kilometres! I’m hoping for some dry weather before the end of the month so I can still fulfill my monthly goal.

I did do a Lyndsay workout this evening though. It was actually the only time I got out of my jammies all day, something I have never done before as I was raised that if you were up, you were dressed. I have been nice and warm and cosy all day so I may have to do this again!

However, back to exercise. Here is the workout I did:

It did its job as I was hot and sweaty by the end.


I have been knitting on my sweater all day and thought I would have it to show you, but unfortunately I’m not done the sleeves yet. By weight I think I should be doing the ribbing, but to the eye there is still a lot of yarn left and I want my sleeves as long as possible. I think I’m going to get a second pair of DPNs and start on the other sleeve so I can just work on both at the same time and knit them as long as possible. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a reveal!


I have watched a lot of movies today as I was knitting away! I have watched Finding Santa, The Christmas Cure, Midnight Masquerade, Eat, Play, Love and The Perfect Bride. I am now onto The Christmas Ornament. I really think I should get a job with Hallmark as I have definite opinions about their movies now 🤣

Well, I’m off to set up my other sleeve and finish my movie as I have an early run in the morning.

Have fun!