Christmas All Around

I saw a little bit of Christmas everywhere:)


I got out for a run after school today- nothing pretty or fast, but at least I went. I know I did at least half an hour as I just did a usual route, but my phone turned off halfway:(. Grrrrr!

I was so happy to get out before dark but this picture would have worked better in the dark!


We had the dress rehearsal for the holiday concert today. The Holstein did very well. Now my co-teacher and I just have to figure out what we’re doing! 🤣

We made cards with our big buddies this afternoon. They are not quite finished, but are already interesting! My favourite says, ” you are my favourite parents”.🤣

I just realized that my students didn’t pick up a pencil at all today, except to write their planner message. I’m obviously being way too easy on these children! It was funny when a very sociable little boy came up to me today and said, “I’m the second one done my planner and I didn’t talk to anyone!” Now I just need him to make the connection between those two things!!!🤣 (I did try to help with that connection).


The tea today is cream of Earl grey which I have had many times before. I forgot my fireplace on today so am feeling too warm for tea tonight:(


I went to a retirement party for one of my running buddies tonight who works at our local running store. It was held at a local brewery. If it had been anyone else or if I didn’t have this blog to fill, I would have stayed home on my couch!  It was a lovely few hours. I just don’t really get the appeal of standing among huge vats on a concrete floor drinking beer?!?!  I am glad I went as I hadn’t been in this local brewery before and I always like to experience things once, but I still don’t get it. It was nice to see so many people to come out to hibor my friend- I definitely wouldn’t be a runner today if it wasn’t for her and her husband!


I got signed up to be sorted for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group that I am part of on Ravelry. I really don’t care which group I am in, just love that it helps me decide which projects to do!

I’m also glad that I got a few of my projects put up on Ravelry too. I seem to be getting behind in everything:(

For those of you who were wondering, here is a picture of the dog sweater that I made for my colleague’s dog.

She kept saying today that I should be selling my work, I didn’t tell her that there are many people way more talented than me who are selling their work. It’s just a hobby for me:)

I am still working on my niece’s rainbow toque tonight as I watch Christmas movies.

Christmas Movies:

Well I am in the middle of Christmas in Homestead where a movie star comes to film in a small Idaho town and the mayor is not happy about it. Lol I’ve never seen such a young and cute mayor in my life!

Have fun!


A Good Day

It was a lovely quiet morning with a surprisingly fun party this evening:)


It felt so good to get a workout in with Lyndsay today!!! We did 31 minutes on the treadmill- rolling hills and then did three sets of weight exercises.  It’s amazing that it took one workout and felt better!


I had a quiet morning of hanging out with Banks and reading. Lol I couldn’t read my book though as I needed to catch up on my wordpress reading.  It took me hours!!  I’m hoping that now that I’m caught up I’ll be able to finish my Mitch Albom book!

Christmas Movies:

I watched Love Actually today which is one of my favourite movies. I should have watched it on DVD however as the tv changed things. I find it amazing that we allow so much violence on tv but will change a movie so there is no curse word.


Today’s tea was Sleigh Ride. I have had this tea before as a guy I dated had bought it for me for Christmas one year.  I love this tea as it’s never bitter and yet it’s not overwhelming either.


I am participating in the Fantastic Bake Along- Cherry Tarts Edition that is hosted by Tracy at T Sweets Day.  Lol it was an experience making these tarts as I’m at my brother’s place. My sister in law is an amazing cook but obviously doesn’t bake as I had to roll out the dough with a can of whip cream.  They turned out pretty enough but I wish I had managed to roll the dough out thinner so there was less dough and more filling! 

These were super quick and easy to make and I would definitely add them to any dessert tray this time of year! The only change I had to make to make them allergen friendly was to use gluten free flour.  I did not do the icing on top as I felt they were sweet enough but I planned to use dairy free milk in it.


After working out with Lyndsay, we both quickly went home to clean up and then I met up with her and her son Brady to go to a Christmas party a colleague had invited us both too.  This worked great for me as I really don’t like walking into an event alone! The social anxiety was also limited by the peppermint martinis that were being served. I walked in the door, the older kids stole Brady away and we were handed drinks. They were super yummy!! The cool thing was that the bottle of peppermint vodka was scratch and sniff! The bottle didn’t smell at all until you scratched it and then it smelled yummy!  I wasn’t expecting to, but ended up having a really good time! The renter from downstairs just came up and said he would help out with Banks if I needed it. Just too bad he didn’t say this before I left the party early to come home and let Banks out.

Well I must go back to my full time job of throwing the ball for Banks.  He’s a taskmaster!

Have fun!


So Cute

My day was pretty typical for lately. I want to get back to my normal reading, running, baking and knitting!




We got our parent gifts organized and wrapped today. Do I need to make a card to go with them?

We practiced our Christmas concert song again. The children did okay, but the music teacher changes our song slightly and we managed to mess it up today. I hope we’re okay for he dress rehearsal on Monday though!

This afternoon we did a directed drawing picture of a reindeer. They turned out so cute and the children were so into it!!

This was mine as I’ve already put them all up on the clothesline in my classroom. I love directed drawing because the children have to practice their quiet listening and usually the art turns out better!

I had one little guy this afternoon who after lunch said he was worried he wouldn’t be able to go to the movies with his mom after school because he hadn’t been good this morning.  Awwww:( Thankfully I could report he had an awesome afternoon:)

I ran home at lunch to let Banks out and then again right after work.


I met up with Emily and Melissa this evening to see the movie Lady Bird.

I knew absolutely nothing about the movie. It was quite artistic and I’m sure there will be some academy award nominations for the movie. I was shocked when the lights came up as the movie just seemed to end.

We finished the evening up with dinner at the Cactus Club. I was really hoping for something holiday inspired, but they really didn’t have anything so I ended up with tuna stacks and a seasonal daiquiri.


Today’s tea from the David’s Tra advent calendar is a raspberry cream pie. I’ve had two cups from it and the second was as delicious as the first. This is definitely a tea I would buy again!

Christmas Movie:

I’ve been trying to watch The Christmas Inheritence on Netflix this evening, but yet again Google seems to hate me and keeps turning off the projector:(

Oh well, that must mean it’s time for bed!

Have fun!



Sorry there was no post up last night. My phone had died and I fell asleep before it turned back on:(


Yesterday I tried to do another run with Banks, but he was having none of it:(  He turned around halfway down the block on every walk and run,  grrrrr. I thought dogs were supposed to like to run and walk!

The best I got in the exercise department was a minute of jogging on the spot every time I steeped a cup of tea.


We had a short day yesterday due to parent-teacher conferences after school. I was lucky and only had to be there until 4pm, but I felt bad for the teachers who were there until 6pm!  Of course, they are all done now, and I have two more conferences to look forward to next week:(  I’ve always said that parents are the toughest part of my job! If there is an orphanage looking for a teacher, I’d jump on that!  The parents weren’t too bad – I spoke a lot about how physicality is normal for six year old boys and that we are still providing reminders to use our words, not our bodies. That time management is not a six year old’s strength, and that yes, they need to do practice at home!  All in all, not bad. I just find some parents difficult to read, so I never know if they’re satisfied with what I’ve said or not.


Nothing!  We had lunch brought in for us courtesy of one of our daycares and then the principal provided dinner. I need to get back to eating an appropriate amount of healthy food! My pants were tight yesterday morning:(  I have to make lemon bars for a co-worker’s husband next week, but I will try to make that my only baking!


The tea in my advent calendar was lemon yesterday. It smelled very strongly of lemon and that was neat, but I can’t say that it was my favourite:(


I delivered the dog sweater yesterday and I got started on the toque to match my niece’s handwarmers. It should be done relatively quickly and it felt good to make some progress on these projects that are hanging over my head!

Christmas Movies:

I went slightly crazy on Christmas movies last night. I watched December Bride, which I quite enjoyed. Then I watched the 12 Gifts of Christmas which was equally enjoyable and I finished it off with a Netflix Christmas movie which I can’t remember the name of right now.  I guess it wasn’t as good as the other two.

Well that was my entire day in a nutshell! I’m hoping for less eating today!

Have fun!


Just Another Day

Sorry I have a boring day to report:(


Two walks with Mr. Banks and a third to come, but that’s it. He really didn’t want to go for a walk, even though it was a beautiful morning!


Not a very exciting day. We just chugged along getting stuff done. There was no nudity nor melt downs and parents all co-operated with setting up conference times. I have five conferences out of twenty one parents and it’s a new report card so that seems pretty good to me.

We had a tea party after school today for a retirement. 

I didn’t get to stay long and wasn’t much into the food:( I was off to a doctor appointment where I found out my head and glands have improved really well and the upset stomach should go away in a couple of days.  Right now, I guess u might as well just see it as a diet tool to lose the high tea and book club weight gain:(

Dog Sitting:

Banks really didn’t want to walk this morning, but he was better when I came home for lunch. He’s been a bad boy this morning and has chewed up my EOS lip balm container and balm. Now I have to worry all night that he’s going to get sick:(


The tea today was coffee pu’erh.  I don’t like coffee so I didn’t particularly care for this tea either:(

Christmas Movies:

I am on my second Christmas movie of the day, well I guess technically third. I watched most of A Christmas to Remember this morning, though I needed to leave before it ended. They really need to adjust school hours so I can see all of the Christmas movies in the morning🤣. I watched the last bit of Four Christmases and a Wedding when I got home. Right now I am watching A December Bride while waiting for Mistletoe Inn to come on. LOL. My doctor says his wife likes watching Christmas movies too and they are Jewish. See these movies are universally adored🤣🤣🤣 except by my family!

Well I’m back to my Christmas movies.

Have fun!


A Festive Cap

I spent the entire day sleeping but felt so good (except for my stomach) that I put a festive cap on the day😀

Exercise: none

Teaching: none


Last night I finished the book, Christmas Nights: A Diamond Creek, Alaska novel by JH Croix.

The story is of Janie Stevens and Travis Wilkes. Travis is relatively new to the small Alaska town and considered a good guy and an amazing bachelor. Janie has grown up in town but is scarred by the experience her mother’s ex boyfriend.

I liked that the book is about a grade one teacher. The teacher life was relatively realistic, though I have to say I’d like to be relieved to guide a cute fireman around my school!🤣. I also liked the supporting characters in this story- both Travis and Janie had a good support network of people to talk to and to straighten them out.  The Christmas theme was subtle, but still present. I found the fact that Janie was always described with the same word by everyone as annoying and unrealistic, and the pace seemed fast, though perhaps I just move too slow!  I liked how the author included a good wrap up at the end of the story that told you what happened to everyone. However, that wrap up came really abruptly. It was almost like the author got tired of writing, stopped, wrote the wrap up and called it done!?!

I think that anyone who likes small town, Christmas or enjoys a mans man would enjoy this story.

Knitting: none today as I slept from 9am-2:43pm:(

Gluten free/ Dairy free Products:

I’ve tried a few new things over the past weeks that I thought I’d share with you.

The first is another brand of dairy free egg nog. I have since called a halt to all the egg nog drinking:)

This egg nog is thicker than the So Delciious Egg Nog I shared with you before, but it didn’t really seem to have as much taste. It didn’t replace So Delicious as my favourite. I just can’t have it in my house as it with gingerbread tea is addictive!

I have also tried a few types of cracker products. Most of the time my shopping involves just fruits, veggies and protein so I don’t buy a lot of processed food. These next two were on sale and so made it into the basket.

These mini breadsticks were pretty yummy! I found them in the Italian section of Save On Foods. I had a few meals consisting of them and antipasto that a friend had made. They were not dry as a bone which was a nice surprise and they had a good flavour to them. If I was socializing and needed a gluten free item for a dip, I would pick these up:)

The second cracker I tried was a glutino sea salt cracker. Glutino makes one of my favourite gluten free breads so I was excited to see these on sale!

I have to say that I didn’t absolutely love them. They were good, but just a little off for me. I have to admit though that I was eating them without anything on them and with an unhappy stomach so maybe I’d better give them another shot at a different time.

The other product I’ve been drinking is the Tropicana Probiotics juice. I don’t drink a lot of juice as drinking doesn’t fill me up so it seems like a waste of calories, but with. Rug on antibiotics I thought it would be a good idea to have some probiotics in my diet. I just didn’t realize how difficult this would be since I ant have dairy. 

Sorry for the empty bottle picture!

I bought the peach passion fruit and the strawberry banana flavours of this juice. At my local grocery store those were the only choices. I liked the peach passionfruit better than the strawberry banana. I think it could taste really good as a mimosa!!!🤣

Christmas Movies:

Today, after my long nap, I watched Marry Me At Christmas.

I was super excited to watch this because it’s based on a novel by Susan Mallory that I just read! It is set in Fools Gold and tells the story of Maddie and Johnny.  I liked the movie though it doesn’t precisely follow the book. I think the changes were made to shorten it up and to suit the Hallmark style. It was lovely and nice the characters didn’t fall instantly in love!

Christmas Event:

This evening I decided to try leaving the house and see how it went as I’m planning to go back to work tomorrow. I walked over to a village Christmas festival that is only two blocks from me! How have I never made it to this festival in the last ten years?!?!

I was a little early so I stood by their enormous tree and listened to a concert band.

This tree might be tough to sleep with right outside your window!

The band was very cool though because it had a range of ages in it from high school kids to seniors. I had forgotten how much I enjoy live music.  I had gone to this festival thinking that I need to get out more and do festive things, and this was certainly a good start!

Lyndsay and her son arrived and we took off to have a look at the booths. One thing I noticed right off was that I would have had the booths much more decorated! They were very plain!  Lyndsay’s son immediately found the cookie decorating tent:) It was weird though as there didn’t seem to be anyone running it. I think this festival also needed some people dressed up! How fun would it be to decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus!  This lack didn’t affect the taste of the cookies🤣

I then learned that there were horse drawn rides! I never knew that and it’s always been a dream to ride in a horse drawn sleigh ( yup too many romantic comedies and chic lit in my life- but this actually comes from a puzzle I did as a kid🤣).  It wasn’t quite a horse drawn sleigh, but it was a horse drawn trolley that took us around the block with Christmas Carols loud:). I was happy with the experience!

Luke and Nat were Percheron horses and very well behaved:)

We stopped to try some dairy free egg nog!!! I was so excited to see something I could drink that I forgot about how upset my stomach had been. It probably wasn’t my best move of the night, but I got the recipe from the woman as it was really good! The only con was that it wasn’t a warm drink so it didn’t thaw my feet! Yes mom, I was well wrapped up in a scarf, toque, snowshoeing jacket and two layers of wool, but fur lined boots are now on the list!

Our last stop was probably our most exciting as I didn’t realize this existed!!!

It’s a truck full of books!!!!!!!! How cool is that? It’s like a dream to have the books brought to me:) The best surprise was that the prices were reasonable! I picked up a book about reversible knitting and Lyndsay grabbed a Christmas book for her class and a gift for her mom! It finished the festival off great for me:)

We did stop by the fire truck display so Lyndsay’s son could check it out ( while we checked out the cute firemen, but wow do they ever seem young now!). I keep looking for the foreman who helped at my accident ( last year) so I can thank him for his assistance, but he wasn’t there.

It was a lovely festive cap to the day:) and I managed to survive an hour out so off to work I go tomorrow!

Have fun!