My Weekend

Saturday was tough, but today was much better.

On Saturday I felt like the world was against me, but it was all just little annoying things.

I started the day with a very short run as I didn’t want to aggravate my hip before my Sunday long run.

I then had to play around with the tire inflator until it would work. I drove to the tire shop, worried about how fast it would deflate, but I made it. The seal was broken, so it turned out to be a pretty cheap fix, though I did get told I need four new tires before winter. I’m hoping for a new car instead.

I stopped on the way home to deal with the fact that Chapters had sent me yet another copy of the book I had ordered. I wonder how many they are going to send me?!?!

When I got home, I was settling in for an afternoon of cross stitch when my tea toppled and spilled all over the cross stitch I have been working on all year. I put it into water quickly and hope that it is not tea stained.

Things settled down for a while, until I decided that I should do my weights. I was just getting into the groove of my weights workout when I managed to spill a full water bottle all over my spare bedroom and then my weight rack fell over. The guy downstairs came up to check on me cause it made that much noise!

At this point I decided to crawl into bed and read my book!


Today started with a nice ten kilometer run with Sarah and Dennis. It was much slower than I would normally go, but was still good to get out.

After coffee, I went grocery shopping and got food for the week. I went on to my third salad recipe from Love and Lemons called brussel sprout salad. It was very easy to make. I used my mandolin to cut the brussel sprouts and managed not to hurt myself this time. I really love the OXO glove I bought for using my mandolin, grater and rasper!

I cooked up a roast beef for the week and did some baking, but you’ll have to wait until the last Saturday to hear about that.

Between bouts of knitting, I face timed with the Bookclub and talked on the phone with a friend.

At this point I think I’m going to crawl into bed with my knitting so that the weekend will end on a high point.

Have fun!


The Weekend

It has been a nice weekend, though I do wish I had had more plans.


I learned that it is probably a good thing that I do not have cable at home as I spent 12 hours on Saturday watching Hallmark movies and knitting.

I did accomplish something though as I finished my sweater! The Weekender is done and it may actually become a favourite.

The pattern is by Andrea Mowry and is very well written. The only change I would make now is to do a different cast off on the neckline and I did a different cast off on the sleeves. The neckline cast off doesn’t stretch at all and I have the feeling it is going to break:(

The yarn I used is Arranmore Light by The Fibre Co. This was a kit through Fibre Co and I have to say I absolutely love this yarn. It has a beautiful depth of colour.

I’m sorry but all you’re getting is one bad photo.

I like that it is not tight, but it also doesn’t have 10″ of ease as I would drown in that much ease.


Today I met up with Sarah for a run while Dennis walked with James. We managed a 5.18km run around the dyke at an okay pace. I always have to remind myself that not every run has to be fast. I was not happy to wake up with a sore right hip and a sore left knee. Thankfully neither really bothered me on the run.

I also did a NourishMoveLove workout called a 20 Minute Full Body HIIT workout. I did change a few moves so that I didn’t remain in a squat, but nothing really bothered my lower half.

I decided to also do a ten minute full body stretch video and added on another ten minutes of stretching and about 15 minutes of rolling. Hopefully this will all help with the knee and hip.


Today I made the broccoli salad which is the second salad from Love and Lemons. I’ll tell you all about it when I actually have it for a meal.

I have spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what to knit with 450 meters of a red cotton. I had planned to do Sense of Summer too but when I started knitting I realized it wasn’t very well written and I didn’t want to tackle it. If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Have fun!


From Full to Empty in Moments of Waking

I was expecting to have a very busy day, but within moments of waking up, 2/3 of my plans were cancelled. Thankfully I managed to be productive anyways and have ended the day with a nice treat.


The one plan that wasn’t cancelled was my run. I did an 8km run with Dennis out on the Dyke. It wasn’t my best run and it wasn’t my worst. I think I just went out too fast. It was nice to have the jump in mileage though!

I also got another NourishMoveLove workout done this evening. Can you tell I am enjoying these workouts. This one was a twenty five minute booty, cardio and core band workout. I do like how she does the whole workout with you and that the workouts seem to go very fast. It is a little tough to watch a woman who just had a baby, beat your butt though!🤣


I seemed to have a lot of energy today and got my dishes done, all of my laundry done, and my living room tidied up.


I let myself do an hour of knitting on my new Weekender project this morning. However, I didn’t know her entire hour would be spent casting on. I had never done the tubular cast on before so didn’t know it took six rows! I guess it’s good to learn something new.

This evening I have gone back to the project and am just at the boring rib stage.


I want enough progress that it can be seen on Sunday, so I spent an hour stitching this afternoon while the sun was out. I don’t know if I’ll quite make my goal, but I should be close.


I had bought material for four tank tops yesterday and I don’t want to be the person who has the material hanging around for years, so today I got busy and made a second tank top. I managed to make many mistakes on this one too, but also managed to fix them, so I’m taking it as a win.

I wore the tank for my workout this afternoon and it was super comfy so there will definitely be three more. I did buy enough material for two in each fabric, but I think I will look for a different pattern for the second in each.


It was also on my list to make up my second Fresh Prep meal today and I actually managed to do so. Tonight it was Lemongrass Chicken with Nuoc Cham and Romaine Salad.

It was supposed to be a barbecue recipe, but I just did my chicken on the stove. I also learned that Nuoc Cham refers to an Asian style dressing. The meal was quite yummy, though I don’t feel like it was worth the cost with it being mainly salad.!


This evening I got a text from my running buddy asking if I was busy I was immediately concerned and thinking she needed a ride to emergency as I have had this text in the past and I knew she had been experiencing abdominal pain for about a week.

It turned out she had just come from emergency and was waiting for a prescription to be filled and wanted me to meet her for coffee. A way better circumstance!

It was a lovely treat to get to finish my day having tea with a friend and talking knitting!

Well, I’m going back to knitting as I try to decide if I should run tomorrow or not?

Have fun!


I Wonder

I didn’t run this morning and I had a bit of an unsettled day, I wonder if there’s a correlation there? I’ll have to track this!


I’ve just been rereading books so nothing good to talk about here.


Still trying to decide on my next sweater. I want raglan, top down with some interest on the sleeves and hem. As I write this I realize I have a pattern in my Anne Budd book for a raglan v neck sweater. Maybe I’ll just adjust it. I will explore this more tomorrow.


Instead of knitting I did some stitching after my lovely nap, but you’ll see more on this tomorrow.

Baking/ Cooking:

I woke up this morning wanting to make scones and when I was having such an off day I ended up making the scones late this afternoon to see if that helped. It didn’t and the almond flour cookbook once again let me down. The raisin scones taste good but they are much more like cakey cookies than scones:(

I had to get started on my fresh prep meals as I’ve had them since Wednesday night. I made the coriander cod with butter beans and broccoli today. It was supposed to take thirty minutes but took me 45 minutes. The recipe wasn’t difficult and I love roasted broccoli! As well, I’m not sure I love coriander.

The veggies were great but I don’t know about the fish!

Other than dusting, doing laundry and switching my house over to its spring/summer colour, I think this is all I did today.

Have fun!


Stretching My Skills with Sally

I had another AJ day and it was as wonderful as ever. My only problem is definitely a first world problem!


I yet again couldn’t sleep in, so I was up in plenty of time for my run with Dennis. He picked me up and we went to Burnaby Lake Park with the plan to run the end of the Central Valley Greenway which runs from the lake to a very busy road. This bike path does carry on, but only on roads so I vetoed going further.

I had warned Dennis this morning that I wouldn’t be able to run fast as I was concentrating on weight loss right now (read being very careful with my calories) and I had heard on a podcast that if you’re concentrating on weight loss you can’t expect speed.

Well my run started slowly, but then the next four kilometers were all very close to 6:00 kilometers. At the end, I was five seconds off of my fastest five km ever and boy was I kicking myself for that slow start.

This path would be a great place to try for a 5km record as it’s 2.48km out and it is about as flat as it gets around here.

This evening I also did 28 minutes of yoga. When I was at the library I took pictures of a yoga sequence in a magazine and decided to try it out as I know I need to do more stretching. The sequence was okay, but I ended up adding a whole bunch of other moves to it. I really need to sit down and make a list of yoga moves as when I’m doing them, I can’t think of any!


I hit the library to return a book today and though I was not supposed to get any more books, I of course came home with four more. I plan to go curl up in bed and read as soon as I get this post up!


I knew I had no choice but to get at least one of my Fresh Prep meals cooked up today. I decided on the Veggie Machine Tahini Bowl. This recipe said it would take 25 minutes, however it took me 40 minutes. You start by roasting sweet potato and chickpeas and cooking rice. You then marinate kale and red cabbage and make a tahini dressing. You layer these ingredients and top with cilantro and avocado.

There was nothing difficult about this recipe and it did have a good kick of spice to it. Fresh Prep did forget to include the rice spice, but they have given me a credit for it, so that was kind of them and I didn’t notice it’s absence. I would definitely get this one again, but also feel that it would be quite easy to alter at home according to personal taste.

Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. Most of the people in my life asked why I was doing this, thankfully there are people like Abbey! I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For February, the challenge was Perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting. I have to admit that I had no idea what this frosting was as I hadn’t heard of it. After making it, it reminds me of the frosting on a DQ ice cream cake and that used to be one of my favourite parts of that cake, so I’m glad I made it.

The recipe only takes five ingredients- egg whites, sugar, butter, vanilla and salt. I was doing really well with the egg whites and sugar and I did get stiff peaks, however, once I added the butter and vanilla, my frosting was quite runny. I put it in the fridge like Sally suggests for this problem, but it never recovered.

The recipe didn’t seem super tough, but maybe I shouldn’t say that as I wasn’t particularly successful. One thing I would say about this recipe- I wouldn’t attempt it without a really good stand mixer!!!

These are my poor cupcakes which I will force upon my running buddies tomorrow.

Thanks Abbey for taking on this challenge with me:)


All the rest of my day has been taken up with knitting (oh and a little stitching so I have something to show for the SAL next week).

I seem to be averaging a Hat a day, so today’s hat is he Kitimat – another free pattern on Ravelry. This is actually named after the city North of me by many hours. The pattern page shows it in gray and white which I loved, but I also really liked it in my purple and white worsted weight. The pattern was really simple to follow, though I did find it a bit long. I also learned that I may use my Michael’s gift card for a Pom Pom market!

Finally I also made another small headband which got me to my stash goal. Every skein used now is just gravy!

That is my big problem- I want to make a sweater, but there are so many I want to make that I just can’t decide. It has gone past fun to debilitating. I am wondering how everyone else chooses what they are going to knit next?????

Well my books are calling me… right

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #41

It was a good day, but with odd moments.


It was actually a pretty good day. We got through a community poem this morning and the printing of m. We got through the counting back strategy for subtraction and a community ABC mini book.

More important to me was that I got through all but one reading assessment and three more report cards. It is so great writing report cards in the same room as my friend as with the little people who drive me crazy in many ways- she is able to tell me what sticks out to her when she’s in the room and I comment on that.

A few years ago when I had older students I had a chart where they got a sticker for every 100 minutes of reading. I have been at a loss to figure out how to motivate my students to do their home reading as so far only two boys have brought in five home reading sheets (how many they’ve had time for). So today, I started a chart where they get a sticker for every home reading sheet they bring back. I am hoping this will light a fire under a few of my competitive children and get them to read!


After work I had a massage, and read some more of the kids Bookclub book.

I had a real hankering for protein and had some chickpeas in the fridge so decided to roast them up. I used a recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook which called for a little bit of olive oil and then garlic powder, onion powder, salt and cayenne. They were so good! I didn’t use precise measurements, but just sprinkled a bit of each on. I highly recommend this recipe. Back on parchment lined pan for 20 minutes at 400 degrees, shake the pan and hen bake for another 15 minutes.


It was tv night. I knew:

Which city did Cheers set in?


What was the cul de sac in Knots Landing:

Seaview Circle

Who was the teacher in Head of the Class?

Howard Hessman

What was the name of the boat on The Love Boat?

Pacific Princess

Where did Three’s Company take place?

Santa Monica

What were the two character’s names on Mad About You?

Paul and Jamie

What were the three girls names on Full House?

DJ, Stephanie, Michelle

Which show is Doogie Hauser now on?

How I Met Your Mother

Who played the Big Head on 3rd Rock From the Sun?

William Shatner

What character did Drew Carey play on Drew Carey Show?

Drew Carey

Who was Kevin’s girlfriend on Wonder Years?


Are Fred Savage and Ben savage related?


Who played the Nanny on The Nanny?

Fran Drescher

Which war is MASH set in?


What was the name of the father in Frasier?

Martin Crane

What was the name of the daughter in All in the Family?


What is the movie that continues Breaking Bad?

El Camino

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Terry Fox Run

It thankfully was a better day that started off well.


I got up before the sun today to meet L for a workout. It’s always tough to get up and out the door, but on the way home, I felt so great that it makes it worth it:)

We did a half hour on the treadmill that combined speed work and hills. Ugh isn’t one of those at a time enough?? I did get 4.18km out of it though. We then moved to weights and did bicep curls, squat jumps (mine were much smoother than usual), squats, hip bridges with skipping intervals regularly. I pushed myself to use more weight than usual and was more successful than I was expecting, so it was all good:)


My students were much better today. We started the day with the Terry Fox Run. I got to attend the assembly with my students but the run was during my prep. I was super torn as it’s such a fun event to do with the children, but I get so little prep time that I always feel like I need to take it. Thankfully the prep was super productive and the kids still had fun with the music teacher.

We wrote about the run after recess and then after lunch we had our first buddy meetup. It was cool to see how well it worked out.

My students were all much better behaved today, though I spoke to one little guy first thing this morning about interrupting and so later in the morning he waited his turn to talk to me but ended up having a slight accident. We will definitely be discussing when and how to interrupt on Monday. I just really hope I don’t hear from the parents about this!


I bartered with myself and decided against an afternoon snack, but I stopped and got the ingredients for Mac and cheese. I made the sauce based loosely on this Minimalist Baker recipe and used Miyokos mozzarella cheese. It was dairy free and gluten free and tasted wonderful. It made a lot so I’ll be having several meals of it over the next few days.

I had some frozen chicken noodle soup for lunch and realized that pasta doesn’t seem to freeze well for me, so I’ll just eat this pasta dish for the next several meals.


I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Chicken noodle soup

Mac and cheese

I have decided that each day I eat an appropriate amount with no unplanned snacking or treats, I will highlight the day in my planner. After five of these days I get to have a treat (non food) and when I hit my goal weight I am going to order the Lululemon crops I want:). Hopefully this will motivate me as the holiday 87 days from now is too far away to do the trick!☹️


I have spent a lot of this evening knitting and have finished my first sleeve and am a quarter of the way through the second one now! I have to admit I’m enjoying the plain knitting right now as then I can listen to podcasts:)

Well I’m going back to my second sleeve.

Have fun!


Kitchen Adventures and Misadventures

It was a quiet day, with lots of time in the kitchen.


I ran with Brenda and Dennis this morning. Our fourth is still away so I did circles around Brenda so she wasn’t alone. We did 3.7km in the absolute pouring rain! My feet were squelching by the end! I have a 0.9km cushion this week. Hopefully that will help me out.


I finished The Walk of Manitoba and Me by Mariana Zapata. I had heard about this book on the Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club podcast I’ve been listening to lately and knew I had to read it. I didn’t get much else done for two days other than reading this book. I really enjoyed it as it has a spunky female heroine who really doesn’t take anything from her guy. It also has a gorgeous sporty hero. It is a slow burn, on the sweet rather than steamy side, romance. I did get a little annoyed about how often the author mentions how big the hero is, but I could overlook that as he also turns out to be quite sweet. I enjoyed the ending because the book is only from the heroine’s POV so you have to wait until the end to know what the hero was thinking.


I have finished the body of Not a Boring Sweater and am onto my first sleeve. I am knitting it as called for and just hoping I’m going to have enough yarn!


I started the day by making myself some sausage and kale pizzas for lunch this week. I had some for my dinner today and it was quite yummy. I have to admit I used an Udis ready made crust and am not super happy with it. It stayed quite soggy:(. I had used a new vegan mozzarella cheese by Myokonos which was wonderful and melted really well!

I also tackled the Sally’s Baking Challenge for September which was Cheese bread. I won’t be posting this one on Instagram as it was an utter failure. It was super dry and I ended up not loving the taste of the new vegan cheese I tried. I won’t be buying this again. I found myself eating the bread even though I didn’t love the taste of it, so I threw it away and took the garbage out. This is definitely not something I usually do, but I really don’t want to waste my calories on it!


This evening I’ve curled up in bed and watched the movie Miss Potter. If you haven’t seen this movie with Renee Zelleweger, you definitely should as it was wonderful!!!!

Well, it’s back to reality tomorrow so I’d better get to sleep!

Have fun!


The Little Things

I really have had a very quiet weekend. If you know me from this blog, you’ll know it’s not normal for me not to be accomplishing things. It has been nice though:)


I really had to drag myself out of bed this morning and I’m not sure why. I did join Brenda and Dennis for our run and since James still isn’t back, we did loops around Brenda. It totaled 4.62km of loops which is great as it gives me a 1.3km cushion for the week. We went a new way at Colony Farm today and it might just give us a way of lengthening this run (which would be great)! I had a nice picture of the run, but am once again out of data storage here so If you’re curious check out my Instagram at ajb1243 to see it:) I also managed to text a total stranger very early on a Sunday morning. I really did think I was texting James!🤣


I tackled another recipe out of the current cookbook I am using. I think I will continue with this one until the end of September and then pick another.

I had gotten the ingredients ready yesterday so it took no time to get the Scrambled Egg, Potato and Spinach Breakfast Tacos whipped up for my lunch. I can eat breakfast food any time of the day!

I found these tacos to be easy and quick to make. The first thing I noticed that I would change would be to steam the spinach rather than sauté it so that these could be slightly healthier. It was yummy with the addition of the garlic though. I felt the recipe relied too much on salt and didn’t have enough other spice and flavour ingredients. I only made six tacos so the amount of filling was fine, but I think it would be very scanty for eight tacos!

I had planned to also do the Sally’s Baking Challenge for September today, but I ran out of eggs after making the tacos so it will have to wait until next week.

I also got my parfaits ready for recess snacks this week.


I am still waiting for confirmation about the stitch for my hem on the Not a Boring Sweater. I see other people have finished so I am wondering if they didn’t notice the omission or are just way better knitters who didn’t need confirmation. It’s just my personality- afraid of making a mistake.

In the meantime I have finished a seed stitch cowl in green and have started the same cowl in beige. One of the HPKCHC classes this month requires you to make two equal things- so these two cowls will complete that requirement. It’s also nice to have mindless knitting while I am listening to the MTA, Knitting and Romance book podcasts:)


I am working on finishing my next NetGalley book that is due on the 17th. This is A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan and while I was t completely invested for the first 20%, I can barely put it down now, so I should be done soon.


One of the Marathon Training Academy podcasts I listened to today had a time management expert on it. One of the things she talked about was having only a few little expectations each day and that these will produce big results. With this in mind, I got every piece of laundry done. It feels great as usually I get my clothes all done, but not all of my towels, etc. well today, it all got done!

I also got a sweater washed. I noticed the other day that my sweaters need to be washed and it really only took a few minutes to get one done and laid out to dry. One step closer to having them all done.

Well that was my second quiet day and I’m going back to my mindless knitting and podcasts.

Have fun!


A Reunion, Kitchen Time and a Start

It was a great day once I got over this morning.


I headed out about 8:30 for my run. Had this plan to walk up the big hill- run along the top road and down to the rec centre and then back along the bottom road.

It was awful! The walk up the hill was fine, but the run turned into a run/walk which never happens to me. I ran down the hill a street early and shut off my runkeeper at the bottom and walked the bottom road home. My legs were tired, I was tired, it was hot, it was a disaster:(

I have, needless to say, taken it very easy the rest of the day to give my body some rest. Hopefully it will reward me with a better run tomorrow!


My friend Karen was coming over so I spent the morning cleaning my house. It looked really neat and tidy when I was done:) I wonder how long I can keep it that way?!?!🤣

We went for sushi and then walked around the inlet. It was great to catch up with her as we realized it was before Christmas that we last saw each other😳


I got busy this afternoon and got my seafood manicotti made. I used this recipe from Pillsbury and it was super easy! I think I have this manicotti thing down now:)


I have so many knitting projects rolling around in my head and just don’t know where to start! I have pulled out some gray yarn to make up a baby blanket for my RMT’s wife who is due in October. Hopefully it will be cool enough that I will be able to work on it.


Breakfast- egg and sausage patty

Snack- cherries

Lunch- assorted sashimi

Snack- guacamole chips

Dinner- seafood manicotti

Well I’m going to go back to my knitting and LibriVox.

Have fun!