Moving Monday

I thought I was being nice to myself by running last night and sleeping in this morning, but then I ended up being grumpy all day until I got out for some exercise after school. Maybe I need to run in the morning?!?!


We actually got through a day without my having to raise my voice!!🎊🎉. The boys had no incidents at recess and lunch and my wild girl was pretty calm and my helpless girl didn’t stand around. Wow can I have a groundhog scenario of this day???

It was orange shirt day so after doing a journal in the morning and working on our math number printing book, we read a book about this movement called Shi shi etko. It’s really well done for little kids and we also had an assembly about the topic. Wow that was our entire day.


There were just going to be two of us for bootcamp today so we decided to go do the stairs on the crunch instead. I really hate doing this, but that probably means it’s good for me and I definitely felt better afterwards! I did 3 sets which totaled 1,343 stairs. Along with the run there and back, which of course was hilly, it was enough of a workout!


I had another good eating day today. I had:

Cereal and yogurt parfait


Mac and cheese (the end of it)

Salad with sausage and cheese

This made for five good days in a row, so I got to get myself a treat:)


I called at lunch and found out the store was still carrying the product, so I stopped in after school to grab a pair of Goodr sunglasses. I have been reading lots of good reviews of these sunglasses and decided it would be nice to have a pair of running glasses. Right now, I wear my expensive pair and I’m always worried I’m going to hurt them. It turned out they didn’t have the smaller version so they are probably a little big for my face, but they’re just for running, so they’ll be fine. I love the names they give their sunglasses!!! Mine are called Sunset Squishee Brain Freeze. 🤣


I, of course, couldn’t go a day without knitting (more like I need to knit down the stash as much as possible this week in preparation for the weekend!) and so I started a scarf. I always have trouble figuring out a project when I have multiple colours of a yarn, but not a ton of yarn overall. I found this Pattern for a Triple Check Stitch and am really loving it! I think I see more of these in my future!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!



Wow that was harder than I was expecting!


Today was crazy as it was the first day of our new student services schedule. They are taking all children who were approaching expectations in reading and giving them intense intervention this term. I love the idea of early intervention, but it’s only going to work if it’s consistent and that is definitely not a strength of our student services! Fingers crossed it works!

We also tackled place value again and did a mini book about penguins. All in all, a pretty good day, but I was definitely tired!


I got out right after school to do the crunch with my friend L. Usually I do all five parts once, but she just does the stairs multiple times. We ran over and down and up the original stairs and then the new stairs and then ran back to the school. I feel somewhat bad that I am slowing her down, but she’s the one who invited me, so I’m not going to worry about it. I did enjoy it as it was a gorgeous, sunny day:)

The first set of stairs has 437 and the second 459 so I definitely got a workout!

This evening I had my first Battlefit class with my friend Corri. It was nothing like what I was expecting! It made me feel incredibly out of shape:(. We had to do 3 laps of the gym, dynamic stretching, 3 more laps of the gym. Then we did kettlebell swings. We then had to do a WOD (workout of the day) that was just burpees and kettlebell swings. We started at 5 burpees and 30 swings and burpees increased by 5 and swings decreased by 5. I was mad at myself for not finishing in the time given:(. We then learned to do wall balls and had to partner up. One partner went and ran a lap of the indoor track while the other did wallballs and then we switched. This was done 3 times. It was at this point that my legs started shaking. The final sequence for the night was 20 lunges, 20 stop rows, 20 plank shoulder taps and 100 skips. I did this sequence twice. We then got to foam roll, oh yeah😖🙄

This was quite the workout!!!

I am just home now drinking tea and going to tackle the scarf again.

Have fun!


Quite a day!

It’s amazing how quickly your life can be put into perspective!


I tackled the crunch again this morning after missing the past two weeks.  I turned off my audio cues and just went. 

I was slower than I have been, but it’s not my worst time so I’ll take it!  I think it might be my last crunch run for the season. The trail is a wreck when it’s wet and I couldn’t go until later as you need light to run this path so there were already a ton of people on it. As well, it’s tough to run up a hill when your legs are stiff from cold. I just didn’t love this run today and I think I should at least get to enjoy my runs! I’ll keep up my Thursday morning hill work and I’ll walk the crunch regularly but no more running it until April I think.  Saturday morning will be filled by a longer run, I think, but we shall see:)

I also redid my workout from yesterday. It’s funny how a workout can feel so horrible and tough one day and be so enjoyable the next. I happily did two full sets of the four circuits. If you’re interested:

25 squats, 15 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks

25 plié squats, 15 tricep pushups, 50 high knees

25 single leg squats, 15 pike pushups, 50 scissor jacks

15 curtsy lunges each leg, 15 mountain climbers each leg, 50 second wall sit

Just in case anyone wants to join me in my madness🤣

I really do like doing a workout at night. I feel like it kind of atones for any misdemeanour eating during the day😂

I’ve been asked often how I manage to workout and run each day. I just love how it makes me feel and look! I spent a long time hating how I looked and felt and now spending an hour a day exercising is a small cost to pay for the other twenty three hours that I feel great:)


I had my mom to myself for the day so of course we Started with the most important thing- shopping!! I have to admit I love a good look through Value village. When I was a kid it was a necessity to buy clothes second hand, but now I’m just addicted to finding a great bargain! I apologize to anyone who is grossed out by this and you may want to skip this section! My rule is that it needs to be a good name brand because if I want to buy Joe Fresh, H&M, George or anything like that- I’ll go buy it new!

I was aiming for cords and warm sweaters for teaching in and being warm! My mom is amazing at finding the warmest sweaters, though after today, we both agree I had better just Knit faster 🤣

So I looked at sweaters and cords but didn’t really come home with either lol.

I headed to the kids department. This always makes me giggle because I spent most of my childhood shopping in the women’s department and now I shop in kids. I’m secretly pleased though when I find that even kids is too big:) I ended up with a very full buggy and three and a half hours later we left. Yes my mom has the patience of a saint! But I also know she thinks of me as her life size Barbie doll🤣

I’ll provide pictures of what I bought tomorrow once I’m organized, though maybe not as that could be boring!!! Hmm I’ll think about that 😀

After lunch my mom and I managed to et over to Winners so that I could return the skull baking pan. I didn’t want to put this off as I knew then it wouldn’t get done and I’d be stuck with a skull baking pan that I would never use! It took forever to return it and they only gave me a gift card so I decided to wander around and spend it before I left the store because I never shop there! I found a new sports bra! Yay! It was even something that was on my list:) I had $1.11 leftover on the gift card so I went and gave it to another woman in line. It’s not much, but better it et used than the huge corporation gets to keep it! It also means I talked so someone I didn’t know- another huge win!  😀I think a sports bra will get a lot more use than a baking pan and it’s black and white, like a skull, so it will remind me of that little bit every time I use it:)


We definitely needed sustenance after that shopping trip so we headed to the St. James Well pub. It was super busy and noisy but we scored the best seat by the fireplace. I had my usual fish and chips. I could have had bangers and mash, but I couldn’t have the potatoes:( Who wants that?? My mom had what I would have loved- half a corned beef sandwich. I miss being able to have a sandwich when I’m out!

Our food: it was as good as ever!

This evening I finally got around to trying out a new gluten free, dairy free product I had bought on sale last week when I mistakenly went to the grocery store hungry.

These cookies actually come already formed even!

Talk about easy! Open the bag, put them on the baking pan and put them in the oven for 12-15 minutes depending on how crispy you want them! They come out looking like this:

So what did I think of them!

They would be perfect if you’re not into baking and want something quick and easy! Personally I think they tasted better straight from the freezer when they were still frozen. I expect a cookie to be mmm mmm delicious if I’m going to indulge and these were meh ok. They just didn’t taste decadent and rich. I can’t really say they had any real taste to them, not even a strong chocolate taste:( I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re desperate.


I thought I might finish The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine in time to review it for you, but I haven’t:(   Hopefully by tomorrow!


I did three strands on the rued rug today, unfortunately I did the first one going the wrong way so I only have two to show for my hard work. I’m happy that I picked it up today even though I had finished my goal block for the month. I’ve been asked for a picture of this rued rug so here it is: 

I’ve also worked a bit on my New Hampshire handwarmers, but I’m starting to worry that they’re going to be too big. Now I have to decide if I’m going to keep going and see at the end if they’re too big or rip them out now and start a smaller size???


I got some bad news tonight that unfortunately I’m not allowed to share yet ( sorry I don’t mean to tease you- we just don’t have police confirmation or parental consent yet). Me and mine are all ok! It put all my petty little concerns into perspective really quickly! It’s amazing and horrible how quickly life can change! All I can say is give your loved ones an extra squeeze! I plan on enjoying every moment with friends and family tomorrow!

Have fun!


I Did It!

I started the day off doing something I didn’t think I could:)


I had plans to run Bert Flynn Park with my running buddy at 8:30 this morning. Normally though I run the Coquitlam Crunch on Saturday mornings. Yesterday I hemmed and hawed about whether I should skip the crunch? When I said something about this to Chelsea (dancingrunner) she said to go for it. I thought that if she could do 100 miles, I could do this and the worst that would happen is that I’d have to stop running and walk.  So I set off this morning to walk over to the crunch. Now just the other day I added “run the crunch in less than 25 minutes” to my fitness goals. Maybe I should have done that a while ago! I don’t know if it was because I had some honeystinger chews before I left or because I’ve ran some other hills lately or because I’ve been so consistent with my exercise lately, but…

I did it!!!🎉🎊(cue the band!) I felt awesome! It was hard at spots and I realized it’s the third section that’s slowing me down as it’s the longest and is just a continuous uphill so it’s tough to run it after doing the 437 stairs in section 2, but I’ll work on that:). I was ahead of schedule the whole way up and it felt great!!!

I ended up running down the top two sections and then diverting onto David Avenue to run over to Bert Flynn Park. Of course I got to David Ave just in time for the hills and I didn’t even get a break at the stop lights as they were all in my favour. At least there is gorgeous Fall colour to distract me! I really wanted to walk, but I didn’t! I probably could have ran down the whole crunch and then over to the Park as I arrived 25 minutes early and I got cold waiting😞😖. Thankfully my running buddy showed up early! She also brought our newest running buddy with her. It made our run through the park (also uphill) a little slower and winding, but he’s cute! 

Unfortunately my phone died as we got back to the car, but I then carried on to run down the hill to home. My app says I ran one hour and sixteen minutes, but I think it’s more like an hour and a half. That was really exciting for me as I haven’t run for that long in a lot of years. It wasn’t fast, but now that I know I can do it, I can plan lots more interesting runs!

I also worked out this evening. (You all are good for me- I wanted to skip it, but then didn’t want to have to admit that to you all!). I did the cardio fix workout which included crossover jacks, high knees, lunges, burpees, around the world planks, plank jacks, dips, plie squats, side lunges, skaters, mountain climbers and up downs. It was a good workout as I was dripping sweat at the end😀.


I have spent most of the day making my dishes for my Luncheon with my friend tomorrow, but I’ll wait to tell you about them until I can comment on how they taste.


I got my eyelashes and eyebrows dyed and waxed today. A few years ago I started doing this as my eyebrows and eyelashes are incredibly blonde! It looks like I don’t have any if I don’t wear mascara. I was forever stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara wand; I really am a menace with that thing so I moved to getting them dyed. It takes about twenty minutes to do both and is good for about six weeks. I’ve decided the expense is definitely worth it to not have bloodshot eyes any more from that mascara wand attacking me. The girl who does them for me has become a friend too which always makes the appointment fun and I don’t have to worry about making small talk!


I sent a Happy Birthday text to my oldest brother this morning as he turns 41 today. I saw him earlier in the week, but I’ll have to get his present over to him (once I buy it). I was thinking of getting him a few different bottles of Guinness to try, (I know he likes Guinness),but I don’t know if there are different varieties. I’ll have to check out the liquor store.


In between all the cooking I have managed to finish a pair of handwarmers for my nephew to match his toque.  I had forgotten how quickly handwarmers can be made! I’m thinking I should make them for my friends in Boston for Christmas as they should be cheap to mail.


I’ve made up several patterns for handwarmers over the years. This one was: on circular needles,  K2P1 ribbing for ten rows, Knit for 28 rows. Row 39: Knit 5, cast off 4, knit to the end of the row. Row 40: Knit 5, cast on 4, Knit to the end of the row. Knit for 11 rounds. K2P1 ribbing for 10 rounds. Cast off. Do exactly the same thing for the other hand. For this present I only had 27 stitches on the needle. It’s great that my nephew is about the same size as me so since the handwarmers fit me, they should fit him:)

Yarn: Maryanne’s Team Socks in Vancouver Canucks. I was just as happy with this yarn today as I was yesterday! Soft, light, smooth, and reliable!  I will definitely buy from Smith & Ewe again! I love that they’re a BC company too:)

I will be entering these handwarmers as a class on the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. That will give me two classes complete and it’s only the 7th of the month and I’m only required to do one per month😀.

Now I just have to decide if I have enough yarn left for a scarf or not!

Well, I have two dishes left to make for lunch tomorrow so I had better get cracking!

Have fun!


A Well Rounded Day:)

A lovely day on almost every front:)


I woke up at six, but didn’t really have the motivation to go run the crunch like I had promised myself. I finally gave myself permission to just walk it today if I needed to as I didn’t want the pain and tingling in my finger to become a permanent thing. ( For one tiny appendage it’s sure being a pain!). I wish I could say I was motivated to do it by the knowledge that it was good for me mentally, physically and emotionally, but rather I was motivated by a cinnamon bun 😜 When I froze the cinnamon buns I made last week I told myself I could have one each Saturday that I ran the crunch. I really wanted a cinnamon bun today!  When I got to the crunch there were tents set up and I realized it was the crunch challenge today. I didn’t really want to be inundated with people so I asked someone when it started and found I only had twelve minutes. I figured I’d be dealing with people by the third section, but the man must have been wrong because I made it all the way up and down without being run over by a horde:) I walked a lot and ran the flats, but still managed to better my time!!🎊🎉 I took fourteen seconds off my time and now sit at 25:10. Still not great, but I’ll take every second of improvement I can get:)

I also got a walk in today as I walked around Sasamat Lake with a running buddy and her two dogs.  This path includes a service road at one of the lake and then a well maintained path the rest of the way. There are stairs so I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with a stroller or wheelchair or bike, but it’s a lovely forty minute walk with gentle inclines and a clear path for the most part. It was a stroll today,  but a lovely one.  These times with my running buddies are as effective as counselling, but cheaper than therapy:). It’s one of the things I love best! The two cute dogs didn’t hurt either. 

Unfortunately I have not done a workout today, so I get a fail on that one:(


I have a shelf in my house where I store books that have been loaned to me so that I can ensure they stay neat and don’t get mixed in with my many piles.  Two of my work colleagues had loaned me books last June and both have mentioned them this week so I knew I needed to get going on them (a difficult thing when I have so many chick lit books in the house).  I had started the book, Between by Angie Abdou in June when my friend had given it to me, but had found the main female character, Vero, very difficult to read about. She exhausted me with her dramatic mood swings and I found her to be annoying, though I suppose all this angst is the main theme of the book. The book is well written, but not really my cup of tea. The thing I liked the most was that it mentioned Canadian places in it, like Edmonton. If you’re feeling confused about your life or the role you have in your life or are having difficulty with your role as a mother, you will identify closely with Vero and probably enjoy the book.


Today I met another friend that I have had since junior high, but unlike Thursday, I have been looking forward to this one. My girlfriend has a one year old boy who is a delight and it’s so awesome to see her interact with her son! There is a lot of love in every moment, even though I know she’s exhausted! We met at the Port Moody Public Library which has an awesome children’s section with many toys attached to the walls and a train table as well as large board book, picture book, novels and movie collections.  It was so neat to see how much her boy has grown and he’s walking now! I can’t wait to see him again!


I was so ecstatic when it started raining on me on the crunch this morning because that meant I could finally bake! ( Just wish I had thought to put my phone in a bag! I’m lucky it’s still working.) I have book club tomorrow so while I wanted to make a set of cinnamon buns, I decided I should try Swedish Cardamom Rolls which turned out to be just like cinnamon buns. I found these when I searched Swedish food recipes on Pinterest and it looked easy and pretty. You can find the recipe at:

The recipe was easy to follow and while it wasn’t created to be gluten free and dairy free, it of course, ended up being these in my kitchen. It’s a simple bread recipe with the addition of cardamom to the dough. The difference came in the shaping of the dough into braids rather than rolls.  The recipe adapted to dairy free milk and butter and gluten free flour very well. I’m just upset that they didn’t turn out perfectly because of my own stupid mistake.  A few weeks ago I suspected that my oven temperature was out and so bought a thermometer to stick in it. Of course tonight I forgot to check what the temperature really was in the oven and then because of so many raw mistakes lately, I decided to force myself to stick to the full cooking time it called for. Wouldn’t you know it, they came out looking very brown. They taste great still and I really like the addition of the cardamom to what seems just like a cinnamon roll. I will make them again tomorrow for book club and will be very careful to not overbrown them. I guess this batch will join my other cinnamon buns in the freezer as crunch incentives in the coming weeks.

It’s been a great day and there is no set run tomorrow at 8am as the organizer is away at a wedding so I’m going to go snuggle into bed with my book and wake up to a run whenever I do so naturally:)

Have fun!


Play in the Sunshine

The labour day weekend is always tough for me as it signals the end of my freedom to do anything and everything I feel like each day:(


I spent most of the day at The Fair, aka The PNE.  It is not my number one way to spend a day, but a close friend loves it and I count it as quality time with her:). I think my problem with it is that I don’t love big crowds (being short and in a crowd is not a good time!) and the Fair is all about the food- mini donuts, cotton candy, fudge, deep fried everything, etc, none of which I can eat:( Oh well, I survived another year:) We started off in the barns where I saw chicks, ducks and a beauty of a horse who is called Manley.

We grabbed food. I found a Pad Thai that was gluten free and dairy free at Saltspring Noodlebox. Thank you!  I actually did research this year and had four choices I was looking for. The wraps all had cheese on them, I didn’t find the salmon salad until much later as it was over in Playland and I unfortunately also missed seeing the tacos I could have had:( The Pad Thai had good flavour and I watched them use a new pan and utensils to make it, just wish the ingredients had been a little more mixed. I ate through layers- cilantro, bean sprouts, rice noodles and finally some chicken on the bottom. Lol.

We watched the Superdogs show. It always make sense me want a dog for about five minutes until I remember how much work they are and how little I am actually home.

We went through toytopia which is advertised as the history of toys. It was interesting, but I found it very unorganized, and you had to pay a $1 each to try the arcade games!!!

I tried to have dairy free frozen yogurt, but they were sold out so I settled for the vegan vanilla from Rocky Point Ice Cream.  Not the most exciting thing.

When we were going through the pop up market tents right after, I wished I had saved my money and calories for the ice cream marshmallow combo item that was for sale in those tents. It sounded very interesting.

We also checked out the Marketplace and the History of the Hockey Hall of Fame. I’m a huge hockey fan, but neither of these was all that interesting:( I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.  Overall it wasn’t a bad day, the only part I really didn’t love was walking through Playland at the end. I don’t ever need to see that many people or hear them shrieking on rides.


Before I left this morning I made a batch of Apple Chai Scones so that there would be something in the house for my mom to eat if she ended up at my place sewing today. The recipe is from a new cookbook I got called, The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread by Laurie Sadowski. The recipe was very easy to follow and quick to pull together. The baking time was accurate and the scones were moist! They were very delicious! The only problem I had with them ( which was completely my fault) is that they were too thin to slice open and put butter on, but that’s only because I patted them out too thin, forgetting that they wouldn’t rise!IMG_8787

The only change a I made to the recipe was to use turbinado sugar on top and next time, I’d probably just use normal.


I did not run this morning because I slept in and my knee was still a little sore.  I ended up being very lazy and don’t work out either so with these two fails in mind, I decide do that my walk had to be more difficult than my usual inlet walk.  I decided to do the Coquitlam Crunch.

The second section of five has 437 stairs. I can never remember how many there are but today I counted back from 475 and that strategy worked well. The trail is wide and well groomed, but very steep! I used to run this trail both ways before I got hit, but haven’t yet gotten back to doing so. I’ve mostly avoided trying to run it for fear that I won’t be able to:(. I’ve decided that tomorrow morning I should try because the worst thing that can happen is that I will need to walk and that will give me a starting point for improving. I figure by putting it in my blog, I now have to do it! Hopefully it works!

Exercise wise, I’m going to try something new in September. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running has inspired me to set a distance goal. This goal will only be for my running and since I have no idea how far I run in a month, I’m going to try for 80km this month.  We’ll see how I do😳


I’be been working on the afghan for my parents and have finished one pattern repeat and the bottom border which has taken one and a half balls of yarn!  I went with the needle size that was called for on the yarn package and I considered ripping it out for the second time and going with the larger needle called for in the pattern, but have decided to go forward with what I’ve started as i don’t like big holes in my afghans.  This just turned into a very heavy and expensive Afghan however! I had better get it done before they leave on their trip because I definitely wouldn’t be able to ship it or put it in my luggage when I visit them!

Well, I’m going to go start one of mtn been library books:)

Have fun!