Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It was a crazy day!


The kids came in like maniacs this morning. I haven’t had a St. Patrick’s Day at school since my practicum and all I can say is thank goodness!! All they could talk about were leprechauns.

We did finally get through chalkboard spelling and gluing all of our artwork into our scrapbook. We did relay races in gym and completed our math drill. This afternoon I got a reading group done and the kids worked on their community building project. Not a bad day, but I’m glad it’s over!


I did my FitOn workout again today. It was an ab blast. I wonder why I keep getting an workouts?!?!


I worked on my sweater this morning, and was actually ten minutes later than usual leaving for school and then did some more after school. It is looking very large right now:(


It was my monthly Costco trip tonight. I didn’t buy anything too exciting and mostly limited myself to what was on sale. I did get every size of ziploc bags:).

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Quick Update

I am going back to work tomorrow and figure I had better get to sleep early so a quick update and I’m sorry you haven’t had much from me lately.


Other than a walk with a friend today to test my fitness for work, I have been doing absolutely nothing!


Well Covid was three pairs of socks, a scarf and a sweater long. I am super happy with the sweater!

I had been wanting to make a second Love Note by TinCanKnits that wasn’t so bulky and finally got around to it. This sweater knits up so fast! I started Thursday night and finished Saturday. The yarn is Poppy Yarns: Paris Fingering held with Knitting For Olive silky smooth mohair in petroleum green. The only change I made to the pattern was to make it longer so that I used up the yarn.

I also finally got around to making Hermione’s Everyday Socks. This is a free pattern on ravelry and I was just trying to use up sock yarn. Of course, I still have some left of each. 🙄

I will have to add a photo when it is daylight. I got the idea of doing contrast cuffs, heels and toes from the Crazy Sock Lady podcast which I am now obsessed with watching (and quickly using up all my data)!


The big thing today was that I finally ordered a new dishwasher, washer and dryer off of the Costco app. I am hoping everything else will keep working for a while as that was a pretty big bill! I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as lots of things were out of stock, but… it included delivery, shipping and taking away the old machines! That convenience is worth a lot to me!

Well I think that’s my entire day and I need to get to bed.

Have fun!


Happy Friday Eve

At least I’ve said it on the right day this week!


It was a crazy day at work today! On my walk up the hill I passed the BC Hydro trucks and sure enough I got to school to find a partial power outage. My class thankfully had lights, but no heat. All day long the power came and went. The kids loved doing everything old school, but it did give more stress to the day.

We managed to get through printing n, music, practice of place value, and an art project as well as playing outside in the sunshine at the end of the day.


I came home and got right to it. I did my 1:25 plank, a ten minute Fat Burner workout from the lean machine and fourteen minutes of yoga. The fat burning workout should have been called the jumping jack workout as it seemed like that’s what made up 80% of it!

This is the first day that my knee hadn’t hurt, and I just hope I didn’t overdo it with the workout!


I stopped and grabbed my first ice cream of the year tonight as they had new flavors to try. I am trying to just have ice cream once a month so I won’t go back until they have new flavors I want to try. I had their banana fudge caramel walnut which was amazing and a pumpkin brittle chocolate ganache which had amazing brittle, but they still need to work on the base as it was a little grainy for my taste. It was satisfying and seems very sweet after not eating sugar lately.

I met up with my friend Liane from work to hit Costco tonight. We have been doing this once a month and it’s fun to go with a friend, though somewhat expensive so far!

Tonight was better! I picked up several items of clothing, but ended up putting them all back. I also picked up an instant pot for $70, but ended up leaving it too. I mostly just bought things that were actually on my list or were regular good things for me. The only new thing I bought were these potatoes that my friend says are good and quick to make. It would’ve nice to have something a little more instant in the house.

Now it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


Busy Friday

It was just a busy day all around!


We wrote about the Michael Mitchell concert we saw yesterday. The kids are getting really good at getting more details down!

We did our weekly stem challenge- which was to build a house of cards. First we had them see who could use the most cards and then we had them try and build the highest tower. They were certainly engaged!

This afternoon we had flashlight Friday reading and then had our final math addition drill. We also cleaned our desks and the library. It was a busy day with just lots of little things. Oh and to top it all off we had an indoor lunch because there was a bear in the property🙄


I had a workout with L today and she warned me it was a doozy! Our cardio switched between sprinting intervals and walking 15% incline hills! We then went to the floor where we did tricep extensions, squats, plank jacks, crunches, pushups, squat jacks. We alternated these with planks and squats. I am definitely going to feel this one!


I picked my mom up this evening for a quick trip to Costco for a shrimp platter that they ended up not having:( it’s too bad as I wanted one too! I ended up messing up and buying roasted garlic chicken legs which I can’t eat instead of the rotisserie chicken:(


Breakfast: an egg with some jalapeño cheddar

Recess: 1/3 cup granola, zucchini slices

Lunch: oatmeal and an apple

Snack: berry sorbet

Dinner: shrimp, 4 Buddig turkey slices

Well I’m home on my couch now and going to go knit and hopefully finish my sock. I should probably be cleaning before my mom sees my place, but oh well!

Have fun!


Yay Friday

Well the highlights of my day were first thing and last thing. Pretty good bookends:)


In the month of April, our show and tell theme is “something you can read”. Each student practices a book to read to the class. It is one of my favourite months of sharing as it is so neat to see how far they have all come in their reading!

I changed up Friday journals again for last term to having the children write a newspaper. We still brainstormed all we had done this week and each student picked one topic to write about. I then shrunk the writing and pictures down, attached them to one 11×17 sheet I had folded in half and photocopied one for each student. I was super happy with how it turned out! This week I made the children correct their spelling, but the other teachers were suggesting that I don’t so parents can see how their child is doing. I’ll think about that and may alternate between the two as I think it’s also important for children to learn to edit for a good copy. The neatest thing was that they voted on a name and decided on Miss B’s Busy Bees at Work.

We also finally got to our word problems this morning, but had to give up running in order to do so.

Finally this afternoon we had flashlight Friday reading which the children love, buddy time with our older buddies and the Miss B draw. All in all, a pretty good Friday!

After school we had to stay and put the gymnastics equipment away:( At least it’s done now.


I met up with L for a workout and it was okay, though I already feel it.

We did a half hour rolling hills workout for cardio. I was on the bike so it definitely used different muscles than normal!

Then we did squat to military press, plank rows, hip swings and push-up to plank jacks -10 reps each with a minute of treadmill running in between.

Since that wasn’t enough we ended with static lunge with front raise, swing lunge to lateral raise and v ups- 3 sets.

I was definitely ready for the steam by the end!


I ran home and grabbed a quick shower then we hit Freshii for dinner (the kids Kung fu bowl is perfect for me), and then we did Costco.

It was great to do Costco as Lyndsay and I eat similarly so we could share a lot of things that normally come in too big of a quantity for me to buy. We got tomatoes, celery, beets, sole fillets, ground turkey, overnight oats, mushrooms, grapes, and Thai peanut coconut sauce. I can’t wait to try it on the fish!

We both felt a little unorganized tonight and figure we’ll do a better job of lists, etc next time:)

Have fun!


A Kerfuffle:(

The day was fine, but our assembly didn’t go as it should have! I have to show you the trees on my walk to school this morning!


Today we did a self assessment for the report card and we wrote to veterans with our buddies.

In between we had our school Remembrance Day assembly. My family has always taken Remembrance Day seriously and I teach to it a lot in my classroom. The grade 1s and 2s recited a poem beautifully at the assembly.

Little Poppy

Little Poppy given to me

Help me keep Canada safe and free

I’ll wear a little Poppy, as red as can be

To show that I remember those who fought for me.

However, students ran the assembly with absolutely no practice beforehand. The principal didn’t address what the moment of silence was for and didn’t even have the students stand! There was not even the last post played! This was very different from the previous few years where the ceremony was beautifully put together.

There has to be some sort of middle ground between micromanaging and doing as little as possible!!


I came home, grabbed a spoonful of peanut butter and headed out for my run. I managed to very easily get 5.4 km done, though I had to loop back around the block at the end as I was only at 4.11km and needed 5.3. The run felt good today:)


After warming up, I grabbed my mom and headed to Costco. I got my rotisserie chicken, some toiletries and some scent boost that Maureen had recommended. I got to try it out as soon as I got home too as I got chicken on my jacket:(

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Epic Walk?

I knocked something off my bucket list:)


Last night I had to run out for ginger ale and I also picked up guacamole and chips, thinking I could enjoy them if I burned some calories.

When I woke up this morning and realized I had nothing on my to-do list for today (well there’s lots there, but no one to meet), I thought I would tackle the long walk I’ve been wanting to do for the past two years.

Every summer I walk part of the Stanley Lark Seawall with my friend Emily. We usually do the same part and it’s lovely, but since last year I’ve been wanting to do the whole thing. I tried to do it last year with my friend Lyndsay, but commitments got into the way. Today there was nothing but a free day! It was funny though that as soon as I realized I could do it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.😂. I told myself I could stop anytime, but in my head I wanted to walk at least for more than an hour as it was going to take that long to get there!

I skytrained downtown and started out. I took pictures, but they may be blurry as I didn’t stop once.

These are all on the coal Harbour side. I started at the Vancouver Convention centre where the seawall starts, went by Coal Harbour, the Vancouver Rowing Club, and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. This side of the seawall is the warmer side. I was in a long sleeved shirt and was warm, but knew I’d need it once I got out past the point.

These are all from the outside part of the Seawall- the lighthouse, below the LionsGate Bridge, Siawash Rock, 3rd Beach, 2nd Beach, English Bay and then False Creek.

It was very interesting to walk this the opposite way as I did earlier in the week. There were already lots of people out getting their places for the Honda celebration of Light tonight (fireworks).

When I look online I see it says the seawall is 28km long. In my head I had decided that I would end at Athletes Village (created for the 2010 Winter Olympics), visit my parents and then hope the skytrain as this is the nearest skytrain station to the seawall.

I ended up walking 17.5km in 3 hours and am quite happy with that. The plan is next time I will walk from Science World to Granville Island and the Burrard Street Bridge and then skytrain home from there.


Of course when I got to my parent’s boat, I got a quick hug and then put up work going to Costco with my mom and Anne to get food for tonight. They decided to take advantage of having a third person to carry grocery bags 🤣

Since being home, I have eaten way too many chips and guacamole and think I may have cured that craving! I have gone to another Costco and bought new summer towels ( and been o recharged by $2, but it would cost more in gas to go back to complain!), and read my book.

Now I’m going to enjoy another Hallmark movie and finish my rug square. I should probably be cleaning and packing to go out on the boat, but oh well😏

Have fun!


Running All Day!

I feel like I’ve been running all day (and not literally so it’s not a good thing🤣)!


This morning my alarm went off and I actually turned it off, set another alarm for an hour later and rolled over…but then my eyes popped open as I thought of having to tell you all that I had skipped my run. My run was not pretty, not fast, not lovely, not long, but I went. 16 mins, 2km in a figure right around the block. There were lots of people out for a rainy morning, and one car drove me nuts twice!!! Grrrr😖

I also got a quick workout in this evening, again didn’t feel like it, but didn’t want to have to write that I didn’t do it. When I got home, I spent some time catching up on my wordpress reader (can’t miss what everyone is up to!) and came across this deck of cards workout by Bea Free. I knew I didn’t have the energy for my typical Lyndsay workout, so I decided to do this one. I did the entire deck of cards in about twenty minutes. It was fun, went quick and was something new. I think it might be my new Tuesday morning workout as it was quite quiet! The only thing is that I’m not sweating like a pig like I do after Lyndsay’s workouts. I think I may need to mix and match these workouts so there is one leg move, one arm move, one ab exercise and a cardio move in each workout. Though I need to thank Bea as she got me off the couch and moving tonight:)


Shucks! As I start to type this, I realize I didn’t get a picture of the leaf rubbings we did on Friday to share, though I did get them up. I have to giggle a bit at how competitive I can be. The teacher I work closely with( we both teach grade one so we plan and prep together and often put our classes together to do things too) doesn’t work Fridays and there is a new teacher this year who comes in. She is my age but has mostly just parks and rec experience, not classroom. Last week when we decided on leaf art, she suggested leaf prints using paint. I replied that there was no way I was going to use paint with my class yet and so decided to do the leaf rubbings instead.  Well today I got to see the other class’ art as the teacher put them up and mine look way better 🤣🤣🤣. I need to stop this, but I just giggle at myself and carry on.

We had tears again this morning, but I just completely ignored it and they stopped pretty quick. She was out of the coat room and ready for the day in an appropriate amount of time and I praised her for that.

My class was amazing at one point today! I have a prep right after recess break while my students go to music. I guess the music teacher dropped the children off, but I was next door planning with the other teacher. By the time I got to my classroom, 95% of the children were at their seats already doing quiet time. They had the music on, lights off, lamps on even! I am always so impressed when they can follow the routines without my direction!!!! It makes me smile just thinking about it now!

Of course, I also had a little guy who decided to scribble all over his desk! This is the second time so today he was handed a rag along with soap and water and told to clean it up! He had to scrub pretty hard so hopefully this will discourage any future artistic moments!

I feel like I never stopped today as I spent every spare second completing the family group lists for the school and setting the children up on a home reading program. At least both are done now and hopefully tomorrow qill be calmer at school. Then at lunch I had to run home to get my keys and the pillow cover I had forgotten this morning.


I haven’t even gotten to my book yet today:( I’m halfway though and the story is picking up which makes it much easier to read!

While I was reading what everyone had posted today, I came across Jay’s post about the book Carnegie Maid. It sounds awesome and when I commented he came back with the fact that it might still be on netgallery. I’ve never even heard of this place, but am thinking if it has books, I might be in trouble😂🤔😳


After school I dropped my friend and her son off at home as her car is broken, then hightailed it out to Costco for gas. I was hoping it would be a little quieter on a Monday and I suppose it was though there seemed to be a tour group there. Since when is Costco a tourist destination?  I grabbed gas and then went looking for a pillow insert, buttons and lego at Walmart and completely struck out:( I decided to go back to Costco and boy am I ever glad I did! Lego sets for $18 (about half of what Walmart was charging) and I even managed to get a window art set for my niece for her Christmas present! I always love how lego products say for ages 5-12. I think my almost forty year old brother has at least as much fun as my eight year old nephew, or perhaps more, playing with Lego. I love Costco!  It made for a very busy night though as I didn’t get home until 7, then had to eat and workout.


I’m pretty mad at myself for what I’ve eaten today:( I had all my food ready for the week, but I still ate extra and I just never seemed to get full:( I need to get my eating back under control as I don’t want to put any more weight on! I want to get rid of the four pounds I’ve already put on!!!! I sure hope tomorrow is better! No, let me change that, tomorrow will be better because I will make it better!


Haven’t gotten to that yet either:( I really don’t like this getting home so late! I’m just working on a doll blanket so it should have been done today! I’ll have to knit a bit around breakfast time tomorrow, maybe it will help with the eating too!

Ok I’m going to skip the rest of the night and just crawl into bed on this rainy, cold, ugly night!

Have fun!



Today did not go as planned! This describes my day:

I missed my run this morning, but managed to meet a co-worker at Starbucks to catch up. It feels really weird to go from seeing someone every day to never seeing them! It was nice to catch up though I never feel like a very good conversationalist:(

I was just leaving this coffee at lunch time when another friend texted to invite me to meet up for coffee so that I could meet her “fella” who is here from Amsterdam. I could t let this opportunity pass so off I quick ate my chicken and off I went for another tea. Thank goodness my regular Starbucks drink is $2.68! I couldn’t believe it though! After being at Starbucks twice today ( the day after the dash ended so it didn’t help me get mega stars) I come home to a message saying that tomorrow is my double star day. Don’t you think Starbucks would be smart enough to send that message when I haven’t visited in a while, rather than the day I’ve been there twice??? Like I’m going back there again tomorrow!!!

It was off to spend money after this second coffee (oh and I approve of the fella; he seems great!). I hit Costco to pick up four more sets of trip pictures, Walmart for photo albums and labels. I wanted pyjamas but they didn’t have any:( and finally I hit IGA for steak, vegan butter and rice cakes. Interesting list, huh🤣

I came home to label 400 pictures and have my cousin replace my toilet like strata told me to. I also sold a whole bunch of stuff on Bids and Battles for super cheap, but at least it gets it out of my house!!!

At 7:30 tonight I realized that o hadn’t done any exercise at all today:( so I quick went out for my inlet walk. I suppose that will have to do.

Tomorrow is going to be another crazy busy day, trying to get everything ready for my trip ( I finally started packing today). My parents arrived on their boat in Vancouver today so I am hoping to get everything ready tomorrow so that I can visit them on Thursday. We’ll see if that goes according to plan, lol!

Have fun!