Oh My!

How did it get to be so many days without a blog post??!! I tell you my holiday days speed along twice as fast as work days!

This weekend has been mainly knitting. Saturday I had no plans to go out until I got a Starbucks BOGO coupon. I treated Brenda to coffee and we talked knitting for a half hour. I hit the grocery store for milk, but then spent the rest of the day knitting.

I had messed up the pattern on one side of my cardigan and while my mom and Brenda both said it wasn’t noticeable, I decided not to be lazy and to rip back and fix the mistake. I then spent Saturday and Sunday getting caught back up. I have separated for sleeves and have made progress on the body. I don’t think this sweater project is going to last until May 31st. I’ll be lucky if it lasts past this holiday! I am loving how the yarn is knitting up and with being a product knitter, I want it done so I can start on the next project. It doesn’t help that I transferred my knitting to do list into a cute little notebook yesterday so now I know exactly what I want to get going on!

This morning I did 8.1km in the rain with Dennis. I ran slower than usual, but it’s the first run where I haven’t felt dead halfway through. I’m not positive it wasn’t just the slower pace, but let’s hope it’s also improvement in my recovery! Kathy, I’m running as fast as I can to you and I’ll have an update later this week. I can’t wait to see where I’ve gotten to on my run to South Dakota!

I did exercise both days, though the FitOn workouts are still very annoying with my slow data. I did a kickboxing workout yesterday and Barre Core today. Hopefully one of these days, this working out thing will show on my body!

Today I did some crochet on the baby blanket I’m making solely to use up yellow acrylic that I will never knit with. It’s been cool to learn that I still remember how to crochet!

I have started another Musselburgh hat to use up a skein of yarn and to allow for mindless knitting in the car tomorrow. I will need to figure out tomorrow what yarn to put with this one as I definitely don’t have enough.

And I worked on my Bentley cardigan. I am at row 96:). I’m proud of myself for stopping🤣

Well I’m going to go crawl into bed and read my book for a while.

Have fun!