Laughter is the Best Medicine

My day was busy and started early with being out of the house at 7am and having a jarring experience immediately, but it has steadily improved all day:)


I got out this afternoon for a run. It was super wet, smartwool socks aren’t the best for wet conditions, but it was still nice to go in daylight. I didn’t push myself but still managed to be consistently below 7min/km even with not being able to breathe well. I think I can finally check that goal off the list.

I was thinking of working out tonight, but I’ve ended up on the couch instead.


I had no children today as it was a curriculum implementation day. I never really find these days all that helpful and I was the one presenting the material today🤣.  I don’t know how we did it, but we went through a whole day’s worth of material by 11:40. Okay, class dismissed:)

It was a self directed afternoon, but I didn’t seem to get much done:(


Some of the women from work were going for sushi so I went along. It was so yummy, but I just realized now that I was so busy talking that I didn’t take a picture of my sashimi platter. It was better than the place closest to me, but I still prefer Wasabi Sushi where I can get rolls, ginger and soy sauce! The company couldn’t be beat though. I am so lucky with my work colleagues. I was actually out with six of the new teachers and me. It was a lunch filled with a lot of laughter. At one point I couldn’t even breathe I was laughing so hard!

I had a small mishap with a new gf/df product I bought to try. I had read a blogger’s review of Soyatoo Rice Whip, and I found Soyatoo Soy Whip at the IGA shortly after. I almost did a happy dance right in the store! Up til now I’ve been using they So Delicious Cocowhip which is yummy, but has a strong coconut flavouring so I was excited to try something that wouldn’t be coconut flavoured. I don’t know what I did to it, but I couldn’t get anything to come out of the aerosol can of soy whip. One of the daycare workers at my school had a plan so I took the soy whip and a bowl with me to work today. This afternoon, I went down and found Marilyn and she stabbed the can with a pair of scissors and got some of the soy whip out for me so I could at least try it. It had absolutely no propellant as it just dribbled out. Here I had pictured a big explosion of whip cream everywhere 😛. The taste was really good, almost like normal whipped cream. I will definitely be buying this product again!

Today, I was in charge of bringing treats for the meeting so I hit Thrifty Foods first thing this morning. I really think IGA has a better selection of gluten free dairy free products but they just weren’t open early enough. We had decided on fruit, muffins, bagels, jam and cream cheese and then something I could eat. I chose these to try:

These muffins were small, especially when sitting beside typical bakery blueberry muffins. They were easy to open which is a real plus for someone like me who is all thumbs. The muffins were cutely packaged with the bright orange wrapper and could be set out just as they were. The muffins were moist, but I have to say that they didn’t have a strong flavour. They were supposedly cranberry orange, but I sure didn’t taste that!  I suppose they weren’t bad though as others were eating them too.  I’m not sure they were worth the $10 though!!!! I could have made a few dozen for that price!

Oh I almost forgot that I also tried a new tea today. I tried the David’s Tea- Coconut Cream Pie. It’s a very light coloured tea and I really didn’t taste much. I’m worried about saying that as perhaps it’s just my cold that’s keeping me from smelling and tasting much. I will give it another try when I’m healthy but at this point, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.


I have been relaxing, sniffling on the couch this evening and have finished another book on my kindle app. I prefer a real book when I’m at home, but my library books were due back and I haven’t had time to grab some more yet:(

I chose this one to start getting into the Christmas spirit, but that didn’t really work out.

This novel is the story of Stratto who is a creator and CEO of a gaming company that produces games and accessories for blind people. The female lead is Meg, his PA who is obviously hiding secrets of her own. Due to people in both their pasts, they decide to try a pretend engagement. It goes from there:)

I liked the pace of the book as it was neither too slow nor too fast, well no faster than any other romance novel😂.  The characters were multifaceted which was nice. The playboy billionaire had worries and concerns and I loved his relationship with Meg’s thirteen year old son. It was enough to melt your heart and really did steal the book!  Meg was a very typical woman with her concerns and worries and this didn’t bother me at all as I prefer books about real people.  I also liked how the characters were in their mid thirties!

The only thing that was weird for me was the book is set in New Zealand so their Christmas is happening in summer dresses and palm trees and swimming in outdoor pools. It didn’t really help me with getting into the Christmas spirit🤣.

It’s a fun, steamy read and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes businessman romances.

I’ve also been listening to Jane Eyre on Librivox as I was knitting. I’m up to chapter five and am quite enjoying it. I hope I get it finished this month!


I finished one of my handwarmers today, but now need to decide if I’ll leave it as a handwarmer or create a foldover mitt portion too.

Any opinions out there?

Well I think that’s my day in a nutshell. I’m off to watch a Hallmark movie and sneeze:)

Have fun!