A Glimmer

Sorry I thought I had posted last night, but I have to admit I was really tired!


I got up early yesterday so Dennis and I could do a ten k along the Central Valley greenway. This is an urban trail in the city next to mine to the west. It is definitely not a run I would do alone and we both agreed that there are a lot of bikes on it. Fair enough it is meant to be a bike route.

The nearest thing was being able to compare yesterday to when we did the exact same run in February. I was about a minute faster this time😀

Right before I crawled into bed last night I did a quick seventeen minutes of cardio as I try to keep my runs and workouts even. I just randomly picked moves and did them 100 times- squats, plié squats, high knees, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, rear leg raise, calf raises, jabs, hooks, and crosses.


I managed to get through all the work including the RAZ kids and Prodigy. I have one little guy who has gone through four levels of books! I am so proud of him!!

The best moment came at the end of the night when I got an email from one of the parents in my class. Their son has been diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten. For comparison, most kids don’t get assessed and diagnosed until grade four, so that tells you how extreme he is. He has been one of my biggest concerns with going back to school, but they’ve realized it wouldn’t be best for him and are keeping him home!!🎊🎉. I am so glad!! I just couldn’t imagine him trying to sit there all day!


One bootie (not wheels or sole) done and onto the second:). Finally progress! I want these things done for Tuesday so this may be my top priority today.


Only three teachers could gather today so two of them brought their husbands who are friends and we had a garden party. It was an awesome afternoon as the two ladies are the two in the group I have been friends with the longest.

The rhubarb dream bars were a hit so I suggest checking them out if you have rhubarb in your garden.


I decided at the last minute that I had better take a second thing in case there was nothing else I could eat. I didn’t have a lot in the house, but threw a large spoonful of mayo, sour cream and cream cheese into a bowl, added a can of shrimp, and a quarter tsp of garlic powder, salt and pepper and mixed it all together. I put a dollop of seafood cocktail on top in the centre and some chives from my garden and I got compliments! Another easy, quick recipe if you need one.

I collapsed at the end of the day as it was a really long day, but now I’m back for more!

Have fun!


I’m going to hide

It seems like every day I just hear more stupid stuff so I’ll be under my covers until further notice!


I got in 5.08 kilometers this morning, slow and steady, during a downpour. I managed to run really slow today, and hopefully it helps me tomorrow.

This evening I did a quick workout. It was another BeFitDavis but I only did three sets instead of five. It was:

20 pushups, 30 squats, 15 hammer curl to military press, 1 minute plank, and 25 walking lunges with bicep curls.

My heart just wasn’t in it tonight:(


I got all the emails answered and all the work assessed. I then had a staff meeting. Ugh:(😖☹️😩

So the playground is closed and will remain closed, we are allowed to have kids run sprints across the field or go for a single file nature walk. How is a six year old supposed to spend all day at school this way? And if that’s not bad enough, Lunch will be shortened! We will get no preps except for Wednesday. Of course Wednesday is the day we’re doing remote teaching, but that isn’t really work and only takes an hour right? I am so angry I could scream. Oh and you may have kids five days a week if your class has emergency responder’s children or you could end up with kids of all grades if someone else has too many. If I hear I have to be flexible one more time, I’m going to get physical!!!


I made Rhubarb dream bars from the website, Noshing With the Nolands. They were super easy and so good and I was so upset that I ate two:(. I’ll be taking them to my teacher gathering tomorrow night.


I finally started a roller skate boot, but have to admit I’m not very motivated tonight. I want to have them done by Tuesday though!

I have mostly been reading and playing Go Scrabble. Now I’m going to crawl into bed with my book.

I’m very sorry that you got a rant two days in a row:(

Have fun!


Wahoo Wednesday!

Happy hump day and I’m so happy I actually got all of my assignments for next week done in a day! I’m just getting good at this so of course it will change.🙄


Last night I finished a Hotshot Doc by RS Grey. I really enjoyed the book as it had some twists in it and it made me laugh out loud several times.


Today went well, probably partly because I have high speed data back so I didn’t have to go looking for WiFi .

I got all work checked, all assignments created and uploaded for next week, and then more work checked.

Two of my students who haven’t done much, did stuff today so thankfully I don’t have to send them emails tomorrow. I also got an email from a parent complaining about the format of my work and suggesting I get this fancy printer. I decided to actually set him straight that all the help I get from my school or district is being handed my classroom laptop and told to go teach. I’m using all my own resources and having to figure it out as I go! I got an email back thanking me for what I have provided online.

Rant: be kind to the teachers in your life- most of us are doing jobs we aren’t trained for with little to no support and having to find and use our own resources. I know one city is making their teachers go into school starting next week to teach (students are home) because “the general public thinks teachers aren’t doing anything”.

No I’m just working longer hours than I do when I go to school!😖😖


I met up with Sarah this evening for a run. It was a lovely six kilometers, though boy was it busy out there! It’s funny how my definition of crowded has changed.🤣

I also got in another BeFitDavis workout tonight. This one was using the small band which seriously works your body. I do wish she had included some upper body moves. I realize I could add my own, but I actually didn’t think of it until this very moment.


I sat myself down and did the next section of my sweater which was 18 rows. They were much simpler as the pattern now is just a slip stitch. I need to do a bit each day!


I was still good but I did treat myself. I had:

Yogurt & granola

Cheese on cucumber

Avocado on toast 😋

Cinnamon roll mug cake 😋

It’ll be back to veggies tomorrow:)

Well I think that’s it for me today. Sorry about the rant:)

Have fun!


Friday Eve, but Really Friday

It is only Thursday which is usually Friday Eve, but since it’s a long weekend, Thursday became Friday:)


I did end up taking today off from my morning run so it was just straight into work. L and I got all twenty activities posted into Fresh Grade for next week. I am starting to feel like I can handle FreshGrade, but One Drive is killing me. I need to find a manual for it! I was actually pretty impressed with myself as I watched the lunch webinar on Fresh Grade today and I knew everything g they said already. Woohoo🎉🎊


It was floors day today so I swept on my recess break and then vacuumed and washed my kitchen floor on my lunch break. I can’t believe how clean and tidy my house is from just ten minutes a day- it’s lovely!


I found baking powder so I got to make another loaf of my Hearty Beer Bread from the Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread book. The crumb turned out beautifully, but the crust on the sides and bottom was super tough while the top crust was crumbly. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please tell me. I have enough ginger ale left for one more loaf which may just happen this weekend.

I actually ate enough bread this morning that I didn’t need lunch so I didn’t eat again until I made a simple shrimp linguini for dinner. I had never made this before, but it was pretty yummy!

Wow as I write this I realize I’ve eaten nothing but carbs today😳


I’m still working on the body of this sweater. It has been made easier by listening to podcasts. So far I’m listening to Gin and Cake and Pastry Pals. I don’t love either but they are the two podcasts that cover the first American season of the Great British Baking Show so I have to stick with them. I think for season three I get a different podcast:)


I met up with three colleagues for a chat in the gorgeous sunshine today. We met in the parking lot across from my place as we actually had to do some trading of resources, but it was so great to see people and talk to them. one of the ladies brought me these beautiful tulips for Easter. Don’t worry we maintained our six feet of distance:)


This evening I did 32 minutes of yoga and some foam rolling. I decided to change my day off this week after yesterday’s disastrous run. We will see how tomorrow goes as to whether I need a second day off this week. I hope not as I’m finally getting some mileage in. I do however, need to find a listing of yoga poses as I’m just doing the ones I remember from years ago.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Production, Finally!

Lately all of my work friends have been saying it feels like we work hard all day long but nothing to show for it at the end of the day. I have felt that way too, but today, I actually had something to show for my day:)


I met up with Dennis for a run this morning and it was awful for both of us. We had planned a 7km route but we got halfway through the park and he actually stopped because his allergies were so bad. We rerouted and completed a 5km instead. I just felt like I wasn’t capable of taking anything but tony steps until 3.5km. My legs didn’t feel tired- they just didn’t seem to be working right. I hope to never have that again, though I did remind Dennis that not every run can be great. I usually take Saturday as my rest day, but maybe this run is trying to tell me that my test day should be tomorrow.

This evening I did another workout from L. This one was 3 sets of the following: squat with front raise, bicep curl, pull aparts, rows, plank with leg lift, plank jacks, plank.

In between I had to do ski moguls and then end with a low squat shuffle for five minutes.

It was definitely enough to get me sweaty!


This morning after my lovely shower and breakfast, I got the rock monster activity posted into FreshGrade. My teaching partner and I had a phone conference to plan next week. We then attended a webinar on Office Lens and One Drive. This seemed like a good enough program that I walked over to the Starbucks WiFi to download the app. This afternoon we started gathering the links and resources we needed for the activities and got the activities for Tuesday posted. It’s great that we learned how to post activities in advance so that we can get a few days ahead at least. Finally we created a list of indoor and outdoor Daily physical activity ideas for parents which we will post on Tuesday morning.

All in all, a productive day and I am happy with what we got done.


That happiness extended to getting my bathroom cleaned. It’s so small that I actually accomplished this while my lunch cooked and now I have a lovely bathroom to enjoy all week!


A decent eating day though not quite to where I need to be. I’ve had: peanut butter on a small banana, mandarin orange and almonds, Hawaiian pizza, arugula Caesar salad, pineapple chunks.

Today’s Hawaiian pizza- so yummy! I meant to say for anyone who needs the info that Okanagan Soya Cheese melts really nicely for pizza.


I finished my current book after work today. I read The Viscount’s Wallflower Bride by Lauren Royal. I liked the family in this book, but it was much too long a book for what it was. It needed some good editing!

I am still listening to Cooked by Michael Pollan. He is on his bread chapters and all I want to do is bake bread. I may need to add that to my list for the long weekend.

List for long weekend:

Make bread

Wipe down deck chair

Sort pictures for travel albums

Finish sweater


After working on the puzzle for a bit I started back in on my sweater. After trying it on yesterday I realized I needed to leave the sleeves and work on the body as right now it is a crop top. Nobody wants to see that look on me! I am happily going back to my knitting and podcast listening!

Have fun!


I Passed Someone!

Today was so much better since I followed my friend Brenda’s advice.


I got up and out the door for my run, but not early enough. It’s already busy by 8:30. I really wasn’t sure if I should run today or not as Dennis was saying I should be taking two days off a week, but I decided to go anyways since I’m so behind in mileage. It’s a good thing I went! I was just cruising along, not pushing the speed when I saw a “young” girl in front of me- probably early 30s. She kept checking her watch and I realized that I was gaining on her. I pushed my speed up slightly and overtook her!!! First time in my life I passed a girl!!! It felt really good though I realize she could be brand new or just coming back from injury, but she inspired me to push myself this morning. The end of my 5km was faster than my start.

This evening I did a quick workout my friend L sent me. It was 3 sets of 50 jumping jacks, 40 mountain climbers, 30 squat jacks, 20 bicycle crunches and 10 burpees. It was quick but definitely got the heart rate up!


I took the time to have breakfast, shower and get dressed. I wore my Love Note sweater today very happily. I’m going to try to wear something handknit or something I don’t get to wear at school (because it’s cold) each day.

I sat my butt in the chair, answered some emails from parents, read about Fresh Grade some more. The Getting Started manual they put out is the best resource I have found. It’s step by step and has pictures! I attended a district webinar that was useless, had a zoom conversation with colleagues about FreshGrade which was super helpful, and finished up my reading. We posted our first announcement today for our class. It was a kindness challenge which we’re going to post each school day. Today our students had to go tell someone in their family they loved them and why.

Today really helped in calming me as I now feel like I have some idea of how to start. That’s, of course, thanks to my friends, not my employer 🤣

The last thing I’ve done is my homework. Tomorrow we are posting a test assignment having the children make rock monsters so of course, I had to make my own.


I stuck to the plan Brenda had me make, mostly. Over Spring Break I found I didn’t need snacks, but today I did. I’ve had a small banana with peanut butter, a mango, homemade salami and mushroom pizza, and veggies and hummus and a couple of almonds.

My delicious gf/df pizza! I will be having one for the next three days too:)


Brenda also told me to identify one household chore I could do each day. This helped to get me out of the chair on occasion and gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I got my dishes done and I even hand washed my lunch dishes, a load of sheets washed, and my sheets changed. I can’t wait to crawl into fresh sheets tonight! I can’t believe the sense of accomplishment these little chores gave me and they broke up my work day really nicely.

Puzzle/ Podcast:

I worked on the puzzle for a bit after work while listening to my latest romance podcast. I am excited because someone told me today about some podcasts that are about the Great British Baking Show. I love that show and have been missing my podcasts since I’m up to date on them all. I will definitely be getting on this tomorrow!


I am still working on the sleeve but I made progress today because I finally put everything on waste yarn and tried the sweater on. I think I’m going to like it, just really need to get these sleeves done! I think I’ll undo and reknit a cowl after this so it will be a short project.

Well I think that’s it for my day.

Have fun!


Stretching My Skills With Sally

Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. Most of the people in my life asked why I was doing this, thankfully there are people like Abbey! I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For March the challenge was crepes!

I have never made crepes before and I was a little nervous as they seem so fancy!

With the situation we are in, I hit WiFi and took pictures of the recipe, but didn’t get to watch any of Sally’s videos so that probably would have made a big difference! I found the recipe simple and easy to follow and I liked how it could chill in the fridge for 30 minutes or up to a day. I made the batter in the morning but then had the crepes for lunch.

My batter used Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, Earth Balance vegan butter, and Earth’s Own Oat milk that was unsweetened vanilla. Everything else was just normal ingredients.

My batter made six crepes and boy did I learn a lot between the first and the last. I started with a pan that was way too big so after the first crepe I switched to a smaller pan. After the fourth I realized it worked better to just pour the batter into the very centre and let it spread by itself. On the sixth crepe I figured out the crepe didn’t have to be the size of the pan.

Mine are probably more brown than they’re supposed to be, but they still tasted good!

I had no idea what you put in a crepe as I’ve never actually ordered crepes before so I did one with herb cream cheese, one with peanut butter and one with cream cheese and jam. I think my favourite was the cream cheese and jam.

One thing I definitely learned is that crepes are not a diet food! The batter isn’t bad, but the amount of butter in the pan is crazy!

It is so cool that when Kathy read about Abbey’s and my challenge she decided to join us so make sure you go read about her crepe adventures too:)

Thanks Abbey and Kathy for taking on this challenge with me:)

I obviously wasn’t finished on the kitchen after the crepes because I also made hearty beer bread from my book, The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread. I used ginger ale instead of beer and it turned out great! I think I will make more tomorrow to use up more of the ginger ale, but I’ll know to only leave it in for the lesser time.


I forced myself not to run today and to do yoga instead. I spent about a half hour this afternoon and did feel as though I was stretching some muscles out. I know I need to do more of this right now since I can’t go for massages, but it’s really tough to not run since I don’t seem to be racking up the mileage very quickly this year:(


The whole rest of the day was spent knitting. I was very determined to finish my newest sweater and I did!

I did the Love Note sweater by Tin Can Knits. I had bought the pattern at Knit City last year. I love Tin Can Knits patterns because they come sized from newborn to extra large in one pattern.

This sweater is done in Ancient Arts superwash Blue Faced Leicester in Water Lily Blue and Georges Picaud Tricheuse. I quickly learned that my mohair was obviously not lace weight as it’s much thicker than the pattern pictures, but I was determined to finish this sweater because I loved the colour it was coming out! I had to switch mohair halfway through but I can’t even tell where I did it so I’m happy. The modifications I made were to do short sleeves and I didn’t do the high low hem. I just knit until I was almost out of yarn and then did the ribbing. The sweater only took two days with this thicker yarn, but I still want to make a finer gauge one too!

It’s back to the meditate cowl for me now.

I finished the evening off with a zoom conversation with my friends from work. Boy did two hours go quickly!!

Well I have a run in the morning so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Day 4- Happy Spring

I believe it is the first day of spring today- so Happy Spring. Let’s hope the season just gets better and better!


I did some very careful socializing with some friends from work today. We work together so figure we all have each other’s germs already, though we were careful to not touch and to maintain some distance. One of my friends has a trailer on a lake so we met out there for some quality sunshine time. We actually had to apply sunscreen it was so warm! We sat and chatted and I knitted, ate lunch and went for a walk:)

The brownies were a hit! If you ever need a quick, easy dessert this is my suggestion. Either bake or buy brownies, top with a scoop of cherry pie filling and some whipped cream, cool whip or cocoa whip. It’s like Black Forest cake without the work. So yummy!!!


Otherwise I have spent the time since I came home tinking:(. I should have stopped knitting when I realized how tired I was, but I didn’t and this is the consequence,😖😖😖. I think I’ll go crawl into bed with my book!

Have fun!


Day 3

Well another day of quiet. Sorry this is going to get really repetitive, very quickly🤣


I had decided that I needed a third option beyond reading and knitting and since I knew I wouldn’t clean, I decided to get a puzzle. Thankfully my friend Brenda had one I could borrow that I knew would have all the pieces. This was my one very careful outing of the day, and yes we ensured we were several feet apart:)


I was on the couch knitting again today, though I am proud to say I tidied the hallway and swept it and the living room before I sat down. However when it came to exercise, I just wasn’t motivated. That is until I realized I could run over to pick up my buttons.

The trail and the park were super busy as we’ve had gorgeous sunshine here, though it is cold!

My run ended up being 4.4km which is a little less than I was expecting, but I wasn’t willing to do more🤣

This evening I got re-energized and did a simple workout. I jogged for one minute between a minute of these exercises:

High knees, front kicks, butt kicks, roundhouse kicks, squat with side leg lift, squat with back leg lift, back kick, plié squats, crunches, static crunch with scissor legs, knee tucks, reverse crunch, bicycle crunches and a plank.

I seem to really get into ruts with the type of workout I do. I wonder if it will move to a new one or return to Hallmark ones?


I did the dishes this afternoon, just to turn around and make more.

I had to make a chocolate dish for an outdoor, small activity tomorrow so I texted Brenda to see if she knew of a recipe that uses only cocoa powder (after I discovered I had no chocolate chips). She passed along this recipe and it was great!

Set oven to 350. In an 8×8 pan, mix :

1.25cups flour

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp baking soda

0.5tsp cinnamon

0.5tsp salt

When well mixed, pour in:

1 cup milk

0.3 cup vegetable oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

1tsp vanilla

Bake for 35-40 minutes.

This literally took minutes to put together, seems to have adapted to gf and df well, and was done by the time I finished my workout!

I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow:). I do plan to top it with cherry pie filling and cocoa whip if there is any at the store.


I have to admit to spending most of the day knitting again.

I made more I cord headbands. These are still super easy and quick to make and I’m so glad to have a pattern to use up the tiny ends of yarn!

I started the spindrift shawl in the grey and loved it, but then realized the gray could be perfect for the jeweled cowl and so far, I really think it is!

I am getting better at the beading, but the seed beads are so small that even with my smallest crochet hook, many of them don’t fit. I think I would love knitting with beads if the beads were slightly bigger. Though no matter what, I’m happy to finally be getting beading off my craft to-do list!

I have just started the spindrift shawl in a recycled tan yarn. I think this project will be perfect for tomorrow’s social outing. I can keep my distance and accomplish something:)


Well that’s it for me as I stayed up way too late reading last night. I read the book, Blitzed by Alexa Martin. This is the third book in her playbook series. I highly recommend this series as they are fun, but also usually have a small taste of something serious. I think the best part of this book was the hero. He just kept doing swoony things and who can resist a quiet, shy guy who only talks to the woman meant for him. It was a good read:)

Have fun!


Stretching My Skills with Sally

I had another AJ day and it was as wonderful as ever. My only problem is definitely a first world problem!


I yet again couldn’t sleep in, so I was up in plenty of time for my run with Dennis. He picked me up and we went to Burnaby Lake Park with the plan to run the end of the Central Valley Greenway which runs from the lake to a very busy road. This bike path does carry on, but only on roads so I vetoed going further.

I had warned Dennis this morning that I wouldn’t be able to run fast as I was concentrating on weight loss right now (read being very careful with my calories) and I had heard on a podcast that if you’re concentrating on weight loss you can’t expect speed.

Well my run started slowly, but then the next four kilometers were all very close to 6:00 kilometers. At the end, I was five seconds off of my fastest five km ever and boy was I kicking myself for that slow start.

This path would be a great place to try for a 5km record as it’s 2.48km out and it is about as flat as it gets around here.

This evening I also did 28 minutes of yoga. When I was at the library I took pictures of a yoga sequence in a magazine and decided to try it out as I know I need to do more stretching. The sequence was okay, but I ended up adding a whole bunch of other moves to it. I really need to sit down and make a list of yoga moves as when I’m doing them, I can’t think of any!


I hit the library to return a book today and though I was not supposed to get any more books, I of course came home with four more. I plan to go curl up in bed and read as soon as I get this post up!


I knew I had no choice but to get at least one of my Fresh Prep meals cooked up today. I decided on the Veggie Machine Tahini Bowl. This recipe said it would take 25 minutes, however it took me 40 minutes. You start by roasting sweet potato and chickpeas and cooking rice. You then marinate kale and red cabbage and make a tahini dressing. You layer these ingredients and top with cilantro and avocado.

There was nothing difficult about this recipe and it did have a good kick of spice to it. Fresh Prep did forget to include the rice spice, but they have given me a credit for it, so that was kind of them and I didn’t notice it’s absence. I would definitely get this one again, but also feel that it would be quite easy to alter at home according to personal taste.

Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. Most of the people in my life asked why I was doing this, thankfully there are people like Abbey! I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For February, the challenge was Perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting. I have to admit that I had no idea what this frosting was as I hadn’t heard of it. After making it, it reminds me of the frosting on a DQ ice cream cake and that used to be one of my favourite parts of that cake, so I’m glad I made it.

The recipe only takes five ingredients- egg whites, sugar, butter, vanilla and salt. I was doing really well with the egg whites and sugar and I did get stiff peaks, however, once I added the butter and vanilla, my frosting was quite runny. I put it in the fridge like Sally suggests for this problem, but it never recovered.

The recipe didn’t seem super tough, but maybe I shouldn’t say that as I wasn’t particularly successful. One thing I would say about this recipe- I wouldn’t attempt it without a really good stand mixer!!!

These are my poor cupcakes which I will force upon my running buddies tomorrow.

Thanks Abbey for taking on this challenge with me:)


All the rest of my day has been taken up with knitting (oh and a little stitching so I have something to show for the SAL next week).

I seem to be averaging a Hat a day, so today’s hat is he Kitimat – another free pattern on Ravelry. This is actually named after the city North of me by many hours. The pattern page shows it in gray and white which I loved, but I also really liked it in my purple and white worsted weight. The pattern was really simple to follow, though I did find it a bit long. I also learned that I may use my Michael’s gift card for a Pom Pom market!

Finally I also made another small headband which got me to my stash goal. Every skein used now is just gravy!

That is my big problem- I want to make a sweater, but there are so many I want to make that I just can’t decide. It has gone past fun to debilitating. I am wondering how everyone else chooses what they are going to knit next?????

Well my books are calling me… right

Have fun!