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Well today was a bit disappointing in one way.


I looked and realized today’s run needed to be 5.5km to make up my missing mileage this week. I was feeling super tired and didn’t want to go, but did. It was nothing spectacular, but it is another 5.52km done:)


I had my follow up appointment today and it was seriously disappointing! My iron is at 6 when it’s supposed to be over 100. The doctor figured that is what is causing my problems. I get to take iron pills for three months and see if it helps.

All this appointment did was confirm that I will be looking for a new doctor! He asked me why I was there when the office called me, he didn’t want to know anything about me, and he never looked up from his computer. No thank you!


I got to try another new restaurant today for lunch – Yoga Chef . I had the Flow bowl with avocado added in. It was so yummy!!!!

Roast cumin potatoes, black beans, salsa, sprouts, parsley, pickled jalapeños. Roasted garlic vegan aioli. So fresh and good and filling!

Today I also had a rice cake Pb & j, a mini kind bar, cucumber and cheese.


I had my mom for company on my errands, so started by making the trek to my favourite nursery- Amsterdam for some Fall colour for my deck. Katherine out there has been amazing at suggesting plants that have worked great for me. I loved how happy my summer plants made me so decided I needed to continue to have colour out there. I got some Dragon’s breath Celosia, coleus, and pansies. My deck looks great again:)

I also stopped into a few other places, but wasn’t very successful.

I did manage to book our flights for Christmas though:)


I am on the body and love how this pattern gives directions for both a fitted and loose body. I’m enjoying knitting, but can’t wait to wear Not a Boring Sweater!


Just trying to finish up my Bookclub book, How to Stop Time by Matt Haig.

Well I have to go back to reading!

Have fun!



A Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s been quite the week, but we saw progress today:)


I got out again this morning for a run, but just did 2.9km because I had a run planned for tonight. Unfortunately I was too late getting home from work so even though I had extra mileage planned, I ended up short. I should just know to do the whole thing in the morning, just in case!


So it has been a very stressful week due to a lack of communication. We had been told that our school organization may be changing but then nothing further was said. My teaching partner was then told she’d have six major issues in her class, which of course caused her a lot of worry! We have heard nothing for about two days and then finally at the end of the day we were given our proposed class lists. Unfortunately I am still not teaching the same as my colleague ☹️ but we have decided to continue to collaborate anyways. At this time it appears that I e gotten the short end of the stick☹️. 21 students- 13 boys, 8 girls and seven major problems. It’s going to be quite the year! What drives me nuts is that three people who don’t work with any of the children have spent two days creating this organization when it could have been better done and more quickly done if the teachers (the experts on these children) had been asked!!!!😖😖😖😖😖😖😖 I will stop now as I could keep going with all my grievances for several more pages, but I’ll just say that it’s been painful and exhausting this week and it doesn’t appear it’s going to improve!

Blog Hop:

I missed yesterday, but loved meeting new people through the Teacher Turned Mommy blog hop so I’ll do another tonight:)

My favourite school supply. Oh this is a tough one for me as I really do love all things stationary! As a kid I really wanted smelly markers, but knew there wasn’t the money for them, so when I started at the school I’m at now, I bought myself a set. I use them to make all of my chart papers and they make me smile daily:)

I also love sharpies! I like how they come in so many cool colours and how nicely they print!

Sticky notes would probably be the third item I would choose as I love how they come in bright colours, and a zillion different sizes so I can colour code everything:)

I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll stop with those three cool supplies. Make sure you check out Teacher Turned Mommy and Ally Bean!


After a very late evening of planning I came home to make dinner (after my mom told me not to run again). I had ordered a meal through Fresh Prep as I have a friend who orders each week. I thought this would be a good week to try it and ordered Steelhead Romanesco. It was definitely something new for me to make.

All the ingredients come in pre-portioned containers. It did seem like a lot of plastic waste:(. It took me exactly 23 minutes to make the dish which was just under the 25 the recipe called for. The recipe was easy to follow and only had seven steps.

The dinner turned out delicious! I was hoping to get four meals out of it, but only got two and some extra rice. At least I will have lunch tomorrow.

I can see myself doing this again as I enjoyed cooking and it was quick enough for a week night since they do the grocery shopping and some of the prep. There wasn’t a whole lot of thought required.


With not running, I got some time to knit and managed the last five rows of the yoke that are just plain knitting. I sure hope I get a chance to separate for sleeves tomorrow!

Well I need sleep as I’m getting up early for a workout.

Have fun!



Thankfully today was much better than yesterday!


Tavia came for another knitting lesson today. She is working on Grandma’s Favourite Dishcloth And has mastered the knit stitch and increasing. Hopefully we’ll get to decreasing next week.

I ripped out the start of my Not a Boring Sweater as I couldn’t find my three missing stitches and have gotten the ribbing done again. We will see if I tackle the cables tonight or not.

It was great to spend time with Cori and Tavia and we had a sushi lunch together after knitting. They unfortunately couldn’t do a poke bowl for me:(


I spent a lot of today napping and reading. I finished the book, The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare. I had heard Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club talking about this book and wanted to read it.

I very much enjoyed this book and found it quite humorous and laughed out loud a few times. I also enjoyed how it was the male lead who had the trouble with being self conscious and how there was minimal drama between the couple. Fair warning though- it’s a steamy read.


I took my car back to the mechanic today and he hooked it up to the monitor. We were both really happy to see it was just a vacuum hose that hadn’t been reconnected. All the lights went off on my dash and my car ran normally. Yay🎊🎉


I tried to make the Sally’s Baking Challenge for August which is a vertical layer cake, but my sponge cake completely fell apart. At this point I took the sponge cake I could save, blackberries and a blackberry sauce and coco whip mixture together into parfait cups and called it trifle. Thankfully Cori sent Tavia and Matthias down to eat two of the servings so I didn’t. They sure do great things for my ego🤣


I did finally get out for a run this evening though I really didn’t want to. My run ended up going better than expected even with having to dodge people in the park! Another 4.8km done towards my yearly goal! I hope I can get another 40km done before the end of the month!

Well I’m going back to my knitting:)

Have fun!



Well not a super exciting day, but I’ll tell you about it anyways.


I finished my current book, All For You. This book had four short stories and I really enjoyed three of them. The third, which is the longest one, was just too tough to get into and didn’t really hold my interest. I just saw that I’ve actually read this book before too.🤣. It didn’t even seem familiar.


My mom and I looked around Ladysmith and I managed to buy nothing but another pair of Birkenstock sandals. This is okay as I saw them when I was there earlier in the summer and thought about them before buying them:)

We checked on my dad at the house and it was coming along well. It’s amazing how nicely the foundation looks now and how that neatness definitely improved the look of the place overall!


We went for lunch at the Sawmill Pub. We shared nachos which were fine, but not as good as the ones at the Well that I usually eat. I also tried a Merri Berri Cider and it was quite yummy!


We looked around Petroglyph Park. I told my mom I would be embarrassed for visitors to see this park! It is about five carvings in rocks that you can barely see:( There are so many other awesome parks that I would give this one, just outside Nanaimo, a pass!


I took a float plane ride home followed by two skytrain rides. It was great that there were no cruise ships in port right now and it was before rush hour so this was definitely the time to go! I must remember that 2pm flights mid week are lovely!

I unpacked and then proceeded to have a two hour nap. My mom wore me out!🤣


I did get busy and baked some brownie bark as I have Tavia and Cori coming for knitting tomorrow. I made it from the cookbook I am reviewing right now.

The recipe was easy to make and if you like chocolate, it would probably be considered a success. My two pans came out differently- one is crisper than the other and I prefer the crispier. The only complaint I have is that no where did it say how thinly or thickly the batter should be spread. Probably why my two pans turned out differently. I’ll let you know what my company thinks tomorrow.


I am about to start a new project, but this will be my third try as I keep having difficulty with the provisional cast on🙄

This is the first project I am attempting from my book, Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn by Lisa R Meyers. I am thinking I’m going to work my way through the patterns in this book as out of 21, I really like ten of them. We’ll see how I do or whether I get distracted by something else.

I did get all my new yarn put away and I did a great job of buying yarn for weights that I didn’t have a lot of🎉🎊

Have fun!


Food-2, Yarn-0

Well after a quick meeting with the plumber, my mom and I set out for Sidney.

We stopped by mistake in Duncan, but it turned out well. My mom thought I had another yarn store in Duncan, but The Garage is an awesome cafe and bakery that offers lots of gluten free and dairy free options. We had a bunwich that was so yummy! I may be biased however because it had guacamole on it.🤣

We got on our way again and it was very cool as we took a ferry from Mill Bay to Brentwood Bay. This is only a 25 minute ferry ride, but saves having to drive around the Saanich inlet. It’s much more peaceful and relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone. It does have pretty BC scenery for those who aren’t familiar with it.

I was wanting to go to Sidney because there is a yarn store there and the Sidney bookstores have been on my bucket list for years.

We started with the knitting store, In Sheep’s Clothing. I was super excited when I saw they had two sale bins on the sidewalk, but less excited when I saw how little they were discounted. A $1.50 discount isn’t what I get excited about. The shop had a lot of samples and lots of yarn, but as I looked around (with my fingers) I discovered that most of the yarn wasn’t very soft:(. It also seemed as though they had a lot of only a few types of yarn. The shop was bright and I liked how the clerk wasn’t hounding me or trying to be super “helpful”, but I have to admit, I don’t think I’d make the drive for this store alone.

My mom says she thinks they bought the wool for the colour combinations but there was no touch test to determine if it was soft or scratchy as it didn’t seem very comfy. The yarn seemed to be bought without any sampling.

Of course we both realize that not everyone shops with their fingers like we do.

After the yarn store, we proceeded to wander along Beacon Street which seemed to be the main tourist street in Sidney. We started with Beacon Books which was slightly overwhelming with towering piles of books that weren’t overly organized😖

We hit Tanner Books next which was a lovely, open, airy bookstore. They had an amazing selection of magazines, but the other topics were quite limited. It was neat that they had both new and used and a good selection of journals and puzzles too.

After that we hit the Haunted Bookstore which I felt would have fit into the Harry Potter world perfectly! It had very old books and the proprietor didn’t even look up from the book he was reading.

The final bookstore we hit was Galleon books which had an amazing selection of naval and military and local history books. I was surprised that it also had lots of tea cups and little tchotchkes for sale too. I thought this would be their perfect place to buy a present for my uncle!

We managed to hit all of the bookstores that I knew about and if I had to pick my favourite it was Tanner Books. My mom says that was her favourite as well.

After this we were desperate for a bathroom and some food. We stopped to look at the menu of the Pier Bistro right on the water and while I said I was willing to just eat salad so we could enjoy the view, my mom said we should go somewhere else. We ended up at Fish on Fifth. It was amazing!

I had a gluten free blonde beer- Glutenberg Blonde along with onion rings to share. Then we shared the two piece cod fish and chips with yam fries and coleslaw. All of it was gluten free and dairy free. My mom said she wouldn’t have been able to tell if she hadn’t been told. I ate way too much and enjoyed every bite!

We stopped at The Loom at Whippletree Junction in Duncan on the way home. I had been Here the last time I visited and had found tons of things, but this time I came home empty handed.

Thank goodness I ate well today because I sure didn’t shop well!

Now I’m going to relax with my book!

Have fun!


Sunny Sunday

It was a lovely day, not just because the sun was out all day:)


My run this morning once more turned into a walk, but mainly because I wanted to hear the news from my friend with the broken foot and the two who just returned from holidays. They walk at a good pace so I didn’t mind a 5km walk over a run.

I did get another workout in this evening. It consisted of:

30 jumping jacks,20 lunges,10 plié squats

30 butt kicks, 20 crunches, 10 pushups

30 mountain climbers,20 bicycles, 10 reverse crunches

30 skaters, 20 high knees, workout supermen

30 sec front plank, 20 second right side plank, 20 second left side plank, 10 second reverse plank.

Then you repeat all of it again.

I liked this workout as I repeated each round twice before moving on so while it seemed to go fast, I also didn’t need to go back through it again:)


After a quick change I drove downtown to meet my friend Em who just arrived back from a trip to Ireland. We were supposed to be going to Festal, but was shocked to find they were closed! They need to update their website! So today I ate:

A kind bar

A Crispy Kalamari Caesar at Meet Gastown. This is an awesome vegetarian restaurant that has lots of gluten free and dairy free options. Their calamari was made out of oyster mushrooms and their Caesar salad also had kale in it. It was super yummy!

I highly recommend Meet if you’re in Vancouver. They have about four locations and I so wish they would open another one closer to me!

A red pepper with hummus, 2 crackers and some blueberries.


We shopped our way back to Em’s place. We both had the most luck at the Joe Fresh stand-alone store. I was super happy to find a pair of kids aviator sunglasses as I’ve been wanting a pair of sunglasses that are a little more dressy than the ones I currently have. I also found a new running shirt and a cute dress!


The rest of the night has been spent finishing up the blanket. This definitely ended up being a much bigger project than I had planned on, but at least it’s done and I think it’s a good size for a lap blanket.

I had to play yarn chicken and ended up taking apart a provisional cast on I had done for another project.

This blanket has 200 stitches across on size 4 needles. Four border stitches, 48 sets of 4 pattern stitches (knit 4, purl 4), and then another four border stitches. I did four rows of k4,p4, then four rows of p4,k4. Four garter rows at the start and end. The yarn used is just Red Heart Comfort and boy am I glad to get this out of my stash!

Oh and for those of you who wanted to see my stitch markers. They really aren’t that exciting, but I like them:)

I included my silicon stitch markers too as I now have about ten different colours. I like a different colour for each place so I don’t have to try to differentiate between them.

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!


Trail Thursday

It was another lovely holiday day. I actually wonder if you can have a bad holiday day? I hope not!


For once I didn’t hop out of bed for a run, but instead lounged around and then went for a pedicure with Lyndsay. It was lovely, except for when they touch the bottom of my feet. Sometimes I hate the fact that I am super ticklish!


I had plans for the evening so decided to get going on another recipe from the cookbook I’m working from this month.

Today I made the Cherry Pie Poppers. It’s a simple cherry pie filling with a sugar cookie pastry.

The only change I made to the pastry was to use an already made all purpose flour mixture instead of Sylvana’s. Next time I’ll have to allow time to make hers as I was surprised by the cookie-ness of the pastry as I was expecting more like a pie pastry. I had to push down each one with a shot glass when they came out of the oven as they had puffed up. The recipe made tons more pastry than was needed!

The pie filling was simple to make though I used the fresh option instead of frozen cherries. I was surprised by the addition of pumpkin pie spice, but it was an awesome addition and really made the sauce flavorful and not overly sweet.

This recipe was easy to make, didn’t take that long and turned out great, even though I let them get a little too brown.


I finished Meet Cute by Helena Hunting today. I’ve been reading and nothing else!

Wow! This book sounds as though it’s going to be just a cute romance, but it is so much more. It deals with some big topics and emotions in a lovely way. The characters are interesting, dynamic and realistic. They make mistakes, are uncertain and learn along the way. The pacing is realistic and excellent. The book pulls you in and keeps you turning pages.


I had yogurt for breakfast.

Roasted cauliflower for lunch

Two mini cherry pie poppers (to test them of course!)

Tuna poke bowl


My friend Brenda has invited me over for dinner to try out the newest dish she had gotten from Fresh Prep. It was a tuna poke bowl, which anyone who knows me, knows I love seafood. I was super excited as she invited me to help her prep and cook it too. The package was super organized, though I do worry about how much plastic they use to bag up all their small amounts of ingredients. The dish said it took 25 minutes but with both of us working, it didn’t. The meal was super yummy and tasted like a restaurant meal. Brenda says all of the recipes have been like that. I may need to look into Fresh Prep for the Fall, though I think I would only need to order one meal for the whole week as the portions are very generous! We barely made a dent in the tuna poke bowl.


All day I hadn’t planned on going to the trail clinic tonight as the route sent to me earlier in the week really didn’t excite me, which explains my eating siracha sauce at 4:30pm (not a good idea before a run!).

However, after a nap, I decided to run down and join the clinic. I didn’t turn my running app on which did take some of the sting out of the fact that I ended up walking a lot of the start because we did about 250m of elevation all at one time! Ugh it was hot and hard! The run down was okay, but it was almost too steep to run down comfortably. What really impressed me tonight was that I had run down to the run and I actually ran home after the run! That was all on top of the 2km I did mid afternoon when I didn’t think I was going at all.


I really need to figure out this photo thing as there are so many more photos I’d like to share today! My tuna poke bowl, the trail, my new trail running shirt…

Have fun!


A Challenge and a Starting

It wasn’t an exciting day, but I got a few things done during the drizzle that continues here.


As usual I met up for my Sunday morning run, but yet again it turned into a walk. I think it’s because we don’t want to leave Brenda alone and James who usually walks with her is away. It will hopefully be easier when Brenda starts running again in September. We did 7.5km very quickly done!

This evening, after my nap, I got a 4.6km run in and felt really good. My fastest was a 6:18/km, but I’ll take it.

I ended the day with a workout from Lyndsay again. I am making my way through my book of workouts that I’ve compiled from all over the place. This one has 30 exercises that I had to do for thirty seconds with a hurry second rear in between. I should do more of these as it would be super easy to change it up. Tonight I did:

Burpees, squats, crunches, pushups, mountain climbers, squat jumps, reverse crunches, t pushups, lunges, plié squats, burpees, squats, bicycles, pike pushups, mountain climbers, squats, pushups, skaters, toe touch crunches, t pushups, burpees, squats, crunches, pushups, mountain climbers, plié squats, pike pushups, skaters, lunges, and burpees.

On everything I could, I held a pair of seven pound dumbbells. Every time I pick up weights, I think about the fact that I used to carry that weight inside me. I can’t even use weights that represent how much weight I’ve lost, but it would be cool to work up to that!


I have decided to start on another cookbook.

I have to admit I have had this cookbook for a while and have already made about twelve recipes from it, but I’m going to try some more and share my thoughts with you. Today I made Baked Ham and Cheese Manicotti as I had vegan ricotta from my trip to Blue Heron Cheese.

The recipe wasn’t difficult bough there were a lot of steps. The sauce makes enough, even though it didn’t look like it. I used lasagna noodles as I couldn’t find gluten and dairy free shells. I just let them soak in boiling water for ten minutes. The taste was good, but I wouldn’t add the extra salt as it wasn’t necessary, but I would add basil next time and maybe up the garlic. The strongest taste is the ham, but overall it’s yummy and impressive sounding while not being difficult.


I finished up my sleeve today (though I’m afraid I made this one bigger than the other- hopefully you won’t be able to tell!). I’m now working on the collar and then I’ll get to put it all together! I’m really hoping to have this done!


Oh I wanted to tell you about the last movies I watched last night. I watched Love Unleashed. The puppies were super cute, but I thrill the storyline is just too overused. I also was distracted by the discrepancy between the actor’s heights. I guess this is what I look like with a guy.

I unfortunately can’t remember the other movie I watched:( It was fun to have Hallmark on the big screen though!


It’s been a little off again today, but here goes.

A package of honey stingers and an almond milk chai latte

Bocconcini, basil and tomato skewers

Ham and cheese cannelloni

A small ice cream cone (I swear the ice cream didn’t go above the cone edge!)

8 guacamole chips


I was reading blogs this morning and came across Abbey’s post. She always has interesting posts so you should check her out! This morning she gave the challenge of naming five things you like about yourself. Like most people I’m much better at naming my faults, so I thought I’d give this a try.

Five things I like about myself:

My eyelashes- they’re super long and come from my dad

The fact that I’m short. This may come as a surprise to some people, but I really do love it as I think my height really makes me who I am.

The fact that I don’t take life too seriously and can laugh regularly. Maybe everything out of my mouth shouldn’t be sarcastic, but it definitely makes my life better:). My laugh is also way bigger than people expect.

The fact that I love to bake, cook and knit. These things may make me a little old fashioned, but I like that I can be creative in a way that some people aren’t. I also love how it allows me to be productive every day.

My high expectations for myself! They have helped me change my life drastically and I am so happy for that!

There you go!

Well I desperately want to finish my sweater so I’m going to leave you.

Have fun!


Saturday 2.0

I heard this phrase on the radio this morning and loved it! It’s a long weekend here so it’s appropriate:)


My run turned into a walk as otherwise Brenda would have been on her own. I did manage to run 0.7km so that I could ensure I made my 100km for this month:)

I also got a short walk in this evening, just because it was too pretty out not to be outside.

I also decided a workout was necessary so did:

50 squats, 50 plié squats, 25 front lunges, 25 lateral lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, 25 backward lunges, 100 front kicks, 100 roundhouse kicks, 100 back kicks, 100 standing crunches, 100 hamstring curls, 25 crunches, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 static crunch with scissors, 25 reverse crunches, 100 jabs with 2lb weights, 100 hooks with 2lb weights, 50 uppercuts with 2lb weights.

Socializing/ Shopping:

I had arranged to meet up with my Corianne as her husband and kids are away camping. She indulged me and agreed to hit Main Street with me as this has been on my bucket list for a number of years.

We skytrained down and didn’t realize we were so hungry until we had zero interest in looking around.

Bob Likes Thai Food was our first stop. I went here several years ago with a guy I was dating, but hadn’t been back. The interior has definitely been updated, but thankfully the food was still amazing. We shared Miang Kham bites which were several flavors wrapped in a lime leaf- amazing! And the green curry chicken which was as good as I remembered! It was great to be out with someone who would share:)

We started back and stopped to look in several shops. There are a lot of consignment stores in this area!!! I wasn’t impressed with their prices though:(. I tried on a t-shirt, but for $35, I wanted a better fit and more excitement.

We stopped in the Soap Dispensary and a few other places, but didn’t get excited until I came to Blue Heron Cheese. I had been told about this place from a parent in my class so I knew I needed to stop. I bought the four types of cheese they had left and got told I should come first thing Saturday morning for best selection. I can’t wait to try a recipe with ricotta as that is a cheese I haven’t found dairy free before. I will also be having a bocconcini,tomato and basil appetizer for a meal in the next couple days😀

Our final stop was Cartems Donuts. Neither of us are huge donut fans, but this was another place I had been told about so we thought we’d stop. I had a gf/df salted caramel donut, which I didn’t realize was a chocolate based donut and Cori had a London Fog donut that had cream filling, but the cream filling was lumpy and not creamy:(. We agreed afterwards we should have gotten the earl grey and salted caramel gf/df donuts and shared them. Oh well, they had four options I could eat which was nice and if I ever start craving donuts, I’ll know where to go.

On the way home on the skytrain, we got off one stop early and checked out Golden Spike Days which is my city’s Canada day celebration. Yet again I was disappointed:( First it cost money to get in. Second there was nothing there but advertising and food trucks:(. I think I need to find somewhere that does an old fashioned country fair for Canada day!

All I’ve managed to do since I got home was have a nice long nap!


Peanut butter on toast

1/2 miang kham & green curry chicken

Salted caramel donut

Salmon burger


I have started the ribbing on the right front of my cardigan, however I’ve decided that I don’t like that only one stitch was taken off for the buttonhole, so I think I will be restarting this part tomorrow.

Well, yet again, I’m tired so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Today and Yesterday

The first day of holidays was lovely!


I laugh that I had to get up even earlier than usual for my run this morning, but that’s okay because I had company:)

We ran Coquitlam River which was really quiet at that hour which made it even better!

The one thing I’ve noticed was that I was very stiff when I got up this evening from sitting and I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t do the dynamic stretches this morning? I’ll have to do them tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.


I have to admit that I spent a large part of today cleaning and reading. I love the idea of having a clean house, but I have to bribe myself with reading breaks. I read Getting Worked Up by Erin Nicholas. Phoebe and Joe are working together to help each other get married to their best friends, but things quickly go awry.

I didn’t really love the premise of this book at the beginning, but the characters did grow on me. I think it was the small town background that saved this book for me. It also turned out to be on the steamy side, rather than the sweet.


I had scrambled eggs after my run this morning. A Kind bar and some fake cheese mid day and then the tuna poke bowl this evening for dinner. So not bad for the first day of holiday:)

Socializing/ Movie:

I had arranged to meet up with my friend Allison (who is here from Boston), Melissa and Suzanne for dinner and a movie. We had dinner at Browns Socialhouse and the tuna poke bowl was extremely yummy!

We then went and saw the movie, Yesterday. It’s about a world without the Beatles and then one guy remembers them and sings their songs as his own. It was really well done and interesting g right from the start. As Suzanne said, it’s great because it’s introducing the next generation to music they may not know. I would definitely recommend seeing it:)

Well my eyes keep closing…

Have fun!