I actually got off the boat today, though thankfully we were back for the excitement!


I finished another NetGalley book today. If nothing else, this holiday is getting me caught up:)

October Kiss tells the story of Poppy and Ryan. Poppy has been drifting through her adulthood trying to find what is right for her while Ryan is completely focused on getting his new app sold, to the detriment of his relationship with his children. Poppy agrees to be Ryan’s nanny to prove that she can stick with something, but maybe she’ll do more than she ever thought possible!

I loved the characters of Poppy and Ryan. Poppy is the epitome of what I think all grownups feel at some point- lost and without focus and wondering what exactly you’re supposed to be doing and are you doing the right thing? She has a good heart and a good work ethic, but just hasn’t found her thing. I love how she interacts with the children and brings her zest for life to everyone!

At first I thought Ryan was going to be the quintessential workaholic, but he actually is trying to remedy the situation! He is able to have fun with Poppy and the children and he truly is clueless about what other people’s motives are. I like how he put the feelings of his children first!

This is the perfect book to read for the Fall and will definitely inspire my Fall bucket list. It is full of all that is best of the season and is like a how to for having Autumn fun.

I enjoyed how the book wrapped up, however, I wish we had learned whether the big presentation was successful! Otherwise, a great Fall read to get you in the mood for the season and cosy romance.

Thank you to Hallmark, the author and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sight seeing:

My dad wanted to go for fish and chips at lunch so while him and mom did that, I looked around town. A gorgeous path they have around the community hall. There are benches and even a food truck in this little green space.

There was a cute little cafe where the lady was actually cooking a turkey to make her turkey club sandwich. I wish it had been gluten free as that sounds like a good sandwich! I checked out the thrift store and a few other stores, but finally found the…

Reading Centre! Of course I would find the library🤣 They had a bright, uncluttered and well-organized space. It is run completely by volunteers and they had a good selection. They also had books for sale, but I managed to restrain myself:)

Product Review:

I had fun looking through the local IGA to see if it had different products than at home. I have to admit that looking through grocery stores is something I like to do on holidays. Today, I found a few new things to try.

This peach flavored iced tea was light and refreshing. It really hit the spot during the hot afternoon. The peach flavor is very light and it is not overly sweet.

I wanted to have a different diet pop around for some variety, but there weren’t many options. This one was on sale and a man in the store said his kids love it, so I decided to try it. It tastes like cream soda, but isn’t as sweet as the ones I remember. So far, so good!

This was the final new thing I tried today. When I opened the package there was a slight strawberry smell. They mainly taste like granola with just a hint of berry. My mom said they were lovely and good. I liked that they weren’t really hard granola so it didn’t hurt my teeth to eat them. Again, a lightly sweet treat that will hopefully keep my sweet tooth satisfied. I bought a chocolate hip flavor to try too. I have to admit this product did make me want to go home and bake my own granola bites!


It took me a long time today to settle down and take out another row of my knitting in the hopes of finding my lost stitch. I ended up only having to take out one more row, so three total, to get my stitch back. It looks like I had forgotten to do the second stitch in a right twist. I set to work and actually got my first pattern repeat done! 🎉🎊


As I was sitting knitting, I looked up and thought we were getting closer to the boat anchored by us. A few minutes later, my mom yelled for my dad that we had to move!! With the wind that came up this afternoon, we were definitely too close!! We moved further into the bay and hopefully have found a better spot. It is definitely crowded in here tonight! I have the feeling we’ll all be up checking the anchor is holding tonight.


This afternoon I was catching up on Instagram and saw a workout, so I decided to try it. I definitely couldn’t do as many repetitions as Crystal Seaver did, but it did the trick on the boat. You can find the workout Here:)

The last thing I did today was my run to complete today’s Squad Runner mission. The mission was thirty minutes and I managed to get 32 in. My mom came out to walk so I kept looping back to her, unfortunately that meant I did this never ending hill several times:(

The hill continues up around the corner for about another 200 meters. It doesn’t look bad in this picture, but it felt killer!

Thankfully I was rewarded by a beautiful sunset on the dock while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up in the dinghy.

Its home sweet home again and I have to decide if I’ll knit or read:)

Have fun!


Quality Time

I like when my mom has an appointment and has to come into town! Nothing exciting, but still lovely:)


So thinking I’d be able to run this morning was crazy!! It took about 2km of walking before I could do so without horrible pain! Oh well, I got the 40 minute mission done and got some points for my team. I really can’t wait to be able to go back to running though!!!

I made the mistake of putting my regular pace into a pace converter and boy am I slow compared to all these runners I follow on here and instagram!☹️


I picked my mom up and after she had examined me (I really don’t look bad) we headed out shopping. My shopping goes slightly quicker these days as I mostly have to limit myself to the kids department. Who knew I would spend my childhood shopping in women’s and my adulthood shopping in kids?!?! It actually makes me smile every time I think about it!

I found a few things. The winter jacket is desperately needed as I shrunk out of all of my jackets last year. The sports gear will of course get used lots! The First Nations dress…well does it count as covering the First Nations content of the curriculum if I wear that dress???🤣🤪. I’m just kidding, but I’m pretty sure it will come in handy at work!


After an appointment which was twenty minutes late, and took all of five minutes, we finally had a late lunch. I gave my mom a list of options and she chose our regular. I love it, but I never end up taking her anywhere new.

It worked out though as in addition to sharing yummy fish and chips, my brother was able to stop by after work and visit with us too. It was nice to see him, but I think we may have shocked the waitress a bit. The owner knows us both, but nobody who didn’t know would guess my brother and I are related!🤣


I have to say that I have been obsessed with Polysporin this week. I’ve been consistently putting it on all of my cuts and scrapes and I’m happy to say that most are almost healed! I would definitely recommend having some of this in your house at all times, if you’re anything like me! Now if only they could create a product that works on bruising!


I feel like I haven’t been reading much lately, but it’s just because I started reading a book, found out it wasn’t the first in the series and put it down again. Of course, the book I ended up reading,It Started With a Kiss by Ella Quinn is actually the 4th in its series :(🤦🏼‍♀️

It was a lovely book and very true to the regency time period.

I liked how strong and outspoken the main female character was.

The Worthington family is lovely and crazy and makes every scene come alive. I can only hope the series will continue right to Mary!

The lead male drove me crazy with his need to “protect” his betrothed, but that is probably true to the time period.

The slight twist at the end was fun.


I did a bit more shopping this evening, but it was at Costco so not as much fun. My mom had told me her and dad love the shrimp plate at Costco and since I needed gas I decided to go in and get it. Well my $15 shrimp plate cost me $58! 🤣🤣. Can never get out of Costco without extras! At least I was limited by how much I could hold!


I’m just about to start work on my headband as I am trying to have it done before the end of the month! Abbey requested a picture of the charts for my headband.

Here’s the first chart that I am actually complete.

Here is the second one that I am halfway through.

And here is the third one I have to look forward to!

Well I better get to it or I will never get to that third chart!

Have fun!



It had its lovely moments, but overall, maybe I should have stayed in bed!


I got out this morning for a run so I could finish off the 7km mission. I only had to do 1.8km to get the mission, but ended up getting through 4.1km:). Then I got home to see that Squad Runner didn’t award me any points for my run, nor recognize that I had completed the mission. This new version of the app might be pretty, but it’s so buggy that it is driving me crazy!!!! I emailed the app contact so hopefully I will get the points. I know it’s good I did the run, but I WANT THE POINTS!!!😖


I had plans to meet up with friends for lunch and had said I would bring dessert. My friend loves chocolate so I knew I had to go that route. I decided brownies would be a good idea:) I chose to make The Ultimate Flourless Brownies from the Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook by Angela Liddon. The recipe, cut in half, can be found Here. These were very easy to make and my friends were amazed when I said they were vegan, gluten free and dairy free. One even said they were the best brownies she ever had. It made a nice presentation with the brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and sundae sauce. I also learned Hershey’s sundae sauces are gluten free and dairy free:). I’m sorry I have no pictures and I left the extras with my friend. This is definitely going to be my new go-to brownie recipe though as it was super easy to make and yet chewy and moist. I was surprised it cooks in a loaf pan, but it turned out great!


It was great to meet up with two friends from work for lunch. My one friend lives quite a ways out and has a lovely piece of country property! We had awesome bruschetta, then spinach salad with strawberries and egg in it and then my brownies. After lunch we hung out in her backyard

And with her other guests:)

Talk about cool, having two horses stick their heads through the hedge for carrot tops!


After lunch L and I headed out with her son for a bike ride. We planned to do the same 20km route I did with my other friend a few weeks ago. I was surprised when her son wanted to turn around at only 3km, but the 6km ride was probably a good thing as I took an unexpected dismount from my bike. No broken bones, but lots of cuts, scrapes and bruising:( I think I’ll just be taking it easy tonight!

I had some blood orange gelato from the Sweet Tooth Creamery to help the pain. I may not be chewing for a bit:(


Last night I watched the Hallmark movie, One Winter Weekend and loved it!!! The characters were funny and I liked how they didn’t like each other at first. It definitely didn’t hurt that the lead male was adorable! I think I’ll watch it again tonight to take my mind off my hurt.

Have fun!



Well I got a hard workout in, finished something, created something yummy and didn’t let something else defeat me,… a pretty good day:)


My run this morning turned into a walk, but an extremely fast and hilly one, so that was okay with me:). I also got to meet the dog of my dreams- a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. It has the colouring of a Burmese Mountain dog but with short hair:)

After my quick tea, I was off to meet L for a workout and boy was it a tough one. Cardio intervals on two different machines- one increasing and one decreasing in distance. In between those intervals there was a list of exercises to work through. I did jump squats, sit ups, lat pull downs, burpees, three different types of crunches, mountain climbers, and plank jacks. I was literally dripping sweat by the end and it felt so good! I’ve missed having a good, hard workout!

This evening I went for a very short walk to deliver some mint to L, but it doesn’t count as exercise, just life:)


I got started on the recipe I wanted to make today as soon as possible as it’s been very hot here. Last weekend R had told me about a turkey roll recipe and as ground turkey was on sale, I decided to try it out. I may have a new favorite recipe and it has been super tough to not eat the whole thing today!!!

It is super simple- I combined my ground turkey with an appropriate amount of poultry spice and then spread it out into a rectangle on top of a piece of Saran Wrap. I then spread cooked and drained spinach on top. I used dairy free mozzarella cheese on top of the spinach, but R uses ricotta. I then used the Saran Wrap to roll up the turkey and put it on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

I stuck it in the over at 350 for 20 minutes and then removed it and spread a thin layer of apricot jam over the top. Pop it back into the oven for another fifteen minutes and it’s done:)

I just have to make it last long enough to be my lunches this week!


I have started the next rug square, but only just.


Knot-0. AJ-1

I did manage to get the knot undone in my yarn (though there were definitely moments I was tempted to just cut the yarn!) and I also got my sweater finished!🎉🎊. It is so super soft! The pattern is Tin Can Knits- Flax Light. The yarn was Diamond Luxury in colourway Footloose. This was a very different colour for me as I usually do black, grey, blue or a jewel tone, but I love how it knitted up. I didn’t make too many modifications other than to do two extra decreases in the sleeves and of course shorten all lengths so it won’t be a dress on me. The pattern was super easy to follow and I love how there were so many size options. I think I have a new favorite Spring sweater!

I’m sorry that I don’t have a good photo yet, but I’ll try for one tomorrow when it’s dry:)

The only bad thing is that it didn’t completely use up the second skein of yarn, so I’ll have to make a headband or something out of it.


I finished the book Christmas in Evergreen by Nancy Naigle today.

This is the book that accompanies Hallmark’s original movie. It tells the story of veterinarian Allie Shaw and doctor Ryan Bellamy and how a magical snow globe brings them together.

This is the perfect read for Christmas as I think it could put anyone in the Christmas spirit. The town of Evergreen seems the perfect Christmas place and is somewhere I would like to spend Christmas. It has tons of Christmas traditions and wonderful people to share them with.

The pace of the book was well done and doesn’t drag or include insta-love which I appreciated.

The characters are interesting and it was neat to get further details of how Allie is feeling than is provided in the movie.

I also loved the ending which is slightly different from the movie and is a lovely treat.

Thank you yo Hallmark and NetGalley for providing me with a free book in exchange for an honest review.

Well that’s all I could fit into today.

Have fun!


Late Night

I got home last night and did nothing but fall into bed!


I decided to take it easy on myself and I just went for a walk in the morning. Nothing exciting, though it was nice and cool out. Actually it was too cool for me, I came home and drank tea wrapped in a blanket!


I got another little bit done on both of my sleeves. I can’t believe these sleeves are taking me this long!!!!


I didn’t actually touch my rug square yesterday, but thankfully I had already finished it on Thursday😀. Maybe today I will start another one!


After a short nap I set out on the skytrain for downtown. This is only about my second or third time doing this alone so the hour trip is still an adventure. It all went fine:)

It was such a great afternoon with friends! There are just some friends I am so comfortable with and these ladies happen to be done of them.


We started off with Nordstrom whom I didn’t even know were having an anniversary sale! I found they have kids Birkenstocks, but I want to look online and see if they have a better colour selection, otherwise I’ll go back and get them. It was great to have friends there though as I’ve been wondering if I should go with the original or new style. They’ve both made that mistake, so original it is!🤣

We tried to hit Lululemon, but their hours were different than what it says online so they were already closed. It was a nice walk and took us back to where we needed to go anyways.


We had decided to go see Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. I didn’t realize that it was just opening yesterday, but with our 4pm showtime it wasn’t crazy busy! This movie turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting! It was fun and I loved how they did the flashbacks. I also thought the young characters casting was well done and of course, any movie with Colin Firth in it is good in my book!!!!🤣


On the way from Nordstrom to the movie theatre we happened to pass a donut shop which is quite famous. I had six choices for a gluten free, dairy free donut! My salted caramel donut made a lovely movie treat!

My friend had made a reservation at a restaurant that none of us had been to before, though I had heard lots of good things about it! Chambar was good! We showed up an hour earlier than we expected and they still seated us. I’m glad we were there early as I can see it just becoming busier and louder and it was already pretty loud. We had a lovely corner though!

Three of us decided on the mussels and M had the duck with gnocchi. Other than the fact I had five mussels that didn’t open and they put butter on my plate with the bread, it was super yummy!

I also had this yummy drink called a Letter 23.

After dinner, even though we were all stuffed we weren’t far from a vegan ice cream place, so my friends indulged me!

There were so many choices! I’m used to only two choices and the fact I could have a waffle cone made my day!! I ended up having Umaluma love which is raspberry with caramel and fudge and drunken cherry which is like a cherry and vanilla ripple. They were so good! I ate the whole concoction and felt like I needed to waddle home! I may never eat again!!!

I had a quiet trip home after an awesome afternoon and fell straight into bed!

Now for a run to work off all that food!

Have fun!


Girls Night

My day was good though I just couldn’t seem to settle.


I ran for 6.5km in the morning while it was a little cooler out. I also managed to go for a walk in the afternoon though it ended up being shorter than I planned because my headphones died:(


I managed to finally finish a book. I’ve been reading a series and adored the first two and almost everything else this author has written, but these last two books seem to have taken me forever!

This book, Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase is the story of Owen who is the brilliant, quiet astrophysicist of the Shaughnessy family.

I felt like this book took me a long time to get through because the pace was a little on the slow side.

It was quite different from the other books in the series as it is definitely not as explicit. In addition, when Owen first takes Brooke home, the family isn’t welcoming. I think that may have been the biggest shock for me!

This book also left me with questions- does Brooke ever resolve her relationship with her family? What career does Brooke decide to pursue? Where does Owen end up working?

I sure hope these questions are resolved in the next book!


I am on track this week on my rug square:)

Socializing/ Cooking:

I had Brenda and Sarah over last night. We have been trying to get together every other month just to catch up. It’s nice not to have to run and talk at the same time!

Of course this was my chance to try out some new recipes:). They did limit me this tome to only two dishes so that we wouldn’t have quite as much food as we did Here. I had no idea we met up so many months ago though! I spent some time in the kitchen and made baked Brie and bruschetta.

The brie ( it was Vrie – vegan Brie from Black Sheep Cheese) was super poet gooey when it came out of the oven, but I unfortunately made it too early. It’s easy as all you do is put a balsamic fig spread on top and pop it into a 350 oven for 15-20 minutes, but I would do it once your guests have arrived. I was trying to do it early so I could get the oven turned off and the house cooled before my guests arrived.

The bruschetta is from the Oh She Glows recipe book by Angela Liddon. Again, very easy to make. Chop up cherries, strawberries, mint, basil and red onion, put in a little balsamic vinegar and let it sit while you toast your bread. Then assemble and drizzle with a balsamic reduction. I also added vegan feta cheese to some of them. I would definitely make them again, but I would also make them smaller!

We still had way too much food!!! It was all so yummy though! It was great to sit and talk and catch-up. The blue wine my mom had brought me was also enjoyed. Brenda and Sarah say it’s perfect for me as it’s my favorite colour.🤣

Unfortunately I did myself in as I bought gluten free fancy crackers for the Brie, but didn’t realize they had dairy in them:(

Well that was my day yesterday and I’d better start today!

Have fun!


Back to Reality

I guess every good time has to come to an end at some point:(


We all agreed to get up and go for a run this morning. It was hot, but the beautiful scenery and the company made up for that. I highly recommend the KVR trail as it is 10km long so can do any run up to 20km with beautiful scenery and a soft surface:)

I also got out for a walk this evening to stretch out my legs after sitting so much. It felt really good and I was faster than normal:)


This was even better than normal Sunday morning as I got an entire breakfast made for me! R got busy and we had scrambled eggs, bacon and I had fruit while everyone else had fruit topped pancakes. It was all so yummy! I’m obviously going to need to take some lessons from R for cooking!


We packed up after breakfast and headed out. We had a quick stop at Brenda’s brother’s place to pick some stuff up and then got gas and were heading home. We didn’t make any stops, but traffic wasn’t as awesome as it was going up on Friday so it still took us the whole four hours to get home.


I am fully unpacked!:) K must be rubbing off on me as she is a super neat and organized person who deals with things immediately:). I wonder how long this influence will last?🤣


I had great plans to finish my sweater on the way home, or at least one sleeve, but unfortunately I had left my DPNs at home. Since coming home I have started the second sleeve using the other end of the yarn and have gotten caught up to the first sleeve. I’ll now switch back and forth for the seven row pattern repeat so I can ensure both sleeves are the same! I have high hopes that I may just have this done tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Now I just need it to cool off so I can wear it!!!

Well I’m off to bed as I want to get up early for a run before it gets hot!

Have fun!


Holiday Day 1

Don’t worry I won’t call every day in sequence!!!


After sleeping for 11 hours, I got up and out the door for my run. It was raining and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s workout, but I got 5.91km done, enough to complete the mission:). I say it was a bad run, but the fact that I ran 5.91km and didn’t think twice about it shows that it couldn’t have been that bad!

I am quite happy that I also got a workout in as one of my goals this summer is to get back to weight training more. I am definitely noticing the lack of muscle I have right now! I did 8 circuits of two exercises each and did each twice. It was a good whole body workout as it included: high knees, mountain climbers, single leg bench squats, shuffles, dips, plank jacks, skipping, woodchops, up/downs, cross country skiing, butterfly crunches, oblique crunches, squat pulses, push-ups, burpees and v sits.

Amazingly, I also kind of got a walk in this evening, though it was more of a stroll than a “walk”. I’ll take it for the first day of holidays though!


My first priority after my run today was to finish the baby tee in time to get it entered for the potions class in HPKCHC. I ended up calling it Sunflower and Sunshine and I’m super happy with it! It also used up another random skein of yarn out of my stash🎉🎊

I followed the free Composite pattern off of Ravelry, although I did the whole sweater on size 4mm circular needles rather than switching needles for the edging. It was super quick and easy and I love how cheerful and cute it is!


I have been working on my rug square, but haven’t quite managed to finish it yet. Hopefully by tomorrow night.


I’ve been working on the same book for a while which is odd for me, but I’ve also been listening to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens on LibriVox . It’s good so far:)


I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading as I’m currently three days behind. I apologize! One of my goals for summer is to catch up and stay caught up!!!


Lyndsay texted earlier tonight to see if I wanted to join her at the Local Canada Day celebrations. We walked over with her son and it was pretty cool. There were some booths set up and we checked out the paint balling one (you have to be ten) and some clothing ones. Her son got ice cream and Lyndsay got a delicious looking baked potato topped with chicken and avocado. It looked really good! We played bean bag toss which was fun

and listened to a live band- Famous Players out of Vancouver. It was cool because one of the band members is the brother of a parent at my school.

Product Review:

The last thing I have to say for tonight is that I’ve been really enjoying this dairy free, gluten free tzatziki alternative!!

It tastes just like tzatziki and is super yummy. It has the consistency of cream cheese which worked great to spread on sandwiches, put in celery and for dipping chicken into. It was delicious in all three instances!

Well I’m off to work on my rug a bit:)

Have fun!


Yipppeeee, Freedom!!!

Well the long awaited day arrived- I’m on holidays as of 3pm today:)


I headed out this morning for 10km, but only made 2.78km before I returned home. My legs were sore and it was raining. I know those are both excuses but also knew I could capture the rest of the mission tomorrow. No sense keeping on in misery when I didn’t have to.

I also got a workout in with Lyndsay today. I was again on the bike which is probably a good thing as it really makes me sweat!! I liked how we did intervals and then at certain points we had to jump off and do a weight move on the floor. My legs were definitely feeling it. We did the same routine on the floor, but had to stop at intervals and do cardio. It made the workout go quick, but I’m going to hurt!!!


I didn’t actually teach today, but enjoyed a potluck breakfast with my coworkers this morning and then spent the whole day moving my classroom into my coat room. There has got to be a better solution as this is just too much work. I do however have the awesomest mom ever who came in today and helped me all day!! She has then come up with a solution that will cut down on all this work in the future:). Now I just have to resist going to work next week to try the solution out!

Eating/ Family:

I took my mom and nephew out for ice cream to celebrate the start of holidays, even though it wasn’t particularly warm today!

We tried a new place I always see when I am running.

Of course, I don’t want ice cream right before I run so today was the perfect day to try it.

My mom had a single scoop of sea salt caramel, I had a scoop split between lemon sorbetto and raspberry sorbetto (the only two vegan options) and my nephew had a huge towering pile of sea salt caramel, hedgehog and cookie dough. My mom gave it a 4/5, Gus gave it a 4.6/5 and I would give t a 3.5/5.

My mom says it was clean, cute, had just the right amount of choices without being overwhelming, and gave a good amount of product. It was also in a cute area that would be cool to explore on a nicer day.

Gus says the ice cream was creamy, tasted as it should have and was a good amount.

I would agree the ice cream tasted good, but I would have liked at least one more option and I thought it was a little expensive.


This evening I met up with my parents for dinner at the pub. My dad had a corned beef sandwich and beef barley soup that he, of course, complained about. My dad is never so happy as when he is complaining.

My mom and I shared the two piece fish and chips which were awesome as usual! It is so nice to have this option so close to home!


I had received an unexpected email telling me that Kait Nolan had a new ARC available. I leaped on that and read the whole novella,Can’t Stand the Rain this evening.

This is a short novella that tells the story of Delaney and Sean. They have been friends for a while, but can they manage to be more.

I was looking forward to this story as it was foreshadowed in Kait Nolan’s last book. It did not disappoint. I loved how the story started and Sean is a worthy hero throughout the entire story. I also liked how it dealt with the very serious issue of mental health, but still allowed the romantic relationship to be central.

I would recommend this novella for anyone enjoying the Wishful series or lovers of firefighter heros.


I think that since I don’t have to get up at a particular time in the morning. I will now spend some time working on my baby tee as I still have hopes of getting that done before the end of the month!


I keep forgetting, but today seems an appropriate day to ensure I mention what I’m grateful for!

1) family- I couldn’t be happier that I got to see my nephew, dad and mom all in one day! It would only get better the more family I saw!

2) my healthy body- it may not always be exactly how I’d like but I am truly thankful that I can run, workout, work in my classroom, walk, lounge, etc.

3) the smell of the gorgeous flowers my class gave me for the end of the year. It smells divine in my living room right now which is lovely amid the chaos that is reigning in my house right now.

Have fun!


Hither and Yon

It just seemed to be a very busy day, though that might have been just because I had no downtime after work. I think as I sit here writing this that this might be the first time I have sat down today!


I did a short thirty minute run this morning though it was still slow and painful. I wonder how long my quads are going to make me pay for??!

It was nice to get out before it was hot or busy. I’m back to looking forward to being able to run in the mornings!


It just seemed like I was always in motion today!! My co teacher was away so that always throws me off a bit. We hid our rocks today and many have already been found. It was neat to see the older kids make a big deal out of it for the little guys. We played outside, went to music, watched four horrible shadow puppet plays and then made kites for ADST this week. This was our last session and it’s been really cool to see the children working on these projects. So many different solutions!


After school I had to go directly for a massage. My RMT suggested I don’t use a third of my weight in weights again🤣. I’m just hoping the massage will help!!!


I had to put a picture of this dress in that a grandma made for a birthday present, isn’t it adorable!!!

I didn’t get anything done on my rug today because of my evening commitment that went longer than normal, but I did start another cap to use up the last of three skeins:)


It was quick home and then back out for a retirement party for our secretary. It was nice to see so many people and the food was way too good! I think I may have scarred a few of my co-workers with how sick I got last week as they were very concerned about what I was ordering. It’s nice to work with people who are also friends!

I really liked the looks of this charcuterie board but there was just too much cheese to make it work.

Instead I had steelhead salmon curry. It was super yummy and though I didn’t plan to eat it all I did and now I’m stuffed!


I’ve had reports that people have to go looking for my posts, that they no longer get an email alert about them. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I finally had two minutes to go on my computer at work and found a ton of tags in my spam folder. I’m sorry, I will get to them ASAP now that I know they are there!!

Well sitting down was nice, but I’m going to go lay down and let my eyes close.

Have fun!