It was a great day, but I was absolutely exhausted and went right to sleep last night. Probably due to the fact that on the one day I could sleep in, I was wide awake at 6am☹️


I had already been to Costco and to my parents place to check their mail (my mom texted me to do this as I was on my way there- so crazy how similar we are!) when I met up with Sarah for a run. She was a great sport and indulged my wish to run up to a local waterfall. Thankfully it wasn’t quite as muddy as I was expecting!

5.6km done on a trail is a great way to start the weekend! I also managed to get 200 squats with a band done and 100 crunches- bicycles and normal, done.


I spent quite a bit of time reading my newest NetGalley book- Lori Foster’s Slow Ride. So far, it’s a great read!


In between chapters I made myself do two jobs around the house! I got vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, bathroom cleaned. It’s livable again🤣


I am back trying to finish up my sweater so I can start on projects for February’s classes in HPKCHC. I am on my second sleeve, but I think I’ll be playing yarn chicken to get it and the placket and hood done:(

Socializing/ Eating:

I got the chance to do a second Dine Out experience this year with my best running buddies. We went to Baci which is just a town over. It’s odd as everyone you talk to has seen this restaurant, but no one had been there. It was a great night. The ambience is great for a fancy dinner and the food was superb! I had a tomato and onion salad to start and then the seafood fettuccini, made to be gluten free and dairy free. I ended the night with a cup of tea as they didn’t have a dessert I could have. This was probably a good thing as I was stuffed!

Well I’m off to finish off my day:)

Have fun!




Sorry for no post, I was just too exhausted yesterday!


A regular day at school. We learned about compound words, the Chinese New Year and that’s about it! It seems like we’re so busy until I write it down!


Yesterday was boot camp day. I’m thinking I didn’t push myself enough as I don’t hurt today. However, since my stomach was still unhappy, it’s probably a good thing.

We did: jump squats/pushups, sumo lunges to burpee/ front jump to iso squat walk back, bicycles/ banded adductors, stability ball hip raises and hamstring curls, stability ball sit ups and leg raises to hip raise, banded fire hydrants both sides, bicep curls/ tricep extensions, and deadlift to knee drive on both sides.

Socializing/ Eating:

I ran home and got cleaned up to meet friends for a Dine Out Vancouver meal. We do one meal a year and have tried some awesome places. I have to admit I often pick them based on whether I can have dessert! 🤣. Last night we went to Chickpea. I wasn’t impressed at first when I had to wait for a table, even though I had made a reservation. As well, they didn’t seem to have the staff to deal with the amount of customers they had.

I have to admit the food was really good, but there was way too much of it! I ordered cauliflower of life but there was also hummus, and a ton of different kinds of food that came with our entrees. I found out I liked the pickled vegetables, and the eggplant the most. Their chickpea fries were delicious too!

It was all very good, but I felt very sick by the time I left.

It was home and straight to bed!

Have fun!