Finally Friday:)

Here’s hoping this new app works better for me!!!

My day started out great because I got to go for a run! I went out my usual way but switched over to running along Murray Street as it still seemed a little dark on the trail, around Rocky Point Park and back home along the trail. I purposely ran slowly so my blood pressure hopefully didn’t go crazy and I didn’t bleed so as far as I’m concerned, I’m good to go for running again!

I walked to and from work which I have come to realize is going to have to count for my walk on weekdays now that I’m back to work.  There just isn’t enough time, even with leaving at four to get a run, a walk and a workout in each day. I guess my trifecta will have to wait until the weekends!

My workout was awesome today! As I was leaving work at 5:30😞, my co- department head and regular exercise buddy asked if I wanted to meet for a workout. I immediately took her up on that offer because I know it’s easier to workout when you meet someone and I feel like I push myself harder when I’m with her.  It felt great to get back to our workouts after the summer hiatus! A five minute warm up on the treadmill, a two hill repeat, a sprinting repeat and then onto weights. I even pushed myself on the step ups to use the middle height bench instead of the shortest one). I had no problems with my finger or any other body part except during the treadmill hills my hand was tingling. I don’t know why, but I did slow it down a little.

I would count today as a success exercise wise!!

It was the last day of our introductory week where we worked in grade groups. The children were so tired this morning!!! I tried a go-noodle video to energize them and it was interesting to see how they slowly caught on to the movements. I think I should have played it one more time and then they would have done more of it.  I ended up being on supervision which isn’t my favourite thing, but it’s also not the worst, since the kids at my school are pretty tame compared to others I’ve taught! Two of my girls from last year spent the entire fifteen minutes hiding behind me and trying to jump out and surprise me. Might have worked better if they moved quicker and didn’t giggle so much 🀣

We got our work done much quicker than expected this morning so we played a game I had never played before- “This is a marker, but it’s not a marker, it’s a…”. The responses were sometimes hilarious! I love how kids are so creative! The marker became a magic wand, a car, a rocket, a cheetah, a pickle, etc. Super easy and they were giggling away and being creative so definitely a success!

It was our multicultural lunch today which amazingly comes together every year on the first Friday back to school. It never looks like it will, but it does! This year there was actually a seven layer dip I could eat, a quinoa salad and a blueberry bar. I definitely made a piglet out of myself! I wish I had taken a picture of my plate as it was a definite improvement over last year when I only had pickles and olives to eat.

Well I led a rally this afternoon and survived:). It wasn’t perfect, but for a first try I’m satisfied. One of the intermediate teachers was saying his students asked that we do it again next year, so I’ll take that as a success. I think I’d better send an email to staff asking for feedback so I hear what they think too.

I would count today as a success because I also got completely ready to welcome my new class on Monday morning- all labels are adhered, desks have been organized, and planners have been labelled:)


Not a thing:( I’m dying to do it, but with large sharp needles and thick wool, i know I’ll want to use my left pointer finger so it’s not happening yet. All that happened was the afghan moved off the couch.

Well since I want to get up at 6 to do the crunch, I’d better get to bed:).

Have fun!


PS: The app really did work better:)

A Little of Everything


For the first time in a while, there were a few running buddies around this morning, unfortunately none of them ran with me:( We ran Mundy Park and I am proud to say I didn’t get lost this time and I did it in 29:58 which I think is good for me! Mundy Park in Coquitlam is a great place for a summer Sunday morning run. First it is well forested so it’s often several degrees cooler on the trails than in the parking lot. Secondly, it is dog off leash time until 10am so I get my dog fix as I run. This morning I had to stop at the bottom of cardiac hill because I was being herded. πŸ˜‚Β The trails in Mundy are wide and well groomed so it is appropriate for strollers etc, just beware the entire park is a hill. I have ran the Perimeter trail both ways and it is within seconds and meters of each other. You just can’t win!

I also got a workout I need on this hot day, though I was sweating bullets. I started over in my book of workouts with workout #1 and it was still a challenge! I keep waiting for the day when they become easier! I am really motivated right now though because I’m hoping working out will build muscle which will make running the crunch easier and faster!

My walk tonight was the same old Inlet trail.IMG_8872 It was very pretty tonight, but I really need to investigate some more walks I can do on my own!


I thought I’d be able to say I hadn’t had a treat today, but nope I had a frappe after my run this morning, a very large one because it was free. I should never have a drink as a treat as it just doesn’t seem to register with my stomach like food does:(

Otherwise, today is Sunday which is my food prep day and I decided to stick to the schedule. My fruit salad, tuna salad, egg salad and veggie sticks are all prepared. I liked how this week I cut down on plastic bags by putting my veggie sticks in a larger container and then putting the hummus in a silicone muffin cup in the same container. I hope it works well! I’m also hoping that having all my food prepared will help with the transition back to work this week, though as I type this I realize I should get my dinners ready too.


I fairhfully did another pattern repeat on the afghan for my parents. I’m loving how it looks, but I must really love them to knit an Afghan in thirty degree weather!!! I so wish I had more time so I could work on a small project right now!

Otherwise, all I did today was spend three hours making up the supervision schedule, ugh:(!!!!

Its off to sleep with me now as tomorrow is the last day I don’t have to set an alarm! We’ll see if I manage to sleep in at all.

Have fun!



Wow! I seem to be thinking a lot today!  Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen often. As I told my friend Michelle today, I’m more a surface girl, πŸ˜‚


No running buddies were available today so after waiting the requisite five minutes I set out along the street as I don’t like running the Coquitlam River trail by myself. It ended up being a great run (not as fast as I wanted) as it was mainly downhill on the way back. I also got some entertainment by looking at all the different types of gates I passed. I’ve learned that an open gate really is so much more inviting than a closed one! I’ll have to remember this as What a great metaphor for attitude towards life in general. I’d forgotten how nice it is to run somewhere different and see something different!

Running in this area reminded me of two goals I’ve had for a while. First, I really want to run all of Shaughnessy Street in Port Coquitlam. I’m really not sure why, but its been on my bucket list for a while. I think the first step may be to drive the street and see how long it actually is so I can determine if it’s a short term or long term goal.

The other running goal I was reminded of today is to run from my house in Port Moody to the Hyde Creek rec Centre and back. I have done this once, several years ago during a half marathon training session and I would like to do it again. I love being able to say I ran through three cities! It is definitely a long term goal right now as if I remember correctly, it’s about 11km each way. I’m just not there yet.

I got a walk in ( to the ice cream store and back 🀣, not sure t counts but it will have to do. I also got a workout done- Legs on Fire. Short , but my legs definitely felt it!


So far, I’ve treated this blog just as a diary for myself so I can keep track of what’s important and it forces me to think about my day, attach importance to the little things, and focus on the positive. I have to admit that the ding of another view or like does give me a smile however. I was talking with a friend who shares her blog posts on social media so that more people will look. I don’t think I’m quite to the point where I want my general friend population to know I blog, but this conversation did make me realize that The blog is getting me to interact with more people and new people which I think is really important for me. In the past I have been on dating sites and I’ve always really liked texting with my “matches”, but maybe this blog will serve that purpose for my psyche, that human connection,  without the emotional roller coaster that goes quite dating (can you tell I haven’t quite gotten past my last relationship??😜)

Reading the other blogs is just as important I think. Today after reading “Fear” by LifeofaCanadianGirl, I decided to do something I normally wouldn’t have. I was having a good conversation with a guy last night and had not gotten around to asking him a question so I messaged him on Facebook. I don’t want to date him (he’s a smoker 😞), and he may never see it, but at least I asked! A definite step in the right direction as one day before I’m 100 I would like to be less shy!


Well I did something I never do, I gave up on a book! My accomplishment-seeking mentality never lets me do this, but I had to either give up on the book or start banging my head against the wall in frustration (and I actually like my neighbours so really there was no competition). The book was Penelope: A Madcap Regency Romance by Anya Wylde. I love a humorous book, but this one just went too far. When the heroine leaped over the sofa, fell across the room and grasped the hunting rifle off the wall, all while having a sprained ankle,  because he modiste turned out to be a man, I just couldn’t take it anymore! If you’re looking for a book that is just one ludicrous episode after another, this is the book you should read. If, like me, you were just looking for a humorous historical romance, I suggest passing!


Well I hate to have to admit this, but I went back to Matteo’s Gelato for the second day in a row 😞 At least, I’m not the one who suggested it this time. My friend Michelle suggested it and I just couldn’t turn her down as it’s super hot here today, and I was desperate to hear where things stood between her and her fella!  Today, I was much better and had four fruit flavours ( that must count for at least a serving of fruit, right 🀣). I had blueberry, pink grapefruit, lemon and raspberry. They were all dairy free and gluten free and were amazing! I promise, I’ll try not to go there tomorrow!

Crafting/ Knitting:

I spent some time this afternoon with my friend K covering plain pencils with cool, gorgeous Japanese paper. imageThey will be presents for my students and though they are not perfect, they’re pretty cool! If any of them notice the few wrinkles, I’ll be able to turn it into a life lesson on not having to be perfect and just trying your best!

Knitting wise, I finished all the parts for my sweater, laid it out in the floor to start seeing the parts together and noticed that one sleeve’s raglan decrease section was a different colour:( I thought about leaving it, maybe no one would notice, but I would know and there’s no sense making something you’re not willing to wear! So I ripped it out… I’ve managed to get it knitted again and have started seeing it together. Will I ever be done this sweater???

Well, I’m back to it!

Have fun!


Today’s the Day!

I had another good day! I know I’m trying to be consistently positive, but I do wonder whether it’s that or the fact that I’m on holidays that keeps giving me these great days? I  guess we’ll find out soon enough, though my fingers are crossed that they continue!

In case people actually read my posts and are interested in only certain things I’ve decided to put in headings. I see most people only talk about one thing, but I have lots of interests and things to record and I don’t want to do more than one post a day! But I do get that not everyone has all the same interests as me so hopefully the headings will help:)


The best that can be said for today’s run, is that it occurred. Today is a holiday at home however, so I went out and did thirty minutes but I was hungry and thirsty and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s 10km. Its a quandary though as I try to do the 10km runs the day after my massage because my legs feel great and I’ve had a rest day, but then I don’t want to take another rest day the day after I do a 10km run because I just had a rest day. I wonder how other people solve this problem? Maybe I’d better make my next book a running book:)

I got my walk in by walking over to meet my friend for dinner and surprisingly I so got an “Arms On” workout in when I got home! I think it was motivated by my dinner and having to admit on here that I hadn’t done everything, πŸ˜‚


Last summer I had a gorgeous garden going on my deck and then when I got back from my holiday on my parent’s boat, everything was dead and I was super upset at the death and the waste of money, so this year I didn’t let myself plant anything as I knew I was going away on two trips again, but I did promise myself that I could plant when I came home. Well today was the day!  I called up my friend from work who also likes wandering the plant store and headed to Amsterdam Nursery in Pitt Meadows. It is by far my favourite nursery in the area. The people are very knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy, it’s always clean and well organized, the plants are healthy and the prices are reasonable. I ended up getting pansies to add to my perennial pots for some colour in the next few weeks, some herbs and some veggies. Can you tell I like to eat what I grow?? For herbs I got lavender, rosemary, basil, cilantro and parsley. For veggies I got Kale, spinach and turnips and a full size tomato plant with tomatoes on it for $10!!! I got everything planted and the deck cleaned up. I miss having the third of an acre I had growing up, but this little bit of green makes me smile every time I look outside:)

Sorry a lot of the plants are inside so they don’t show in the pictures.


A few weeks ago, I was talking with a vice principal friend about how much I love Tacofino and figured out the food truck was at one of the local brew pubs tonight, so tonight was the night! We met at the Parkside Brewery which is still he only brewery I have been to on Port Moody’s new brewery row. I don’t drink beer (gluten), but I like to at least see the places. I’ll have to try and remedy this soon. The food truck wasn’t here yet, so I got a cider as I kind of felt like one of us should get something since we were sitting on their patio. There was an immediate line up when the food truck pulled up. Tacofino started in Tofino,BC and now they have eight locations which include both restaurants and food trucks! I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t have the fish tacos that I’d been craving because the fish is battered ( I’ll have to go to the restaurant where it isn’t), but my friend had those and I had the pulled pork tacos without the cheese and on a corn tortilla. It was so yummy that I was done before I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture!   The lineup moved fast and the food came quickly so I would even do Tacofino with kids!

As if the two tacos weren’t but enough, my friend overpaid me for her share of the dinner so I took her to Rocky Point Ice Cream for dessert. It was obviously meant to be as we didn’t even have to stand in line!  There are only a few dairy free options, but I don’t mind their vegan vanilla so I got that. At least I resisted getting it made into a milkshake 🀣  My friend got  matcha ice cream and said it was really good!


I have been madly knitting in all the moments I could today and I am slightly closer to being done the retro Nubby Knit as I finished a sleeve today and will start the second one before I go to bed. Hopefully this means that I will make my goal of Sunday! I just really want to be done this. It has been a tough slog as my instagram feed is full of people making cute projects with gorgeous variegated wool. Then on here, there’s people like MyTangledYarn who has the most gorgeous, cheerful socks finished. Here I am using rather plain wool to make a rather plain sweater:( I know I’ll be happy when it’s keeping me warm in the fall breeze, but right now, it’s just tough! It’s just another example of my goal orientation. I inherited a bunch of wool and patterns from my grandma and it’s a goal to use up that wool!

Well, yet again, I am off to knit like crazy so I can make my goal.

Have fun!


A Great Day:)

Today started off great! I laid in bed with my breakfast and watched a hallmark movie and I weighed in at 98.2, definitely a step in the right direction!

It continued to be great with a run around Sasamat Lake with an old running buddy who has just moved back into the area after a year. This lake run is not super long, just a half hour if you take your time and it is interesting with some ups and downs and some technical details. I wasn’t expecting to, but we ran the whole thing:) The hill at the end is just enough to make you feel like you really worked.

I then got a tour of my running buddy’s new townhouse and we took her dog for a walk and got coffee.

I had been wanting to try this new coffee place, The Beanery on Panorama Drive in Port Moody. I always thought a coffee shop was needed in the area so was super happy when I saw one go in. I hate to say it, but my iced chai latte with soy milk wasn’t very good:( First, it was slightly warm so nothing iced about it, and secondly it tasted powdery. I’m hoping that the place will improve with age. The breakfast pizzas definitely sounded good! There was also no gluten free options:(

A quick stop at home and then I picked up my Cookie Lady friend for a shopping trip to Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver. This has been my favourite shopping centre for a while because it has Ivivva ( kids lululemon), J Crew,  and The Shoe  Company which has a great selection of kids shoes. Today a few things annoyed me though:( Ivivva is closing their store and will only be available on West 4th in Vancouver or online. I’m an adult shopping in a kids store so obviously I’m not typical; how do they expect me to shop online without being able to try things on???? I think they’ve lost me as a customer:( Secondly, I’ve always liked J Crew as their clothes fit my style, but it drives me nuts that they advertise a teacher discount and then every time they find a reason not to honour it:(  Not at this location, not on that item, not when we have this promotion, etc. The khaki pants I bought for work that don’t have to be shortened are great, but they would have been better if I had gotten my teacher discount!Finally the hour and forty five minute drive home ( when it only took thirty to get there) did me in.  I have no idea how people drive in that every day! It was fun, but I think next time I’d rather drive to the airport!

I managed to get my three exercise times in, but it was doubtful for a while. My run this morning, a quick 15/12/10 workout and then a walk around the inlet trail this evening. At least something got done and hopefully it was enough to keep the scale number going down and the muscle building up!

I didn’t get much done on my list today, but I don’t really think it’s my fault as my phone turned off around 2:30 and then only turned back on around 6:45. I’m wondering if this is because my memory is so low. I wish I knew more about iPhones, maybe I wouldn’t find it so frustrating then!

Well it was a busy but fun day with the good outweighing the bad, so a success!

Have fun!