Family Visit

The start of week two started busily again.

On Monday I ran in the morning and then met up with two work friends to go look around Fort Langley. I always enjoy spending time with these ladies and we often go to Fort Langley together. We looked in every store and had lunch at Little Donkey. The lunch was amazing! I had the brisket burrito which they put in a bowl rather than a wrap for me. Their chips and Salsa was also amazing and incredibly fresh (the chips were still warm!)

After checking this town out I then met up with two friends that I had not seen since the start of Covid. Michelle and Katie are both teachers so it was very interesting to hear how their school years went.

On Tuesday morning I got up early and was out the door before 6am to catch a ferry to the island. Amazingly it took only a half hour to get there so I had tons of time to knit on my socks.

It was amazing to see my mom and dad. We just spent the day visiting and I finished my vanilla socks, which I am calling Rainbow Ferry Socks

It was interesting to see that my gauge changed between knitting in a car and knitting on a ferry as one sock is much bigger than the other. The yarn is Sugar Bush Blaze in Sizzle Stix colour. I used 48 stitches and did them toe up to use all the yarn. I definitely used all the yarn as I had to grab a different yarn to finish the cast off in the second sock. I decided to reduce to 42 stitches for the ribbing and like the fit!

On Wednesday my mom and I went to Nanaimo to the Costco. I wanted to get my Downy Unstoppables that was on sale and she got shorts and shirts for my dad. We tried to go to Fabricland so I could get material for a project bag, but as luck would have it, it was closed for that one day.

I spent the day working on and finishing my current shawl- the Lightweight Hipster by Joji Locatelli. I did the shawl in the Tea For Two from SmashKnits. I am super happy with the results, but unfortunately don’t have blocking materials with me so it may be next week before you get to see them.

Today we made it to a local knitting store. I had called and was told they had some local yarns. I feel as though I can get commercial yarns everywhere, but love to see what stores have for local yarns. I came away with one skein of Laughing Sea yarn in an unnamed colour. My mom says it should be called Vanilla Tutti Frutti. It is a vanilla coloured base with orange and black/grey speckles.

I have spent the day knitting on a cowl that I have just ripped out to start again. Hopefully my second try will be successful.

I have ran both days that I have been here even though this entire city is all hills so it is tough to find an easy run route! I have also done a workout both days and also got my yoga done today. I’ll call that a success. I took the time this morning to count how many days I have done a run, workout and yoga and was super unhappy with the fact I’ve only managed to do that 18 days this year:(. I’d better get moving on this to improve that number!

Well I’m going back to my cowl.

Have fun!



It was a lovely day with the family!

My sister in law and I started the day with a run. My watch recorded 3.8km of it, but thankfully my SIL’s watch got all 5.4km of it. It felt really good to keep up with my SIL without feeling like I was dying.

In the afternoon we went out to Tod Inlet with some kids and a dog. All of them were happy to get into the water for swimming. The adults quite happily stayed out of the cold water.

The best part of the day though, other than spending it with family, was dinner! We ordered Chinese food and I got to eat all of it!!!! It was so amazing- it actually felt like real take out!

Beef chop suet, shrimp fried rice, veggies in black bean sauce, and eggplant hot pot. I loved it all. I told them that may need to become a tradition.

This evening we went for a walk in the neighborhood and ran into many friends and neighbors. It’s so nice to see the kids running around the neighbourhood- very 80s style and I love it.

Well, time for bed, have fun!


Off on a Tour

I started off first thing this morning for a ferry.

The trip to the ferry was awesome and only took 45 minutes which is amazing, and I managed to be organized and have my reservation code and credit card ready when I got to the ticket booth.

I had a lovely hour wait for the ferry and managed to get the fourth gauge swatch done for my test knit sweater. I finally made gauge, hurray!!! I had to go down a needle size and I’ll be using beige yarn which wasn’t anyone’s first choice, but it’s what I got gauge with.

The ferry ride was not very calm, but made better when I ran into a teacher who had retired from my school this last year. I visited with her and her husband on the back deck.

I am visiting with my brother and sister in law and their kids and my visit started with this awesome visit to a beach where we had the whole place to ourselves!

We enjoyed a couple of hours visiting with some of my SIL’s friends while the kids played in the very cold water!

From there it was home to see my brother and have a lovely dinner of pulled pork. After dinner we went for a walk. How do you know your SIL is perfect for the family- she knows where all the library bins are in the neighborhood. We managed to go by two on our walk:)

I am off to sleep now though as this family is up and at ’em early.

Have fun!



I might have found the score of the summer today.


I started the day by going out for a run around the neighborhood. By the way everyone was staring at me, I don’t think many people run around here. I know why too- the whole town is hills! I got 6.10km in so just have to make sure that I do at least 3km tomorrow. I can’t believe I’m having trouble getting to 100k this month when so many months this year I’ve been doing about 150km. Oh well, I will try to get out again in the morning.

I had planned to do yoga, a walk and/or a workout too today, but didn’t get to it.


The guys in the family went out boating so us girls hung out. We started by checking out a store that is closing down in town. I was really upset because I’ve had luck with shoes there the past couple of summers.

We had to go in one at a time and my mom and SIL sent me in first because I take the longest to make decisions. This time there were no decisions to make- I just took them all:)

There’s no way I can resist Birkenstock’s at that good of a price! I have enough for life now!

The rest of the day was just spent hanging out chatting.

My dad got clams and crabs for dinner. I’m not sure whether it was the sun or the clams, but I was too sick to eat crab 😥😰😱. I’ll have to make up for it at breakfast!

I’m off to sleep off whatever is wrong with me.

Have fun!



I was so tired by the end of last night, that I couldn’t even write a blog post.

I was up super early as my brother and sister in law were picking me up at 6:30am. The trip was calm and went quite well. We just stayed in the car and played on our phones.

I ran into the DQ and grabbed an ice cream cake on the way to the house.

It was great to see my parents and my brothers and even one aunt, uncle and cousin came over. We were outside so hopefully we kept everyone safe.

We did up hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner along with an amazing ramen salad my SIL made and potato salad my aunt made.

The best part- we actually got a new family photo! As usual we were missing people, but at least we got one!

It was a great day and hopefully the start of a great holiday!

Have fun!


Spend Time With Gus✅

It was so lovely this morning to lay in bed reading for a while!


I picked up my mom and we wanted to stop at a furniture store, but couldn’t get there, so we went to my place and she helped me tackle a couple of cupboards in my kitchen. I am so loving having organization in my life!!! I’m pretty good at staying tidy and organized if an item has a home, but as soon as it doesn’t, I’m a wreck:(

Family Time:

I had planned to hit a new restaurant for lunch today, but the organizing took longer than expected, so we went directly to pick up my nephew. He had texted me the other day and asked if we could go for ice cream😍Awww! I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing and we even got Nanny B to come along:) We went to Matteo’s Gelato which definitely has the most dairy free options in my neighborhood. It didn’t have quite as many as it will during the summer, but I still had choice:). I picked mango and coconut and wasn’t disappointed!

Afterwards I dragged G along to look at two furniture stores, but I still didn’t find a couch:(


I finally had to admit midafternoon that I wouldn’t be doing my 70 minute mission all in one run today:(. I just don’t have the energy or the lung capacity for it. I did however go out and get 35 minutes done and I’ll do another 35 minutes tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get some longer runs in soon though so I can get my mileage up for my yearly challenge! I didn’t push myself on tonight’s run and was hampered by having to dodge and weave around the crazy busy park! I was still happy to see I was under a 7 minute km:)


I have to admit I’ve spent most of the evening laying on my couch in the sunshine reading:) it’s been lovely and may have been interrupted by a short nap😀

I finished One Perfect Kiss by Jaci Burton. This is the latest book in the Hope Series and I’ve read every single one of them! I love this series because of the friend group featured in it. I want to be part of that group as they seem to have so much fun!!! This is a cute, fluffy fun read:)

Well I’m going to go start my next book or maybe work on my sleeve.

Have fun!


Another Monday

I was amazed that it wasn’t more difficult to get up this morning, though I definitely missed the daylight:(


We had a policeman come and talk to the class today and another professional engineer who works for hydro. The students were well behaved and had some interesting questions, though they seemed to be super obsessed with bad guys🙄

We got a tiny bit of math done and a Spring Bucket List. I wrote mine while the children wrote theirs.

Spring Bucket List (in no particular order)

Run a half marathon distance

Have naps

Walk on a beach

Go on a road trip

Visit a bookstore

Plant herbs

Check out Maria’s Gelato in Fort Langley

Fly a kite

Clean my closets

See my parents

Get some flowers

Wander around downtown

Replace my plants

Go on a trail run

Spend time with Gus

Ride my bike on the PoCo trail

Have ice cream at Umaluma

Stay in bed and watch movies all day

Visit a new town

Try a new restaurant

Go shopping for new clothes

This should keep my busy for a while🤣


I ran home quick and got out for a short run. It wasn’t as long as I expected but it was much wetter than I was expecting. I guess I should just be happy that it wasn’t the snow they were calling for!

I also got my 200 squats and 100 crunches done:)


I grabbed my mom to keep me company while I went out to try and get gas at Costco again. It was much quicker than yesterday! We wandered around the aisles which I never take the time to do, but I’m really glad I did!

I found this:

It’s probably crazy that I’m so excited about new tupperware🤣. I love that it has lots of 1/2 and 1 cup containers and the containers are marked with smaller amounts too! If it works well next week, I’ll be going back for a second set as that would get me through the whole week:)

I also stopped and got some more baking powder and flour but that’s not very exciting!


I’ve spent the evening knitting endless stockinette in the round and watching Hallmark movies. I watched Walking the Dog. It’s a very cute movie that features gorgeous water scenery and two awesome puppies! Sam Page definitely didn’t hurt the movie too. I liked how the story was realistic and not overly dramatic. The second storyline is also very sweet!

I also watched Country Wedding. Again, Jesse Metcalfe seriously helps this movie. I wonder how Hallmark gets all these gorgeous actors? This is a cute movie, though I’m not as big a fan of the whole Hollywood wedding storyline.

I’m going to need to stock up on movies for Spring Break!

It seems as though my mom won’t be around for my Spring Break, but I’ll be a big girl and get over it. My friends will help as I already have a hockey game midway through the break. I just have to find a few more things to keep me busy:)

Have fun!


Couldn’t Be Better

It was an awesome day with a little bit of everything I needed.


I got a hike in today with my favorite hiking buddies:)

It was a gorgeous day for it and we were way faster. It was all uphill and then all downhill, but still an awesome time! I love the affect nature has on one’s mood:)

I got a short run in later on. I need to run 2 hours before 3pm on Sunday so I figured I might as well start today. I had planned for at least a half hour, but jalapeños and running don’t mix very well! Besides it decided to rain and get super windy so I was happy enough with a quick tour of the park.


I met up with my parents for lunch at a local pub. Gotta get that quality time in while I can! It was nice to visit! My mom and I decided to share the nachos but I think we needed about another three people to help us!

They were very cool though as they are actually homemade potato chips instead of corn tortilla chips. So yummy and took care of my craving for pub food!


I got another half hour done on my rug and am actually almost done the square for this week!

I also got my tabard frogged so I can start again. I decided that I didn’t want to decrease any stitches on the sides- I’d prefer they just went straight up. The tarn isn’t very soft so I know I’m going to want a loose fit!

I also got around to making myself a new pair of unmentionables:) I had bought the stretch lace about a year ago so I could replicate my favorite pair (that are expensive and only available in the states) and today I finally got around to it. Now I just have to try them out and see how I did.

While I was playing around on all of this, my mom created magic! She took her old ski jacket and recreated it into a yoga mat bag for me!!!

It even has two zippered pockets for my phone, keys, rec pass, etc. I have the MOST AMAZING mom! She just starts cutting and suddenly I’m left with something amazing. She even centered an arrow on the strap for me and has snaps for when it’s really pouring:)

Family Time #2:

I had a special invitation to my nephew’s lacrosse game this evening. I always go to these things as I live in fear of when I won’t get invited anymore. I really need to get a book on lacrosse as I have no idea about all the rules. To me it seemed like the refs were totally unfair!!! I am definitely too high strung to watch sports comfortably! I wanted to go after #18 who knocked my nephew down twice!! I did survive though and got a hug:)


I met up with my friend Michelle at her place for a chick flick. Of course, with two teachers there was some venting, but we did manage to watch Trainwreck. It is one interesting movie…

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!



Well I definitely did not expect to get up to a dusting of snow this morning! I don’t remember it ever snowing in November before!! I live on the West Coast! It’s supposed to be mild and raining!!!!


I purposely took today as a sleep in day, although my sister in law managed to text me at 6:15 so it didn’t last long, 😂 I did get out for a run after work but this was doomed.  I didn’t want to go as my phone had died and it was super cold out, but when I checked I saw it was 3 degrees and would be -2 in the morning. I decided to charge my phone a bit and get out there! I knew my phone didn’t have much battery left and when I took it out to take this picture 

It died:( I find it very difficult to count a run as a run if it isn’t recorded so I walked for a bit, but then realized I had to run again to stay warm. I probably did about 3km, so pretty well just a rest.

I did a Lyndsay workout later this evening. It was comprised of four circuits and I was supposed to do each three times. I ended up only doing each circuit once, so yet again, pretty well a rest day.  I’ll try to do this workout properly tomorrow night!


I started the day by checking out the Book Fair that has been on since Wednesday. I purposely waited until this last morning in the hopes it would be quieter, and it was:) I didn’t buy anything for my classroom but did pick up a few things for my niece and nephews for their Christmas presents. Shucks, as I write this I realize I didn’t get anything for Gus and he’s a bigger reader than James and Lucy. Oh well, I can check out another bookstore ( haha it will be such a chore🤣).  I wanted to get Lucy a recipe book as I hear she’s liking to cook but it seemed very expensive. Of course the three I chose were all on sale so I managed to escape with only a $15 hit to my credit card:)

Thank goodness my class was back to their lovely selves! Calendar was first up where the special helper couldn’t find his sharing in the sharing bag. Supposedly this will help😂

I’ll have to remember to climb in when I’m having trouble finding something!

We got a lot done today! McCracken spelling to help with their sounding out, a talking circle about our favourite weather with snow winning, of course,

My walk to work today

a math worksheet we hadn’t gotten to a couple weeks ago, finished up the number printing booklet, planners, silent reading and art.

It was amazing that during art today ( we made poppies to decorate our class wreath), the children had a choice between listening to music or having me read some more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to them. They actually chose listening to the book. It made me so happy and I was even more excited when I heard one of the boys in my class spent his tooth fairy money on books😀🎉🎊 at the book fair. Maybe I’m rubbing off on them:).

I was a little sad that not one book was bought for our class during the book fair:( I guess I’m not popular this year.

I also remembered to take a picture of our new rug. The children were super excited that we had a new rug and have deemed it, “soft and luxurious”. Their words🤣!  The lines are definitely helping with everyone having personal space.

I had to share this picture that I was given with you. I get some interesting ones sometimes, 😂 


I tackled the pumpkin chili again tonight as I had it for lung and it was definitely vegetable soup then. I went back out into the cold after my run to hit the grocery store (passed by a very cute fireman which improved the cold walk slightly😂) and grabbed some ground turkey and a chili seasoning mix. I cooked it up, let the chili boil down somewhat and added the new ingredients. It’s pretty good and even has a smoky taste since I let the bottom burn while I was reading and crafting:( It is still much better!

I couldn’t wait for the chili so I had my Brie cheese on cucumber for dinner. I often use cucumber slices as my crackers and I actually don’t miss crackers at all!! This was the last of the cheese I had gotten from the Oliver Wine Festival. It is by Black Sheep Vegan Cheese. I’ll have to look up where I can buy them locally! This cheese had a very smooth and creamy texture with quite a light flavour. It was yummy and I think it would be excellent to offset strong flavours while still providing that cheesy taste to dishes. I think I will try to get some turkey meat tomorrow and try out a turkey and Brie sandwich 👅


I finished listening to The Time Machine by H.G. Wells tonight on Librivox. I had always assumed this book would be difficult to read since it was written in 1895, but it wasn’t. It was an excellent book and easy to follow. I have to say the narrator for this 3rd edition on Librivox was excellent- good pace, pronunciation and intonation.

This book tells the story of a learned man who has created a time machine in his lab. He goes in a journey into the future and then recounts his experiences to some peers at a salon style gathering.

The book demonstrates amazing creativity and imagination on the part of the author. It is exceptionally detailed and moves along at a good pace. The author however has quite a cynical outlook for the planet earth.

I enjoyed this book and think others would too. If you enjoy science fiction you may find it interesting. As well, I think that it would be an excellent book for a class or a book club to read because there is lots to discuss around its themes.

I’m so glad I’ve finished this book as now I can cross it off my November to-do list and add it as the second entry into my Classics Reading Challenge that Abbey at Three Cats and a Girl got me into:)


I finished a square on the rued rug so I also get to take that off of November’s list. I will of course, continue to do one thread a night so that perhaps I can get two squares done this month. I think I intentionally forgot to count how many squares I still need to do. That might be too much for my poor brain to handle! Lol

I’m also working away on my handwarmers, though I have to admit the pattern has me a little confused so I may need to leave it until tomorrow when I am not tired.


I haven’t seen my mom today🙁 though I have learned that my parents will be in town until at least November 13th now, so yay one extra day! While my parents are away there are always tons of things that I think, “oh I’ll wait until mom is home and do that with her.” I should really learn to create a list as I go, but I never do so I am trying to create the list now (in no particular order).

  1. VV for warm sweaters✅ and cords
  2. Ivivva for a new running outfit ( I think I deserve it for running every day)
  3. Thin, warm down jacket✅
  4. New running headphones
  5. Sew Christmas presents( my mom is an amazing seamstress so I’d like her to be around to help if I need it)✅
  6. Walmart for sports bras✅
  7. Neverland tea room (I have a coupon)
  8. Spend gift cards✅
  9. Go get pillow for RV pillow cover✅
  10. Exchange skull pan✅
  11. Westwood tire for new tires✅
  12. Truck tune up✅
  13. Get flu shot✅

Gosh I know there are tons more things, but i can’t remember them:( I’ll add them when I think of them.

Well I think I’ll go read some more. I feel like I’ve been writing the same thing each day lately so I’ll try to do something interesting tomorrow to break up the monotony🤣

Have fun!


Catch 22

It’s been a tough day, but also a wonderful day.


My run this morning turned into a walk:( as both my running buddies are sick. Unfortunately it was also my only exercise for the day:(


Today we had my grandma’s celebration of life. We went out on a boat as a family and spread her ashes on the waterway we all live on. My mom and aunt did an awesome job of organizing the day. My uncle said a bit about my grandma’s life and then we all said something we liked that Nan did or thanked her for something as we threw a flower into the water. At the end we tossed in her ashes which were placed in a special paper container that sinks after ten minutes and starts to biodegrade after four hours. We toasted Nan with champagne and then had a lunch. It was a tough occasion and yet also a beautiful day as my brothers, parents, aunt, uncle, cousin and I were all together on a boat on a beautiful day.  My Nan would have hated the money we spent on champagne etc, but I hope that it brings closure for my mom. If it does, it was worth it!


My grandma always had her knitting with her and she was the one who taught me to knit so it seemed appropriate to throw my project in her project bag and take it along. I accomplished a pair of slippers over the course of the afternoon. The pattern is called Rapunzel by Drops. It calls for chunky wool so I used some random taupe chunky yarn I had in my stash. It was an incredibly easy pattern and they knit up very quickly, probably even more so because I have such small feet. It would definitely be a pattern suitable for a beginner as you knit, Purl and the decreases are done by yarn overs. I made no changes to the pattern other than to add a pompon to the front of each afterwards to add interest. If you had more interesting yarn than I used, that wouldn’t be necessary.

Well I’m now going to go read a chick lit book and hopefully snap out of the weird feeling today produced.

Have fun!