Freedom 😀

We all survived the last day and I now have seventeen days to do whatever I want! An awesome feeling for someone who normally has to plan every work day down to the minute!

The thermos had my treat- a homemade chai latte- for the last day of school. Normally I wander to work with just plain tea, but I figured the last day deserved some sort of treat:)

My way to work this morning:) It feels like Spring, but still cold in the morning. It was tough to convince the children they needed to wear their jackets!


It was a crazy busy day with a parent presentation about emergency preparedness (tough to keep six year olds interested in the last day before holiday), finishing up our read aloud of Matilda, gluing all of our art work into our portfolio and watching the movie Matilda all afternoon. We all survived and the classroom actually didn’t look too bad. The only thing I didn’t get to was the desk clean out but maybe we’ll do that the first day back.

I got out of there at 3:30, completely ready for April 3rd:)


I joined up with Lyndsay for a workout after work. She wanted to ramp it up as she’s hitting the Mexican beach this holiday, but I knew better. It turned out to be good I needed an easier workout because only one treadmill was working so I ended up on the elliptical. It was fine, but definitely not the crazy, sweaty workout of a run. We also did floor work of: deadlifts, lateral bench step ups, snatches, lateral steps with the band, bridges with the band, straight leg drops, and three other exercises I can’t remember for the life of me right now! Each was three sets of ten reps with cardio blast in between of twenty seconds hard, ten seconds easy. I did take it easier on the cardio, but it felt great to get back to working out!!!

My goal for my holiday is to run each and every day! We’ll see how it goes:)

Walking home from my workout in the gorgeous sunshine, knowing that I’m on holidays made me fly high!

Otherwise I’ve been taking it easy on the couch and trying to catch up on my blog reading, though I also really want to continue with the NetGalley book I’m reading right now!

Right now though, I’m exhausted so I’m off to bed. Pathetic I know on a Friday night, but I want to run in the morning!

Have fun!


Ending and Tidying

A day of endings, but also of tidying so I can begin on a positive note:)


We were certainly busy today, but still didn’t get to everything I wanted to. I started the day by coming in to a report that one of my boys was kissing another boy on the lips yesterday 🙄. So I got to inform his mom and talk to the class. Ugh! Just what one wants to hear about her son first thing in the day😂

The children got to tour the school looking at all the box projects. There were some very cool ones! The imagination some children have is amazing! We had a grade two student build circuits and create a sound effect board out of his box! Here are two from my class: a cat and a unicorn. I wish I had grabbed a picture of the boxtrolls though, so cute!

It was an early dismissal today for parent teacher conferences , but thankfully I only had two so I got some time to tidy my classroom:). I just want to know how come when I do one thing, I immediately think of ten others I could also do! Teaching seems to be a job where you could work 24/7-365 days and still not be done!


I finally finished my next book from NetGalley, His Wicked Charm by Candace Camp. It had been a while since I had read one of her books, but I’ve enjoyed many of her past series.

Thank you to NetGalley for the free copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

This is Candace Camp at her best. The story is of Delilah, a very prim and proper young debutante who is perhaps not what she seems and Constantine, the debonair smooth talking brother of her best friend’s husband. The two cannot seem to get along for even a moment, but maybe that’s not quite how it seems.

This book centres around an occult theme which I was not expecting at all. However, even if it isn’t my regular read, this book was fast paced, entertaining and thoroughly engaging. I wanted to know what was coming next! Camp did not disappoint and the action was in full swing by the third chapter and continued through to the last page. I loved how Delilah was being pulled in two different directions and really had to search deep for her true self. I also liked how Con had two very different sides to his nature and Lilah came to realize both were valuable.

I think anyone who enjoys a little mystery, the occult or just an entertaining historical romance will enjoy this book!


The beautiful sunshine tempted me to go for a run before my class tonight as I read a blogger who regularly runs before her spin classes, but I figured when I’m sick is not the time to try this out:(

It was my last athletic yoga class tonight. I’m in a conundrum as my colleague has signed up again, but while I love the class, I really need a regular yoga class for the stretching! I wish you could do both on the rec pass but I’d need a pass for the regular yoga classes and then a separate $90 fee for the athletic yoga class:( I haven’t decided what to do:( In a perfect world I would be rich and could do both!

Well, I’m off to bed so I can survive one more day with the munchkins!

Have fun!


Not Again!

It’s been quite the day! Yesterday I said to a parent that my life was nice and calm, I guess I jinxed myself.

I got to sleep in this morning as it was a Professional Development Day (and before everyone complains that teachers get too many of these, let me say, I’d rather have less and be in the classroom with my students!), and I knew we were going later as Lyndsay was driving and had to drop her son off first. It felt great to sleep until I naturally woke up! I was also happy I had arranged to go with Lyndsay as it started snowing around 8am and hasn’t quit yet!

I had quite the surprise when I was flossing and suddenly my tooth was in the sink. Talk about disconcerting! I scooped it up, popped it in a snack bag and called the dentist. I had five dental surgeries last year and one thing that’s good for is that I heard back from the dentist almost immediately. They fit me in for 12:45.

Before that however I had to go to my workshops. I do not sit still and listen well! I went to a workshop on dyslexia because it runs in my family and I often suspect some of my students of having it, not that we’ll ever get confirmation of that in grade one where I live:(. I had high hopes for the workshop, but it ended up just being a movie about dyslexia that featured a whole ton of people who are wealthy and can pay for every resource. I didn’t come away with any new knowledge or any new strategies to help my students:(. Definitely one of the reasons I’d like less of these days as this is unfortunately, quite normal:(

The good part of ProD days is seeing all the teachers I’ve worked with. After sixteen years in the district, even a shy teacher knows a lot of people. Every five steps you stop to catch up:)

I then headed to the dentist. My regular dentist left a couple of years ago to have babies, so I’ve been seeing whoever is available. The dentist on call very kindly cemented my tooth back in, but not without setting me up to come in for a consultation with the dentist who arranged all my surgeries last year. My Marilyn bridge had failed and she warned that it will probably fail again. I’ve been told no hard food or sticky food until my appointment in May and she didn’t say it out loud, but after all my experience at the dentist in my life (I have my mother’s teeth), I can hear a conversation about implants coming:(. I’m trying my best not to think or worry about this until May! I’ll just look at the bright side that no hard or sticky foods along with my dairy and gluten allergies has put me on quite the diet for the next three months!


I ran home, well actually trudged through snow a third of the way up my leg, after the dentist, changed, stopped and paid my utility bill and then met up with Lyndsay for a workout. It turned out to be very short as she got called in to her second job to cover for someone so I also did this kickboxing Rabat’s routine tonight.

A few things about this workout. First it calls to do each two times so I reversed the exercises the second time so that what I did to one leg/arm, I did to the other. Secondly, I changed the final tabato jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts with ducks as I didn’t really see the point of all her multidirectional jabs.


I’m on the heel flap of my first sock. This is a top down sock which I have never done before.


Late last night I finished A Rogue of Her Own by Grace Burrowes which I had gotten through NetGalley.

I received a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.

This book tells the story of the last Wyndham cousin, Charlotte and the upstart she marries, Lucas Sherbourne. The marriage comes quickly and the novel explores the beginning of their marriage.

The start of this novel reminded me in a very positive manner of Julia Quinn’s writing. I was laughing out loud at the heroine’s antics and at the interaction between Charlotte and Lucas. I also enjoyed the storylines surrounding the peripheral friendships and family. Lucas is a loner, so these developing friendships are super important to his success in marriage. Most of the interactions were quite humorous and contributed to the HEA. The characters were easy to like and want to see succeed. I was super invested in them quite quickly. Finally, I liked the realism that a new marriage is portrayed with. It’s not all roses and rainbows, living with someone takes compromise and a lot of learning about that person and yourself and Grace Burrowes does a great job of portraying this.

The only complaint I had with this book is that I would have liked the Julia Quinn lightness and humor to have continued a bit more through the book.

Anyone who enjoys historical fiction would enjoy this book. It’s an excellent addition to the Wyndham series and I am going to miss that family.

I have now started on my next school book club book which I need to be done by Monday!


As much as I enjoy trying new restaurants and cafes, I also firmly believe that better can usually be made at home. Tonight I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes- sitting by the fire with my knitting, a book and a homemade chai latte. I love chai lattes but so dislike how expensive they are at a coffee shop! I’ve found an easy recipe that I enjoy every time!

I put two cups of water with a tea bag in a pot and bring it to a boil. I then add about a teaspoon each of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. I also add a cup of almond milk at this point. Bring it back to a boil. Remove the tea bag and the spice ball, add sugar to taste and enjoy!

The recipe, I based this on, can be found here:

The only change I make is to use 2 tbsp of sugar only.

And let me know if you try it:). I have to admit I don’t even have to look at it anymore!

I, of course had just bought apples, carrots and celery which I will now be roasting to make them soft. I need to eat my food all ready this weekend so I get back on the eating right track, but if anyone has suggestions of soft food, please let me know:)

I guess I had better go back to reading!

Have fun!


A Long Day

I have literally just walked in the door after leaving for work at 7:30 this morning:(. I am seriously ready for my bed!


The children actually did pretty good for the double excitement of Valentine’s Day and snow!! We didn’t do much work, just a self assessment this morning that I’ll use for the report cards, but we had no major meltdowns or problems, so I count the day as a success! I got a lot of I love you’s and Happy Valentines Day wishes from my students:)

In the middle of the day we made Cupid’s bow and arrows with our buddies out of popsicle sticks, dental floss and q-tips. I think there’s going to be a lot of requests for these supplies at home as the kids really loved it!

This afternoon we took it easy with a Charlie Brown Valentine Movie. I prefer movies over parties with the children as they are already getting enough sweets and are excited enough already. The children seemed to enjoy the day 👍🏻

It was a late night at work though as my co-teacher and I stayed and got two report cards done. The first two are always the most difficult so it took us about forty five minutes to write each of them:(

At least I had a nice view coming home.


I completed the 2018 Winter Bootcamp Olympics today! 🤣 Lyndsay had some fun with our bootcamp this afternoon, and boy was it tough! There is no way I will ever be an Olympic athlete!!! I don’t think she left any muscle untouched in my body!


I had no real plans for Valentines Day and I am very proud that I gave away most of the chocolates I was given and then I took the rest of the chocolates and candies to my nephew this evening. It was nice to see him and I got a hug from my brother and my nephew so that was great! It was great to see all of them!

I continued out to Costco and got gas, picked up a package that came for me and grabbed some groceries. If anyone has a recipe for fish tacos they’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!


A few weeks ago I was given more chocolate tea ( really not to my taste) and Stefanie of Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons has said she would swap it with me for some Lemon Loaf tea:). Well I got completely spoiled! Not only did I get the tea, I got a beautiful bag, a fitness journal and some yarn along with it!! I will be enjoying all of these things very quickly! Thank you again Stef, it was definitely the best part of my day!!!

Well I think I’m going to go do one row on my sweater and then curl up in bed with my book.

Have fun!


It All Worked Out in the End

For the past several months I’ve been trying not to worry as much and just see how things work out. Today was a good example of what would have worried and stressed me before.


I started the day by checking the weather and realizing I had missed recording the temperature for my scarf for the past two days:( I knew down deep that this would be the challenge of this project for me! Thankfully I found the information on the weather network website later, though now I should be knitting it!

I got a couple of rows of my sweater done this morning which is completely frustrating because I’m at the part where I just want to knit because I’m so close to being done the body. Maybe if I can get my fingers to work faster I can get one more row in before bed. Oh right, I have to do my scarf…


The boys were so fixated on the map I put up before school this morning for us to record where their families came from!We read the book Matilda and worked on visualizing as we read. The students had some very cool pictures from this activity. We’ll finish it up tomorrow.

We worked on the doubles strategy for addition in math and it was nice to actually have every child complete the work:)

I usually love my Thursday afternoons as we have computers (a prep for me) and then gym, planners and silent reading. This afternoon in gym I assessed the children on their gymnastics and then said I’d take a video of them at their favourite station. Grrr my boys decided it would be fun to fall off the equipment. They haven’t done that once during the entire three weeks, instead they saved it for their parent videos. After the fifth I took them back to class. It was an awfully short gym class today since it took them three tries to get quietly to the gym.

Lol I had some interesting conversations today too. When I asked one boy to try and remember to brush his teeth before coming to school ( his breath makes me want to retch daily), he informed me he never does🙄

At the end of the day we discussed their behaviour. I told them I wanted to go back to bragging about them rather than complaining as I would be today😂

At lunch it was really interesting to watch one of my students. She had a new snack and after watching her, she reminded me of Pinkiebag’s product reviews. She asked me to read the bag to her and she proceeded to look carefully at every inch of it. She then opened it and took a long sniff. She proceeded to take one piece out and smell it and then nibble a corner. She paused and then ate the whole thing. After repeating this sequence one more time she declared that Tesco’s bacon crisps were delicious. Maybe she has a future as a food reviewer or blogger:)


I woke up this morning to the news that snow was expected from 8-10am and again from 3-4pm. I had planned to drive to work today because I was scheduled to have my car in for a replacement headlight at 3:30pm today. When I heard about snow though I wasn’t sure I wanted to be going up and down the hill to work. I spent some time trying to decide what I was going to do. Normally I would have worried all day about this and been very stressed. I ended up walking to work (glad I did when I saw this sky right outside my building) thinking I could either come home at lunch or right away after school for my vehicle. Well it did start to “white rain” about 2pm, just about the time my mechanic called to see if I could come a little later at 4pm. It all worked out:) I walked home and got my car and drove over there with no problems. He had been sent the wrong replacement bulb and so I switched my plan and went and picked up my Costco items (600 photos from my last trip and a lot of other food items that weren’t on the list -$50 later🙄) first and then came back for the headlight. Yet again, it all worked out. I just ended up eating my snack in the Costco parking lot rather than the mechanic’s office:)


I got a little more of Ready Player One read at lunch. I’m enjoying it so far. I also downloaded the kindle version of Trouble With Gold as a blogger reviewed it this morning and it sounded like a nice light read:)


My tea today was David’s Tea Just Peachy which I have had before. I enjoyed it again this time:)


I tried a product I got from the GF Expo this afternoon when I was waiting. They are Sea Salt Spokes. They are similar in weight to popcorn but are shaped like pretzels. I liked how they satisfied my Salt craving and popcorn craving and yet were only 300 calories for the entire bag!! I’d buy them:)


Tonight was my athletic yoga class which was a challenge tonight. Not only because the instructor came up with new ways to torture us, but also because I ate way too close to class. I bought a rotisserie chicken when I was at Costco and in the five minutes I was home I took the skin off it. Unfortunately I always think it tastes best when it’s still warm so I ate some… big mistake😖😏😞. I so couldn’t push myself as my stomach was gurgling through the whole class:(

I had to laugh at myself as I realized I was doing squats while waiting for the cookies to bake and reading blog posts🤣. I just can’t stand still!


This afternoon our secretary was saying that she desperately wanted an oatmeal raisin cookie, so I made some tonight to take to her tomorrow. I know one of my goals for the month was only to bake once, but I figure baking for someone else doesn’t count! These were super fast to make, easy and taste delicious! The one missing is the little one I tried:)

The only changes I made were to use normal sugar and to use a mix of gf flour and potato starch with xantham gum. I would definitely recommend this recipe:)

Well, I’m off to knit 90 stitches on my scarf and to put something else up for sale on Facebook:)

Have fun!


Waiting, Waiting

I spent the day nervous and it turned out not to be necessary.


I didn’t get up early this morning as the sun is still not rising until 7:58! I just assumed I’d only do one thing today, but amazingly I got out of work early enough that the sun was still up and I could get out for a run in daylight!!!😀😀. It felt great!! My Runkeeper program was driving me crazy though. It was telling me I was doing a 5:55 km, but I think it was just because a text came in as when I stopped, the program said I was doing a 6:07. Everything seems to affect this app:( and then my phone died so I couldn’t even get a picture of the beautiful, sunny day to show you! It was eight degrees when I was out running today:) Still it was so nice to be out in daylight with music and no rain!!!

I also went to athletic yoga again this week. It was even better than last week because I knew what to expect! It’s quite the workout for my arms and core so that’s great!! You get into a yoga position and then you do weights while holding the position. Some of them were quite the challenge!


I spent the day worrying about whether having to sit out five minutes of gym was going to set my behaviour boy off again, but it didn’t! I guess I worried all day for no reason😏.

We did printing, a friendship song, adding using a number line, computers, gym and brainstorming community jobs. One of the children told me this morning that that wasn’t a lot of work for the day. I’m glad they think that way!

Our math was fun today as we had turkey races along a number line. Roll the die and move that many spaces to the left while saying the addition equation. It was awesome to see them all having so much fun! One little guy came up to me after and said, “thanks for letting us play instead of doing math”. Yes! I have succeeded:)

It was a busy day at work as I was once again acting principal, but not a bad day. I am looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is Friday!


I had David’s Tea Hot Chocolate tea and I didn’t drink any of it. I am not a fan of chocolate so this tea just wasn’t for me:(


This morning I sat down to do one square on my Entrelac Cowl and suddenly I looked up and it was time to go to work!! I do t know where the time went.

I wanted to work some more on my Cowl tonight, but I had to tidy my house as knit night is at my place tomorrow night. For a change I got stuff done that needed to be done- sweeping, cleaning, dishes, bathrooms, etc. I love having a clean house, unfortunately I like doing my hobbies more so it rarely happens. The place is always tidy, but not necessarily clean.🤣


I’m still reading the same chick lit, All Out of Love by Lori Wilde . It’s taking forever because it hasn’t really grabbed me. I did read for the first half of my lunch hour this week and it was lovely! What a nice break to the day! I’ll have to keep it up and hopefully it will also help me get back on track for my Goodreads goal. Can you tell that being told I’m behind bothers me?😂

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Pretty Good

It was a pretty good day that just kept humming along:)


Wow I slept right to the late alarm this morning and still didn’t want to get up!!

Thankfully I got a workout in with Lyndsay after school. It didn’t go according to plan as there were no treadmills available, so we used the bike, rowing machine and elliptical. I definitely noticed that they used different muscles than running so it was probably a good thing there were no treadmills. We did some floor work as well. Clean & press, lateral step ups, planks, skaters, up/downs, seated leg crunch, and probably some other things I’ve forgotten.

I fell walking across the road coming home from Lyndsay’s. it was wet and dark! A woman thought I was a kid so she hopped out of her car in rush hour traffic, to come check on me. It was very kind of her! Another week with a sore knee, I guess🙁😏

I had been starving all day and before my workout I ate oatmeal. When I came home I had salmon on cucumber and celery slices and roasted cauliflower. If I was going to eat everything in sight, I had to at least make it healthy food!

Of course I went from starving to stuffed so I ended up working out a second time. I did a half hour Pinterest workout that had push-ups, mountain climbers, squats, wall sit, jumping jacks, planks, lunges and high knees in it. Thankfully I feel just right now:)


Today was pretty chill with the children. I still have four away so it makes it tough to cover content. Math went completely sideways on me today. We were doing a worksheet on using two coloured counters to create equations that equal ten. Well my children seem to love making patterns so they all coloured the blocks in nice patterns and so all the equations turned into 5+5=10.🤣. Thankfully we’ve covered this concept other ways too, so it wasn’t the end of the world:)

We did snowflakes for art today. We read the book, Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin.<<<<<<<<<br
d circles and folded them and then cut into them to make interesting snowflakes. I like doing art projects that are a little more simple or old fashioned sometimes so the children get the idea they don’t need an electronic game to entertain them at home! Our classroom now looks like a blizzard hit it😂 Reading:

I’m still working my way through my current book, so nothing new to report there. I do however have my next three books laid out waiting for me, so I need to get this one finished. Tonight I’ve made good progress as I’ve had the luxury of having a night where I knit a pattern repeat and then read a chapter:)


My Cowl is coming along. I’m liking the lace pattern, though I’m a little worried that it might be too stiff:( I don’t like cowls that stand up, I prefer when they drape nicely. I guess we’ll just have to see.


My tea today was David’s Tea Honeycrisp Apple. It was super good! I think it would be an excellent fall tea. It didn’t get bitter even when it had been left for hours in my insulated thermos:)

On the note of drinking- I’m good about drinking water. I usually finish my one litre water bottle every day, but lately my lips are still dry:) This is driving me nuts so if anyone has any ideas of how to solve this problem, I’d love to hear them. I keep them covered in lip balm ( and yes mom, only gluten free lip balm)and they are still dry.

Well I’m going back to my knitting and reading pattern.

Have fun!


My Night:)

A pretty good day with an even better night:)


I yet again didn’t get up for a run. I think I’ll write off this week and start next week. It should at least be getting light out before 8am by then!

I did have my very first Athletic Yoga class tonight with my friend Corianne from work. I was very nervous as I had absolutely no idea what it was even, and I had visions of falling over on my head because it has been ten years since I did yoga! The instructor called it a “yoga class on steroids”.

We did some traditional yoga poses but then added elements such as squats, tricep kickbacks, crunches, squats, etc. My mom will be very happy to hear it had lots of arms and abs (she mentioned the other day that my workouts seemed light on arms. I hadn’t realized that until she said something, so if anyone notices something like that, please tell me:). I ended up really liking the class as it was a workout but definitely also stretched out my body! The best part though was that at the end of the class the instructor asked me, ” how did it go for you as you obviously work out and are fit”. Cue the hallelujah chorus- I never thought that was how I would be identified one day!!!! For someone who was fifty pounds overweight and sedentary- that’s the best comment ever!!!


My day was going fabulous until the computer teacher had a problem with one of my students and I had to go in and solve it. Grrrr you had the problem, you solve it!!!! Otherwise life was fine.

I was reminded of the fact of how awesome the people I work with are! There was Robyn, Lyndsay and Sue in my classroom on ladders this morning trying to change my smartboard projector because it had stopped working. Of course, I can’t do anything about this because first, I’m not techy and second, I can’t reach it even on the ladder. Rob has said he’ll come by when he’s next in to solve the mirroring and focusing issues this new one is having. Then a former EA at my school stopped in to visit at recess and he brought pies for the staff, but he also brought me a little gf/df square:). I work with so many thoughtful, caring, kind and considerate people and it makes all the difference. There is a TOC in for my co teacher this week and she was in my room this morning to work on the prep for the week and also commented on how we seem to have a good time at my school and everyone is friendly and collaborative and willing to help! I have definitely landed somewhere special and I have to remember to be thankful for that!!


I had book club with the children after school. It is quite amazing as this year we have mainly boys!! In previous years it was all girls and one boy (who I loved as he always brought notes on the book). We realize the boys are probably partially there because of the chips, but they still have to read the book on their own time to come. It just makes me so happy to see kids discussing books and talking about what characters they liked and what they didn’t understand or would change in the plot and we even had a discussion on character transformation today!!! It is even better when we read a book and they carry on to read every other book the author has written or the rest of the series. They are now trying to convince us that they should have a say in the books chosen🤣🤣

Personally I got three chapters read in my current book, Love of the Game and started on chapter two of Wives and Daughters that I am listening to on Librivox right now. I didn’t realize that it has also been made into a BBC movie or series. Finally I am beginning to make progress!


My tea today was David’s Tea Sweet Almond Green and I know I left it a long time, but I really didn’t like it!!! Unfortunately I have a whole other package of it to drink still:( Maybe it will be better if I don’t let it steep so long!


I have finally found a project for my DK yarn. It is a Cowl called Fresh Start. I’m hoping to get a bit more done tonight!


I’ve been feeling like my condo is so cluttered lately, so I’ve decided to go back to selling items on the bidding site I’m part of in Facebook. I belong to three groups actually, but was finding it a little stressful to have stuff up on all of them, so while it will take me longer, I’ve decided to just sell one item or group of items at a time for now. The decluttering will happen eventually:). I started with a Saje set I was given that I need to get out of my house as the smell is killing me. I started it at $5 and it’s already at $10!! Yippee!

Well that’s it for my day, well except for my massage which was as painful as ever!

Have fun!



I was impressed by my students, my tea and my ability to run after eating the wrong thing 🤣


I purposely didn’t work out this morning as it’s the first day of clinic and I didn’t want tired, sore legs to start running with.

Clinic was intervals tonight. 5 x 30 seconds, 5×1 min, 5×30 seconds. I pushed myself to go out with the ten minute group, though I regretted it and ended up at the back of the group because of my Buddha satay bowl. Remind me to just stick with a banana, orange or oatmeal on Tuesday nights!! I’m glad I went out with that group though as I ran into Nicole who came out Sunday mornings a few times last year. She said she may be up for a run on Saturday mornings. I hope so!!! It’s always nicer to have company:)


Today was another good day! I am happy it’s over though as I had to run the assembly today. It was short and I didn’t feel very prepared, but at least it’s done. What is even better is that this afternoon my students proved that they actually paid attention and learned during the assembly! Even now it makes me smile:). Our school theme this month is goal setting, so our assembly was about that with an emphasis on making SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This afternoon we put this learning to the test and tried to write our own resolutions on snowflakes for the school tree. My students did great! They had goals such as learning to tie their shoe laces, learning to swim without floaties, learning to juggle and tell time. I was so impressed! I’ll have to remember to take some photos of them tomorrow as some did a really good job.

One of the little boys in my class was sick at the end of school last year and was sick for the entire holiday. He finally came back today and brought me a very thoughtful gift. I gave the turtles to the secretary as that would really hurt me, but I’ll enjoy this:
Making a list for myself each day and it’s really helping me to stay focused and accomplish more during the day. I keep it short, but today I managed to get all three things done and another two besides!


I have to rave about my tea today. Normally I find tea gets way too strong and bitter for me, but my tea today didn’t and it was hours before I got to drink it! It’s a David’s Tea called apple strudel. It is so good!! I highly recommend it:)


I went to get my nails done after setting up the gymnastics equipment after school because I have managed to keep nails! My nails are super weak so they break at any touch- I’ve lost two in two days of school. I went and got them done in French shellac so they’ll look nice for a while longer, but this will be the last time for a while!


As I came out of the nail salon, I was right across from Freshii and went in and got a Buddha Satay bowl. It was so good, but I’ve had such a bad eating day:(. I need to get this under control!! Thankfully most of my bad food choices are gone now:)


I am done a quarter of my book, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about it soon! I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to read books right now! This better not continue or I’ll never make it to 100 books for the year!


I added to my temperature scarf again today. So far, so good, but we’ll see. I know that if my friend isn’t continuing with it, I will find it tough to continue.

I read on a blog today Nothingbutknit2 about a stash challenge for the year. This knitter is determined to use at least nine skeins from her stash this year. It would be neat to keep track! I’ll have to think about adding this to my project write ups!

well I think that’s all I’ve managed to do today. Now I’m going to collapse on the couch with a movie:). And try to figure out what to make with 250 yards of DK weight yarn,😂

Have fun!


A Little of This, A Little of That…

Since I plan to do nothing more than knit on the couch, I might as well tell you about my day:)


As I drove to my run this morning at a local park, the sky ahead of me was so beautiful! The sun was just coming up and I always love that yellow glow that overtakes the sky. I thought about stopping to get a picture, but I knew it wouldn’t do it justice. I did get a picture of the gorgeous pond at the park though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that still. The park is off leash for dogs until 10am so normally there’s a couple playing in the water. I guess it was just too cold this morning.

My run this morning was lovely as Sarah and Kula showed up to keep me company and Dennis also came and went on our run. He’s super fast so I think he was doing circles around us. Even with taking it slow and allowing for Kula stops (everyone wants to pat a cute puppy), it still only took us 37 minutes. I was expecting 45, so pretty good.  It was a gorgeous morning, but I was surprised by he lack of colour change on the leaves. I keep wanting to have pretty Fall running pictures for you, but I’ll just have to give you the gorgeous views from my condo!

I also got my butt off the couch later this evening for a workout. It was called the leg burner and was aptly named. Only 16 minutes long, but by 3/4 of the way through, my legs were talking. Think a lot of lunges, squats and jumping with weights! I cheated at the end and did twisted mountain climbers instead of broad jump burpees. 😂

Now I just have to come up with where to run tomorrow!


Just coffee after our run, though I did hang out in Starbucks for an extra fifteen minutes after all my running buddies left to take advantage of the free wifi.  It was just a quiet day today for me:)


I got all my food ready for the week- cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter for breakfast, blueberries and yogurt for recess, turkey soup to which I added the ground pork I needed to cook up for lunch, cheese and cucumber for dinner:) Hopefully this will help me have a healthy week as the scale hasn’t been my friend since Thanksgiving and I’m not about to let it get out of control.

The one thing I did do for the first time in the kitchen today was to cook bacon in the oven.  I hate cooking bacon because I am level wi the stove so all those splatters are getting my face and neck- not fun!  I put a cooling rack over a tinfoil lined baking sheet and laid out the bacon slices. I cooked them at 350 for about ten minutes and they came out great. Definitely the easiest and cleanest way I’ve ever made bacon before and I’ll definitely be doing it again! I put the bacon in my soup as I don’t actually care for bacon, so I’m hoping I won’t notice it too much in there!


I made myself read a chapter of the Shadow of the Wind after every twelve rows I knitted today. I’m almost halfway and the story line is picking up and becoming more interesting. Yipppee!

Lol I realized I do this a lot- work on many things at once, doing a little of each. It can’t be multiples of the same type though- like there is never two knitting projects at once, lol. I like to accomplish and I feel as though this technique allows me to accomplish as much as possible without getting bored or a project. The only thing I haven’t worked on today that I should have was my photo project. I’ll have to start doing five or ten labels each day and I’ll be done in no time:)


This got the majority of my attention today. I was knitting away on the cushion cover and was over halfway when I realized that it seemed quite large. I of course hadn’t heckled gauge because it was just a cushion cover 😜, but I quickly determined it was going to be a long and low cushion cover instead of a square.


I used the pattern smushion from Ravelry for its stitch counts, etc but didn’t follow the pattern as my mom was right, it wouldn’t have shown up.  I knit 94 stitches for about 44 rows, then bound off 47 of them for the back. I knit another 3″ and then made four button holes in the next row. My button holes were only 2 stitches wide as the four called for, seemed extremely large! I knit another inchc after the button holes and then casted off. I mattress stitches the bottom together and voila I had a cushion cover. I just need to hit Walmart tomorrow for a cushion insert and four buttons because of course I don’t have four the same:(

I have entered this project into the Muggle Studies class on the Harry Potter House Cup group because it definitely was made with irritating yarn!  I sneezed repeatedly from dust while taking the sweater apart and then since the wool wasn’t smooth, it was continuously getting caught on itself, grrrrr!😬

I have just started a doll blanket out of the same yarn for my secretary’s granddaughter, but hopefully I’ll be done that before bed. I think tomorrow I’ll be casting on the 98-33 handwarmers that Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl is making. I need a pair for work because my room is cold!

Well I’m off to finish the doll blanket. Sorry I didn’t have an exciting day to tell you about, but I did get some rest and relaxation which will hopefully stand me in good stead for the week!

Have fun!