Family Visit

The start of week two started busily again.

On Monday I ran in the morning and then met up with two work friends to go look around Fort Langley. I always enjoy spending time with these ladies and we often go to Fort Langley together. We looked in every store and had lunch at Little Donkey. The lunch was amazing! I had the brisket burrito which they put in a bowl rather than a wrap for me. Their chips and Salsa was also amazing and incredibly fresh (the chips were still warm!)

After checking this town out I then met up with two friends that I had not seen since the start of Covid. Michelle and Katie are both teachers so it was very interesting to hear how their school years went.

On Tuesday morning I got up early and was out the door before 6am to catch a ferry to the island. Amazingly it took only a half hour to get there so I had tons of time to knit on my socks.

It was amazing to see my mom and dad. We just spent the day visiting and I finished my vanilla socks, which I am calling Rainbow Ferry Socks

It was interesting to see that my gauge changed between knitting in a car and knitting on a ferry as one sock is much bigger than the other. The yarn is Sugar Bush Blaze in Sizzle Stix colour. I used 48 stitches and did them toe up to use all the yarn. I definitely used all the yarn as I had to grab a different yarn to finish the cast off in the second sock. I decided to reduce to 42 stitches for the ribbing and like the fit!

On Wednesday my mom and I went to Nanaimo to the Costco. I wanted to get my Downy Unstoppables that was on sale and she got shorts and shirts for my dad. We tried to go to Fabricland so I could get material for a project bag, but as luck would have it, it was closed for that one day.

I spent the day working on and finishing my current shawl- the Lightweight Hipster by Joji Locatelli. I did the shawl in the Tea For Two from SmashKnits. I am super happy with the results, but unfortunately don’t have blocking materials with me so it may be next week before you get to see them.

Today we made it to a local knitting store. I had called and was told they had some local yarns. I feel as though I can get commercial yarns everywhere, but love to see what stores have for local yarns. I came away with one skein of Laughing Sea yarn in an unnamed colour. My mom says it should be called Vanilla Tutti Frutti. It is a vanilla coloured base with orange and black/grey speckles.

I have spent the day knitting on a cowl that I have just ripped out to start again. Hopefully my second try will be successful.

I have ran both days that I have been here even though this entire city is all hills so it is tough to find an easy run route! I have also done a workout both days and also got my yoga done today. I’ll call that a success. I took the time this morning to count how many days I have done a run, workout and yoga and was super unhappy with the fact I’ve only managed to do that 18 days this year:(. I’d better get moving on this to improve that number!

Well I’m going back to my cowl.

Have fun!


Super Saturday

It was a lovely day but I am exhausted!


I had an advent calendar most years that I was growing up. It definitely wasn’t like the advent calendars that my students have these days- chocolate, lego and hot wheels seem to be very popular. My advent calendars were put together by mom and grandma and set me up with an amazing collection of Christmas ornaments. I just loved opening a little gift each morning and I don’t think it would have mattered what was in them, though I love having all of these ornaments now.

I also have to mention my actual advent calendars as I love them as well. My personal advent calendar was created by mom and featured two little mice that she had cross stitched and then sewed red ric-rac pockets for the numbers.😍😍😍. However, I also got to put the numbers up on my grandma’s advent calendar which was a tree and featured cardboard numbers. I still do both of these advent calendars and love them just as much today!

On a different note, I am very intrigued by the many advent calendars offered now. I have actually tried a tea advent calendar twice and it was lovely both times. I have thought of a yarn advent calendar, but just haven’t found the right one for me yet:(. I have also thought of creating my own advent calendar by buying stuff on Boxing Day so I won’t even remember what I’m getting by the next Christmas, but it hasn’t happened yet.


I am busily knitting on another market bag which I need to finish tomorrow for Monday. I am doing Farmer’s Market/Produce Bag which is a free pattern on Ravelry. So far it’s an easy pattern to follow and hopefully will go quickly!


I went out with three friends from work. We started with a couple of errand stops at MEC, Starbucks and a spa. I managed to only buy a slap reflective band at MEC.

We then hit Fort Langley which is a lovely little township. I had suggested this outing as I had heard about a vegan charcuterie board at Bench Snack Bar, so we headed there first. What a mistake! We ordered four cups of tea, a normal charcuterie board and a vegan one and it took AN HOUR to get our food:(. And unfortunately we were all very underwhelmed by the boards that finally came out. I had two small pieces of vegan cheese, 8 small crackers, a tiny dish of hummus and about five pieces of pickled vegetables. And it cost $25!!! I was not impressed! The normal board was slightly better as it had some condiments, meat, egg and bread but the ladies said it definitely needed more. It also wouldn’t have taken any of us an hour to make these boards:(

We then wandered the Main Street shops. Liane had the longest list, but I probably spent the most money. Sue bought a present for her daughter and her boyfriend, Robyn bought a cute book and a placemat, Liane bought a hostess gift of a centerpiece, a necklace for her mother and chips and dip for her party tonight. I went crazy and bought a pair of Blundstone boots, the same cute book as Robyn and some groceries as there were several places that sold gluten free, dairy free treats ( which have all been frozen!)

It was such a lovely day with great friends:)


I watched Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses. It was not the best Hallmark Christmas movie I have seen. It just didn’t seem very Christmassy to me:(


I did do a short Hallmark workout. I ended up doing:

25 reverse lunges

5 crunches, reverse crunches

20 pushups

10 jacks, 10 cross jacks

5 burpees

55 squats

10 plié squats

10 moguls

15 upright rows

20 high knees

30 curtsy lunges

15 front kicks, 15 side kicks

20 bicep curls

I at least did something, but I’m so tired now that I’m going straight to bed!

Have fun!


Friday Fun Day

It was nice to wake up with actual plans today.


I got out for a short run this morning-3.25km. It wasn’t a great run but I can’t put my finger on why. I think I’m going to blame it on my being tired from the trail run last night. The good news is that I only have 6.7km to go until I am completely caught up on my yearly mileage goal. I should have that done this weekend:)

I did get a workout in this afternoon. I did 45 seconds of each of the following:

right leg bench squat,

side shuffle x2,

left leg bench squat,

right wood chop,

weighted cross country skier x2,

left wood chop,

weighted jog x2,

left knee pull,

right knee pull,

squat with left shoulder press, dumbbell row to deadlift x2,

squat with right shoulder press,

frog crunches x2,

left oblique crunches,

right oblique crunches,

left lunges, right lunges, squat with alternating leg lift x2,

left fire hydrant,

right fire hydrant,

left leg lift,

right leg lift

I also got a walk in this evening because it was such a nice night:)


I had arranged to meet up with one of my work friends to go explore Fort Langley. It was a lovely day. We started with lunch at Wendell’s Books and Cafe. I had the roasted turkey sandwich on gluten free bread. They messed up the dressing for the salad, but quickly and efficiently fixed the problem:). The bread wasn’t great as the crusts were falling off, but the filling of turkey and cranberry was great! This would be a great stop if you’re looking for gluten free in the area.

We then proceeded to look in every single store. It was neat to just wander and take our time. There is a good mix of clothing, new home and self care stores and vintage and antique shops. It was a relaxed day in a beautiful location.

I love all the old houses in this area. The one above is called The Little White House and it serves high tea and has lots of cute clothing and jewelry. I checked and they don’t do a tea that is both gluten free and dairy free:(


Besides the yummy turkey and cranberry sandwich and side greens I had for lunch.

I had a rice cake with peanut butter and jam for breakfast

I had a pepper with hummus, cucumber with cheese, grape tomatoes and blueberries for dinner ( I love a charcuterie meal!)


I have been knitting like crazy, but the blanket doesn’t seem bigger. I did count though and it is 48 squares wide by 37 squares right now. I guess I’ll concentrate just on getting to 48 by 48!

That’s it for me!

Have fun!


A Great Adventure

Today started out tough but got infinitely better:)


I awoke to a message that Lyndsay had forgotten her purse and phone at Cori’s house last night and all I could think was, “why wasn’t I invited?” And I was feeling hurt. It turns out that Cori responded to Lyndsay’s group text with the invitation but I didn’t get it as Lyndsay doesn’t seem to have a group text option. They both assumed I was out when I didn’t answer. I’m glad it was just this and I hadn’t upset anyone as of course I immediately started thinking they found me annoying or boring. I was proud of myself for actually saying something and not just keeping quiet and being hurt.


I ended up walking 4km with Brenda this morning as otherwise she would have been alone. We did discover a way to extend our Coquitlam River run however so I’ll be happy about that. It still won’t be a run that I do alone though.

This evening I got out for a short 3.69km run. It was a gorgeous night and I just enjoyed it as it will cut down on how much I have to do tomorrow to finish the 12km mission. It is nice to see my times be around 6:30/km pretty consistently and yesterday I made a 6:13 so I’m happy:)


Lyndsay, Cori and I had arranged to meet up to try out a cidery today. It was the Fraser Valley Cider Company in Langley. It is a long way out there, but was super calm, pretty and peaceful when we finally got there. We each got a flight of cider and a charcuterie board to share. I tried their four sweetest flavors- black currant and cardamom, honey, elderflower and gin botanical. I think they really should include all their flavors in the flight as I wonder if I would have liked some of the others better. The guy did let me try Rosy as I was leaving and it was pretty yummy with its caramel taste. I ended up getting the black currant cardamom cider as it was sweet and different from what I had had before.

We decided that we needed to do something else as it had taken us so long to get out there. We went and walked around Fort Langley and looked in a few of the shops. I did find some underwear I liked and bought:) I remember this place as having more little boutique stores, but now it seems to be comprised mostly of places to eat. We tried one none of us had been to called Fortitude for happy hour. We all noticed the server announced it was happy hour as though that was a bad thing🤣 I had a raw hard lemonade which they kindly made sweeter than normal for me and we shared the salt and pepper wings, edamame and arincini. It was all very yummy!

On the way out of town we stopped at Maria’s Gelato for coffee. I had been there before and been unimpressed they didn’t explain that vegan and gluten free grilled cheese cost more than the usual. This time, the girl sold me vegan cheese, and had a whole conversation with me about my dairy and gluten allergies and then made my iced chai with regular milk. She then excused it by saying I hadn’t specifically ordered non dairy. She then charged me again for the milk substitute!!! I was super unimpressed!😖

On the way home we stopped at Amsterdam Nursery as we all wanted to get some plants. We had quite the car full of plants on the way home! I got mine all planted and am happy to have a pot of herbs again. I’m thinking I really need some plants for my other pots, even if they will die when I’m away this summer!


I am making progress on my Rose City Rollers Littles sock. I may even get one finished this weekend, though I’d love to finish both!


I’m also making some progress on my two books:)

Well that was my lovely day:)

Have fun!