I always find it tough to ask people to do things as I’m afraid I’m bothering them, but this week I made it a challenge to arrange a friend outing each day. Yesterday I took a friend for ice cream, and today I managed an outing too:)


I tried to do a workout this morning, but my body just wasn’t having it. I stopped and sat back down on the couch and knitted. I had my first massage in four months and it turns out it’s been my psosa that has been giving me trouble. It is a very deep hip flexor and boy does it feel much better now!


Last week when I was walking in the other side of town I had seen that a new cidery had opened up. I arranged to meet two friends there this afternoon for a late lunch. It turned out that we had to sit inside because it was pouring when we got there. Of course it was beautiful by the time we were leaving. It also turned out its a brewery, not a cidery. They only had one type of cider. It was okay, but nothing I have to make the twenty minute walk for.

It was super nice to catch up with friends though and I’m the one who arranged it, so I take that as a major success!

I ordered mixed nuts and olives and they came in a plastic container, like you get in the bulk section of the grocery store. I am really hoping this is just because of the Covid Pandemic as it really didn’t add to the atmosphere at all!


After a lovely two hour nap, I spent the evening knitting on my sweater and watching a Hallmark movie I had never seen before. Both were very enjoyable.

Well I’m tired again, so I think I’ll go crawl into bed.

Have fun!