Last night at knit night, I failed. I went with two projects well on the way and came home with both of them frogged. And I hadn’t even taken the project that requires me to concentrate!


I was one of those odd ducks who were out at the Costco gas bar at 7:30 this morning. My eyes opened at 6:15 and I just couldn’t get back to sleep:(

Besides this, I got a load of dishes done and some groceries bought , but that’s it.


I had thought it would be mid morning before I would be running, but Dennis was ready earlier so we went out this morning. It looked beautiful, but was quite cold. I should have worn gloves! We went out along Guildford again and right from the start, it felt tough as my legs were tired. We did 7.75km and though I didn’t get a PR for my 5km (though I was trying for one), I did get my fastest kilometer ever- 5:45/km!! I didn’t think I’d ever see a kilometer in the 5s!!!🎊🎉


I stopped for coffee with Dennis and then went to pick up my new Brooks Christmas running shirt that just came in. I haven’t ran in it, but it seems expensive for the type of material it is. It is super cute though so I will just enjoy it and try not to think about how much it cost me!


I had bought frozen cookie dough for a school fundraiser for a friend’s nephew and it’s been calling my name so today, I decided that I should try to get it out of my freezer! I do much better when there’s no yummy food in my house! The cookies took two minutes longer than called for and didn’t really spread at all, but they did taste good. I took a dozen to my friend Anna for her boys.


My friend Anna has had a very busy fall as her husband prepared for his PhD thesis defense so when she called me up to see if I would go to a movie with her, I didn’t mind seeing Little Women again so that she could get out of the house. This was the first time she’s been out without her boys since September. I think she deserved a break:). I enjoyed the movie just as much the second time:)


What have I had today? I’ve had a rice cake with peanut butter and cheese on one half and peanut butter and jam on the other, a cup of tea after my run, a seafood cannelloni out of the freezer for lunch, cookies and ice cream. I had a gift card to my favourite ice cream store and I saw they had a ton of new vegan flavors so I stopped in tonight on my way home from the movie. I tried many and they were all amazing, but I had the Raspberry Pistachio Nut and loved every bite. The people are so kind there, the lady pulled a chair up in front of the heater for me to sit and eat in:)


I have spent much of today working on my Date Night sweater and thankfully I’m to the point where I just continue in pattern until it’s as long as I want it. I have found that I have to concentrate for the lace rows, but can listen to podcasts for the plain rows. I’m hopeful I can get a good portion of the body done tomorrow!

Well I’m tired, have fun!


Grateful Sunday

It was a very nice day:)


This morning turned into a walk with Brenda and Dennis as my legs were still tired from yesterday.

I tried to get a run in this evening, but that was derailed too🤣

Oh well!

Grateful: to be flexible enough to not let changes in my plans bother me.

Grateful: for the gorgeous place I live where I saw a heron up close on my walk this morning.


I have spent most of the day knitting, actually I have spent most of the weekend knitting.

I finished a wide headband out of my MJ Yarns leftovers from the sockhead slouch. I love how this headband turned out and you can see the details of the pattern I made up on my ravelry projects page:).

The hat is my version for Sarah, the secretary at work. It is the Wellem Im Sturm pattern. It went super quickly with the bulky yarn and used up another ball from my stash:)

I am currently knitting the hat pattern Sarah picked in the yarn she picked. Can you tell I don’t think it’s the best fit for her. She can take her pick and I’ll donate the other!

Grateful to have people around me who appreciate my hobby.

Grateful for ravelry where I can find so many awesome patterns and lose myself for hours looking at all the options.


I went out for a run tonight and just as I was coming into the park o saw my friend Cori and her husband and kids ahead of me. By the time I had caught up with Cori I found myself getting ice cream and walking around the park. It derailed my run, but I think the social time was way more important for both Cori and myself (she’s the friend who just lost her dad). The time definitely cheered my day:)

Grateful for friends that are easy to be with and just include me.

Grateful for Bruno’s friend who bought me ice cream:)

Grateful for the energy that kids display that spurred me on.

Well I’m going to see how much of this toque I can get done tonight.

The Friends Get You Through It

Often I see these memes on social media about how teaching is a solitary profession and we need to connect. Tonight was the perfect example for me of how the people you work with really do make the difference.


I met up this morning with two of my high school friends for coffee. One of them lives on the campus of one of the local universities so we took her kids over to the main building and let them careen down the hallways on their tricycles. It was the cutest thing ever! We have to put a helmet on the littlest guy cause he’s a daredevil who goes super fast!

I was saying that I hope they will remember this when they are older cause talk about an awesome bragging point and a great memory!

Having my car quit for the second time in a week on the way home, not such a great memory 😖


I got a little bit of knitting in around naps. I was at a loss this morning because I couldn’t think of what to knit next. Then I decided that even if I had missed the deadline for the HPKCHC club this term, didn’t mean I couldn’t look at their prompts. The first I read was to knit something white. Well, I’ve started a small baby blanket that will hopefully get five skeins out of my stash😀


This evening I met up with four of the ladies I work with. My work isn’t a happy place right now, but these four ladies make all the difference and make it bearable. It really is great to work with friends!

We went to Browns Socialhouse for dinner and then carried on to see the new Little Women movie. I thought the movie was very well done and liked how a lot of the story is told by flashbacks:) I also appreciated that they did a great job of recreating Orchard House which was the Alcott residence, though there were a few changes. It’s so neat to have been there! I also liked how they included the fact that Louisa didn’t want the book to end the way it did. I would recommend seeing this movie, though take Kleenex with you.

Well I’m up later than I have been in a long time so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


The Best

I really do have some amazing friends!


We got through our first day in December. It wasn’t all great but we are all alive:)

We started working on patterns in math and did a search for them in the classroom.

We also wrote our letters to Santa. It was neat that a couple of children had a difficult time coming up with three things they wanted to ask for.

This afternoon we made our Christmas class book about what gifts we want to give to others. They had done good ideas.

Our staff meeting after school was wonderful because it was only 45 minutes long!!!😀


My friend Lyndsay has asked if I wanted to grab dinner with her tonight and of course I said yes! I was a little confused when she said we were going to GreenMustache and to meet at 4:45 since they close at 5. I eat fast, but not that fast! It turned out she had arranged for Liane and Cori to also meet us and we did an Inferno Escape Room and then had dinner at Milestones. She even brought me a piece of gf df cheesecake. It was such an awesome night and the first time I’ve had this type of thing done for me by friends. It was such a great night out!!!!!


Tonight I watched Holiday for Heroes because I got home late. I enjoyed it again:)


My Hallmark workout tonight was:

20 burpees as they went to four town traditions.

15 curtsy lunges as there were 3 decorating scenes

45 pushups as there were 9 bright dress coats

30 squats because Santa was mentioned or seen 6 times

35 crunches because Merry Christmas was said or seen 7 times

30 jumping jacks because there were 6 scenes of drinking hot festive drinks

15 squats because Christmas spirit was mentioned 3 times

In between each of these I put a minute of skipping or jogging in place so that I got some cardio too. Still not much but at least something.

Have fun!


Woah 3 In A Row

It was a busier day than I was expecting!


I met up with the usual group for my Sunday morning run. It’s great to have Dennis back running though he’s already back to being way faster than me! He’s also back to running with the cyclists that go by🤣. He was a sweetie though and kept checking to make sure that I was feeling okay. We got 6.1km in which really helped my yearly goal. I was super slow to start and didn’t really feel like I had any energy, but I got it done:)


After a coffee, a nap and a shower, my friend Anna texted that she was in my neighborhood so I met up with her and the boys for a quick walk. Gosh I love those boys- they’re just so cute. It’s even better now that they aren’t shy around me. I’m hoping for one more meetup before school goes back in!


From there I had arranged to meet my friend Emily for some furniture shopping. I’m still looking for a couch and she has just bought a house and will need lots more furniture. It actually turned out to be a great way to catch up!


I actually had three rows of knitting that were simple enough I got to listen to a podcast. I’ve been enjoying listening to The Relentless Knitter. They are two women who live in the Okanagan which is about four hours from me, so it’s neat to hear them talk about places that I know:)


I am officially halfway done the yoke of this sweater and while I am still having to count out loud, it does seem more intuitive now and I’m enjoying it. It’s kind of nice to have a bit of a challenge for a change:)


I am super close to being done a book, but probably not until I crawl into bed. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Well I guess that’s it for me.

Have fun!



It was a day of exercise, knitting and friends.


It was cool this morning and felt so good to get out in it for a run. I was planning on 2km as I was a little seat sore from my bike ride yesterday, but it felt so good that I did just over 6km. This was a good start to my wish to up my mileage.


I’ve been trying to use up all the blackberries before I leave so today I got busy making some blackberry muffins from the cookbook I am working from right now

These were supposed to be blueberry swirl muffins, but I figured blackberry was close. I have made them before with blackberries and had the note that they were yummy. They looked good and tasted okay, but I made them too big and the top collapsed down.


My friend Cori and her daughter came to knit with me again today. Tavia is doing amazingly and so we worked on her joining a second colour today. Hopefully it will add some interest while she continues to practice the basic knit stitch. I’m thinking next time we’ll start a dishcloth so she can practice increasing and then decreasing.

I tried on my sweater for them and they told me that I shouldn’t tear it out. I have continued on and finished the sleeves. I have just torn out the bottom ribbing and plan to add onto the bottom. I forgot I’d have to pick up over 200 stitches though and I so dislike picking up stitches!!!


When we were done our knitting lesson for the day, Cori’s husband two boys joined us and we walked over to a new ice cream shop, Vashti Rose Ice Cream. This is a cool little cafe that is in the front of a gym. The guy makes his own ice cream and offers both vegan and dairy options. I got to try all of the vegan recipes and finally decided on a flight including peanut butter with blackberry jam, cookie dough and peach blueberry. It was amazing, but definitely too much ice cream! Thankfully there was a teenage boy around to help me out with that🤣

Well I’be packed and I’m going back to my 200+ stitches.

Have fun!



It was a nice day:)


Once again I got out for a run. I really do prefer it when I wake up early enough for a snack before I run. I also found out the 8-9 hour is way too busy on the trail. Once again I didn’t feel like I was having a great run, but my pace was decent.

I really wanted to get more exercise in, but then I realized I needed to get going on some things if I’m leaving Saturday! I washed my kitchen floor, swept, vacuumed, did laundry and dishes instead of working out.


I met up with Anna and Emily and Anna’s boys at a local park today. It was great to spend a couple of hours with old, good friends. We ran around the playground and the water park and then went to a cafe for lunch. The boys were awesome and were asleep before they got out of the parking lot!

This afternoon I had a peaceful hour picking blackberries. I got a ton and didn’t even make it all the way around the area. I decided to just pick one big bowl full and deal with those before I go back to pick any more.


I finished Hold On To Me by Jules Bennett today. I was so excited to be approved for this book as I have loved her others in the series.

The third installment in the Haven airport series.

Jade and Cash knew each other in school and became better acquainted when their friends paired off, however, they’ve never gotten along as they are opposites. One weekend in Nashville changes all of that!

I loved this third book in the series! The characters are complex and interesting and so well described. I definitely had a picture of them in my mind! The surrounding friend group is just as present and wonderful as it has been in the previous books. They really do round out the book beautifully.

The pace of this book is great! It’s definitely not insta love, in fact I wouldn’t say this perfectly follows any popular trope, but that just makes it better! There are no lulls you have to wade through, not any unrealistic moments.

I would highly recommend this book, though I would read the first two books in the series before this one.

Thanks to Jules Bennett, Kensington Books and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve had a weird eating day.

Breakfast- cheese and tomato omelette

Snack- vegan orchard cookie- the only thing the cafe had that I could eat

Lunch- shrimp plate from Costco

Dinner- cheese and crackers- I just couldn’t stop eating the crackers. I’m going to be mad at myself tomorrow for this!

Well I’m going to go find another book to read:)

Have fun!


Get Up and Get Moving

There was just no time for laying around this morning. I had to hit the ground running.


I got out for a 5km run this morning and it felt really good! There were a couple of times in the middle where I had to repeat, “I feel good” to keep going, but I did and hit some nice times too:)

After a quick stretch I had to do my weights routine right away as I probably won’t have time later.

I did three sets of 12 with no rest between of the following:

Calf raises-10,8,7

Hamstring curls-10,8,7

Reverse lunges- 10,8,7

Squats- 10,8,7

Deadlift- 10,8,10

Bridge- 10s

Full sit up- 10s

Dead bugs-4s

Chest press- 10,8,7

Flies- 7,5,4

Bent over row- 10,8,7

Bicep curls-7,5,4

Overhead tricep extension-10,8,7

Front raise-7,5,4

Shoulder press-10,8,7

At least I got rid of all the two pounds out of this routine. Now I just need to track down my 12 pound weights before next week.


I had arranged to spend the day with a bunch of friends at a friend’s lake house. It was an awesome afternoon with friends. We walked around the area looking at all the houses, had an awesome barbecue, spent some time in the water and on the dock, and did lots of talking.

Well I need sleep as I’ve gotten none of the things done that I was supposed to so tomorrow morning is going to be busy!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #16

Well my day had a few changes and was a lot cooler, but overall, quite a nice vacation day:)


I got out this morning for a 3km easy run. This is all bonus mileage for the month so didn’t want to go crazy, but wanted to stay in the routine. It’s a good thing I wasn’t going for time or anything as I got stopped by an old neighbor and talked with him for a while.

This evening I went out for a walk. I looked at doing a workout but didn’t want to get hot and sweaty before trivia so decided on a 6km walk instead. It was great to see one of my old students out running with her dad!


I met up with Corianne and Lyndsay to plan out our road trip to Seattle this weekend. I wasn’t much help until I had processed it all and responded this evening at 5pm. Boy am I a slow processor! I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!


I had blueberries for breakfast and when I met up with Lyndsay and Corianne I gave into temptation and had the waffles at Green Mustache again. Cori and I really should have shared it as it was entirely too much food for me! I hope she’s willing to share food this weekend!

For dinner I am super proud of myself for making the decision to eat a salmon patty at home and just have a sangria at the pub.

I worked out that 20% of my meals for the week is four meals and that’s been really helping me lately to stay on track. I know my weekend will all be out so I have to keep this in mind!


I have spent some more time sorting my yarn by weight and it seems to be going okay. I just have to decide now if I’m going to group lace, light fingering and fingering in one box, sport and DK in another and worsted and bulky in a third or try to have each on a separate box. Thoughts and opinions are appreciated:)

I’ve also been knitting on my crewneck, raglan sweater and am quite happy with it, though as usual I am worried it’s going to be too big:(

I had to pass two tops onto Lyndsay and Cori today as they are just too big for me.


It was just the three of us and you could definitely tell!

What I knew:

A popular song by Chumbawumba?


The next five words in the song American Pie?

How to dance real slow

How is insulation rated?

R Value

What is the number one tho g men ask their wives for permission?

Going out with the guys

Put these fractions in order smallest to greatest.

7/12, 5/8, 2/3

What is an Elvis Presley song with Blue in the title?

Blue Suede Shoes

A song by Faith Hill…


The number one hit song from 2018? (Shown a picture of the singers)

Shallow by Lady Gaga

What was the job of the seven dwarves?


What is the most important book to Muslims?


Who was James Bond’s secretary?

Miss Moneypenny

Who produced and co-wrote Uptown Funk?

Mark Ronson

Well that’s it for me as I have a new book to read:)

Have fun!


Workout Wednesday Prevailed

I really didn’t plan on a lot of activity today, but it happened anyway.


I was still so full from pub food from last night that I haven’t been very hungry today. I’ve had: shrimp plate (boy do I love the Costco shrimp plate), Greek salad, 6 crackers and cheese.


I finished the second book in Alexa Martin’s Playbook series, called Fumbled. I think I liked this book even more than the first (which is saying a lot) because the drama was dialed back a bit and it had a deeper issue in it. It’s still another awesome beach read and I can’t imagine that I have to wait for December for the third book!!!


I am knitting away on the blanket, but the ball of yarn isn’t getting smaller and the blanket doesn’t seem to be getting bigger. I have promised myself that I will use the whole ball of yarn so I don’t have to add it to my stash count, but I think this may turn into a full size afghan. I really wish I was knitting a sweater right now!


I met up with my friend Anna and her two sons today. I always love spending time with them as the boys are adorable and so well behaved. Anna really is amazing with them. We walked over to the playground (getting a tea on the way) and just hung out and played with the boys. It was such a lovely afternoon!!!

Sammy insisted on wearing his “helmet” as Ruben had to wear his because he was on his bike.


I really planned on just my one run this morning. I went out and around the park this morning. Of course it managed to pour rain on me for about ten minutes in the middle of it. I definitely saw that reflected in my pace as I slowed to try and figure out how to protect my phone:( The run really was fine though and I felt strong. I did 4.52km at a 6:45 average. I know that’s not fast for most people, but it’s decent for me.

This afternoon my friend Sarah texted me to see if I wanted to run Bert Flynn with her. I’m not one to ever turn down a run, so of course I said yes. We did about 4km around the trails in there and it was lovely and cool as the day had heated up. When I run with Sarah, I keep in mind that I have a mileage goal this year, not a pace goal. I just slow down and enjoy the scenery and the company as it isn’t often I have company!

I haven’t decided what to do about my trail run tomorrow night. I’m not super excited about going for a few reasons. Now that Dennis has broken his foot, I really won’t know anyone, they are obsessed with elevation and that’s not what I was looking for, my knees hurt from all the up and down:(. I’ve paid for it though and know it’s good for me and it would get me out of my comfort zone. Ugh why do pros and cons have to be even?!?!

As I was knitting away this evening I was listening to another episode of the Marathon Training Academy podcast. It was about weight loss for marathoners. It was great to listen to this, even though I’m not a marathoner, because my goal this summer has been to get back to my favourite weight/shape where I feel amazing. I was reminded of a lot of good things by this podcast and recommend it for anyone who needs some tips or reminders. They also set out an easy weights workout that I was inspired to do this evening.

I did 3 sets of 15 reps or 30 seconds of the following:

Forward lunges

Squats (while getting my butt as far down towards the ground as possible)

Calf raises


Side plank



I did each of these slower than usual so I could really ensure proper form. It was a nice, quick workout and only took 22 minutes, but at least it was something!

Well I’m going to go watch a movie and knit again.

Have fun!